🔴LIVE! Come Ride Along! - Harvest 2020

Welker Farms

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    1. doppydopp

      37:21 'i will fire him if he breaks something' does that mean the accident with his arm costs him his job?

    2. mike brankle

      are you sawing soybeans yellow peas

    3. Excel Xenia

      Keeping this my self won't be enough so I decided to share. I got paid of £8,450 through Bitcoin investment, with the help of Mr Nichoas on Instagram (@ nicholas__fxtrade)

    4. Vince Abbinante

      Yall Be Safe

    5. Vince Abbinante

      Hope yall have a great harvest , its always alot of fun, ive always enjoyed it.👏👏👌.

    6. Vince Abbinante

      Hello folks

    7. Fredrik Larsen

      Hey from norway. Happy harvest🙂

    8. Sadie Dekle

      I want to be a fam

    9. Frank Gerlach

      Way to much facial camera work, show the fields and combine work more.

    10. Big dog 1 B

      Where is my arm leg I’m all oiled up with my work boots on waiting for him

    11. Tom Bastion

      How do u move those bins or are u getting 2 new ones???

    12. Tom Bastion

      Have u ever been to northern michigan,, we live up here close to Lake Superior

    13. Alex Mikhael

      1:06:21 I STILL THINK there needs to be a big tall FIRE POLE to slide down on the other side of that landing!!!! (at the top of the bin stairs!)

      1. Alex Mikhael

        @William McIntyre stairs to go up... POLE TO SLIDE DOWN!!! :) GIVE THE KIDS A BIG TOY TOO!! :)

      2. William McIntyre

        Jtt jojo go to to go to by up to go y by by by ñ Ok mom k lp pop

      3. William McIntyre

        Ok up

    14. Stacion Felizo


    15. Aidan Quinn

      You’re missing a few old Trump sign

    16. Nathan Ping

      I love watching red combines eat GREEN WEEDS LMAO reminds of them Deere’s them red combines eat

      1. Big dog 1 B

        Word up

    17. Tony Ackerman

      Gotta be Clifford....

    18. Moore Mohammad


    19. Kevin Klingner

      I would consider your yield good here where l mainly lived and contract harvested in here Australia to Nick especially on the shallow mallee grey and sandy soils many years because of limestone we would have been lucky to get half that. Where l live now on heavier soils with 80 bushells being quite common as the soil is deeper and hangs on better. Lupins (white) do well on lighter reds to sand soils and faba beans do well on our heavy soils. We also like pidgeon pea which is a semi perennial from lndia and gets around a metre and half high as a summer crop It is like small shrub and pods on the top half of the bush. They dont need a lot of rain but do yield well and have a very strong tape root system and are excellent at breaking disease cycles in crops. You could sow them after your wheat and peas and harvest them later. Their price is currently.l believe around 1500 dollars Australia a ton here on farm.

    20. Fergywurst

      Here's hoping that you find a way to put a Plexiglas windscreen on the 4x4 by winter time.

    21. Sue Guadagno

      And we got a John Deere r with Pony motor

    22. Sue Guadagno

      I like your videos and me and my papa working our shop with John Deere's

    23. Philip Ennis

      Should right 400,000 subs in the cement on the new bin😂

    24. Arnold Gorter

      Did your dad have the virus, how is he doing

    25. Tom N

      Toddler question - How does the machine keep the radiator from getting plugged with chaff. I assume the radiator fan reverses - but it seems that there is more to it than that, sounds too simple - lots of chaff. Great videos thanks for taking the time

    26. iBelieve


    27. iBelieve


    28. iBelieve


    29. iBelieve


    30. iBelieve


    31. Brandyn Gould

      Do you float shift when you’re driving your semis or do you use the clutch

    32. Plaguebit

      old horse power sounds better

    33. Navdeep singh Gill

      How many hectares you have sir

    34. Rory Weber

      How many acres of peas do you have

    35. Tyler Frensko

      Knew it wasn’t beast bine right away. There’s no led headlights on the rails

    36. Will Johnson

      Ima pilot and combine driver as well

    37. Jen Schlechty

      hello from ohio farmer that is the dirtyest header i have ever seen

    38. Matt Grant

      Want a flying grain silo? See kgup.info/get/gn6Kq52Vp6uUjqE/video !!!

    39. Ragsdale Creek Workshop

      New Subscriber awesome video. God bless Stay safe Jesus says "ALL LIVES MATTER"

    40. Wes

      If you take the cluster panel out there should be dip switches on the back of the speedometer to adjust for tire size and gear ratio changes etc. So you can get it to read accurately again on the pete

    41. farm love

      Stay safe around your tractors an combines base some one I know they got run over by combine keep up grate work

    42. Joshua Hockley

      The live streams are great really good to see just what happens not the edit with the best parts. I did get to watch some of it live. But just finished watching the whole thing sadly i couldn't see the chat on the replay not sure if that due to my browser or if you loosing chat has caused it not to save to the video. Keep up the Great content Seeding and harvest are my favorite times to watch.

    43. Verlyn Nygaard


    44. Verlyn Nygaard


    45. Verlyn Nygaard

      Where are FATHER BOB & COLBY

    46. Verlyn Nygaard


    47. Steve Froslie

      I think he meant drop the straw vs baling it.

    48. Verlyn Nygaard


    49. Steve Froslie


    50. Paul Grage

      When you and leg arms switched out it looked like you mounted and dismounted from the right side?

      1. Tony Ackerman

        Its the camera reversal that makes it seem that way

    51. Paul Grage

      Are your augers on the right side? Or was that a camera effect?

    52. Leo McAvoy

      For the 400K subscription you could make a prize out of one of your cannon bowling balls 😉

    53. Caleb Knutson

      How does the auto header height work in that combine we just got a new case 8120 and I was just curious

    54. Aiden Palmer

      Lol thanks for keeping it up

    55. Andrew Bailey

      Greetings from Cambridgeshire England, nothing like watching combines working in the field. Been a while since I've been at the helm of one!

    56. Cam Mansel

      Blow 1 of the old jd combines up with bowling ball with a live feed to mn farmer zak for reaction for the 400k

    57. Crested MenderYT

      How many bushells is a tonne ps I'm Australian and we use tonnes per hectare

      1. Willen Enable

        American don't work in metric weights as us Aussies. They are in our old weights and measures Lbs, Cwt and Tons !!

    58. JTN FisherMan

      You can never build grain bins big enough add the 2 rings..lol.You won't even notice it when the 4th bin goes up guessing it will be a 48' 10 ring the "cheapest per bushel "to build.

    59. Al Hearn

      You guys should get your international bulldozer up and running for your 400k subscribers. Show us how fast it is

    60. Jon S

      Did wonder if you’d maxed out the number of rings on those first 2 bins! Use all the rings on the third! Would hate to put crop on the floor just for aesthetics. Maybe you can add rings to the first two in the future so they all match.

    61. Kristoffer Jensen

      Seriously guys, put the extra 2 rings on that third bin, and consider putting two more on the other bins next year. 1400 acres of peas at 40 bushels is 56.000 bushel = your new bins are full ;)


      40 bushels to bags per acre ?

    63. Peter Schüler

      If you guys want some sort of grain cart on your farm, you could get a gravity wagon and then have an auger loading the trucks, and you don’t have to buy a tractor with PTO.

    64. Gary & Linda

      I farmed over 40 years and never saw yellow peas that dust free. We always had mole hills to put through the combine with the crop. We used a flex header because in Saskatchewan our peas don’t stand up anything like yours. On the bright side we usually had better yields than your’s. Hail not withstanding. Good luck with harvest and stay safe. ps. You consider not wearing a ring on your finger while farming, especially jumping off a step or anywhere it might get hooked.

    65. Rjack76

      love youre Harvest live stream good work

    66. Chris Spencer

      How are you harvesting? It seems like the crop was only planted yesterday.

    67. Slim Jim in MN

      Your area is dry and affects the crop, yet in North Dakota there are some areas that looked like 100+ bushel oats, but it will be knocked down to 80 - 90 because of drowned out areas. In some areas they could not plant because it was too wet. Farmers cannot seen to get good weather anymore.

    68. TechGuy

      FYI yellow field peas weigh 60 pounds per bushel. They sell for about $6 a bushel right now. The 8230 combine costs about $250K to replace. It burns 20+ gallons of diesel an hour under full load, plus DEF. They are probably combining about 1,000 bushels an hour for each combine. Those A trains hold about 1200 bushels, but you can't fill them up in dense crops or you'll be over weight on the roads. In the fields, when it is dry, it doesn't matter, so they load them up. A custom combiner will charge about $30/acre. Maybe less in those peas because they take less power. The combines are doing about 5MPH x 45 feet = 27.3 acres per hour.

    69. Mac Dawg

      Dude.. Add the rings.. I know what your thinking it won't look good. Just add the additional rings to the others later.

    70. Don Doan

      Love chickpeas!

    71. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, useful intro to harvest

    72. TechGuy

      That unloading sweep is sweet !

    73. Greg Bromley

      Do you all rely on the cell network for internet service out in the fields?

    74. LowJack187

      Terrible video quality. Hurts the eyes! KGup only giving 720p but still grainy and blurry.

    75. TechGuy

      Crazy that the MMoline doesn't have the power to turn your auger. When I was a kid we had a 10HP Briggs and Straton on the auger. Didn't need the 16 HP! But then the bins got larger, the trucks got larger and the combines got larger. We had a Brandt 12x70 after that.

    76. Henry Lopez

      U said "headland" .I think u meant "end row" !! (Called in North East Indiana)

    77. Blake Mermis

      Thanks for showing the harvest videos

    78. TechGuy

      You are running the 8230. The give away was the engine power. (475HP) There sure is a big difference in engine power between the 8230 and the 7230.

    79. Eric Schroeder

      Put the 2 rings on the newest bin. You have to plan for the future and not go for looks or for the now!!

    80. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers good luck combining your 2020 crops

    81. Levi Kuipers


    82. Scotty Swartz

      have ya'll ever harvest corn

    83. What?

      Nice licking of your earplugs..... interesting approach

    84. darren lord

      Get plane to take picture of farm

    85. 46Rambo

      must be nice to livestream from the cab, Colorado mountains don't let us get cell phone let alone high-speed. Rain would be nice if we're wishing. thanks and God Bless America , you have rain headed your way.

    86. Randy Benne

      Dollar signs flying into the hopper.

    87. Randy Benne

      Wow, seams like you just planted that yesterday.

    88. cuttingwoodagain

      I watch and follow all your videos but shame after all the build up too harvest, you didn’t even show any of it! I’ll move on bud. Good luck! Shame as thought you’re with your fans. Cheers from 🇬🇧

      1. Leg Arms

        You do realize that the videos are like a week or more after what we are doing at the moment. He gave you a sneak peak in away

    89. Juan Pedro Garcia Lopez

      Buena maquinaria. Me en canta

    90. mark armitage

      How many acres an hour will the two combines cut?

    91. J Essary Farms

      Does pea chaff itch like wheat and milo does?

      1. J Essary Farms

        Welker Farms cool thanks! Wish we could raise them here in New Mexico.

      2. Welker Farms

        It honestly isn't bad at all, about the same as wheat.

    92. Teagan Mackowiak

      I think i can speak for everyone when I say We'd all like to see Optimusbine come back to Welker farms permanently!!! please message me back I have a few ideas I'd like to run by y'all

      1. Welker Farms

        We agree! Maybe someday we can bring him home!

    93. Don Crawford

      Maby you mean bench mark?

      1. Welker Farms

        That's it! Nailed it, yep brain fart! 😁

    94. Toy Farmer70

      If the auger will reach put the extra rings on. There will be a time you will want it and wish you would have put them on.

      1. Welker Farms

        That's what we are thinking, better just do it!

    95. Jeremy Konz

      Saw a wheat field for the first time outside my town this year. They got quite a harvest out of it. Not sure if they can sell it locally here. All corn and soybeans in NW Iowa.

    96. Dayna Krol

      Hello Nick great live stream last night I really enjoyed watching the harvest 2020. I really hope your yellow peas will be a lot of money for your farm stay safe out there bud.

    97. Schnik Schnak

      Best Job of the world !

    98. John Johnson

      I gotta pull my Zack Johnson and go to the restroom. I can't believe you just said that. :)

      1. Harold Lawson

        @Welker Farms The nearest tractor or combine tire works as well ;)

      2. Welker Farms

        Haha well inside MN millennial Farmer joke with corn fields and stuff... Can't do that here!

    99. Daniel Johnston

      Do the extra rings, don’t let the OCD cost yea, it will be fine! As a fellow pilot, you know the saying, three things that are useless to a pilot, runway behind you, fuel on the ground, and altitude above you! You can now add “rings in the barn “ to that...lol. Love you guys, God Bless!

    100. DEDBRD1977

      You should tint the windows some on your combines. Some 20% tint would help the ac keep the cab cooler