Latest and the Legendary! - Virtual Farm Progress Show #2

Welker Farms

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    CASE IH sent us to Iowa for the Virtual Farm Progress Show where we had the opportunity to plant, harvest, and till corn. It was a great time and we got to play with some great machines. This is Part 2 and happened the end of August.
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    1. Andrew Nichols

      "Applicating"? Try "applying"...

    2. Nico Volker

      The 747 looks quite good with the single LSWs.

    3. Elijah Tuttle

      thanks this is huge to me to me to get responded from one of my favorite youtubers

    4. Luke Boyle

      god bless you guys

    5. Luke Boyle

      by a deere

    6. Darren Roth

      I see the sweetgrass hills in the background of some of your videos. How far from Foremost Alberta are you guys?

      1. Robert Welker

        about a hour (including the wait at the border).

    7. iBelieve


    8. Elijah Tuttle

      wait is that in boone ia

      1. Robert Welker


    9. Cat Alt

      I could watch for hours the tractors in the fields

    10. BR Shepherd

      Go Big Red!, At one time I along with 3 other guys worked on installing the stuff for hillside units, miss that job

    11. Morgan Sedge

      LegArms either i have missed something or you are Super Man. Your arm is already Better ? That's awesome

      1. Morgan Sedge

        @Robert Welker thanks for the info god bless

      2. Robert Welker

        This video was delayed because of his accident happened just before this would have been played.

    12. AgroVideo Team

      Trump biden?

      1. Robert Welker

        I've approved of the administration decisions the last 3.7 years. I DO NOT want the Supreme Court manipulated by adding more judges so no on Kamala/Joe ticket.

    13. Grant DuBridge

      I was thinking about those new tires. Now I realize how they flatten out on the bottom as they roll making it flat like a track instead of pushing deep in the middle.

    14. ginggur17

      Cool footage as always guys Thankyou. 👍👍👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

    15. Dark lightning hey watch this and let me know your reaction (get well son Scott )

      1. Robert Welker

        That was awesome!!! I was wondering if I should have looked behind me as I was parking the equipment in the sheds................. Oh....... Did I tell you I'm colorblind.........only see red? Blessing 😁👍

    16. Jace Nikonchuk

      He’s not leg arms now. He is leg broken arms 😂

    17. Dennis Doneburgh

      I did ag in high school

    18. Dusty Berkram

      I live in Cut Bank and I’ve farmed your map in FS 19 wondering what part of the map you put the Sweetgrass Hills? If you did haha.

      1. Dusty Berkram

        @Robert Welker that’s awesome, you should. It would be a lot bigger than field 1 🤣. Best of luck in the future as well, and hoping your enjoying this -4 degrees so far!

      2. Robert Welker

        thought about leveling them for more farm ground...........😊.

    19. Jim Cooney

      thanks for sharing the video

    20. Lewis Agen

      What's the price tag on the big bud

      1. Robert Welker

        Hard to say now, only one of a kind. but north of $800k

    21. Mike Keffer

      Where do I need to got to get hats and hoodies

      1. Robert Welker


    22. Kassy Cooper Falepau

      Well....bibmean the car hit the bin but the bin hit the car.........

    23. Eger Viktor

      Guten abend.

    24. Jake Holland

      Where did legarms get those glasses I need them for my trips😂

    25. Tom Osbon

      That was pretty good till I saw two grown men with little bitty masks on. You have got to know better. Go figure

    26. Douglas Watson

      I love you guys but please call it Soil not dirt!! Soil is the earths sustenance! Dirt well is just dirt. Thank you.

    27. Mishn0

      Is "applicating" an industry term? Why not "applying"?

    28. Danny Deshler

      Hey Guys...Don't mean to hijack any comments, but I think this is important. A farmer has lost (1) large tractor, (1) grain cart, (2) trucks AND his Combine...all to a single fire (arson, lightning...who knows). Go check out this video on Laura's page...just trying to spread the word about a family in real need. Nick, Scott, I apologize but I thought your page would get alot of eyes on this issue.

    29. Jason Wilkins

      Vote case IH Red our life Depends on it more than ever Trump 2020🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    30. Paul Hudson

      Awesome equipment. Already have my 16V-747 replica toy. The box is signed and the tractor too by the Williams brothers.

    31. Dan Finley

      God bless y’all

    32. Dan Finley

      Hope leg arms is healing up ok

    33. Dan Finley

      That beast is a beauty

    34. Randall Lindemann

      “Applicating?.” May I quotate you on that?

    35. Ryder Allen

      Good for leg armes

    36. dieseldranker

      Are they going to make a 1:16 scale lsw bigbud

    37. Mike


    38. Justin CHAPPEL

      If you the big bud 747 ever get sold you need to try to buy it if it goes in a museum it will never get used again

    39. James M. Schmidt

      Is applicating a real word? My spell check puts a red, squiggly line under it. Applying, maybe?

    40. humble haymakers fan

      Hey guys what's up

    41. XXX

      was that a Claas Xerion in the backround at the beginning?!?!!?

      1. bas :D


    42. paul melah

      1 complaint seeing the case ih in action is nice and ssing big bud trailers in is ok but where's the footage of big bud rolling coal in the field I feel like yall cheated us 😁😁😂😂

    43. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, You guys should be IH salesmen, That 747 Big Bud rocks, Thanks

    44. Oliver Padman

      why doent leg arms have a broken arm

      1. Robert Welker

        This was recorded the 1st of Sept at Boone IA. We couldn't release the vids til after Sept 20th. Then Leg Arms broke his arm just when the first part was release.

    45. Andreas Rist

      Why didn't you show the 747 move`?

    46. Mt Dog Luvr

      His arm looked smaller and shorter.

    47. Steve Rosenberger

      Leg Arms how's your arm doing? We would like to know. Please post an update soon.

    48. Erik D

      Im thankful for our farmers . wasnt for your hard work we all would starve. Great content welker farms.

    49. Michael Carlson

      What I don’t understand is why give me the hype of Big Red, watch install tires and then we didn’t get to see it move upon the earth. All we saw was install duals and remove them. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Nellson Stout

        There’s video of it working, just not filmed by them

    50. Kevin Theilen

      AArgh! Nick! "APPLICATING" IS NOT A WORD, okay? I've let this go before more than once (don't want to be a Grammar Nazi), but enough! It's never too late to learn. So here goes: 'Apply' is a verb. It is changed to a noun by adding the suffix 'tion' as 'application'. Continuous verb form adds 'ing' as 'applying': "This machine is applying." "We are applying." "We will be applying." "We will begin applying." Sheesh! (muttering) 'Kids- buy 'em books; send 'em to school. Whadda they do? Draw pictures of tractors in the margins...'

    51. Aiden Link

      Imagine: Seeing this tractor at the farm doing work but tillage only

      1. Aiden Link

        Also what would be cool is it ran the zells planter

    52. Hanky Bannist8r

      Some say that Leg Arms was bitten by a rattlesnake and 7 days later the snake died.. get better Scott !

    53. alain belanger

      some say that he is like a snake , and that he can regrow broken parts , he is the legend 🦵💪

    54. Matt Miller

      I have the Toy Farmer edition 747 the detail on it is unreal from the flex pipe exhaust to the gauges in the cab to engine plumbing if you have never seen one google it.


      You didn't show the Big Bud in action....

    56. Canadian Farmer Donnie

      Didn't get to see ya drive it ?

    57. Chris Kautz

      Is his cast off already

      1. Andrew’s FS19 Farming Videos

        Video was filmed in August

    58. Jesse Singleton


    59. Countryranch

      Fun fact me and my brother have been inside that exact same tractor the same one

    60. Rob B

      @4:36. I feel defrauded here. Yep, my view makes you money! Leg Stumpy arms has no arm wrap on! Is Leg Stumpy arms a super healer?

      1. Rob B

        @Andrew’s FS19 Farming Videos Yes, it was a joke.

      2. Andrew’s FS19 Farming Videos

        You know I want to correct you, but I have a feeling your joking around so I won’t.

    61. Henry G

      how’s leg legs arm doing????hope it’s ok 👍 if it’s itching it’s healing!!!!get well soon brother!!!!

    62. Bill Arends

      APP-LI-CATING???Does the word app-ly-plying ring any bells?

    63. Donna Anderson

      Prayers are being answered for Scott's healing. Praise the Lord

    64. xxx19740011

      how long arm feeling ok

    65. Redeemed Farmer

      Ok a Question..... How do this farm shows work? I see you guys plowing, applying fertiliser, planting and harvesting..... Is the show held on an actual farm? Who pays for the seed, fertiliser....etc

      1. Nellson Stout

        The companies pay for the seed and fertilizer to show it off. This is basically a giant sales pitch

      2. Robert Welker

        It's a the largest out door farm show in North America, held first of sept. They do every other year at this one at Boone and next year at Decatur. The show owns the farm land.

    66. Isaac Nollen

      The shoes for the 747 Bud make my size 10 shoes look a little bit small

    67. Richard G

      Is Nick having a bromance with Zach

    68. Richard G

      What happened to LA

    69. James L Coble

      Wish y'all could use the 747 on your farm a little bit. Put it side by side your big Buds. That be a great photo.

    70. Nestor Treeface

      WTF! Does Zach know know you are using his machinery?..lmao! Love you guys both for what you do for each. Keep that chit going for sure! BIG UP the Welker boys.!

    71. Steve Nicoson

      Another interesting video -thanks for the content. Thanks for showing us around the farm show. Good to see the big bud 747. Huge machine. Interesting how they transport it home to Montana. Am sure the Williams bros will be glad to have it home. The tillage machine and tractor you highlighted seem to be doing a really good job. Thanks for stopping there on your way home. Thanks. Iowa farm boy from years ago.

    72. Debbie L

      Use it to put out the fires in their state!!

    73. Debbie L

      That is a cool tillage machine 👍

    74. Debbie L

      Lol you guys are sooo funny glad to hear scott is doing ok god bless you all 🙏👍💕

    75. buffaloman55

      If they ever sell that 747 , I know who's buying it .

    76. Cedric Broussard

      Freakin awesome!!

    77. Alan Stant

      That was awesome to see again how you guys change those tires on that big bud tractor. Just simply loving all the content guys.

    78. Mopar Nick

      What was the intention of big bud on scene?

      1. Robert Welker

        @Mopar Nick thank you for asking about truck. So far seems fine. I'll try to remember to give an update in future vid

      2. Mopar Nick

        @Robert Welker makes sense thank you. Any word on your truck or is that in a coming video?

      3. Robert Welker

        They were intending to showcase it with all the show attendees this year but the show was cancelled.

    79. DUKE333

      Leg arms hope you feel better

    80. mrmikeyd

      After seeing what happened to Scott I will never be in awe of Big Bud's a matter of fact, I may have to unsub to get the picture of it crushing his arm out of my head.....ruined this channel for me

    81. Kris J

      All that techs great. When it works..

    82. Farming with Mitchell Morgan

      Hows your arm going Leg Arms

    83. Brody Nichols

      Next time Nick next time

    84. Jeffrey Kielwasser

      Glad to hear leg arms is doing well, I plan on going back to work beginning of November after my accident in august

    85. Demo Man

      10/10 recovery speed, I usually walk on a broken leg without a cast I’m assuming leg arms is doing the same thing since he’s tough/stubborn lmao jokes

      1. Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service

        Videos out of order

      2. awg6397

        Im convinced the "cast" is so the bud doesnt look like it got punked when that drawbar fell and didnt even scratch him

    86. Olaf Schmidt

      Scott and Mike should start their own channel! 😊👍🏻

    87. Kelby Holbein

      I love seeing dirt flip over to

    88. Shifty427

      Boone IA! that’s where I’m from didn’t even know they were doing anything out there at the progress show this year

      1. Robert Welker

        They didn't. It was closed to public this year.

    89. Ron Mcwhirter

      How's leg arms ?

    90. Randy Hoese

      This video had a lot of deja vu! It's also great to see how fast Scott healed!!

    91. Bernát seres

      The hungarian big tractor is the raba steiger (has anyone ever driver one?

      1. Nellson Stout

        I don’t think there’s any here in North America but we have the old green steigers that raba based them off of

    92. andban92

      There was no video of Big Bud working on the ground.

    93. wbball15

      6-8 inches of clearance is not a problem for a lowboy. But, yes, low clearance in corners is a concern.

    94. andban92

      Did the Big Bud 747 lose on speed after swaping the old taler tires for these LSW 1400's ?

      1. andban92

        @Robert Welker Thanks for response.

      2. Robert Welker

        Not too much, maybe .6 mph

    95. Dean Farmer

      Is that a Zeron I see


      is leg arms arm better

    97. Ewan Ebbs

      You should visit cole the cornstar

    98. Sue Linda

      Hey Leg Arms, how is the broken arm healing up?

    99. Hunter 747

      Wow what a crazy year I hope it’ll get back to normal soon

    100. Kevin Wernick

      Where in iowa was you guys at

      1. Welker Farms

        This was in Boone, due to covid it was a very limited show.