New QUADTRAC Revealed! & Leg Arms Hogging the Camera|Commodity Classic 2020

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194 миӊ. көрүүлөр21

    First the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA and now the Commodity Classic in San Antonio, TX. Through farm shows, CASE IH has provided us the opportunity to meet our fans and see agriculture beyond that of just Montana plus we got to see the freshly announced AFS CONNECT STEIGER!
    Farmers Business Network also hosted a KGup booth that invited us to partake in a panel. Now that we are back home, it is time to gear up and get ready for spring farming!
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    1. Chris White

      Awesome video guys

    2. Carson Ledding

      Rogator is the best sprayer on the market

    3. Mark Arnott

      the Farm girls just got learn to film the Farm & not there face 80% the time i turn off after a few video's and go watch the sask farmer 😅

    4. Pete Schiavoni

      So glad I found your channel. I grew up in farm country and it’s so cool to see the differences between then and now.

    5. Hayden Stafford

      Y'all flew through utah and didn't say anything??

    6. Mama Leigh Case

      Good job Legarms!!! I wish we had equipment & implement shows like you guys got on the mainland. I only been to 1 "Bill Mack Truck Show" in Anaheim, California. Outside of that I have never left the Hawaiian Island's. Aloha

    7. Michael Surratt

      I love Meredith and Tara!

    8. Alex Mikhael

      at around 3:40 ... 3:38 wassn't that BUMBLEBEE's BIG BRO... sprayer in black with gold/yeller...

      1. Alex Mikhael

        the pewpew pew PEW PEW PEW button lmfao

    9. Tv 5150

      Seclusive, huh? Ok.

    10. Glenn Gaul

      Who the F keeps disliking these videos

      1. Welker Farms

        We've got a special group who like nothing more than to thumb us down. It's good, at least they stopped by and added a view to the video! 😁

    11. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. s est dommage que ce que vous dite ne sois pas traductible en francais.pierre france .congratulations. merci quand- meme.

    12. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. bonne video ,enplus vous etes avec monsieur mike less le venduer de versatile.chez moi en lot et garonne ily a agri 33qui vend des versatile dans les plaines de la garonne.mais li y a aussi des steiger ih 620 et quelques jonh _ deere . je suis content car j' ai trouver des articulers en france.merci ecore. pierre france.congratulations.

    13. William Gustafsson

      I don’t think that cab and touch screen is impressive. I think the Valtra is more impressive

    14. Olaf Schmidt

      So many "V.I.F"s!!! (Very important farmers)😉👍🏻

    15. richardj ellis

      On the joystick/screen mock-up, I wonder how long it takes before the little yellow levers get snapped off.?🤬?. I think they'd be better off at the other side of the console.

    16. Ron Eibling

      Like I said a week ago, love your videos and looks like s great trip you had but you should really try that GREEN stuff😂😂

    17. Kye Lehenbauer

      I met them at commodity classic 2020

    18. _BlaZerplays _

      I like how every other farmer on the stand has brown boots on but then you look at Nick he has white boots on. Lol. By the way great vids

    19. awg6397

      Man, I spent MANY a weekend walking up and down the riverwalk back in 2001 when I was a Ft Sam Houston for medic school. Easily my favorite place to be, one day Im gonna get back down there

    20. Joe Scheller

      hey guys i was just about to drop you and merideth appeared much better eye candy than you guys.

    21. John-Paul Teatero

      Case may have more horse power than John Deere but I have always been a John Deere and a Big Bud guy

    22. Paul C. Sachse Jr.

      I love how you guys make up your own words to describe something...😉

    23. iBelieve


    24. iBelieve


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    27. iBelieve


    28. Wingrider 68

      Great video... thanks for taking us along!!

    29. chrsmcwtrs

      if youre still running a case combine youre way BEHIND!!!

    30. marco tof

      Good good good I wish you a good planting season

    31. Brett Nelson

      That looked like a stop-over in Salt Lake City at the beginning

    32. D Michael

      Wow case is coming out with features that John Deere has had for four years , way to finally get with it case, get with the times

    33. Sigarius 1

      Whatever happend to the 1150? Somebody remembers? Did Mike want to buy Itm

    34. Eric Bertrand

      I love your content and outlook on life. However, the bippity bebop ding ding internet music made me unsubscribe and hesitant to even click your videos when I see them. Sorry

    35. Me Yes

      You guys need some REAL equipment on your farm... Called John Deere .

    36. You Piter

      I love big bud and case and the big brute video

    37. john perry

      really great video, those farm machines must cost a lot

    38. Ole Hanson

      I live in Montana

    39. Brent Kiley

      Man wish I would have been able to meet you guys. Live in San Antonio, originally from Canada though. Didn't even know there was a show like that happening here.

    40. Steven Mccullough

      Legarms, I'm cornfused . . . I thought farm tubers was taders!

    41. Tyler Gallagher

      Legarms spilled the beans!!!! New air seeder!

    42. Tyler Gallagher

      How many beers can u hide in the vents of a new Quad? That’s what we want to know. 😂

    43. Trigger TV

      That balzer cart was massive

    44. Andy Fromm

      10:20 best self propelled row crop sprayer!!

    45. Dan Finley

      Thanks for taking us along for the ride great show looks like y’all had a nice break

    46. claterpillar1

      Nice to see Case IH catch up to the 2007 challenger tractors, with programmable repetitive functions, and field cruise control. 😁 I'm sure the Case IH is easier to program though 🤔.

    47. Cathy DuPont

      Legarms is funny...pew! Pew! Pew!

    48. Sam Dunphy


      1. Robert Welker

        F For fun, family, food.

    49. SIMONE

      One long day.....😜👍👍👍

    50. Stian By

      don't they have beer down in San Antone?

      1. Robert Welker

        Sure do.

    51. GloveSlapnz

      This case vs JD thing really sucks. This channel is by far my favorite for presentation and personality but only being able to see one manufacturer in depth on your channel now makes me a bit sad. Still, glad you're getting the sponsorships. Thanks for the vids.

      1. Robert Welker

        I understand where you are coming from. JD is the gorilla in the farming world with very devoted followers. We were JD years ago but CaseIH rotory combines was the reason we became mostly red. Most ag channels have JD equipment. With the CaseIH sponsorship we can reach out to more people for Ag. But they told us to keep our channel ours. The jousting which happens is in fun. JD makes good equipment

    52. kioto

      Hey Guys ... greetings from Germany ... where can i Get that Case IH Shirt with the US Flag ? Loooks sharp

      1. kioto

        Nick?! Where u Get dat shirt ?

      2. Robert Welker

        Not sure where Nick got it.

    53. Darryl Ackimenko

      that's a green case combine!! Lol

    54. AA Just my life Louis Young

      Nice job 👍

    55. Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

      Yay! Farmhand Mike got some time in this video! Great seeing you guys again.

    56. SuperGoldnut

      I like Mike Less way more than Mike Moore.

    57. matthewrenshaw

      7:36 love the airo-gromics :p

    58. matthewrenshaw

      was that millennial farmer @ 2:28 second from right?

    59. matthewrenshaw

      I think we need more vacation house reno vids

    60. GS G

      I am seeing a new Welker KGup Channel “What About Leg Arms” or a Farmumentary Series called, “Leg Arms Presents”.

    61. Cedric Broussard

      That was cool!

    62. dirtshower250

      Leg Arms had to much fun plugging other channels 😂

    63. Life After Work

      Hey Welkers! Tell Case IH to send you one of everything! Couldn't cost them much, right? And you guys deserve it! While you're at it get them to give you a couple of those cab mock up training seats for the lake house. Your dad could practice while watching TV. LOL! Have a great season this season, and believe me, no disconnect here. I know how difficult farming can be. Regards, Solomon

    64. Barbie Rowley

      Wow a really cool video

    65. jabronee34

      Who would've thought that MN Millennial Farmer was a "dirty dirty cheater".

    66. Nathan Wilson

      Don't run those big tractors much, but would seem to me that instead of programming the switches for things and then trying to remember what they are, there could be little displays on or next to each switch with programmable digital labels so there's no guessing. Live sound boards use something similar for each audio channel. Then it's easier for new operators to a farm get in and be productive faster.

    67. Marcelo Angel Sanchez Roman

      The videos that are uploaded are already pure propaganda. I don't follow them anymore, they continued the essence of what they were before 👎

    68. Larry Readman

      Finally! More leg arms videos!!!!!!

    69. Bob Paterson

      I expect that shiny paint u were looking at has a really shiny price tag attached to it 🙄😂😂

    70. Making it Happen

      💪 LegArms 💪. All You Tubers you met are among the 135 I subscribe to.

    71. Heddings Farm

      I enjoy watching your channel I would appreciate it if you would check mine out

    72. Leofred

      LegArms becomming Hollywood

    73. Charly 1970

      I would like to see your outtakes of the year! That would be quite funny I think! Keep on the good videos!

    74. jdude5786

      Ha, Brian brown! Love his videos!

    75. Rick DeWitt

      Those drone shots were good.

    76. TheCrewChief

      Hey, I have seen Zach actually drive his racecar on the dirt track's before. So I know that he probably was a handful on the go cart track.

    77. Pierre LESTRADE

      il y a de joli fille au texas.

    78. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. j' aime qaund les walkers, nous amene a des salons de materiel agricole .je ne comprend pas tout, mais je rigole quand meme.

      1. Robert Welker

        Heureux de vous avoir accompagné. Bénédictions

    79. Jim Ellinger

      Well got to see Zach's wife and Randy ? Where wasbthe guy who play's Zach Johnson ?

      1. Robert Welker

        He was incondito as farmhand mike.

    80. flynlr

      could a waved from work ..the Salt Lake USPS Plant buildings full on visible at 1:03-1:05 love the vids keep em coming.

    81. Gregor Miller

      Texas. Lub me sum Texas.....where men R men and the sheep are nervous!

    82. Jeremy_ 23

      When you guys are flying what city do you fly out of

      1. Robert Welker

        Usually great falls but this time Kalispell

    83. Luna

      GET A JOHN DEERE!!! There the BEST

    84. Hangriesllc

      Have you guys had the time to make it to husker harvest days in Nebraska? I'm sure you know it's the largest working farm show in the US. So much fun going each year..

      1. Robert Welker

        We would like too. Maybe this year

    85. Sean Linne

      Scott sure touches his nose a lot. We could make a drinking game out of it.

    86. V10

      😂 “can finally breath” aka the air was green!!

    87. Benjamin Dickey

      Was you're connection through Utah?

      1. Robert Welker


    88. Keith Martin

      Ok you guys were on a “ Mancation “. But honestly this video wasn’t up to Welker Farms usual standard. Sorry but I’ve got to be honest. Stick to farming and not posting videos about random things like this one and the lake house remodeling. You almost got unsubscribed with those. Just being honest. Love your pure farm videos though.

      1. Robert Welker

        It's been a tough winter trying to get shop time with the lake house needing huge amount of time, since we are doing it ourselves. And traveling to show breaks up our consistancy. We ask that the followers give us some grace as we go through this short period. Spring is just around the corner.

    89. Jerry Santos

      And I was in Denver. Nuts! I wanted to go. Hope you three enjoyed it. Did you get any real Texas BBQ? Not that Bill Miller's commisary bbq but real BBQ?

      1. Jerry Santos

        @Robert Welker Hope it was the good stuff and not Bill Miller's.. 😀😎👍

      2. Robert Welker

        The third night

    90. atheosxgaming

      The trick to sponsored deals is to make it sound a little bit objective and real.. This was just you guys almost reading the sales brochure with the case salesman behind the camera telling you how to say it. Like yeah cool tractor love to see it. But im not here to be sold one. Looks like a fun trip anyways. Just be genuine.

      1. Robert Welker

        We did get to operate them a couple of weeks ago on a farm, so coming from exoeeience. We hope to stay genuine.

    91. Dick Hansen

      Very seclusive. Awesome

    92. Pedro Gunner

      Why fly out of Kalispell? It’s got to be more expensive than great falls or Helena...

      1. Robert Welker

        Actually is cheaper. Kalispell is becoming the go to place.

    93. Alan Stant

      I may not be a farmer now but this takes me back when i was and it brings back so many memories. Thanks guys for bringing them back to me.

    94. Enoch Stutzman

      Don’t mean to bash case or John Deere but all the “new technology” that John Deere and Cade came out with this year fendt has had for years

      1. Enoch Stutzman

        fowletm1992 yea and they have a much different operation then I’d we farm 5k acres of hay and a couple thousand of corn and it’s much different we don’t do a large amount of tilling and such, for us comfort, reliability, and efficiency is key and that’s exactly what the fendts excel conclusion I was mainly saying that I wasn’t saying other brands didn’t have that fendts just have been ahead of the game in many ways

      2. fowletm1992

        Someone's gotta invent it But rarely do they prefect or implement it well That's whole different operation Saying that Case New Holland have had it for many years as well We've had turn assist in our nh t9060 for 10 years but I'm not sure what extras they've added with the new one Getting this "new technology" into board acre operations is a big step Gtting it to reliably work without hiccups is difficult

      3. Ron Meier

        I certainly don't mean to bash Fendt but mainly John Deere & even case are you usually doing all the labor when Fendt tries to do tillage we let it pull small things like manure spreaders but the tech you speak about like a fm radio yes but other than that they are certainly leaders ahead of line behind John Deere n then right behind Case, so you r doing ok all things considering.. .

    95. Britt Blanton

      Great video thanks guys keep up the good work 👍

    96. Chris Scyphers

      Lake house update?! Come on fellas!! Love the vids btw

      1. Robert Welker

        Update very soon as the inside is just about done

    97. Kenny Salisbury

      you got my full attention at STEAK FOR DINNER other than that just another farm show

    98. Z all around Farmer

      Did you guys take your drone or how did you get the Arial shots of the tower.

      1. Robert Welker

        It was stock footage. Nick didn't take his drone.

    99. Owen Niehaus

      Guys in like 20 years i want go to shelby Montana and join the farm

    100. Mark Mortensen

      Thanks you three‼️‼️ That was a fun video and I enjoyed it all‼️‼️ Couldn't believe that Hotel as it was awesome so thanks‼️👍🏼