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    1. Bob P

      Welcome to the Central Valley. I live in Bakersfield just south of Tulare. People from all over the world come to the Ag show.

    2. Daniel Johnston

      It’s called the Venturi affect and Barnellis principle.

    3. Daniel Johnston

      Grampa W is hilarious!

    4. Olaf Schmidt

      Looks like you guys had a great time! 😊👍🏻

    5. curious aydan


    6. quinn williams

      Could you guys go overboard the combines are

    7. Jeremy Bolstad

      Thanks guys, you guys are awesome born and raised in Montana, went to college in Havre for diesel.

    8. Adam Coronado

      That farm show is the BEST! Good to see you guys out in our neck of the woods!

    9. Hunter 747


    10. Ronny Kimberlin

      Jhon Deere is the best case is not good at all they junk

    11. CurrentChoices

      1. CurrentChoices

      2. CurrentChoices

      3. CurrentChoices

        41:08 time mark.......

    12. Farmer MD

      We found the peach cobbler but never found the ice cream. This is why California is no longer number 1 in dairy production - There should have been ice cream on every street at AG Expo!

    13. Farmer MD

      I was there last Wednesday as well after touring a couple days through the Central Valley checking out some ag operations. A lot of equipment at that AG expo that I had no clue about! Amonds - no “L”.

    14. David Currie

      Cool looking equipment...... glad to see that you take time to talk with others about different ways to make a living on the farm

    15. Dale Baerg

      Hey LegArms come on over to Kansas for a visit anytime.

    16. iBelieve


    17. iBelieve


    18. iBelieve


    19. Lynette Freeman

      I can just tell when you said fireball California it’s always hot there screw them hate California so stupid.

    20. Ben farmall

      Lots of International Harvester tractors had doors on each side of the cab. IH designed the transmission and cab in the 7140 magnum tractors one of the first tractors ih designed without two doors. The previous models the 5488 3688 1486 1466 1456 1206 had cabs with two doors.

    21. Steve Milam

      What an awesome live chat.

    22. Randall Lindemann

      Next time you need to drain a hematoma from under a nail, I suggest using a 16 ga. Single service, disposable injection needle. You can get one wherever veterinary supplies are sold. Just rest the point of the needle lightly on the nail and rotate it back and forth with the thumb and forefinger of your good hand. The point / bevel of the needle will drill a suitable hole and you’ll see the blood flow before you even feel any pressure on the nail. I’ve done this on multiple occasions and it works great. Trust me, I’m a doctor. R.E. Lindemann, DVM

    23. Jason Fleege

      Hey how much does Case Ih pay u to where Case Ih hats because they need all the help they can because there trator are junk and there combines are junk because John Deere is the leader in them to category's

      1. Welker Farms

        Green sheeple alert 😂 but in all seriousness we very much love our CASE IH tractor and combines.

    24. Dennis Hettinger

      liked this video good times and great fun thanks !!!!

    25. Alan Stant

      sorry i missed the live stream guys. Really enjoyed the tractor show guys. Thanks for sharing

    26. Lucas Meharry

      I go a 620 Quad track At the NFMS

    27. Jill Fox

      Welker farms should go to nampo in south Africa

    28. Vishal Chauhan


    29. Vishal Chauhan

      Your contact number sir

    30. Vishal Chauhan

      How are you

    31. Vishal Chauhan

      Hello sir

    32. Vishal Chauhan

      Where are you from

    33. Vishal Chauhan


    34. Vishal Chauhan


    35. Magnus Oldbring

      Hello from Sweden

    36. Pat Drake

      Nice hats, get the jackets too.

    37. Rian gallagher

      in Ireland every tractor has two doors

    38. Неонила Зубенко

      Субтитры на Русском

    39. Matthew Davis

      What ever happened to the td18 dozer??

      1. Matthew Davis

        Robert Welker ok thanks for the information

      2. Matthew Davis

        Robert Welker ok thanks for the information

      3. Robert Welker

        We still have it. Plans on getting it the injection pump's a 404 JD

    40. Dioni Paredes

      Im love you videos, very fan, thanks.

    41. Brad Dyer

      Excellent man there's some really cool stuff there . You guys are amazing guys

    42. D Mac

      hey guys, what brand/model cameras do you use on the drones and handhelds? think you were just using phone here but wondering what you use normally. thanks

    43. Eric Beightol

      Did you guys ever find your ice cream??

      1. Robert Welker

        Did find Superior ice cream but was sold out. Settled on ice cream on a stick.........🤒

    44. Farmnorway

      You are not used to throttle?

    45. Taylor Ty

      We have three international tractors a 1089 966 and a 806 and all of them have two doors on them.

    46. Ryan Edwardson

      I believe the Big Bud 747 was actually built to rip hard pan in California.

    47. kool bacon

      I was there, should have said hi.

    48. J Hammer

      Unfortunately you cut her off when she was about to explain how she came up with the name of her Vineyard

      1. CurrentChoices

        maiden name......

    49. hikingtosurvive

      Heehaw @@ ) (

    50. Steve Rosenberger

      I want to see Leg Arms swing the hammer on the game that has the bell on it. Lets see him ring the bell.

    51. Craig Weuve

      Love Mr Leg Arms

    52. Wikkitt Klown

      7:18 😍😍😍😍😍😍 what a sexy tractor. Jeez, I don't even have a farm (anymore) but sweet mother of god I want one!!!!!

    53. Coe Orchard Equipment

      Thanks for stopping by our booth & showing our side mount & monoboom, great to meet you!

    54. Vax

      Filmed on a potato .. like a true farmer :)

    55. Dan Finley

      What a beautiful line of equipment wow

    56. Landon Pruett


    57. Bernie Watts

      In the thumbnail of this video, you guys look look like astronauts!!

    58. Ахмед Абдуразаков


    59. Brian Casey

      You went all that way and no green?

      1. Robert Welker

        They said "follow the red brick road " 😉

    60. Nick Jewart

      Funny I didn't see one stitch of green paint in that video? Didn't Deere have a display at the show?

    61. Old Farmer

      Ah a case video, nice !

    62. dregihtnek

      Come to Kansas, we'll show you around.

    63. Junk Yard Dog

      You guys crack me up. I’m glad you’re having fun.

    64. 「Sly Fox」

      "its just 130hp" but man on that light weight tractor and it gets the max torque at only 1350 rpm you will find it quite strong. i test drove one of those recently and i gotta say im thoroughly impressed

    65. Kevin Batley

      Should of brought your drone to find ice cream

    66. Kevin Batley

      Leg arms shove an ice cream in nicks face lol

    67. Kevin Batley

      We’ve got snow in Scotland uk

    68. My Own Mechanic

      He said 2 doors on each side how does that work LOL

    69. Shane Oneil

      I have a new holland ts 110a and ,, think its 07 model , and that cab on the case 130 is identical, , the sun roof does just pop up too,,. Made in the same factory aren't they?

      1. Robert Welker


    70. Todd Seefeld

      “chick peas” 😆

    71. Nickolas Burger

      Legarms, work on Wagner Tractor next please.

    72. Nickolas Burger

      JD stands for John Deere Booth!

    73. zachary arnold

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      1. Jimmy Kohler

        And all the people said “Amen”.

    74. Pierre LESTRADE

      j'adore c'est dommage que je ne comprend pas l' englais. mais j' les gros tracteur articuler; surtout les steiger

    75. Andrew P.

      Welcome to my part of the world and welcome to our California Winter.

    76. arcanask

      38:33 The Central Valley used to be a flood plain. Tulare in particular, at one point, was the largest lake by area, West of the Mississippi River, until about a hundred years ago.

    77. GrussimoGarage

      Enjoy guys. I remember going to the expo when I was a kid in the seventies with my dad. Fond memories. California Farmer lives only a few miles from parents in Oakdale. Wish I had the time to come shake your hands. Maybe next year.....

    78. tunin tunin

      So you are still allowed to say fat in the US, I am pretty sure there are some tires ganging up to set up a lawsuit because their feelings got hurt.

    79. Michael Gman

      Chick Peas - good one Bob. 🤣

    80. Matthew Moore

      you guys are so funny

      1. Welker Farms


    81. Les Cross

      Great video guys looks like your having a lot of fun

    82. Michael Gman

      Actually there is a least one avionic (aircraft electronics) engineer watching. 🌞😎 Anyway Nick - you are basically right. 👍😎

    83. arcanask

      Since you guys are in the area, find some tri-tip.

    84. Crushing Vanessa3

      Neat stuff, don't know most of it.

    85. Wayne B

      Much of ugly guys and one beautiful woman.

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you.................. .............for her 😉

    86. MrGranters11

      The old series of case tractors like a 1086 have two doors. We have one. Great grain vac/auger tractor

    87. MegaCaseIH92

      That Steiger hat is awesome. I need to find one lol

    88. Rick DeWitt

      I'd like to be there!

    89. Ethan Huber

      I'd absolutely love to see your bud running a wishek disc

    90. Shawn Fox

      Things are always good here when watching welker farms videos.

    91. Fernando Moreno

      Damn wish i could have met you guys I'm from tulare county .. sadly citrus harvesting is keeping me from going to the expo :/

    92. spliceon charlie

      wow $11 for a sandwich. Farm shows are fun but like anything it can get expensive. Thanks for the video.

      1. Fernando Moreno

        That's normal for cali.

    93. Phillip Peterman

      Well done, very funny, lots of different equipment you will never see here in South Dakota....

    94. Ashland Gun club

      Need more John Deere hats.

    95. Aaron Cover

      It was great meeting you this morning. Thanks, Aaron

      1. Robert Welker



      seen beer tent that would do

    97. Gregg Kahler

      Time to case up let's party on

    98. Joe Broz

      Yes hold the camera

    99. rippin

      Very, very entertaining

    100. Joe Broz

      Sound is fine.