It's BIG It's HERE Let's GO! Harvest 2020

Welker Farms

310 миӊ. көрүүлөр16

    Harvest is here! Yellow peas are up first as they mature the fastest. The first few days are spent working out kinks and fine tuning the machinery. We are thrilled so far with the yields coming off of our peas, hopefully the wheat and garbanzo beans yield well too. Let's get this harvest going!
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    1. Silver Dragon

      7140 the best 1 you'll ever own

    2. Patty Rasta


    3. Phil Hosier

      Chad should be called "Nieghbor"

    4. John barfneck

      is there such a thing as a giant vac machine(for a harvester) to suck up the rest and then separate the chaff/leaves /stalks from the beans/corn/crop? blahblahblah means ill shut up now......

    5. John barfneck

      stupid question - why dont they have a direct rail line to the (local)grainery with spurs to each big farm............then you could load the grain cars directly and then they could be hauled to the grainery(scaled and a check be mailed/credited to each farm ) and left for them to unload when they have the time....blahblahblah means ill shut up now............i mean would it cost less than going to each location and loading trucks and hauling dozens upon dozens of loads from each location.....has anyone ever done a study on the difference...blahblahblha means ill shut up now

    6. Pete Hinton

      Take family time when you can. go eat. Kids grow too fast.

    7. laura valle


    8. Charlie Tanner

      farming one of the best and one of the worst occupatoin

    9. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    10. Dan McGuire

      Gentlemen Farmers, YOU are the reason these United States of America is the 'breadbasket' to the world with your hard, continuous work and steely dedication. This video is so well done, full of great imagery and just a slice of the amount of time and gargantuan efforts you put in for the US of A. My dad was a farmer and seeing your work and sense of family gives me wonderful memories of what my dad had to do back in the 1960s, with so little mechanization. USA farmers ROCK this country and allows all of us to eat and feel a great sense of gratification. God bless all USA farmers and protect them each day!

    11. Rubén Bravo

      Agricultura pura pasion

    12. BlaBoy Playz food gang

      I thought this was fs19 lol

    13. Chris Babik

      Not a farmer but worked on my uncle's dairy farm growing up and love seeing what goes into farm work!😄

    14. Duncan Callens

      What’s sto mean exactly? 😂

    15. old640gold

      Smells like MONEY home boy!!!!

    16. UncleManuel

      You can say that it's bin a good harvest... ^_^

    17. George Casemore

      When you get outta the tractor or combine after a long day and you can just smell the engine

    18. Simon Pruszynski

      Chad... chaddles

    19. Miracle Inc

      Thank you for giving us an amazing channel to subscribe too!

    20. Auggie Lego n Minecraft n farming simulator

      You should cool Chad rad

    21. K R

      "it's raining peas"

    22. Kevin Klingner

      You definately need Optimus bine back in the fleet it's not a fleet with out himshowing the other two how it's done. Lol

      1. Kevin Klingner

        It's a good idea that sitting down for as meal is done because it gives you guys a breaks and that gets you through the next stretch fairly fresh and less stressful.

    23. Kevin Klingner

      You definately need Optimus bine back in the fleet it's not a fleet with out himshowing the other two how it's done. Lol

    24. Kevin Klingner

      Maybe bear

    25. Tadd Reifsteck

      what the hell is a yellow pea?!?!?! it looks like soybeans

      1. Robert Welker

        It's a non sweet garden pea. It's not a oil crop like soybeans.

    26. Bill Bloggs

      Drone footage par excellence!!!!!!!!

    27. Chris Darting

      If you have a Wiggles, than you need a Jiggles.

    28. mrfordfairmont

      4:22 "because you can " should've been "it is in the bloody way" lol

    29. Richard G

      It sounds like you are plagiarizing someone else’s words. Not cool

      1. Robert Welker

        ah......not following you on this one....?

    30. Charles Shaw

      My god I love this ,,you guys are great.May god be with you and Bless your harvest

    31. northrockboy

      I prefer the European model of farms.lots of them wirh plenty of farm kids. This ever increasing size is killing the rural areas and producers are proud of this ? Agriculture has lost its way. Huge bulk producers of commodies. Not necessarily farmers fault though. Its by design.

      1. Robert Welker

        We are not proud that we have to keep increasing the size. Our income margins keep shrinking and that's not our fault. We are price takers. Not sure why do you say we're proud and then say not our fault. In Europe they subsidize their farmers tremendously to keep them farming, not at all a level playing field. If you want that model then push to have us heavily subsidized.

    32. Greg Walter

      Question for leg arms. How exactly does your invention let you know when to stop the truck?

      1. Robert Welker

        Sensor reading

    33. Mike Pagel

      Awesome intro

    34. Elijah Jackson

      Wheres your grain cart

      1. Robert Welker

        Next vid

    35. Tyler Hill

      I dont like red. no hard feelings

    36. Danny Deshler

      Great video...Kinda reminded me of the old originals you guys used to do...alot of great drone footage, cool music and watching a great farm in action. So glad to see your yields are way up this year, hope the same holds true for wheat. It's great to see you guys progressing with newer and bigger infrastructure, the sign of growth. :)

    37. jaime eckermann

      one month lucky buggers takes us two months or more here in Australia on our farm

    38. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch

      How come your wives don’t help run equipment during planting and harvesting? Both my wife and my mother in law run equipment when we’re planting and harvesting. And yes, we all work outside of the farm, also.

      1. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch

        Robert Welker they don’t need to because it’s big equipment?

      2. Robert Welker

        With are large equipment they don't need to

    39. Mark Arnott

      When Farmers cant make a living in droughts etc do the Govt come running to help ? nope just the banks of doom 💵🚜🌾🌾🌄Govt when you make💵 $ Hello kitty

      1. Robert Welker

        Government subsidizes crop insurance premiums about 40 %+. But costs are squeezing more farmers out of farming.

    40. iBelieve


    41. iBelieve


    42. iBelieve


    43. iBelieve


    44. casey5711

      What a GREAT video this was , thanks Welkers . 😀👍🏾🚜🇺🇸

    45. Kevin Farmer


    46. WarAdmiral 79

      One Superflow,one grain leg,one pit and one overhead bin and your lives would be so much easier and never touch a grain elevator again.

    47. OO


    48. ginggur17

      Awesome horizon.

    49. MrDaddyGazz

      Forget trying to name Chad we should name nick, mr tricks. So we have dad, leg arms and tricks

    50. Sean Williams

      Your intro was cool.. Should be like a movie or something.

    51. John O


    52. eitoobmiz

      When i was on harvest the combine's NEVER stopped.......the boss would drive out at lunch time and throw you a bag with a burger and fries and a pop and you would eat on the roll and you would not stop until about 9 pm and the boss would buy us a dinner at a greasy spoon before we hit the motel. we work like that from last of may in Texas until end of sept. finishing in lubbock area of west Texas.

      1. Doc Savage

        @eitoobmiz ... it's criminal how green and blue do business in Canada now... I have a soft spot for Massey, It used to be Canadian, And is still a money maker. ....

      2. eitoobmiz

        @Doc Savage That was along time ago.....but we had brand new Massey 760's

      3. Doc Savage

        Awesome experience. What combine do you trust.... ...and what do think of Massey? In Canada...we don't have that kind of season,... it's really all or nothing, and right now. I wanna hear what you say, Kindly respond....

    53. teamstr259

      16:00 Man i love that truck! If i wasn't on the other side of the country I'd offer to work for free. In the hope's of getting to drive the 9370. Oh well watching it on here is the next best thing i guess lol.

    54. Cole Alexander

      Brad and Chad should be wiggles and giggles

    55. Ben Harger

      “Sorry Montana I’ll pay my taxes” had me dead 😂

    56. Andrew M

      Millions of people do the same thing everyday to make a living........

    57. wth82

      We like the smell of cotton maturing can’t beat it

    58. jon steffen


    59. Mark Lenkner

      Cab corn? Call it "peas on your head"

    60. Bob

      good luck on your harvest,,, setup looks great, an investment that will pay off,,,, would really like to see what you do to setup each combine for each crop, most people don't realize the diferent settings for concaves, sieves and air chaffers that has to be setup for each crop and then tweeked throughout the day as crop dries . its not set and forget,,,, good luck in 2020 guys

    61. Ben Penberthy

      Harvest is fun but not when you have stupid problems 😂

    62. Brayden Anderson

      You guys should get a grain cart

    63. the man susan

      17:58 johndeere can

    64. Seth Pitman

      You call him. THE Chad.

    65. Rob Tuck

      Great video guys!! All the best to y'all. Stay safe my friends.

    66. Cayden Bennink

      I ❤ the magnum

    67. Kirk Lothert

      I grew up on a farm & now live in the big city. I still appreciate The American Farmer

    68. Brad H

      wonderful harvest.

    69. andrew williams

      is there a video of the guidance light leg-arms made for the drive over pit

    70. JB Pit BBQ

      Name chad “chigger” haha

    71. Travis Tharp

      Chad could be jelly bean lol

    72. Adam Arnecke

      He kinda like a farming Jon B.

    73. Allen Hrubes

      Brad is wiggles Chad is giggles

    74. Harlan Payne

      Get you a California Duster from any big box store for that window cleaning. Its the best thing you will ever use on dusty windows. Dust them at night before it dews and you won't wash the windows all season.

    75. Marsellus Wallace

      dobrze że żniwa i źle że tak czas szybko leci...ehh

    76. David Yansky

      For Chad, its got to be Hanging Chad.

    77. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, good to see your getting record yields and great quality sample

    78. jasonike13

      I’m surprised you guys don’t run stripper headers for your wheat. I know it’s an extra header but they run faster and conserve moisture which both add up.

    79. Troy Stuck

      Finish this bag of Cheetos

    80. Mar-Bee

      Did you say “peas”? I’m confused. This Nebraska girl isn’t sure what that is. Enlightenment please...🙁🤔

    81. Red River Valley Farmer

      How does the light system work on the auger? I have been trying to figure out how to do some like that with our drive over

    82. jeremy brooks

      Call chad Cujo 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    83. Bill Nowlin

      Chad = Champ?

    84. Henry McCabe

      Bad Chad

    85. Tyler Goetsch

      Chad should be chaddie

    86. kurt kyler

      You need 1 more semi truck and trailer

    87. 11fucky0u

      cant wait! wheat hits 90 days this Saturday and it has been beautiful here in Manitoba Canada! LETS GO IS RIGHT!

    88. LSgaming420

      very well explained why you harvest when you do due to the pods popping. or weather. do farmers ph test their fields? if yes do you correct the ph? if you don't you might wanna look into doing it.

    89. SmarterMMO

      Ever try a hydrophobic coating for your windows? Might not have to wipe em down every day.

    90. Grandpa Jim

      👍🤙👌 We can smell that sweet harvest dust all the way to MINNESNOWTA 😏🤪 I will NEVER forget the smell of BARLEY dust (OREGON) 1950's and particularily the PEAT DUST as it hung in the air at sunset! THANKS FOR THE PEEK INTO YOUR DAYS!!! 😉🤩 UNBELIEVABLE MACHINERY 😱 🤑🤑🤑🤑 Those bins will be paid for in no time with ability to store that BUMPER CROP 🙏 GOD BLESS 🙏😍😍😍😍😍

    91. richardj ellis

      Will any peas that come out the back of the combine germinate next year?

    92. Brett B

      Call Chad mad chad

    93. Glenn Gaul

      Watching you wipe the windows reminds me of a farmer near us that used to park the combine in the field, The next morning they were banging the engine air filter on the rear tire since there was no air compressor around

    94. John Bowen

      Is it possible to recycle what comes out of the back of your combine and recover 100% of your crop? Good videos! Thanks for sharing!

    95. farmrelated

      Nick you’ve got a real gem of a voice. The next Paul Harvey

    96. Frank Liska

      My mother used to feed my dad while he drove the combine until he bought his first 1480 in 1980 then capacity was better and we ate together on the tailgate of the pick up

    97. John Bowen

      Why are your pea yields so much better this year? Thats good!

    98. Barry chesterton

      Oh man you guys need a little brother for the trucks, a little Mack!!!.

    99. Roger Vatalaro


    100. Gavin Burkett

      Rad chad