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    We are thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Welker family, baby Levi Welker! Thank you to our amazing channel partners for helping us celebrate with all the wonderful gifts!
    Updated merchandise just in time for Christmas! If you'd like to get your own Welker gear head over to our website!
    Not only are we excited to announce we will be on a panel at Farmer2Farmer this year but we also partnered with Farmers Business Network! We are looking forward to working with FBN and showing how we utilize their serves in our operation. If you would like to join make sure to use the promo code "welker100" to save $100 off your membership!

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    1. Olaf Schmidt

      Welker Farm Inc, the next generation! So cute!😊👍🏻

    2. S S

      love ur beard!

    3. Roy Scarbrough

      Very exciting-blessings to y’all

    4. Giedrius Paulauskas

      I want Case IH to be my dad 😗

    5. Alex Kent

      Hi I am a big fan of your tractors

    6. farming Legend 2000

      Millennial farmer is actually getting a map by mappers Paradise in Farming Simulator 19

    7. Mason Haycock

      The headlock on Luke at 4:30 was cracking me up..... He just goes with it, lol

    8. Dan Finley

      What a beautiful addition to your family god bless your family

    9. fogt farms

      Run red proud

    10. Aurélio Folle

      Awesome family! God Bless!

    11. Dyana Mullican

      Thank you for sharing this with us.

    12. William O'Connor

      Beautiful family , very nice of Case to send such thoughtful gifts.

    13. Jason Rich

      Congrats to the Welker family!

    14. Raynona Bohrer

      Beautiful family now two boys ?and one girl? Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'm going give air kisses! 😘😘😘😘😘.

    15. panteret

      nice family nick, god bless

    16. jjc882011


    17. Matthew S. Sapp

      Their kids are sooo cute!!! 😍😍

    18. John Cover

      SO cute!!!

    19. Gerald Suganaqueb

      I didn’t even notice how you shaved every time you changed your shirt until all your beard and moustache was gone lol Did anyone else notice?

      1. Jerahmy Smith

        Dude I don't know how I missed that 😂😂😂👊

    20. Wesley Janzen


    21. Leon Miller

      Congrats on your new addition to your family! I’m a fan of your channel. I’m a truck driver and I run through Montana maybe twice a year. Your restoration of the International Eagle had me hooked. Will definitely get a hat and hoodie. I’ll think about you guys when I’m in your neck of the woods.

    22. John Deneen


    23. Fumingzeus

      Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy😀😁😄😆😅😊☺️🤣😂😉😌😍🥰😘🙂😗😙😚😋😛😝

    24. yamahonkawazuki

      congrats on your child my friend. children are both GODs prozac and satans spawn. weve all been both as children lol.

    25. Mark Ward

      Sponsored or not, the fact that a large corporate took the time to remember the little guy that makes such a difference is humbling. Well done CASE and well done Welkers for taking the time to video. Congratulations of course too

    26. Jack Johnson


    27. Torque4Days

      Your family is SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing those moments. The snuggles...!

    28. Sam Cravener

      One question. Who has more hair, Levi or Leg Arms?

    29. Vishal Chauhan

      Best Tractor

    30. John Sobaski

      Congratulations on the new addition to the family! Like the new merchandise. Tip of the hat to FBN and CASE IH for the gifts.

    31. Speakerville 1

      you sound surprised that your family is behaving. the mis-behaving one is holding the camera..............

    32. Don Smith

      Congratulations to you and your wife. You have a beautiful family. God Bless you and your family!!

    33. SEMPER FI


    34. SEMPER FI

      VERY CLEVER!!!

    35. Single Date

      WOW COOL!

    36. TericNoah

      My kids are adults (28, 31) and live in different cities, miss them everyday, nice to see the family video there opening gifts, enjoy your kids while they are babies, it goes by so FAST! God Bless.

    37. casey temaat

      Congratulations on your new baby. So precious. I think that was really cool of Case IH to send that stuff. Love the videos. You guys are the only ones I have seen with Big Buds still going. Love it

    38. Kasper Holt

      So cute. How old are the to older siblings

    39. William Hays

      My name is levi

    40. CaptnKraft

      The 3rd mow was soooo dirty lol

    41. Robert Schmidkunz

      Goatee needs to come back

    42. Robert Craighead

      Congratulations, And many happy sleepless nights.

    43. Farmnorway

      Were you a quarterback in college, i bet you were

    44. Scotsman1984

      Hollywood I dont want to scare you but your beard fell off....... when you find it I am sure leg arms can weld it back on. Congratulations on baby Levi. God bless.

    45. Wright161799 Wright161799

      With all these KGup farm vids I watch Welker Farms is by far the best 👌🏽💯 long live the Big Bud...And keep it red Case IH

    46. Jeff P

      What a beautiful family that you are blessed with. God bless to you all.

    47. Cedric Broussard

      That's awesome and he's so cute lol

    48. NG_Glizzy Gobbler

      You shaved every time you showed a new piece of mech

    49. Glenn Gaul

      Nick's beard RIP

    50. Northerndj

      Stop all the fbn stuff get to much on millions channel thank Case for saving the day

    51. Tyler Lemon

      1:22 I had to watch this twice before I seen the entire transition! You were even calling it out! No shave November's over 😢😭😅🤣😂

    52. JaiceAlastaireHerald

      Hey Welker farms Your the best farming channel i seen and I subscribed to you 😁😀

    53. BWM

      I like how the facial hair slowly disappeared in each shot. Creative Nick.👍Congratulations on your new family blessing.

    54. Levi coogler

      How many acres of land Do you farm on

    55. John Wayne

      I had to plow 40 acres with a hoe. It even had a broken handle.

    56. Wagon Wheel Farm

      ahhh to much Red lol

    57. Levi Gilliam

      there baby boy is has the same name as me

    58. HowSquadWorks

      What is the dentions of the shed that you restored the 600/50 in

    59. Seth Atwood


    60. christopher lukes

      Congratulations on your new son Levi thank you for sharing your personal life with all of us. May God bless and keep all of you safe!

    61. bond1j89


    62. Growing Okra47

      Congratulations on the new baby!

    63. Chrystal Heustis

      Congratulations to you and your family!! God bless you!

    64. X Man

      Hey Brother, just got back from a hunting trip with my Dad and my son....just catching up on the vids......Levi is beautiful buddy!!!! Praying that he is always blessed and loved!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus is great!!! you have a beautiful family my man!!!!!!

    65. James Farnham

      Congratulations on Levi!! Amen! Jim.

    66. James Pollitt

      Congratulations on the new addition! Loved the video!

    67. Yeah Boiii

      Congrats you two!

    68. Carl Godwin

      Congrats on your new born

    69. Brian Pelletier

      Congrats on the newest addition! ...very cute family.

    70. silageking22

      First of all congrats on the member of your family nick and congrats having a sponcership i will looking forward to the tumbler when I order it coffee coffee coffee

    71. Taylor Ty

      Take care god bless love the new baby

    72. Justin Mills

      Congratulations on your new addition.

    73. DB Vids

      Congratulations to your new baby boy and I also love your vids bye!

    74. Wyatt Ashenbremer

      good for you

    75. Alton Coker

      To cool... Nick u was rocking the facial on the first t-shirt just a thought.

    76. brandon hooey

      congratz on the new boy and addition to the family

    77. This Farm Wife - Meredith Bernard

      Loved this so much, Nick! Your family is beautiful. Welcome to the world, Levi. ☺️ Wishing y'all the best and look forward to meeting you at F2F!

    78. Jeremy Shanks


    79. Brandon Connelly

      Why do people congratulate the females who are pregnant or gave birth. They need to congratulate the guys for getting them pregnant

    80. Jason Hunter

      Very nice family nick thank you for the videos god bless your family can’t wait to see more of your videos

    81. Liam Alferness


    82. Adiboo 814

      Levi is such a nice name!

    83. koolman2021

      Congratulations and God bless

    84. Robert Simmerman

      Sadly I won't be able to make it to. F2F. Omaha is only 35 min north of me. I'll be working out of town at that time.

    85. nie MAND

      Congratulations Welkers are strong👶💪🏼🚜

    86. Mike Youngblood

      As a Vietnam Veteran I am enraged by the use of the American Flag as advertising, Think about it. Congratulations on Baby Levi.

      1. Mike Youngblood

        @Welker Farms I knew You'd do the right thing, Many Blessings.

      2. Welker Farms

        We will be relocating the FBN flag and putting up a new old glory soon. Understand your frustration and wish I would have stuck to my gut in the first place. Thank you.

    87. Anders Felten

      Haha! Nooo, I can't bye those shirts if they will shave my beard every time I take them off!! 🤣😨💪🏼

    88. 46Rambo

      ooooooh according to your Dad JD is green with envy of the the Big Red, me too

    89. Thom Ream

      Congrats on the new farmer! And Merry Christmas!

    90. iBelieve


    91. iBelieve


    92. iBelieve


    93. Fred Grendel

      Congratulations! God has blessed you! Praise the Lord!

    94. Mike Henry

      Congratulations Hollywood and family

    95. Blake Hermes

      Like this comment if you think Levi is cute

    96. Louis Nemick

      Thank GOD for all of you.

    97. Bobby Mulwee

      How can you dislike a video with a newborn baby in it! You have no soul!

    98. Justin Fountain

      Congratulations on the the addition to the family and i will be purchasing some of your merchandise

    99. CAPAS QUAL Agri Repair Shop

      The next generation ❤️

    100. joel mollenkopf