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    We're done!! Finished plant 2020! It was a pretty smooth season but how in the world did we manage to nearly break the back of the BUD off? Never seen something like that before. Thankfully it made it to the end but definitely a must to be fixed before we use that tractor again. Thank you all for being so awesome and following us along the way!

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    1. Kenneth Hedden

      Tell your Dad to stop screwin around.

    2. adven ture

      This episode is awesome. I learn a lot about how technology has been implemented to the big farming machines !! Good job boys !

    3. kitkat

      Unlike because theres nothing real about breaking the bud. Darn it. Clickbait. Despite there being a real problem with a bud. Fix it. For the good of your channel.

    4. kitkat

      History posts are great. Thanks

    5. Darren Bomford

      To keep those bigger hoses on put a wire through between hose and clamp then tighten clamp and bend end of the wire back on itself then take other end of wire through opposite clamp and do the same. Allso rotate 180 degrees after 2 or 3 seasons and get twice as long out of them

    6. Macentropist

      How many times you gonna be done planting for 2020?

    7. James Stickney

      I'm going to say Nick did it.

    8. Zeus Macafee

      Have you ever considered wheat on the wet acres since it’s dry in late summer and you can still get a crop

    9. Fritz Gerlach

      What is the name of this big overload thing in the beginning of this video?

    10. Kristy Staats

      Lol you should have made the boys finish planting

    11. Searb reath

      you guys like farmville?

    12. 9751asd

      Has it been fixed yet?


      Ya’ll need to restore that tractor because she looks rough

    14. Frédéric L.

      What's the red car behind at 2:00 ?

    15. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳--------------------------------------🚜------------------------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘____________________________🌳_| Mate!~ cheers👍

    16. Let's travel the world

      I want a job in your farm can I join you

    17. Cleetus MacFarland

      do my ears deceive me or was that 1st truck Nick was in a Detroit powered one?

    18. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    19. Ron Chappel

      @3:30- What on earth is that machine in the background?? I'd love to hear it's story. Obviously a self propelled.Looks like it has a slasher attached now,but likely had something else in the past? A homebrew swather maybe?

      1. Zack Sprankle

        Thats the mutant mower

    20. bigred42091

      Those old dodge trucks in the back at 0:44 looks like decent trucks

    21. Brick Brick

      How do you maintain any of the Big Buds? Because the company that made them caved so how do you get new parts, or make your own?

      1. Brick Brick

        Cool also why don’t you work on another big bud and make it basically a replica of the 747 (other than cost because I know it’ll be expensive)

      2. Welker Farms

        That is what is so amazing about them, the company used parts from the mining and trucking industry so components that are easily available and priced well.

    22. murilo Viante

      Legend in portuguese plis

    23. super pickle

      Imagine trying to market a rear entry cab tractor these days. you get sued to pieces when someone flips a tractor over on themself. imagine falling off of the tractor and being run over by your own Implement.

    24. Bob Hickling

      Just wondering...the way the seed cart is built it looks like it puts a LOT of weight on the drawbar. Is that a realistic observation or is it pretty well balanced on the wheels?

    25. Raul Beggs

      17:01 12:52 16:14

    26. @FWeco


    27. Don Natalie Lucas Heimbigner

      Old school rock fork or a hay fork! These old MM's are great tractors. I worked for Grant Flage & Jerry Smith for about 10 years. They had 2 of these, but they weren't Specials. I used one to run a square baler & augers. The other had a post driver mounted on the front. Great old tractors that last forever.

    28. miền tây máy

      Máy này lạ quá luôn

    29. miền tây máy

      Máy cày bự quá rồi

    30. BIG DON

      "Don't take that for Granite" I see what you did there, lol

    31. The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy

      You need to double the size of those carts

    32. Chase Vincent

      I am related to the Apache sprayer because I was Born in 2010

    33. Andreas Putzhuber

      How fast do your bud run?

    34. Cole Tedder

      leg arms '' he drove it through a deep ditch then lightning and a bright flash of light made it explode''

    35. Cole Cambruzzi

      Welker I realy like your farm and in farming simulater i made a map for you and it has evey thing you have

    36. Ribblett Farms

      Y is the international w4 on the trailer by the shed

    37. Tony Perri

      "Rock solid. And don't take that for granite" Your old man's puns are schist 😂

    38. iBelieve


    39. iBelieve


    40. iBelieve


    41. iBelieve


    42. iBelieve


    43. offroaderdays

      I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who tears stuff up on the farm. Lol

    44. Loren Dommer

      That is a GREAT tractor, I spent many hours on it, no where near the number of hours Bob spent. Sure beat picking rocks by hand.

    45. Pålssonaro

      What happened to the back window on the Apache?

    46. jake bronger

      OK at 27.11 ? what the story with the W-9 International

    47. marpip01

      Congrats -- just finnished today as well but have my own story about getting finnished -- had to get some bean seed three times . Once with a mini bulk bag from last year seed then some bin run in the tandem and then six pails finally DONE !

    48. amos Girod

      There's no way I did it I've been cleaning the shop the hall time funny nick I like it

    49. Trent Rosenberg

      Hi y'all are amazing I downloading your map on forming simulator 19 and I love the map it is awesome and y'all are the best I've been watching y'all for a long time. Love y'all

    50. Martin Wilson

      I like the old Moline but I really want to see more of the W9 (maybe W6) sitting on the trailer


        Bob said that is a WD9.

    51. Ed Zelde

      not just fun its fun fun lol

    52. Sukk Mydick

      Y don’t you grow canola

    53. B Harmon

      Want to see some real equipment? Check out Mike Mitchell, 40k acres in Canada, his stuff puts this clown's equipment to shame.

      1. Welker Farms

        You are correct and did you also know there are farms twice as big as his who put his to shame? Always a bigger fish. And always a more considerate viewer leaving comments.

    54. Kyle Nelson

      What Drone Do you Use?

    55. Stephen Brown

      What was that on the gooseneck?

    56. Cory Ridenour

      Is nick and leg arms related

    57. Nick Allred

      Does anyone see a tractor unseating the 747 as worlds largest tractor? These quad tracks are getting to be pretty large.

      1. Welker Farms

        It'll be a while considering the 747 weighs 120,000 lbs and the largest quadtrac weighs 60,000lbs. But never know!

    58. krabbi

      I think Legarms put some weight on...

    59. justin Klose

      is the wagner the next rolling tractor

    60. raycartersmom

      Finished.... not finshed

    61. dragon bros

      I’m 16 but I really like the old tractors

    62. Tony Mckeage

      gret vid, guys,,, goot to see you have seeding finished

    63. Rich L

      Why don't you just get rid of those old Buds and buy something more modern.

    64. Chris Oosterlaken

      Great video Guys ... really enjoyed the MM memories ... you guys are a class act for sure

    65. Alan Scott

      Did you drink alot in younger days Bob?

    66. Tandemwings

      You blokes don't have sheds for your gear? You just leave it all out in the open, in all weather?

    67. Daniel Evans

      Man that is dangerous! Wonder how many people have fallen off those things! That would never pass these days guess that why people are so soft now!

    68. Fred Deere

      well done to your whole family on finishing planting so quickly ,....now for more rain ...good luck !!!

    69. Tony Serbousek

      As far as who broke the tractor you guys need to market new apparel like t shirts that say “I’m with Legarms”. I am in agreement that Nick was responsible. Also all sales proceeds should go directly to your dad and his retirement fund for having to put up with you guys for so long. Lol. Enjoyed the video! Keep em coming!

    70. Theodore Barnes

      Legal arms you love all the tractor.

    71. Drew Hunt

      What was that on the gooseneck? W9. We need to see that

    72. B thornton

      Look like a W9 or WD9 International

    73. Tony Ozimek

      Dad is doing a great job with the camera!

    74. My Name

      Diggin the eighties style tunes dubbed over. Alot better than the hippidy hop type music.

    75. Edward VP

      Hollywood, could you plz stick to trying to be a Producer instead of being a Producer of broken Iron :)

    76. Dave in MD

      You guys work hard but that kid in PA, 10th Generation Dairyman, is constantly on the move. incredible work ethic. People like him, and you guys, are what make this a great country.

    77. Phil Hosier

      It would be great to see the MM repaintdd like when it was new !

    78. Tyler

      Haha that dog is awsome... his hearing must be shot from laying beside that big engine scream all day!

    79. kenneth lawrence

      Nick let Leg Arms run the Brute

    80. Larry Saenger

      LegArms, this is for you: kgup.info/get/m6GFZI3VlIyChHs/video Caterpillar D343 Blows A Turbo....send JPayDirt some photos of the Buds, thanks. Love your shows....

    81. Jesse Marx

      I have always wanted to be a farmer or work for a farmer but I can't because I have ADHD, terrets anxiety and more but I always feel like I screw everything up for everyone so then that causes my anxiety to go up wich causes my terrets to go in complete overdrive so then I can't focus and then I can't get anything done.

    82. Rex Brooks

      Do you guys still have the TD - 18 bull dozer ?

    83. william piepmeier

      How much for that ole green Chevy? Love your vids

    84. tomthumb

      should try a case sprayer for a few days

    85. Brad Hoff

      Go to Cabo San Lucas!

    86. Rob Ferguson

      What is the mower contraption behind your dad?

    87. Brandon Gustafson

      I love that mm!! Also was that a 70 c10 behind you?

    88. Norma Broussard

      What kinda side by side is that ?

    89. Matthew dowd

      Bob is solid gold. Said it before. Will say it agin! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    90. Watch Videos

      Was this a reupload? Or is my déjà vu just me being crazy

    91. X Man

      congratulations Brothers!!!!!!! may the Lord bless your year!!!

    92. Jerry White

      You were in farming simulator your map

    93. David Sams

      Bob, I won’t take the rock for granite as long as you don’t pumice whoever broke the Bud.

    94. TheVideoSteve

      BOB and COBY ...such a team

    95. Travis Rieth

      Do you guys cut corn and sunflowers

    96. Luke Rinaldi

      What was that on the goose neck trailer

    97. Phil Jungels

      A little JB Weld, and you're good! lol

    98. Wyatt Kissling

      What is the tractor by the versatile and combines

    99. Team Bach

      Since you"re partnered with Case, see if they will take your Versatile or one of the Buds and retro mod it. Put it in their factory and do all new engine, components, drivetrain, PTO, etc

    100. Ахмед Абдуразаков

      Молодец Красава идеально👍👍✋