An ENTIRE Year of FARMING| 2019 Season Rewind

Welker Farms

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    Our whole season in under 25 minutes. It is fast but there was also a lot to show in such a short time. This is the full version of 2019 Rewind.
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    1. Sourabh Meena Vlogs

      I love the videos like this❤️❤️

    2. Pattie TOPP

      Ive learnt so much from these guys thank you to nick leg arms and your father

    3. richard dubuc

      leg arms lol snow angel

    4. Olaf Schmidt

      Awesome footage!!!😊👍🏻

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you! 👍

    5. Tony Ackerman

      Nick, Scott, Bob, I just found your videos and Zach's just a couple weeks ago and now my days arent complete until I see what is new. Bless you folks, you're doing a grand service for the American Farmer! Oh, and Bob, I love waffles and saved off your recipe!

    6. Dr.AMIR KHAN

      What's per acre average of wheat(in tonnes)?

    7. Dr.AMIR KHAN

      What's kind of methods u used for irrigation? pls can u upload video regarding irrigation love from india🇮🇳

    8. Darryl Smith

      Farming Simulator real life Edition

    9. Daniel Johnston

      Every bone in my body aches to come home to Montana...

    10. crazy rebel red neck

    11. Clarence Cloninger

      I appreciate you guy is hard work. The year in review inspired me. I will be planting two acres of sweet corn and stay committed to those two acres as I expand the farm to grow wheat, soybeans, and dry corn. Mathew 19:26 " but Jesus beheld them and said unto them with men this is impossible but with GOD All Things are possible."

    12. Britt Blanton

      Hey guys love the video I live in south central Ky and retired from farming in 2017. Been to Montana twice in my life it is one of the prettiest states in the country!! Stay safe and God Bless 👍

    13. Kalle Petersson

      You guys are livin my dreamlife! I used to work at a farm in nortern MN and I just loved every second of it. (im from sweden) a friend AF mine just moved to Montana as he is working on a farm there. Keep up the good work!

    14. Niftyjojoo

      First time the quadtrac isnt the biggest tractor on the field

    15. Nemi G

      I am amazed with the quality of the footage, the footage is crystal clear ! two questions: Do you not produce any straw that can be turned inn to bales ? Or is ist more valuable to have it chopped and spread back inn to the fields as you harvest ?

    16. IMT Elat

      Your Farm is so BIG

    17. Tokillya1

      Epic video !!! I am out of words !!!

    18. Mason Houghton

      How many combines do they have, 2 or 3?

      1. IsH Kur16

        2, the 3rd was a demo

    19. Bbb Benny

      God bless you

    20. Ylpeä Terpin Omistaja

      this new farming simulator has great graphics!

    21. levi thooft

      Why dont u have a grain cary

      1. levi thooft


    22. PawonixPL

      Im playing farming sim 19 with the same equipment and map

    23. Thor The Northern

      So amazing i had to see it twice!

      1. Thor The Northern

        20:41 beautiful picture.

      2. Thor The Northern

        16:29 Was it all harvested! 20:19 how many miles is on that dog? :-D Love this movie and can't wait to dig in your entertainment. I am new here. MN Zack send me.

    24. SimpleDude


    25. Antonio Leandro

      Se esse cara vê o Mato Grosso shi vai o q ter trator e colheitadeira kkkk

    26. Lindsay Truscott

      Wow the isolation from anyone is nice

    27. Kartik Jat

      This type of video inspire me .. love from bharat .. a farmer

    28. Mehmet Acar

      Hi I'm doing çifçilik turkiyede I'm watching you, but I would like to work with you is not got tractor opetör

    29. travis hildebrandt

      I’ve always been meaning to ask, what advantages to you guys see in the tow between tanks? We’ve always had tow behinds. Just for the fact that we can see the entire seed tool. And also would you go away with flexi-coil? We traded ours in for a 80’ seedhawk/vaderstad with a 980bu tank for this upcoming year. And if your interested, they are having a factory tour in langbank saskatchewan on the last week of the month (not sure on the exact date) I know it’s a ways from Montana but just thought I’d put it out there.

    30. B_back_in_10

      This is better then KGup rewind

    31. Damian Kolańczyk

      Fajny film pozdrowienia z Poland 👍

    32. N11CKtw

      my dream, is to become a farmer in the Brazilian west center!!

    33. Caleb Herbert

      to see this makes me proud to be a farmer and the pic is of my farm

    34. Hassan Alsubhi

      I would like to visit your farm, great job👍

    35. Matt Weitzel

      You guys have a land roller??

    36. Benjamin Smit

      Awesome video!!!

    37. Bobby T

      the thing I notice is the Big Bud gives the dog someplace to stand !!

    38. EmpiricalCloth

      Fantastic video!

    39. Wright farms Hoffman

      Great video guys !

    40. Romeo7926

      You should buy MacDon headers

    41. iBelieve


    42. iBelieve


    43. iBelieve


    44. iBelieve


    45. G and RG


    46. Paul Letchworth


    47. Lamar Stodghill

      Nick, Could Kernza become a perennial alternative for Welker Farms? Then you wouldn't need so much diesel fuel . Atleast plant it where those gullies are trying to form.

    48. Jack Massie

      Thank you for feeding America and for all you guys do. You guys don’t get all the appreciation you should be getting. Hope 2020 is another good year for your family.

    49. Morales s.a

      What program do you use to edit videos??

    50. MACK GAME

      My favorite map in the farming simulator 19. From Brazil

    51. Bill Sexton

      Nick , that big red quad - trac looked good with that big red planter . This would be a great addition to the Welker farm.

    52. Senthil Nathan

      omg.. how many hectares is that?

    53. jacob Beach

      💪😤👍 🇺🇸😢 so much farming and so beautiful

    54. Kata FT

      The quality is insane I was kinda expecting the tractors transform into robots😂😂😂😂

    55. Mike L

      Epic! Beautiful!

    56. the pizza devil

      thanks for sharing! Awesome!

    57. Albert Jagt

      We are having a big snowstorm day here today in Ontario, Canada. What a treat to see this! A fantastic job in editing the 2019 harvest year! May you all have 2020 vision this time around!

    58. Doug W

      I just love, love the Welker Farms' rewind. I was a bit scared when I saw all that hail but worse yet, there was a guy laying on the ground, in obvious pain, throwing his arms/legs about and nobody was coming to help. I hope he's alright. lol The sunsets were just fantastic, thank you for showing them. We are a retired military family and LOVE to see the U.S. flag flying so proudly. I grew up on a family farm, much smaller for sure, and your drone shots made me homesick but now I'm living through your lives up in Montana. It seems like nothing is simple on the farm but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Many heartfelt thanks for your videos. Amen.

    59. NicoBrescia

      Super video

    60. Филип

      how many hectares of land you are working on ?

    61. Connor Outdoors

      Amazing video and skill put into it! Also, what was the first song used in the video?

    62. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    63. Gerald Day

      Looking forward to 2020 season with all 3 Big Buds. How is it coming with selling peas? Love the sky art God created in Montana.

    64. Justin Louwagie

      Here I am sitting on the couch while we are in a blizzard warning. watching this video about farming. Thinking. Man! Maybe I should get the planter out this week. Or.... is there enough room in my shop to start looking the combine over? Any way you video never get old. Keep up the good and hard work. I always enjoy it!

    65. Burge Pastoral Farming

      What an epic year it was. Can't wait for 2020

    66. Keith Brettell

      This would be incredible in a big theatre with surround sound...Amazing!

    67. Yeg Mtb

      Alright so i had to look up where shelby was because from your videos it looks very southern Alberta and i wasnt far off you guys are just below. i play the welker farm on fs19 for Xbox one. ive been watching your guys videos for somewhile love em all.

    68. Finbarr Sweney

      Beautifully produced video. The cinematography is really top notch. Coming from a European farming background I find the prairie landscape amazing, nearly entirely flat and hardly a tree insight. Keep up the good work.

    69. Gage Swenson

      You're making me miss harvest!😂

    70. Caleb Poortinga

      Hi from Ontario

    71. Ken Miller

      I like the lightning in the background that's pretty cool!!!!

    72. Dustin Belknap

      Your lucky I dont live in Montana or that international would be missing

      1. Robert Welker


    73. Nathan Ringwald

      Did you guys think the grain cart boosted your harvest efficiency?

    74. james hatton

      Truly fantastic please dont stop the videos James in France

    75. Andrew Woodhead

      Long live Welker farms!!👍👌🇺🇸🍻🙂

    76. Wayne Sullivan

      Many many years ago, I travelled down from Canada into Montana. Me and 2 friends travelled across Montana, Idaho and Washington state. We saw some amazing sites on that. trip, rockies etc, but for me Montana was the most relaxed and welcoming state I've ever been to, being a brit I may claim to know the culture, but knew Diddley,. I may have travelled through Shelby, I may not have, but my Holiday across those 3 states and especially Montana will forever remain one of the best holidays ive ever had.

    77. Alex Threlfall

      I do love the music you guys use in your videos! Is there any chance of including the track listings as a credit in the video body so we can buy the music if we like it?

    78. DIRTYMAX Diesel

      You and MN are so my favorite KGup or‘s to watch

    79. jwxfd

      Fantastic video!!

    80. Sand Farms

      Had to hit the like button this is too cool

    81. kenny warf

      Lynard skynyrd smell that smell Fresh dirt and diesel smoke! 👍. Nothing like it. Great video

    82. Randy Brechbiel

      Hey Nick what's the story on the BUDout on hwy 215 at milepost 13. I seen it today when I was going to the Horizon colony. Mike out there said it's been sitting awhile

    83. Caleb Nord

      Great video! Did you guys plant any winter wheat this year?

    84. Michael Tabor

      Oh my goodness, what a powerful production. The editing is perfect and the art quality is so much better than anything that I ever seen. The music choice coupled with the dramatic scenes were incredibly powerful to me. The dusk and night lightning parts are both haunting and joyous at the same time. You must have a sincere passion for film making and photography. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. God bless you and your family!

    85. Jeff Kuipers

      this was a roller coaster of a year good and bad and the ugly.

    86. Joel M Rust

      What a beautifully done video! I look forward to your continued success in 2020.... God Bless...

    87. Randy England

      This a much better video then the ones on your remodeling your house.I had a happy home until then now i got a big honey todo list.Thanks guys lol keep it up good luck to u and your famliy

    88. Jimmie Flanagan

      One hell of a job guys and I’m not talking just about the video that was a year for the record books. And the house is looking good too. Just remember you deserve a break just like everyone else.

    89. John Woods

      What a thrill. I've been planting hedge plants all day, my back is murder but I get to come in and watch this for 25 minutes. Thank you Welkers and may the Lord bless you all in 2020. UK Farmers.

    90. K R

      how many acres/what crops do you guys farm?

    91. R J Shearon

      How about a truck transmission PTO to drive a PTO output on a Bud. I have seen hydraulic driven bush hogs, so that might enable you to use a Big Bud for the grain cart.

    92. Larry Heckman

      How much quicker were you able to get your harvest done with the new combines?

    93. David Moran

      Very well done. Thank you.

    94. D H

      What a job! What a life! There are so many variables fighting against your success, yet you keep doing it because you love it. God bless the farmer!

    95. Patrick Morgan

      I’m fascinated by the way your dog “fender surfs” the tractor. Your photography and editing skills are second to none and as good or better than anything I’ve seen on the Discovery or Nat Geo channels and I really enjoyed the ending. Thanks for sharing this.

      1. Bev Gray

        Good doyg

    96. Giuseppe Pellizzi

      Hi beautiful video, I have a question for you. How many tons of wheat have you produced per hectaare?

    97. Dewey Ludwig

      Nic, you and LegArms are you so fortunate to have a father like you have! He is truly a testimony to the love of God! I would love to give him a hug and shake his hand. I am out of a family of 12, 5 Boys 7 Girls, my parents were produce farmers in Ohio, my mother was a Christian lady but not my father. This was back in 1954 when my father left my mother, with the help of God she continued on by her self and raised us all with not a dime from Dad. I was seven years old number nine in the family I loved that man! I was his shadow! You boys are so fortunate! I now live in Newton Falls Ohio and have a little repair shop for outdoor power equipment which I take great joy in and dream of days gone bye! Your videos are the best! You make an old man happy!

    98. Farmer 87

      Same footage as last two videos don’t waste your time

    99. btk1986

      8:58 like a big KID; but i think he enjoy angel playing :)