Let the 9370 🦅 SOAR!!|Bringing back the 1980's!

Welker Farms

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    1. Pete Schiavoni

      That old International is sweet!!

    2. arthur lapointe

      NICE rig and shirt.

    3. David K

      I didn’t know that trains honked back if you honk at them. Until I installed an air horn on my truck and tried it. I was genuinely surprised

    4. Tony Ackerman

      Good lookin shirt!

    5. Hannah Hutchins


    6. Eric Lakota

      KGup is amazing 2 farmers that are basically some of the most famous farmer's in the state

    7. Mike Skidmore

      Must have money to burn if you can't change your own Truck tires.. what a waste of time and money driving to a tire shop

    8. VolatileTemper93

      I'm finishing up training to get my cdl. And in 6 weeks I'll have my own truck . It depresses me that it won't sound that good . Damn tier 4 emissions

    9. teamstr259

      2:13 That sweet sound!

    10. Seigh8 Toons

      Any body hear the computer dudu 1:14 And weed 17:01

    11. OPEC no

      Love seeing that old bird going to work.

    12. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    13. Carstuff111

      That 9370 is beautiful, so glad to see that rig back on the road and being used as a work truck!

    14. Kaleb Watson

      These guys clean equipment 24/7 while my farm doesn't clean until mid summer *BTW no harm from this comment

    15. Chris Spence

      What kind of gloves ? And do you have long sleeve t’s?

    16. NearCry91

      Our trucks are limited to 55 mph.

    17. Dennis Hettinger

      Enjoyed this video THANKS !!!

    18. Joshua Knestaut


    19. K.D. Pearce

      Ice fog can be a Pain ITA

    20. Ribblett Farms

      Love the merch that’s is all my family runs is case ih and farmall my merch is on the way it said

    21. Rodney Wroten

      Awesome job guys. and please tell dad we do see the hard work he puts in. Be safe guys

    22. Gavin Dennis

      I like you guys. How it was about farming. Now days your spending more time influencing and trying to sell shite. Tone it down aye

    23. Bruce Rae

      Need bigger size shirts guys

    24. richardj ellis

      Why do you not just use the loader instead of the auger anyway.?

    25. richardj ellis

      Our trucks in the UK don't have 'meers', what are they.? Could you send me some after Corona has had its fill.? 🔲🐱

    26. richardj ellis

      What did you do to that tyre to get it to do that.? Rich(uk)

    27. Honey Pots Beez

      Awesome T-Shirt!!

    28. matthew x2

      leg arms, why didn't you tell them its ok, your leg arms you never get sick!

    29. Frank Irwin

      Compliments to Legarms wife for a terrific design on the IH!

    30. Jarrett Fullerton

      9370 needs a shop to live in full time

    31. Jarrett Fullerton

      Doesn't the loader crush/shatter a lot of the pees?

    32. Homie Gibiotch

      another great video. Really enjoy watching you guys with your dad. Dads and sons working is one of the greatest legacies America offers.. More wisdom passed down than a college degree !! God Bless y'all...

    33. Alan Stant

      Things happen when its cold outside. They are alot like us. We move slow or break down too when we don't like the cold. Its getting thru its the challenge guys.

    34. Justin Branen

      The 9370 needs a good polish job

    35. Alec Canty

      It's been some time sent I have been to Shelby mt I'm only about 6hr from there lol

      1. Alec Canty

        I like how you guys have snow over there and we havent got anything

    36. kota 1225

      I finally got the welker farms map on fs 19 and i love it and do you have merch i live in wyoming but go to school in montana 10 miles from the boarderand in fs 19 can i do the grain in the building or no

    37. markrandall1969

      Those peas look good

    38. George Hedges

      Love the 9300 eagle just watched the latest video we are ordering the new shirts now

    39. Jon Kreiser

      So glad to hear things are looking/sounding up! I was very excited for you guys to see that you had more snow last video for spring moisture and now that you get your sell the rest of your peas from the building! What a blessing to be able to move some product and bring in some revenue. Especially considering the current markets and times. Take care guys and Keep your head up!

    40. David Dempsey

      Nice shirt.

    41. twistedsteelDK

      When did you guys pick up the New Holland skid steer?

      1. Robert Welker

        From the graphics department. 😁

    42. James Chamberlain

      cool t shirt !

    43. Troy Taylor

      Hey leg arms that mtn dew kick start orange is the drink. I know they. Not good for ya but i love them love th taste. I really enjoy y'alls channel. Thanks for posting th videos

    44. Bob Paterson

      So the youngsters get the truck drivin glory an poor old dad has to wash them 🤔😲😂👍

    45. Gamingwithxav

      Good job on the farming simulator map guys love it

    46. The Buiscut Master

      What is up with the Case/ New Holland/ JD skidsteer

      1. Robert Welker

        A skidsteer who has big dreams of walking in their tires 😁

    47. hikingtosurvive

      I wonder what time you guys get to sleep?

      1. Robert Welker

        For me 10 PM

    48. Harrison Remedios

      “This kick start is like Eather in a can.” Doesn’t eather already come in a can?

    49. Glenn Gaul

      Sold, for what price?

      1. Robert Welker

        Was less than 5 but opens the building for equipment

    50. Jarrett Fullerton

      Is that a GoPro silver? Reviews say they are no good

    51. Leroy Routt

      Awesome shirt!!

    52. Angelo Tornetta

      What kind of boots do you guys wear?

      1. Robert Welker

        For me I try to wear steel toed boots when around open augers. Otherwise comfortable work shoes, even cheap tennis shoes.

    53. Zach Craig

      Crazy how much snow is still on the ground there we have just about zero snow on the ground here in Dillon

    54. Tyler Boysen

      nice job!

    55. caleb simth

      You should get move trucking videos on the IH 9370 exhaust. The big cam sounds so good.:) lol 😂 leg arms camera building waz 😄


      Deffently ordering a shirt great videos guys!

    57. lawrence willard

      A GREAT family, anywhere in the world?.

    58. jacob olsson

      Was it just me or where there a new holland stick on the skidsteer( used to be case)?

      1. Robert Welker

        You are correct 👍

    59. helltrucker gamer

      like you guys like the video.s nice loader you have what is the power

    60. Fendt GTA Niemeier

      Hi Welkers i am from germany and i watched a restore Video of your Case IH Magnum 8940 have you sold that? Sorry for the Bad language! I learn English but it is only in school Your Videos are great! We have a farm in Bavaria and Our biggest Tractor Has only 110 HP

      1. Robert Welker

        Awesome to have you aboard. Yes, we did sell the 8940. Didn't have a need for it. English is fine 👍Blessings

    61. iBelieve


    62. iBelieve


    63. iBelieve


    64. iBelieve


    65. iBelieve


    66. Scott Schering

      Any thoughts on running super single tires vs duals on the trucks?

      1. Robert Welker

        Haven't tried singles. Most all I see are duals

    67. Ivan Donkey

      I'd give anything to work on a dairy farm but all the ones we had in Utah disapered.


      How is watching on your Harvest videos when you demo the 8250 Case IH can you demo Annex 9 John Deere Combine this 20/20 Harvest Steven please???

    69. Sidney Lutz

      love the 9370. got an '87 on our farm as well

    70. Gustavo Silva


    71. Stoney Ridge Farmer

      She sure is a pretty truck....great vid guys! Stay safe!

    72. Kris Bower

      Nick, are the Case IH hoodies available to the public, that you know?

      1. Robert Welker

        I didn't see them on their web site. 🥺

    73. Kris Bower

      When that Eagle starts up.....MAN, I am no real tech / mechanical kinda guy, but that is MUSIC!!!

    74. Andrew Cash

      when you first started KGup how many times did leg arms say im not going to be apart of it that much but look at him now you have given him more then just farming to pass the day he can make it fum with youtube as a hobby

      1. Andrew Cash

        @Leg Arms its funny how god can jame things in to your life that you didn't know you would like but there you go

      2. Leg Arms

        I thought it was just going to pass in no time. And yes I wasn't to thrilled to be apart of it at the time but it's been a very interesting journey!

    75. Owain Glyndŵr

      What's with the New Holland skid steer? Are you considering buying one?

      1. Robert Welker

        Right now this is as close to demoing one 😄

    76. Steve Sixfore

      funny thing is ether does come in a can done called him out on 2 videos in a row

    77. mort glickman

      nice editing

    78. Peter Cole

      The new cameras are much better!!

    79. curtis anderson

      Building a wood elevator is called "Cribbing"

    80. Michael Jestice

      If the dirty politicians would not make a farm bill, you would get to market your food for decent funds

    81. Russell Seal

      My dad bought the twin to that 9370 eagle brand new in 1987 when I say twin I mean almost identical same paint scheme and all his had 400 big cam with 15sp I grew up in that truck so it's so awesome seeing you guys bring that one back to life thanks for bringing back memories from when I was a kid dad always said out of all the trucks he had that international was the most money making truck he ever had said if he knew then that it was gonna be such a good truck he would of bought ten just like it lol put over a million miles on it never touched nothing except freshing up the motor and a new clutch don't see many around these days thanks guys for the videos 😁

    82. Josh Singleton

      You guys done good work on that Cornbinder I really like that truck. Personally I’d like to drive it lol

    83. Ragrle Graggle

      I used to haul equipment with pretty much that same Eagle, and I did like it.

    84. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Railroads are one of my hobbies Hollywood & that train is full with three locomotives on the point & one in "Distributed Power Unit" mode on the rear.

    85. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      The railroads love the American Farmer

    86. OkoMan

      Nick. Thanks for the call out regarding the seat belts. Everyone, including your family, appreciates the buckle it up message. However, Leg Arms has some opportunity for improvement...maybe a little brotherly love! LOL I have had to treat too many severely injured patients which could have been avoided by wearing seat belts. Keep up the good work!

    87. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Those puppies are growing like weeds; and on the Brandt auger on the section that runs on the floor of the building; couldn't LEG ARMS build a "shield" akin to an exhaust shield for a muffler on a semi exhaust, and wouldn't the shield increase the output of the auger??????

    88. Hans Hardt

      next time you need your wheels polished get a hold of tony he has a machine

    89. James Wilson

      I highly recommend adding crossfire tire gauges on. We use them on our semis. Wish they had them for the tractors

    90. Dan Finley

      Merchandise looks awesome love the color great video

    91. Buck Russell

      Looks like Leg Arms mods to the auger works great

    92. Ken Bryant

      Nice shirt Nick..:)

    93. Glyn Robinson

      Always a joy watching your videos! #bananachopper

    94. Jaime Coronado

      That's a sweet shirt. I'm definitely going to order me 2.

    95. MacMyMan

      Hello!! Just wanna ask do you guys ship your merch to Sweden? And keep up the good work love your videos:)) Greetings from Sweden!:))

      1. Robert Welker

        Not sure as Farm Focus handles the merch.

    96. H A Z M A T

      you need an Aqueous Ozone to spray on, and kill the mold...

    97. H A Z M A T

      Well it's Forty below, and I don't give a .....got a heater in my truck, and I'm off tot he Rodeo....

    98. mr jmwh

      just call the truck beauty becaus she is a beauty and have a nice season greeting from the netherlands

    99. astra25xe

      Just to inform you all, the american economy need you to spend your mony on US made products. Give a thought to the ones who has lost they`re jobs in these times and help local businesses stay alive!!!

    100. Harvey Stephens

      Maybe mold be cure for Corona Virus!!! Great job!!