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Welker Farms

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    A few years back we were introduced into some great ice fishing in our area. After a season of fishing in tents we decided to construct our own 4 man rigid tip up ice house out of an old boat trailer and some lumber. It can be -30f outside and 60f inside with castle of an ice house. Life has gotten busy and we don't make it to the ice as often as we would like. Reeling in some gorgeous trout in clear water is something everyone should experience!
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    1. Lisa Lister

      It's amazing that fish can live in such cold water! Nice catch!

    2. Olaf Schmidt

      Gone fishing!😉👍🏻

    3. Michael Broadhead

      What lake? Tiber?

    4. Steve B

      How do you not freeze your ass off sitting on a frozen lake?

    5. Dan Weaver

      Wow, so awesome, never seen a fishing shelter like that, genius! Love the underwater footage!

    6. FlashFMA


    7. Grant DuBridge

      I think you have been watching Uncut Angling with your camera shots in the water.

    8. vettepicking

      the weird fish is called a "burbot" or Mariah, ling,eelpout

    9. Dan Dannels

      Work hard ,play hard

    10. Debbie L


    11. James Harmon

      Very nice fish. But I think I’ll stay in Florida this time of year lol 75 and sunshine ☀️

    12. kb7722

      Looks like great fun!

    13. WoolyBuck

      Nice trout, pike and underwater video but using a camera to catch fish with might be considered cheating. Just kidding :-) Life should never get so busy that one can't take time out to go fishing or hunting, helps to recharge the old inner battery and stay connected with family. Especially if you have kids. Cheers...

      1. Welker Farms

        Camera was not live while fishing, footage was only visible when uploaded to a computer after the days fishing.

    14. Brandon Kaercher

      Nice steelhead.

    15. Siemen Dairy Farms

      Great video put a much needed smile on my face

    16. Will Fitzpatrick

      Where at in Montana is this at?

    17. D Yard

      Nice fish! FYI on heater

    18. Jane Grieve

      Fab fish, looks fun. Would be better if you stunned them tho instead of leaving them to suffer

    19. Patman Crowley

      Wow. Looks like thick and and lots of fun!

    20. Eric Trace

      Nice Fish 🎣

    21. Juku

      In Finland ice fishing is pilkkiminen

    22. Austin Smith

      noice wings hat!!

    23. Nathan Peters

      Couple real nice burbot and that brown was super pretty

    24. Arctic Lapua

      That is a very shallow lake lol

    25. General Draven

      i remember being a kid going ice fishing was fun spending time with family even if we didst catch anything. The lake I used to go to had an area set up for food and prizes that they give away, and every year I always won something and not to often did anyone else win anything. Wish i could go more but I don't know anyone in my family that still does it, guess i'll wait for now.

    26. Bryan Hauschild

      Im headed to your country from MN to fish after Christmas.

    27. Jason Swift

      Do go-pro's handle near freezing cold water?

    28. Grant DuBridge

      Nice fish. I didn't know they had fish like that in Montana.

    29. Brian Rossnagel

      Heck yeah a Redwings fan!

    30. Adam Robinson

      Can you do more videos like this plz

    31. John Neal

      Love the red wings hat

    32. Brandon Kaercher

      Those are some nice steelheads and browns

    33. Andrew Inbody

      Legarms makes big fish look tiny.

    34. jeff young

      Thanks guys!


      Great. Now welters are getting bought out. Seems to happen when channels hit 300k subs. Now we’ll start to lose the quality content and truth from these guys.

      1. Welker Farms

        @A JOHN DEERE FARMER I'm not sure where you are getting that as quality and quantity will only increase with more resources. If you are referring to the ice fishing video quality... That is because it was filmed 3 years ago 🤦‍♂️ 😂. So no, what you say is preposterous.


        Welker Farms Inc, you know who. I don’t mean to complain but it’s true

      3. Welker Farms

        Who are the welters?

    36. Clark Johanson

      I'm a farmer here in Nebraska, spend alot of my winter ice fishing as much as I can!!

    37. Glenn Gaul

      Well I we know what Nick would be left with in a divorce settlement

    38. Stuart Roland

      Well boys the crops are in ,machenery cleaned an put away ,lets go fishing .Great looking fish .Take care ,enjoy Christmas .Peace .

    39. Leon Huber

      the french horn music😍


      FISH CLIP, FISH CLIP...///

    41. Briana Stephens

      I looks like loads of fun

    42. PIPER DOUG

      So that's what guys without cows do.......

    43. Tom Pinnef

      Been a few years since we had enough ice around here 'long' enough to get out on it. Enjoy ice fishing - but mostly smaller fish around here. No trout nor anything that big. Take care and thank you for the ice fishing video.

    44. Mike Moore

      Very nice underwater videos. Life is good, isn't it!

    45. Ryan Lenhardt

      Awesome guys nice catch hello from Billings

    46. thomas bee

      Guys - CHECK OUT this dude - SaskDutch Kid - big Canadian modern dairy farm - OUTSTANDING videos - great information.......

    47. BigJim57

      i really loved the underwater video of the fish, for that i say thanks to uns. i would love to do that one day. i bet ur Dad had a blast doing that. ha!! one of ur best videos-IMO. thanks again

    48. Witty17

      Helped my Dad build several of these growing up. We didn't use them for normal ice fishing through. We used them for Sturgeon Spearing.

    49. Kronkus36

      Beautiful fish guys, them Burbot are pretty good size compared to up here !!

    50. Stephen Dickie

      Good times, great things you will remember forever.

    51. Joe

      Would love to see more of you guys enjoying the out doors... hunting or fishing. Farming is hard work so you've gotta enjoy the time off when you finally get it!.

    52. gullreefclub

      Nice fishing shanty but I didn’t see the most important thing for going ice fishing, No SnowShark vaccine or IcePiranha antidote

    53. Tayton Abbott

      ive never really gone fishing

    54. Tom Cleghorn

      Love the hut. How thick was your ice? Good looking fish. That's a great way too spend some time outdoors

    55. Jeremy Gregory

      Who is the general manager of the farm? It seams Nick runs the place and why is that?

    56. Jeremy Gregory

      Why does leg arms come and go from the farm? I thought you guys were brothers, family sticks together.

    57. Mark V


    58. Michael Flachs

      Still not frozen over here in central Michigan but I’m hoping to be on the ice soon!

    59. Peewee.31

      That’s a great idea for putting the wheels on the side of the shack to haul!

    60. ryfish5

      Big thumbs up for the Detroit RedWings hat!

    61. Peace and tranquillity.

      Cool Eskimo fishing. It never snows or ice over were I live. What is snow? Lol

    62. Kevin Ganje

      Remember doing that when I was a kid in ND. Welkers, no ND jokes, and I used to live in Helena we ice fished a bunch on Canyon Ferry Lake. Nothing like Sunny, crisp, 20 degree days.

    63. Brad Taylor

      Guess I will have to stick a camera down in the water from now on to locate the fish.

    64. A. Nonymous

      Amazing video--well done. Thanks for sharing :)

    65. Dakota Shireman

      where is captain jack sparrow when ya need him

    66. Vinni Benischek

      Love that you fly "The Colors" all the time

    67. Jeremy Swindell

      Looks cold! But totally awsome, my dad used to take me ice 🎣

    68. Mike Youngblood

      GREAT Videos, I am SOOOOOO Jealous of the fishing.

    69. Alex Veldhuis

      No Big Buds were used in the making of this video.

    70. hammer slammer

      We should go ice fishing? Well we should work in the shop... Let's build an ice shack the go fishing...👍

    71. tonebonetones

      letting them gasp out their life on the ice, in their quasi hibernation state. Great sport, not. Traditionally, there was a close season for a reason, and fish in season were caught sportingly on a light rod and tackle in spring and summer, when the fish are more active and can put up a fight. Ice fishing is from the days 70 plus years ago, where trappers and pioneers needed food for sheer survival in the harsh wilderness. I wonder how long it will be before we see underwater drones attaching hooks to the lips of fish? The sports cam tech showen here, is already close.

    72. Allen Farms

      Nice video this is my favorite thing to do besides farming thanks for the great video

    73. Scotsman1984

      Some absolutely amazing footage there. First for me!!

    74. Wran Ther

      Looks like a wonderful day of fishing filled with bunches of fresh meat! Very nice underwater photography included. Best of all, no refrigeration required for all those beers! Or other more enjoyable refreshments. Happy Fishing! -Bob...

    75. peter james

      was that a trout you caught at 335 it looked very long and at 6 09 it looks like a snake head

    76. B rad

      Pretty nice !!

    77. Matt Spriggs

      That looked like a hell of a lot of fun. Am 46 and only saw snow for the 1st time 2 years ago lol

    78. Old Sailor

      Most awesome video I have seen in a very long time,

    79. Melissa Schneider

      I did not do any ice fishing in my life time and sometimes i feel unsafe with it.

    80. Kris P. Bacon

      I see that global warming has caused more freezing temps again. Darn that global warming.

      1. Luis S

        Climate change means more extreme weather on both sides. More sudden Frosts and colds aswell as heatwaves.:)

    81. Roland Knoll

      i need to get that fish finder

    82. Ethan Slape

      hard working, god fearing, friendly folks. What a neat family

    83. kurt mraz

      Awesome fish! good to see you have downtime. Thanks for sharing love to fish just too busy and out of the country at the moment but looking forward to my annual springtime fishing adventure back in NY Indian Lake area, just a very peaceful hobby and fellowship!

    84. jeff m

      Dang you are making me want to move back home to Montana. Can't get trout like that in Hawaii.

    85. Banzaii 62

      Brilliant! ...…Send the cam down to see if the fish are there, fish smarter : ).... awesome underwater shots!

    86. TheOgBigSmoke

      mmmm them burbot are great eating ! and some monster rainbows too ...looks like im gonna have to do a trip across the 49th here soon

    87. Tersi

      Beautiful under water just amazing guys!

    88. Gregory Harmeyer

      So your eating fish then

    89. Tony Reyn

      Never tried ice fishing, looks like enormous fun

    90. Samuel Walch

      Looks caught lots of fish

    91. Aaron Hellhake

      Nice fish! I can't wait for the lakes here ( North Idaho) to freeze over so I can get my gear and go

    92. Davin Crook

      Reminds me of a moon lander from the outside shots!

    93. Pedro Gunner

      Is this Duck Lake?

    94. Blueboat One

      I love your videos, but I don't hear well. Please use closed captioning! Nearly everyone else does and you have a few times as well. All those old tractors I've driven have really affected my hearing. Thanks!

    95. Paul Bass

      Lake Elwell ??

    96. Burt DeVries

      Looks like a lot of fun.

    97. Brandon Blair

      Great video!!!

    98. Joe Wirges

      Very cool! I'm hoping this month (December) to go do some walleye fishing with my old boss! Merry Chrismtas and God Bless!!

    99. Jack Amelung

      I can remember fishing with my dad sitting in the car on the ice with fishing poles out the window with the heater on the car going wide open. When we drilled the hole I ran out of extensions for the auger and was dragging my hand on the ice when it broke through. Fun times

    100. John Stone

      Great footage on this video.