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    End of harvest means farming is coming to an end for the year. Best thing we can do is quickly clean up the machines and put them away until the next season begins. It is both relieving and saddening but in the end it means another year in the bag and the excitement of looking towards the next.
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    1. Landen Moon

      We have the exact same mini

    2. Chris Darting

      I thought fuel pump gas nozzles wouldn't fit in a diesel fueling port?

    3. Broc Luno

      On that Long Horn 350, you have run into the proverbial SBC cam failure which is likely a lifter failure that took out the cam. The #1 trick with these is to make sure all the lifters and push rods are spinning right after start. If one is not shut it off and find out why ... Lots of crp-o-la lifters out there, even ones from CN without the right face hardness or spherical grind. In the interests of SBC longevity and modern oils, just put Howard's or Crower "cam saver" lifters in it. They will ensure extra oiling to each lobe. Better made and very helpful. The cam itself can be any reliable brand from the auto parts store, unless you want some "extra" (which I would do). To big a subject to cover here ...

    4. Anthony Gackle

      I think you should put a 4bt in that car. It'd be awesome to see run

    5. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    6. Jim Mac

      Why don't you ever say "needs to be worked on"? I always hear things like "needs worked on", from you. Is it a regional thing?

    7. Robert Condon

      Hope leg arms is doing better since his accident. Buy that Case IH !

    8. Matthew Masternak

      In my brothers defence, we did have ONE 1950's Ford 8N that ran on gas.

    9. Matthew Masternak

      My oldest brother once put gas into one of my Dad's newer diesel tractors. My Dad then went to use it in the field, the engine quit on him, we used a chain and a second tractor to bring it back to the farm yard, and after a couple hours, my Dad found out that there was gas in in engine, the tank, and all the fuel lines. He was not happy about it.

    10. Dan Finley

      Awesome videos bless you all

    11. Sand Farmer

      You may have addressed this already, but why do you leave the unloading augers out when storing the combines?

    12. Brent Codling

      Drop all the Oil out of it The gas will be in the bottom hand because it won’t burn like the diesel

    13. Brent Codling

      That motor is not going to be happy it’s probably hurt really bad

      1. Ben T.

        I suspect no damage to the engine itself but the Injector Pump could be damaged since diesel is essentially a thin oil so it lubricates the pump while gasoline is the opposite of that .

    14. shane haws

      That's a 71 not a 72 going just by the windshield

    15. iBelieve


      1. Welker Farms

        @iBelieve awesome! Glad to hear!

      2. iBelieve

        @Welker Farms got 2 of your hoodies recently. Nice and comfortable

      3. Welker Farms

        Sup buddy!

    16. Gerald Richardson

      Why do you store the combines with the augers out?

    17. Ron Eibling

      What does a guy do on Saturday night? Binge watch Welker Farm, get caught up from 3 weeks. Oh & throw it up on the big screen. You guys are awesome from Ohio.

    18. wheelinshustle84

      Yeah I'm new to the channel watched the first video ever yesterday of the red thing in someone's words no names lol!! Because there was this nice @Millennials Farmer from Minnesota that I seen your red thing at so figured I would check y'all out!! Just kidding about the red thing kinda lol!! Great family channel tho gentleman maybe we can help you to get 700k + Subscribers!! Why because you guys deserve it farming is one of the biggest miss understood job's you can have. Yes you video but as well you boys but you're tale's seen some videos!! But personally I just like to watch your generation's grow as you all are about the same age as myself I wish I was a Farmer!! But I unfortunately don't have any family left!! So if I can help in anyway I will I will share your channel here in horrible illinois but will get you there so you all can have one of them Brand New Case Red things 👍👊🇺🇲.

    19. Bruce Baker

      Don't wreck it with chevy engine, that's a insult to Ford.

    20. Cato Johansen

      Why do you put out the auger on the combine when you store them for the winter?

    21. Jacob Nitschke

      Look at that nice kenworth

    22. Cathy Blok

      can't see where to order Welker merchandise.

    23. Joe Bowser

      is that a john deere i see

    24. Zach Lantinga

      Here's a great question for you do you and leg arms get payed from your dad or from The company that you sell to how's that work that u a Leg arms get payed

    25. T-Rex Gordon

      Sorry to hear about your Duramax. I hope you were not to hard on whom ever made the mistake. Gas into diesel happens all the time. Its a simple mistake that can be made by anyone. LOL

    26. Ian Clegg

      are you gonna do a co lab with whistle? 'everyone' sayin' different on who he trolling. but he did pull a lot of red cars behind the last truck he f and cut to drone.

    27. StandardFish450

      468 Small block ford stroker for the comet! Tires need to be converted to vapor anyway.

      1. Ben T.

        Would be a ripper if an LS fits. Lots of parts and options for the LS engine because its so popular. Get a Holley EFI on there and they can really tune it well.

    28. J Creel

      Just curious why you park the combines with the augers straight out in the storage

    29. Dean Farmer

      how did the person that refueled the Duramax mistake it for a gas

    30. Kuyler Geldenhuys

      Hello Welker farms... this is a strange request but it's desperately needed. I'm from a South African farm, and on behalf of every farmer or "boer" we need your help desperately. South africa has a huge problem with farm murders happening left and right over the country. Farmers are being brutally killed and slaughtered because of racial matters regarding land distribution in Apartheid years. Myself and farmers are pleading for change to happen, to improve the farm security. Most farm murders cases are left unsolved because of a lack of political knowledge and interest. Our President, and ministers refuse to admit that farm murders are a rising consern, and quite frankly they go about saying that it doesn't happen. There is a lot of racial hate and because of that farm murders are being pushed aside. We need farmers, especially because of where things are heading in South Africa. I'm begging you to raise awareness of this situation. Would you please pray, and ask your viewers to pray for our farm security situation in South Africa. The Lord will hear our prayers, and resolve our situation. Thank you so much. (Please like this so Welker farms can see)

      1. Ben T.

        Get armed up and hire mercenaries for protection.

    31. Trent Badon

      Gee wiz whoever put gas in the diesel tank needs serious reprimanding..

    32. Neiht Holmes

      love the channel but here's a link Mike Mitchell canadian farmer( combine fire) its something we should worry about.... personal safety is a must God bless

    33. Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service

      What kinda batwing

    34. Nick Waszak

      Do you know where in michigan that tractor went? I see one out in the Lakeview area all the time

    35. David Lucas

      Hay nick hope all is well

    36. Joel Coddington

      Did I hear you say the Leg Arms was driving the Big Bud over the Buick?? Please that is so!!

    37. TheEpicDragonCat

      I have a question? Why do you store the combines with the pipe out!

    38. Blaze_HaZe1 1

      hey nick i’m from minnesota pretty close to you we run red equipment we got a 430 quad track and a 250 magnum our combine is a 7010 it’d be cool to run a nicer combine

    39. Jacob Patane

      Here your salt problem this might help with that here a video

    40. shane russell

      get as muc gas out of it as possable and fll it up with diesil dump two quarts of two cycle oil in it and run done on same vehcale 4times

    41. Aaron Wilton

      Yeah case give them the 620. I’m sure they have done enough advertising.

    42. Andy Fromm

      12:25 don't violate that poor car like that

    43. Noah Farmer

      I play Welker farms map on fs19 and love it

    44. Steve Rosenberger

      Shame on you Nick you don't put a chevy engine in a 0ld Ford. You put a Ford 427 SHOC engine in it alot better engine than the LS2.

    45. M VR

      Had to comment ..... Couldn't leave it at 666 comments

    46. Andrew Simons

      Would you sell one of the old dodge grain trucks

    47. musty potato33

      I was wondering where u put that wagner

    48. Greg Mercer

      Keep us updated on the GMC and the issues with the engine.

      1. Robert Welker

        So far it seems ok. Will do

    49. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      The M&M needs new rubber from Titan; the drives are weather checked......

    50. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      For "Dad Welker"; a decal that reads in red "DIESEL FUEL ONLY" above or to the right side or below the filler door.....

      1. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

        @Dave Smith and use a label maker & mark DIESEL FUEL ONLY and put it onto the flats of the cap.

      2. Dave Smith

        Or just paint the fuel cap yellow..

    51. Glenn Gaul

      Crush the Buick with the 8230 or a quadtrac pleeeeeease!

    52. billy claro

      Where did you get that hoodie o need that in my life

    53. TheRealKiddo

      Pull those green combines in the shed😉

    54. Harley McCorcle

      my bet is you need a new motor

    55. Almost Canadian


    56. William Hays

      Cure: put some newspaaper in the fuel tank filler hole. Set it on fire. Collect the insurance. Buy a new Ford. Win-win.

    57. Plaguebit

      quick tip on the gopro, dont run them through combines.

    58. jonty hofer

      Happened to a 08 duramax I had once. Just dropped the tank completely cleaned it, put in new fuel also flushed the lines going to the filter and then just primed and started it. Ran for another 200000 miles till we sold it.

    59. mike hanson

      I think we would love to see a big bud drive over that Buick

    60. Farmer Klavs

      When they fix the car the video turns int a @chrisfix video

    61. Bathurst Trainspotting

      Anyone else notice that Nick used the same music when the quad left the farm in this video as well as when he took it back last year?

      1. Robert Welker

        if so good memory

    62. Bill Hagerman

      The cam shaft problem possible came from using oil they sell today. It doesn't have enough zinc and phosphorus for a flat tappet cam. Be sure to use an additive to supplement the oil so it does.

    63. Bill Hagerman

      Is that a Floater mini bike at 1150 ? Show it and fix it up.

    64. e jacs

      Who was the idiot who put gas in the duramax?

      1. Robert Welker

        A visiting relative did. Just wasn't familiar with diesels.

    65. Leon van der Weide

      Great vid guys! I was wondering, is there a particular reason you store the combines with the augers extended?

      1. Leon van der Weide

        @Robert Welker thanks for the answer, thats pretty clever!

      2. Robert Welker

        So there will be more space in the building. Can get the combines closer together

    66. elkvis

      Comet needs a 5.0 Coyote

    67. Somers Farm

      I've always loved those old Moline's. Church friends of ours, who farm across the road from our farm, when I was a little kid, use to have a Moline, I forget what size it was, but I use to love watching them plow and work ground with that Moline they had, it had such a great sound to it, and the smoke would just roll out of it. They were good tractors back in the day.

    68. corey robertson

      That W9 is sweet!!!

    69. Grant DuBridge

      Everytime I see the front of the red combines I feel like they are the Bull in the movie "Cars".

    70. Grant DuBridge

      The look on Chads face seems a little guilty. Like he put the gas in the diesel. Isn't a nozzle on a gas pump bigger around then a diesel nozzle? Or is it vica/versa ?

      1. Robert Welker

        He did not as he owned a ford 7.3 for 8 years. It was a visiting relative.

      2. Brad Klingensmith

        Diesel is the bigger nozzle.

    71. Michael Nagel

      Why assume you need the grain bags, why not fill the grain bins and then use the grain bagger, renting it and using it or not at the end would have to save some money

      1. Robert Welker

        So you're east of wolf point?

      2. Michael Nagel

        @Robert Welker that makes perfect sense, thank you for explaining it i really appreciate it. I hope your harvest was profitable this year. Hope you and your family are doing well. I live 6 hours east we had hail that destroyed our garden

      3. Robert Welker

        Loftness, manufacture of the bagger, offered us the unit as a demo. We said yes in July anticipating the size of the crop. But after a hail storm the middle of july the crop was reduced. You can not rent one when harvest starts, no unit would have been available. We filled the bags with wheat first since the chickpeas rippen at harvest end. A 5 bushel more yield of peas would have filled the bins. There is a reason we did what we did. Plus everyone got to see what a bagger is and does.

    72. dustin gomke

      That duramax u won’t hurt just drain the tank and change filter and it will run it’s not a dodge where You blow the pump have done it a couple times on the farm

    73. Haybale Lee

      U should call that shed the muesiam

    74. David Lucas

      Nice to put equipment in the shed . If it’s not red leave it in the shed

    75. Bernie Schoep

      how did your pickup turn out bob.

      1. Bernie Schoep

        @Robert Welker your welcome now you and your wife and Coby can relax

      2. Robert Welker

        It seems to be ok for now. Thanks Bernie 👍.

    76. Bernie Schoep

      what do you use for rodent packs

      1. Robert Welker

        Started to use ivory soap bars

    77. pullimgsm

      On the Comet. Turbo a 300 6 for it.

    78. Harper Braitenbach

      You guys need to put a Cummins in it the comet

    79. Richard G

      It looks like you have two sprayers, four semi trucks & a tractor to put into your shed.

    80. Richard G

      tractor looks nice, nice work.

    81. Richard G

      Use the front loader to tear up the concrete slab.

    82. Richard G

      Are you in the farming business or vehicle/tractor restoration business?

      1. Robert Welker

        Looks like both

    83. Tommy Faber

      You can only keep the GoPro if it survives when you send it through the combine

    84. David Lucas

      Love the channel. Tell legarmes and your dad hi

    85. David Lucas

      Love the buds . We a couple in this area not sure the size

    86. Stephanie Puskas

      no not 620 😭

    87. Tod Pinkerton

      I hope you guys get the 620 back I think it was good on your farm

    88. john m

      A 302 with a C4 trans will fit perfectly in that comet. 😉

    89. Dan Geissinger

      I’m glad I’m not the only person with a lot of someday projects. We got some projects done when things slowed down due to Wuhan virus. But still plenty of projects. Thanks for the videos. Keep up the good work.

    90. Haren Farms

      Does the wagner have a pto

      1. Robert Welker


    91. Dave Dammit

      Had some teenagers steal a tankful of "gas" from my diesel tank a few years back. The Jeep made it about 15 miles, I guess. Their dad came and told me about it, and he insisteded that I take 3 full weekends of labor from his 16 year old son. Kid wasn't a very good worker, but he was apologetic, humble and did what he could; mostly washing equipment and cleaning up around the outbuildings.

    92. Bob Paterson

      Fingers crossed for you with your Duramax Bob 👍👍 another great video guys 💪

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Bob. It seems to be OK for now

    93. mike underwood

      Not familiar with the Big Bud, is it possible to get a pto on any of them?

      1. Robert Welker

        Would need to be hydraulic

    94. Don V.D.Borgh

      Better get Leg Arms to call DeBoss Garage, with his diesel knowledge he can point you in the correct direction to clean up gas misshap with the pickup. Good luck 👍

    95. Jacob Outdoors

      You should call Chad giggles kind of like Brad who is wiggles

    96. Dixie Farmboy

      Westen fit a 5.9 in a mustang. I think you could get it in

    97. Dixie Farmboy

      The U is a true prairie tractor

    98. Dixie Farmboy

      Question for Dad Welker, doesnt the Duramax badge on that truck _say_ diesel on it?

      1. Dixie Farmboy

        @Robert Welker I see. You'd think the sound would've been a tip off though

      2. Robert Welker

        It says in small letters in the fuel lid. Needs a green csp

    99. Magnus Troy

      Where at In Michigan it's my home state

    100. A. Nonym

      If you have a main wind direction, would it make sense to put the grain silos in a row so that only the first one gets the full wind load? Or have you even done it that way?

      1. Robert Welker

        All depends how you like the wind blocked. Unloading bin in wind can be a pain