Lake House Renovation Part 1|I Bought a Fixer Upper Lake House!

Welker Farms

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    After months of consideration we made the decision to purchase this fixer upper lake house! Our goal is to provide a safe and fun place for our families to enjoy a few weeks out of the year. The catch is in order to make this work we must turn the property into a short term vacation rental and in time for 2020 vacation season.
    The project will consist of 3 phases.
    1.) Completely remodel the interior
    2.) Tidy up the outside with some landscaping and yard work.
    3.) Construct new water shore access with dock and patio.
    We are excited to do something completely out of the box and our of our comfort zone and hope the finished product will not only be successful but a great place for anyone to spend their vacation with family and friends!
    *furnace is 17 kW not 35 kW
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    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. Welker Farms

      The location is... Key drum roll... Foys Lake! We weren't sure if we wanted to announce it yet but since it will be a rental it makes sense to let everyone know!

      1. Narelle MacPherson

        Robert Rogers I’m sorry that your President is now letting you down.

      2. samuel bennett

        This is an awesome show I love watching your guys show I have a uncle in Hinsdale Mt that is a farmer and I was born and raised in Kalispell over by foys lake

      3. Harlee Larson

        Instead of a short term rental could make it an air bnb place ? Love this series already so proud of y'all making big leaps for your future


        Britidge in the USA, a lot of my friends that have trailer houses or prefabricated houses, they have the washer & dryer in the master bathroom. Next to the master bedroom. Trailer house or mobile home dealership said that way it cuts down on plumbing. I guess that you can go to the bathroom, get undressed, take a relaxing bath, start the clothes washer all in the same room.

      5. Glenn Gaul

        So your still farming

    2. mfanwe Likeit

      I might be tasteless, but I actually like that kitchen as is

    3. J Roger Trudel

      Nice renovation job. Hope you guys checked for asbestos in those walls. Asbestos was widely used in the 60's.

    4. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour.j'ai pas compris grand chose dans ce que vous dites.j'ai cru conprendre que vous aviez reparez une maison au bord d' un lac dans le montana, je positif fpour vous et votre vie de couple; je suis content pour vous quand les gens s ' aiment.merci pierre france.congratulations.

    5. Marcus Koone

      Somone definitely isnt skipping leg arms day. Sheesh. Thats gotta make the arms burn

    6. ubilive7


      1. Welker Farms

        We love it! Turned out beautiful!

    7. Daniel Johnston

      This is the video, where discovered Welker Farms. Been binging ever since!

    8. Olaf Schmidt

      What a beautiful place! Congrats!😍👍🏻

    9. Dean Chestler

      Overall I like your plan to open things up inside and the 6 bedrooms is sure a plus for rentability. I do not however understand the stomping of the ceilings. Maybe that is a thing there? On the east coast and in major cities we pay good money to have those ceilings scraped so they can be finished smoothly. That is a safe, contemporary design element. The textured ceilings you are putting in is only sucking time and money. Worst piece of this is that stomping the ceilings seems to leave you with a low-end look. Curious where you’ve seen this or who convo fed you to include this in the renovation

    10. Dennis Taras

      A little pro tip. Mix the primer into your mud. It eliminates the priming step.

    11. Anthony Sprank

      Just like watchin the DIY shows on TV :)

    12. Cheopis

      With the house having been built in the 1960's, have you inspected the electrical wiring to verify it is all copper? I believe some homes were still being built with aluminum wiring at that time, and 50+ year old aluminum wiring can have... issues.

    13. Ray Parker

      Why not preserve a piece of history and keep old homes like this original?

      1. Taylor

        Ray Parker Did you see the video? The entire house is way too dark and is not practical for day to day living. And you can't just put five hundred lamps around the house. The house needs electrical work at the very least and who knows when it was last updated. The house is better off with a gut renovation than staying as it is.

    14. Ava Whalen

      Lol his face at 14:07

    15. Mr kool Aid Man

      Be careful of those popcorn ceilings they could have asbestos in it... FYI and lead paint.....

    16. Timber Tramp

      Im would suggest installing some plumbing to be able to easily winterize the place....something you might want to th8nk about.

    17. Larry Crowe

      Who'd have saved yourself some time by thinning your mud down and putting it on with a paint roller. But you are doing a great job that is coming from a retired drywall finisher

    18. SenoreQueso

      "Who has their washer / dryer in the kitchen?" It's a very popular thing in the south. I don't know why. Maybe something to do with running water lines. Who knows.

    19. richard truesdell

      I manage a couple of houses in san antonio texas and we use VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) and air bnb. You will do well.

    20. Frogy and Friends

      @6:16 whyd that guy look like ryan kuster lmao??

    21. thr8061

      Believe it or not, most countries outside the US & Canada have a combo clothes washer & drier (yes all in one machine) that is tucked under the kitchen cabinets much like a dish washer. It is always a weird sight for us when we watch BBC shows.

    22. Daniel Peterson

      To bad I live a state away and I'm real good at redoing and making new home's. I us to do something like that all the time. So I will tell you good luck and have fun keep up the good show's. When you are done it will look really nice. Have a good new year happy 2020.

    23. WoolyBuck

      Better have some real good damage insurance to cover all the damage caused by those rowdy party renters. Cheers...

    24. Norma Broussard

      A lot of work good luck

    25. Mike Horton

      Smart move!

    26. Robert Lee Murrer, Jr.

      If you are still looking for a home for the 3 light fixtures shown between 3:30-40, I'd like to make a offer.

    27. x0965

      Hi Cindy!

    28. S Richey

      Best way to learn. Good luck and congrats!

    29. Byron Taylor

      Awesome find sadly though ( im showin my age) that blue lite cover was awesome thats one of my top fav shades of blue i hope it doesnt get destroyed i like that vintage style myself and dark is a good thing. Embrace the da...i i meanthe light yeah yeah thats what i meant to say lol

    30. the pizza devil


    31. Subscribe Now

      Why didn't you take it down before now lmao great Video

    32. VW Insanity

      Some of them old light fixtures were cool hope you saved some sure you could sell them on ebay or something .

    33. Teresa E

      Most people are taking down texture ceiling. I would just paint them. Also keep laundry upstairs maybe not the kitchen, but upstairs.

    34. Dan Foley

      Can u turn the two closets into a laundry room. That would make it more desirable for older folks looking to rent it.

    35. ER Landscaping

      check out meet Kevin on youtube he does flips like this all the time has good videos on what to do and what not to do.

    36. Nathan Melander

      Sorry about your bobcats ndsu had to take them down again

    37. Satnam Bawa

      Nice location

    38. Brian Beard

      Man that place is right out of the DISCO era!!!!! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!!!

    39. Mark Duncan

      You asked who puts their washer/dryer in the kitchen, that would be 90% of Europe.......

    40. Scotabot

      What is the purpose of doing that "stomping" to the interior ceilings? Was there something wrong with them prior to doing that? Popcorn and "textured ceilings" have not be desirable in real estate for years and years. Just very curious. Thanks.

    41. D Krane

      Good luck on Saturday!! Go BISON!!!!🤟

    42. Bruce Hubbell

      Suggestions in the kitchen cabinets... change the cupboard doors to glass see through ... different types of glass is available... it will add light through the dark room ...

    43. Glenn Gaul

      Nick's a farmer! He's a professional everything

    44. Luke Gilpin

      Do i hear a echo?

    45. Big Red

      Your fixer upper is better than my house.

    46. Eric Baker

      Way to go, I'm excited for you and will enjoy watching it change. Eric from NH

    47. aserta

      Renting. Well, i hope you guys have experience with that kind of stuff. Otherwise (and even then), be sure to check with a lawyer that knows about stuff like this to help you draft the renting contract standard in such a way the case of rowdy guests, the outcome isn't going to adversely affect you. Trust me on this, if you're first time renters, some things may either discourage you or worse. Just my 2 cents.

    48. TorturedPeace

      HAHA!!! Hollywood, “I have to stomp the ceiling.” And yet, Leg Arms is the one with the blisters? Interesting....

    49. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      Why am I subscribed to this channel I could give a shit about a farm is the machinery that keeps me watching.

    50. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      Farms are few and far between so KGup paid for this

    51. Scotsman1984

      Awesome!! Love the bit where you said "who has their washer and drier in the kitchen"....... LOL like almost every house in the UK 🤣🤣 germans put the washer in the Bathroom inam told!!

    52. MrDaddyGazz

      Should never of advertised the idea of renting it out on KGup, your lake house will now become a fan obsessed circus.

      1. Braden Woods

        Long as they paying who cares!

    53. Steven Gregory

      Congratulations would love to maybe come up and visit.

    54. xMagicalDonkey

      Why not just paint the ceiling?

    55. Nick Rudnick

      Big Bud white for the ceiling, congrats on the house.

    56. Sandra Couch

      Are you guys still farmers

    57. Cole Holm

      Going back to the big bud restorations where did you get the decals made


      what is going on with the Wagner tractor

    59. Ticdaniel

      Now you havetoo fix up the old tractor excavator you have 😉😉

    60. Stu Smith

      Good luck with the property refurbish etc it will be worth it in the end stressful but well worth the family fun and memories in the end

    61. Richard Samia

      The ceilings are hideous very amateurish but you get an A for trying

      1. Russ Recker

        Some of them old ceilings have some hideous seems that are hard to cover

      2. Janelle Downey

        I agree. Textured/popcorn ceilings are a big no-no here on the East Coast and really make a house look dated. People pay big money to get rid of them. They attract dirt and cobwebs and because of the shadows they create I think they make a room look darker. I really don't understand why you don't paint the ceiling and leave it alone.

    62. Champagne Sylvie

      ⭐✨💥 *_Hello Welker Farm_* Thank you for sharing your video with us! it's an amazing work, full of things I don't have in my country. It's a dream house! You are lucky and blessed ✝️🎄⛪ I wish you a Ⓗ░Ⓐ░ⓟ░ⓟ░Ⓨ░ and Merry Christmas, for you and all your family 🥂✨🎁 👉🏻🗼 Best regards from la France 🍾🍷🍇

    63. Luke Becker


    64. Robert Nugent

      If you want an easy textured ceiling look, Harbor Freight sells a texture spray gun, yes it's actually a good tool. You use a lot less material, it goes really quick, and it's the easiest drywall technique you'll ever use. It hides everything. If you can still see a seam or crease, just hit it again and it'll hide the second time after you hit it with the knock down knife. A bit messy though, so cover and mask or you'll be doing lots of clean up.

    65. Jared Granberry

      Well, farmings on a little break. Guess we’ll just follow y’all around whatever you do. 😂. Love the videos guys, always entertaining.

    66. CoryRaboin

      Awesome. Congrats

    67. Daniel Huffman

      Great job, dude; best of luck to ya'll

    68. hawkdsl

      Miss-labeled video. It should have been called "We MADE this home a fixer upper!"

    69. Hunt Gaming/Productions

      Did u hear the old Big Bud shop caught on fire again?

    70. MNicehole

      is it a good fishing lake, how much ice do u get there for ice fishing.

    71. camino 64

      Good for you guys!

    72. David Chapin

      Very nice. Hope all works well for you on this! I don't know about in that area but in this area, coming from a real estate agent, you would have just cost yourself a whole lot of resale value doing the ceiling like that. I sat here and shuddered every time Leg Arms hit it.

      1. Welker Farms

        We probably should have tried to make them smooth but the circumstances made doing it this way work for us. No plans to flip the place as we want to keep it in the family for as long as possible and renters are unlikely going to care. We'll see soon!

    73. willow's random garage

      Cant wait to when you get to the dock area. I could sit lakeside for hours. Awesome content 😊

    74. iBelieve


    75. iBelieve


    76. iBelieve


    77. iBelieve


    78. Josh Louden

      If you guys are in search of a church to visit while in Kalispell over a weekend sometime I would personally welcome you at Central Bible Church! Bummed that there was no tractor pull this year!

      1. Welker Farms

        If we are there over a Sunday we might stop by, thanks!

    79. William Wolff

      nice winter project

    80. Eric Jennings

      why not just shoot texture on the lid with a hopper?...less mud and you can do the whole house way faster

    81. Greg Tempel

      Hello Nick my wife and I farm north of Chester we purchased a lake house on Little Bitterroot Lake in 2012 and use it as a short term vacation rental also if you have any questions we can tell you what we have found works or didn’t work for us anyway.

    82. Andrew F.


    83. M.J Gilmore

      Looks like Austin Powers lake house , Baby!

    84. dooks4life

      good luck to you both :)

    85. Craig Smith

      When you rent, look at the renter's shoes and at his car. If he doesn't take care of his own stuff, he sure won't take care of yours.

    86. 46Rambo

      schluter products in all wet areas, shop prices on everything, take your time, budget 10% more than you think you need, one step at a time, make sure your roof is water tight plumbing is sound, and wiring safe, remodeling 20 homes over the years tells me time is your friend.and a house that old is probably loaded with asbestos

    87. David Platt

      Optimal location for washer/dryer is the same floor as bedrooms and bathrooms, not the basement where you're going up and down repeatedly.

      1. Welker Farms

        But... Here is the catch... Half the bedrooms are in the basement! So it is split 50/50

    88. OETIOHeavyLifter

      "want a more up to date look" proceeds to do a California knockdown ceiling from the 1970's haha looks good though, will be a good spot for all the kids to grow up

    89. Gray Bridwell

      Time for Cessna 172, a level place on the farm to travel the 45 minutes over the mountain to the new digs....!

    90. CodemanPlaysGames

      Heh I think you can now rent out Leg Arms for peoples home projects ... need a dude to bash some shit? ... here is your man!

    91. DD2

      No need to get to the gym for a few days.

    92. Kim Alejandro

      Will you rent it by the week ? Good place to relax.

      1. Welker Farms

        Haven't fully decided but likely minimum of 3 day stay. It'll be managed by a property management company.

    93. 1971hodge

      Love it! I just bought a house at Lake Wallenpaupack here in PA for the same reasons. We're also looking to retire on Flathead Lake when we get to that point in our lives. Definitely bailing out of PA when its time.

      1. Welker Farms

        It is a beautiful valley and we're slowly running out of affordable lots as big money keeps moving in. So gotta get in while we still can!

    94. Kluck Fabrication

      Been simpler to just spray texture with a knock down

    95. BrinkME

      ahhhhhh, now it makes sense why you seemed so stressed out in a few videos ... new baby and new mortgage ... that'll do it! Congratulations on both fronts ... we have a lot of fond memories made at my aunt and uncles lake house they used to own.

      1. Welker Farms

        No offense taken, we brought on ourselves a lot of stress but it is a season that will pass and hopefully pay off! The kids always pay off, just the lake house has yet to be determined 😂

      2. BrinkME

        I feel like I should add, I don't mean to be cruel with the "stressed out" comment, but you could tell something was going on and I was generally concerned for you.

    96. Nick Popelka

      You guys got alot done great work

    97. Leodhas W-S

      Someone's been watching OffTheRanch...

    98. willierepair One

      Cool,,,, Three phases,, Sounds good,,,,,,, Roll with it , See what happens.. Can't wait to see the finished product..

    99. a b

      Hey guys! Congratulations to your new weekend house! :)It's allways nice and comfortable to have one.Thanks for my parents,they bought one in the early 80's,it's just an hour from our 'big city life' but i cant compare to anything if you want to relax and have fun with your family or with your friends. As i can see,you have a lot of work to be done,but i also can see,it will be beautifull when it will be finished.Anyway,i love your videos guys! I started to watching you about a year ago.I love the way you use to show your equipments and of course your 'stupidness' too :P Keep up the good work Welkers! I wish you and your family a Peaceful and Merry Christmas! Greetings from HUNGARY! :)

    100. Kyle Bowersox

      Bet the Welker family will have a great place to relax and have fun on the lake!!!!/and get some rental out of it LOL!!! Love you and your whole Family trust me the Welkers ROCK!!! God Bless and see ya next time. Love from the Maryland DEMOLITA!!!!!