800lb Pumpkin Explodes! 🎃+💣=🥧

Welker Farms

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    We hit a new milestone of 300,000 subscribers! WOW THANK YOU ALL! Being thanksgiving week we are thankful for you! This pumpkin did weigh 800lbs believe it or not, it was massive! We hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving eating turkey and pumpkin pie and be thankful as life is rich in blessings! Your heart is beating, that alone should be more than enough reason to give thanks :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    1. Claire Russell

      Who else is watching this in 2020 and can not tell who nickis 👇🏼

    2. Jacob Savage

      Now I want pumpkin pie

    3. Mistah MegaManFan

      The Cyclones have entered the Case IH exploding pumpkin 🎃 RRRRED ZONNNNE!

    4. Daniel Johnston

      Seeding pumpkin, I like it!

    5. Lisa Lister

      Congrats on 300K..!!!! What will you do for 400K? That is coming very soon!

    6. Olaf Schmidt

      Boys will be boys...😉👍🏻

    7. Cheopis

      After seeing this video, and seeing so many antelope in other videos,, I imagine the Welker family has no shortage of antelope in the freezer.

    8. Tom Anderson

      What are y’all doing out here. Oh just starting a pumpkin patch laying the seeds down


      New way to fertilize a field LOL

    10. Connor Sporich

      Probably have a lot of nails out there now from that pallet it was on

    11. Jacob J

      I love tannerite. Haha

    12. Glen Eggett

      omg so good

    13. Fredo Rico

      Love your rifle setup 😎👍👍💖

    14. Shawn Fox

      That was freaking awesome

    15. Plaguebit

      regular mythbusters now :o

    16. The Farming Hay

      You should run over a pumpkin with a big bud!

    17. Charlie Story

      Well that will compost.

    18. teamstr259

      Is this what you call a cover crop?

    19. Jack Caldwell

      Since you all have those big bud tractors I figured you would at least have a 50 cal bmg To shoot , but only leg arms is the only one who that gun wouldn't kick like a pee'd off mule lol

      1. Jack Caldwell

        O and btw merry xmas and happy new year! Interested in what kind of crops next year you fool with now that hemp can be brewed without the stigma of it not being a cat1 controlled substance anymore

    20. DD2

      That looked more like pumpkin squash to me!

    21. Matthew dowd


    22. SuperGoldnut

      Kind of hard to tell in the video due to shadowing. Is that a Desert Tech and if so what calibers do you have it chambered in? I remember you mentioning you had and used a .260, is it in this They are great compact guns but they have kind of a crappy trigger due to the linkage

    23. yamahonkawazuki

      soon as funds permit grabbing one of those decals for my powerchair. and a shirt too lol. ive used tannerite before it is fun lol. bonus points for explosions.

    24. towrecker

      the good Lord gave a man the ability to grow a huge pumpkin , he then gave a way to raise funds with said pumpkin , he then gave the hardware store a way to get rid of the pumpkin that had use , the good lord once gave someone the scientific know how to create tannerite , and another the ability to build a rifle , another the ability to make black powder / gun powder , he gave someone the ability to capture live events (camera) , don't forget he also helped turn a dating website into our loved KGup (true story) he then gave you the thought of putting all these things together , and fertilizing his field for the next years crop ... funny when you break it all down and realize how great the Lord is , and his mysterious ways , isn't it ?

      1. Welker Farms

        😂 😁 👍

    25. Whataguy

      Right now there are hundreds of your viewers scouring KGup for videos of people blowing stuff up!

    26. mfarmboy95

      What about the pallet with the nails in it? May have some new tires in the future.

    27. Cranky MotorSports

      not sure how I missed this video, but man so epic! yay, guns! The only thing your channel was missing :)

    28. JC Stek

      Excellent Work guys , Continued success in the New Year 2020 ! I'll be there watching !

    29. Mr. A

      That camera took a pumpkin pie to the face lol! 🎃 well that was so very awesome to watch, love the work you guys do and I hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving 👍🏼

    30. SensationalWisdom

      **Breaks fault line underneath** **spring planting comes** “Hmmm, I wonder where that sinkhole came from” 😂 Jk. I look forward to the day I have a big chunk of property and am able to blow stuff up

    31. Christopher Ch

      ⚡👍😎👍⚡pumpkin gang gang


      Glad to see you do the Gallagher...///

    33. Tommy B

      Loving Big Bud 💙 Awesome machine 💪💪

    34. Mato CRO

      3:14 case lol

    35. RetiaryWorm471

      Ahhh the annual welker farms pumpkin sacrifice to the planting gods

    36. Taylor Ty

      Take care, god bless, and happy thanksgiving

    37. Tommy Bason

      Like a giant orange frag grenade 😂😂

    38. J Huelsmann

      Just added Tannerite to my Christmas list 😀

    39. iBelieve


    40. iBelieve


    41. Jason Swift

      What breed/species of pumpkin grows to that size? what calibre is that rifle chambered in?

    42. G J Leach

      Gee I can see that you don't live in Australia Here you have to have a license for a cap gun.

    43. 1 Proud American

      *CONGRATULATIONS on 300,000 subs.*

    44. Mike Moore

      And no skid steer loaders were injured in the filming of this movie. Happy Thanksgiving you all!

    45. gavin larrimore

      what happened at Thanksgiving dinner: the family is saying what they're thankful for, all you say" im thankful for blowing up a pumpkin for 300k"

    46. Jace Thompson

      Does anyone play this map on farming simulator 19

    47. thr8061

      We like launching water filled 30 gal barrels with 5 lbs of tannerite. We use a nice little Ruger .17 HMR to touch it off.

    48. Daj Boulder CO

      Worth IT!!!!

    49. The Western Sky Ranch

      Gotta love tannerite! Congrats on reaching 300k. Just shows how much people enjoy your channel.

    50. Road Weary213

      You guys are the bomb - it came pretty close to ending the drone! Just became a Patreon and I couldn’t be happier about it 👍

    51. Jon Hoskins

      Now what is Charlie Brown going to do without a great pumpkin?

    52. Chevy Lover75

      That is a nice gun…

    53. ARGROAS 1

      *bonjour, From what distance did you shot the big melon ?

    54. Mike Barbacovi

      Blowed up good. Blowed up real good.

    55. Sausageaface30

      I’ve been here from 80k subs :)

    56. wudwurkr

      Awesome! Hoping the Welker Family had a vey happy Thanksgiving.

    57. Charles R Lee III

      260 rem for the win!!!!

    58. sLoQ ROFER

      nuevo sistema de fertilizar hahaha

    59. Robin

      3:40 That's something we don't see in Sweden everyday

    60. Dewey Heath

      God Bless to all! It’s just the holidays and I wanna give money out to all You Tubers!

    61. Dewey Heath

      I’m looking for your address to send you your dad and leg arms extra money...

    62. Victor Palmersheim

      i like how you out case over the john deer logo

    63. John Neal

      That was totally B.A.

    64. Me and the Mrs

      Happy Thanksgiving Welkers.

    65. Russell Petrie

      you were only suppose to blow the bloody doors orff

    66. Scott Mulrooney

      Nice suppressor on the rifle!!! I had to watch it twice, wasn't sure when you took the shot as I was multitasking the first time.

      1. Welker Farms

        Those thunserbeast suppressors are top notch!

    67. 208 r.c

      I am so confused. Do you guys make the big buds?

    68. Cooper Cash


    69. Blake Bishop

      Restore the grader

    70. Jim T

      That was awesome... 300,000 is awesome.... and Welker Farms, Inc is awesome! I hope the entire Welker family had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless!

    71. howard8707

      6.5 creedmoor is better haha

      1. Welker Farms

        @howard8707 they do, at like $1600 a pop! Much cheaper to keep shooting 260. But if I could go back and order it with a creed... Then it would have happened.

      2. howard8707

        @Welker Farms desert tech makes barrel conversion

      3. Welker Farms

        If that caliber would have been more mainstream when I was shopping for a rifle I would definitely had done that! Nearly identical to the 260 but much cheaper!

    72. Joseph Hicks

      That was KOOL!

    73. Ethan Gillette

      Awesome video, Nice rifle and nice choice of optic. 👍

    74. the farm boy #101

      im going to be here to help guys get to 1 MIL

    75. Big Meech

      That was totally awesome!!!!!

    76. twothreebravo

      Nick in the 2020 Growing season: "Well we gotta get Big Brute out in this field to knock down this massive population of volunteer squash"

    77. Wikkitt Klown

      Awesome stuff 🤘🤘 pumpkin snot rained from the heavens for days. 👍👍

    78. Michael Russell

      Enjoy Thanksgiving and the time with family.................LOVE THE GUN.

    79. George

      You guys are the coolest. Bitchin' 2nd amendment representation.


      That's a beautiful rifle. Congrats on the 300,000. Maybe have a firearms related video?

    81. Captain Skippa

      wow lol

    82. Parents Basement

      It would've been great if the drone took a hit . i know they dont grow on trees but how many people could say their drone got taken out by high velocity pumpkin guts

    83. JorgenandSandy Hoberg

      Too funny! :-)

    84. Gene Murphy

      COPPA can’t obliterate Pumpkins in PA and a new meaning to share cropping as they shared seeds over several counties

    85. Vern Burke

      Is there a Purple Heart for cameras? LOL

    86. Ash Walton


    87. Ron Harper

      GOD Bless you and GOD Bless America! Hoo-ahh!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    88. andban92

      Well,that's one way of fertilizing your field.

    89. Farming simulator Central

      Love the case skid steer

    90. AJ Deere T680

      That was hilarious lol

      1. AJ Deere T680

        Same back to all the Welkers!

      2. Robert Welker

        Thank you for helping make an awesome year! Blessed Thanksgiving with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👍

    91. Rockin Robbie’s Roadhouse

      Let’s get you to 500000 by seeding 👌🙂

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you for helping make an awesome year! Blessed Thanksgiving with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👍

    92. hauptmann6

      You need to give us more info on the high speed ignition device on patreon. And I hope this doesn't get demonetized.

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you for helping make an awesome year! Blessed Thanksgiving with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👍

    93. Sicktrickintuner

      Tannerite needs 2200fps min at the point of impact.so muzzle velocity of approximately 2500+

    94. Cedric Broussard

      Happy Thanksgiving to yall and have a bless day

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you for helping make an awesome year! Blessed Thanksgiving with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👍

    95. IQTriggerfishy

      So that's how you seed for pumpkin?

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you for helping make an awesome year! Blessed Thanksgiving with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👍

    96. Tim Kuhlwein

      O H

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you for helping make an awesome year! Blessed Thanksgiving with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👍

    97. iBelieve


    98. iBelieve


    99. iBelieve


    100. iBelieve