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    Spraying crop is the second most important operation after planting. Weeds grow fast and quickly overtake crops greatly reducing yield and creating a mess for harvest. Thanks to advancements in herbicide we can selectively remove weeds from our crops without damage. Moving PEAS, moving manure, moving chemical!

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    1. Jack Barry

      Cant believe DeWalt or Milwaukee doesn't send them a grease gun. Also if the gun had a flow meter saying xx CC's of grease has been injected that'd be handy I just try to count

    2. shaggyego

      What is the nose for on the IH sprayer used for? Since the engine is in the back??

    3. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳-----------------------------------🚜---------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘___________🌳_| shut the gate Mate!~ cheers👍 r🕺 Nothing Better than watching a Farmer Harvest a crop after the big drought ended in OZ the Grain hasnt stop flowing 🌾🌾🌾👍🚜

    4. Kevin Klingner

      Theybsay that nick but l have grown summer crops and legumes and hayed blackoats wild oats to get rid of them but they are back just as bad two years.later after growing wheat.

    5. R P

      Did you get a degree? Seem to know alot about weeds and what not I'm sure it comes with experience as well. Just curious.

    6. Corey Bell

      In Australia we fit auto greasers to the Patriots during pre-delivery, makes life easier

    7. graham wuollet

      You would hate Atlanta if you don’t like traffic

    8. Rob Hakeman

      That semi water trailer you have couldn't you rig up a float system and park it by the shack and let it fill while you're out spraying Nick. I had a float deal that I got from the local hardware store and mounted it to the stock tank and hooked it up to the garden hose of the house, this way you don't have to stop and you don't have to worry about it running over. Nick do you have button weeds in Montana. Our main weeds in Our corn and soybeans are sunflowers and button weeds and gypsum weed,and wild pot grows in the ditches.

      1. Robert Welker

        Do have a timer which shuts off the flow.

    9. Rob Hakeman

      Nick if you ever decide to give up your daytime job you can reside to acting you do a pretty good job of it. Hows the lake house coming along, I'm getting excited to see how it turns out. Have you put together a brochure on it at all? I would think you could get Scott's wife to put something together with her artistic skills. I wish I could get your t shirts in a 6x also a cowfaratt one. I think I would of loved one of those seats in my Peterbilt. As they say Ain't no feeling like Peter mobiling !

      1. Robert Welker

        You can see pics of the lake house by searching www.vacasa.com/unit.php?UnitID=38454 Cowfartt available at: tim the dairyman farmer

    10. offroaderdays

      Nick I will have to agree with you, one of my favorite things to do on the farm is spraying also. I like it all, but just something about figuring the rates and chemicals is just satisfying. Oh yeah and the chemical smell.....lol

    11. celli 21

      Legarms I love that tractor more then you do

    12. AcousticTheory

      3:53 That one weed you plucked out right there can be eaten. Just grab enough of them, remove the roots, and wash the leaves, then toss them in with your salad, though they do add bitterness that should be offset by a creamy Ranch or Caesar dressing. They're also sold as "Field Greens".

    13. Donald White

      By the way, what grease do you use in the grease gun.....just curious?

      1. Robert Welker

        Right now harvest king molly

    14. Eger Viktor

      Guten abend. 👍

    15. Terry Mertz

      jeez this crop scouting must have taken place a month ago...would think their spring wheat should be all headed out

      1. Welker Farms

        Took that video last week, we harvest in August 😁

    16. Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service

      I've got a legacy grease gun its a 2 speed the high pressure is like 10,000 psi. And pea size amount. And low pressure is about 1.5 inch long glob...sure is nice for large volume.... Just as fast as a electric. Primes in 2 pumps... Never seen another one...

      1. Jason Jones

        Milwaukee has a nice cordless that runs up 2 10k psi and you can adjust dosage per trigger pull

    17. Kyle Flamand

      I think the fresh water fill is the smaller intake right beside the filling station. :)

    18. mini boy mark gaming

      I just turned my phone

    19. xboxfamer 2

      Nick you should go to Ohio

    20. Brian Casey

      Why no windshields in your side by sides?

      1. Robert Welker

        Probably coming soon

    21. Banzaii 62

      Never knew weed killing was so technical...

    22. Morgan Adair

      If covid doesn't affect your market then this year could be big enough to pay off the new tanks maybe?? I mean they would be scattered all over the farm if they were cheap right. Dad and dog doing the trucking together. Dogs know who need them the most and a long day for dad in a truck is kinda like a say seventeen hundred acre day for Nick i would surmise and it gets tougher every year that we put in. Good luck in Montana from Alaska

      1. Morgan Adair

        @Robert Welker When in doubt, think drowned out... A day of sunshine and we are getting summer then four day rain an sprinkle

      2. Robert Welker

        Thanks Morgan. Hows the moisture in Alaska now?

    23. MAX Invincible

      Can you guys add your Spotify play list in the comments

    24. Robert Cornell

      Anyone else remember when Nick was excited to run the Brute?🤣🤣🤣

    25. zachary arnold

      ATTENTION, WARNING, please read to the end,, our very lives may depend on figuring this out. Please, PLEASE, go outside your house, at dark, turn off all porch lights,, if you have a hand held spot light, strong flash light,, shine it up toward the stars, do you see it ? You will see the night bugs, moths, etc, flying in the light above you,, keep looking, you see it, the tiny, trillions of dust particles, keep watching, it takes longer to focus in on them the first time if air is calm, if have a slight breeze, 2, 3, 5 mph wind, that will shock you, scare you, when you see that dust, or ? Flowing like a river in the air above,, What, WHAT THE HELL IS IT, it only started 3 weeks ago, or that was the first time i noticed it, i am in central montana, we have clean air,, that crap floating in our air, can not be good or healthy, and what is it, is it weaponized smart dust ? Is it that sand, dust from overseas blowing this way ?, if it is, then texas must be real bad, i am not for sure if it is in all states, the entire world ? Here in lewistown mt, it is bad, but it is also strange, can see through it, stars still shine bright, could it be nano sized particles, or heavy metals, like aluminum, barium, lithium ? That came from planes, problem is, they have not really been spraying any here this year, could it be something to do with some volcano close by, like yellowstone, or ? If it is not in your air, then that may answer some,, and you can not see it in daylight, strange,,, i also thought, what if whatever it is, is the real reason they want all wearing mask, but they cant tell us the real truth, because it may scare people, cause real justified mass panic, or re locations, so the goverments, just blame covid 19 for the reason to wear mask, to stay inside,, please look up into your night air,, whatever it is, Is not normal, or good, we are breathing that dust, poison in,, also, the brighter the light, easier, to see, once you see the easier it is to see each time after that, have patience, calm then slight gentle wind, while looking up into the light you will see. LED bulb bright flashlight is best, but regular flashlight does work.. ok i feel i done what i needed to do, warn people.. thanks,,,, and i am sorry we are all having to live and go through all this evil, by literally crazy, insane, depraved elites, doing these things.., and this has only recently started. When it is calm, might need to force wind to see movement, then can see,, to strong of wind may not be able to see ? I have not looked when above 5 mph winds, heck it may be much worse easier to see with stronger winds. Have a good night

    26. Tim Stevens

      Can see to Can't see

    27. KANU S

      Can u tell me which type of irrigation system using in Welker farms ?

      1. Welker Farms

        We don't have any irrigation other than rain 😁

    28. Lee Marchant

      What's the coffee story Nick? I don't recall ever catching the reason for quiting coffee. Not a bad thing at all to do.

      1. Welker Farms

        Found out it was triggering migraines, stayed off for a whole year and no migraines. But I am having some now just to see if my body has recovered from being extra sensative to it.

    29. Bo LeMay

      glad to see you back Nick where have you been and whats with the Helicopter

      1. Robert Welker

        It's a good friend of the boys

    30. Jake

      If you pull down the lever on the bottom of the grease gun it'll show you how much grease is left in it

    31. Jacob Meinema

      Yes the clearance sucks but they ride so much better than 2 seat models of the same type. I have a polaris general 4. It rides like a pillow 😌

    32. Judah Cadwell

      Does it every get annoying seeing the cap out front? do you ever wish it was on the side?

      1. Robert Welker

        Sometimes 😉

    33. Devin Couch

      I have just watched the past 3-4 month videos. Stay safe and God bless!!!

      1. Devin Couch

        Robert Welker yesssss, but I enjoyed them so worth it!!!

      2. Robert Welker

        You need a trophy........or therapy 😁

    34. Stephanie Olson

      is the grain vak a demo or did you buy it

      1. Robert Welker

        Demo....for now

    35. Kaiden Eichberger

      My brother has the same sprayer and there's a compartment spot under the buddy seat to put stuff in. He also has boom lights and an auto greaser, that is nice. You can also fill the clean rinse tank by your product fill, or on top.Good job on the video, keep it up.

    36. Hannah Hutchins

      Keep the 4440

    37. Isaac Rummell

      You only do 7 gallon am acres. We do 15 minimum

      1. Robert Welker

        So far we're able to get by

    38. Marshall Weber

      Awesome Video!!!

    39. Joe Carlson

      Your friend in the helicopter got some rice from a guy in California and planted in your slews.

      1. Robert Welker

        Paddies on the plains 😁

    40. skidudeify

      Wild oats can last 40+ years

    41. Bob Paterson

      Was told that wild oats can lie dormant for couple hundred years 🙄😲 impressive machine that 💪 think it shud be run by the top dog though 🤔😂😂

      1. Robert Welker

        This dog walks more than run 😁👍

    42. DIY Guy

      Zach has just what you need for a grease gun! And plenty of WD-40!

    43. Dan Reichow

      Ohio Farmer I’m spraying with International 756 Pull behind sprayer

    44. Philip Spencer

      Nick, look in the sky behind you at about 5:19. There is a clear face in the clouds 😳 spooky

    45. TTv bigboy 34

      all of you inspired me because me and my dad is working on a farm now

    46. Jerry Kramer

      I know you guys are you huge farm have you looked at the coolamon 200t harvester? It can hold much more grain while waiting for trucks. May not be efficient for your scale..

    47. Trevor Vig

      What is under the hood if the engine is in the back?

      1. Robert Welker


    48. Ryan Den Boer

      Do you ever see any bears there

      1. Robert Welker

        Not yet but coming

    49. J superman

      I thought I heard leg arms tell nick to clean the shop while he was waiting for the water tank to fill up. Crops are looking good. Good job Nick.

    50. Craig Gordon

      Is aerial spraying an option?

      1. Robert Welker

        It is except the air plane can't spray next to a different crop with out the risk of killing it

    51. Dave Brittain

      Nick. I was wondering how fast are you going when you spray? Looks like you are really moving!

      1. Dave Brittain

        @Robert Welker No wonder you guys can get so much sprayed in a day!

      2. Robert Welker

        Over 17 mph

    52. Cranki

      Apply. Applicate is not a verb.

    53. Richard Holdaway

      I've got a can am like that, you should get the half windscreen for it, flicks the air over your head, a lot nicer to drive.

    54. Jonas Fehrmann

      On the place im working here in east Germany most farms are around 10000 acres und we make around 1000acres per day with spraying

    55. Narelle MacPherson

      If you have to really force the grease through the grease points when greasing them with a manual grease gun, then something is wrong 😕 that requires checking

      1. Billy Severt

        not really, pretty typical on heavy equipment if the joint is under load (especially construction equipment)

    56. SuperGoldnut

      Effing weeds. Yesterday one of my daughters friends father got killed while harvesting weeds out of our lake. The weed harvester capsized and he drowned. This was 5 years to the day that my daughters good friend(and neighbor) got killed while boating on the same lake. He was just 10 years old but already making an impact. For his birthday that year he had folks donate to the local animal shelters instead of giving him gifts. He was on a patio boat and went off the front while in motion. He went through the tunnel of death. If you're wearing a vest you can't get away from the prop as the pontoons guide you into it and you can't submerge due to the vest. Yesterday was also the blood drive. Look Up ' Kindness For Christopher' he was really a great kid and I still miss him. He was truly something special. Do something thoughtful for a stranger on the 24th of each month in Chris Jr.’s name. If you don't do it in Christopher's name then just do it to be a good person. Not much gives me greater joy then bringing a smile to a complete stranger Stay within a fence/rail on a patio boat( and never bow ride on any boat.) IT IS THERE FOR A REASON. I hope this message helps atleast one person even though they may not know it

      1. Robert Welker

        Good advice. Tough to hear of such tragedies

    57. James Rounding

      We have a 12V Milwaukee grease gun and it's awesome! I noticed you guys have Ryobi tools and I think they make a cordless electric grease gun now. Also our newest F-350 has the air conditioned seat and after working in the Texas heat it is nice to have that seat. Swamp butt is a thing we deal with here and it sure does help with that. Lol! Thanks for the video!

    58. Anthony Aleksic

      Just wait for Glyphosate resistant Kochia. We have plenty of it in Southern Alberta. We got hailed on hard as well.

      1. Robert Welker

        We also have some resistance

    59. Troy Coffey

      Did you know you can check the grease gun by pulling out the compression rod the further it comes out the more grease you have left

    60. Kaden Teerink

      How many acres do you farm

      1. Robert Welker


    61. Farm Boy

      I thought it was me smelling bad, until Nick said that he needed a shower. (Ha!Ha!)

    62. the ultimate

      How many litres of chemical does the case sprayer hold in the tank

      1. Robert Welker

        It's 1600 gallons or 6000+ liters

    63. Its Kaidin

      I got a dump cart for my mower I can come to your place and haul them peas in one trip!

    64. Glen Fredrickson

      My 4440 sprayer looks nothing like that one Nick is driving... of course that might be because it's a spra-coupe😁

    65. Olaf Schmidt

      12:25 I saw Big Brute waving with it's boom-tip like: "Heeeeeeeeeeellooo! I'm here, too! Remember me???"😥👍🏻

      1. Robert Welker

        We love the Brute ❤

    66. Novak custom harvesting

      I have a Electric grease gun but I never use it. I prefer my (John Deere) manual hand pump guns.

    67. celli 21

      Your guna have such a good crop your still guna have to fill the building lol

      1. Robert Welker

        Could happen

    68. PIPER DOUG

      Jeepers, i remember doing 1000acre in a day with a 60ft 4whl Melroe coup at 5gal with foam marker, ah the dark ages, lol

      1. Robert Welker


    69. Griffen Denys

      “3 tanks of fuel for 1 tank of DEF” Our case 340 is almost the opposite of that

      1. Jason Jones

        Load dependent, have seen my trucks go forever on 1 load of def and then when conditions changed drink def like fuel

      2. anthonybinning

        Hillbilly Hockey player def usage is really dependent on temps and humidity. Also load/ rpm. Tier 4a also used less then b usually

    70. TOW BALL

      I thought you were joking about driving the Defender up on the silo base . What shocked me even more was you launching it of the other side ..lol Great vlog by the way

    71. Marty Watson

      Our farm is doing around 1400 acres of organic yellow peas. Do you guys ever rotary hoe your peas or chickpeas to help break up the crust? Thanks for the great videos.

      1. Robert Welker

        Not yet. They seem to push through

    72. Isac Shephard

      I have always been told to run at least 10 gallons of solution and some chemicals take up too 20 to do decent job.

      1. Isac Shephard

        Right now roundup is kinda a dead chemical in cotton due to the fact that we have had some resistance build up to round up. We are using glufosinate (Liberty) which is a contact killer so you have to make sure every part of the plant gets covered or you wind up with weeds that are almost impossible to get rid of. That’s why we like to run the large water rates.

      2. Robert Welker

        Roundup likes bigger droplets so 5 seems to work

    73. Roy Sapough

      Look at the cloud on the left side of the screen at 5:12. Is someone watching you?

    74. David Schlecht

      Almost like an airplane heading down the runway as you head those booms down the field and a respectable amount of acreage coverd. Tell Case IH leave the sprayer there!👍

      1. Robert Welker


    75. Aaron Wilton

      Hey nick do you know that the spring loaded ram on the bottom of the grease gun if you pull that back it tells you how much grease is left in the gun ?

    76. Paul Fabre

      How does the Case 4400 maneuver through the crop without squishing it? Or is a certain amount of squished plants part of the cost of spraying the majority?

      1. Robert Welker

        Most recover

      2. anthonybinning

        Paul Fabre it’s some loss for the greater good

    77. Harvey Stephens

      Busy busy. We’d night 6/24. Y’all getting some nice rain. Hope it’s general and getting all planted acres

    78. William Paige

      Please put on captions we are deaf love your show farm stuff need put on captions

    79. Zach Dreger

      If you lightly pull the handle at the bottom it will stop and that will tell you how much is left!

    80. Bill Csepi

      What would happen if you fed a combine a tree

      1. Robert Welker

        It might bark

    81. James Wilson

      We can only get around 700 acres a day here. Our area 15-20 gpa is common rate

    82. Cedric Broussard

      Beautiful machine!

    83. Ben Hall

      I've seen velvet leaf seeds that have been in the ground for 100 years that are still viable!

    84. Zues Toots

      Battery powered grease guns are only really good for something with tracks. makes track tension adjustments easy.

      1. Billy Severt

        any heavy equipment (excavators, backhoes, dozers, etc.) really because of weight, stubborn fittings, etc.; especially when they're in the mud all the time and fittings get clogged or rusty.

    85. Dan Finley

      Thanks for the nice video fields look good have a blessed day

    86. David Waggoner

      Wouldn’t crop rotation help control the pest weeds?

      1. Robert Welker

        We are integrating a 4 year cycle rotating grass types and pulses

    87. James Mitchell

      All ways like seeing the Red farm equipment👍🏻

    88. Benjamin Dickey

      Vented seats


      Do you grow corn and/or soybean in your region?? Greetins from Argentina.


        @MT CelticHarper thank very much.

      2. MT CelticHarper

        Hello Argentina! No, it is far too dry for those crops. No irrigation and only 10 inches of rain a year.

    90. James Davis

      Wtwma.com Iceflares.com Weathermodificationhistory.com Weathergenerator.net Geoengineering Governance technology Policy Effects you

    91. Paul Erwin

      I must be getting close to being ripe ... I used to be 6'-2" now I'm 6'-0" 🤔

    92. Damon Ens

      Electric grease guns are nice but you can't feel if things are taking grease or not and they make a huge mess cause by the time you realize you got enough grease, it's all coming out or bearings are over greased

    93. Stanley Baker

      I want international truck,PLEASE! LOL 😄😄😄😄😄

    94. Irene Silvers

      Very nice video, Thank you.

    95. New York Vagrant

      Well. Nothing ever goes according to plan.

    96. Kent Zastrow

      Better keep the cannon close in case the Canadian air force gets lost...

    97. Robert Reznik

      Around here if a custom sprayer did 1700 acres in a day that would be $8,400 for the spraying and then charging $3,500 for getting the chemical over what we buy it for in the winter. That must be where the money is when farming.

    98. Nebraskan Assassin

      Hey fellers always love the videos

    99. Alan Stant

      Cant make money of the weeds guys so they must go lol.

    100. Dale Leonard Sr.

      OMG...I stopped to write my comment,returned,and just could not finish. Please,Take a few notes from your Dad,More Farm & Field and less talking. Again I'm sorry if your offended..Leave the comedy to the comedians and keep your day job.