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    Loftness grain bagger has been working like a charm. Plus we get into some of the best wheat yields we've seen in a long time! And Hollywood gets demoted to the combine, BEASTBINE!
    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. DasShaten

      Have they ever explained why there using the grain bags???

      1. Lennis Sytsma


      2. taylor

        @Welker Farms check the fuse at the moisture sensor auger motor needs to be a 5 amp. if it is bigger it will blow the 10 amp fuse that you are blowing in the cab

      3. SectumSempra

        @R J that tells me you never dumped a bag 😆 loved harverting and trucking in Montana, sure dont miss bags.

      4. Rob Hakeman

        Yes they have they want the cement to cure more cuz if they fill the bin the cement will start cracking and they don't want that

    2. cronje van der merwe

      Please do a vid about your child hood and when u grow up as siblings

    3. Tony Loftness

      Nice bagger👍

    4. Engine 301

      The engine is breaking wow

    5. Get Probed

      maybe its defective chinese fuses...they just pop for no reason...even at night when the combine is shut off and everyone is snuggled up in bed...

    6. no pet1749

      Throwing seeds out the back I thought only JD did that LOL I came here and sub from Zack

    7. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    8. Sw1 Moco

      Love you guys!

    9. Robert Payne

      My dad started farming in 1955 full-time he had share-cropped prior to that for my grand dad the year I was born 56 he started raising rice medium grain he had bought a JOHN DEERE 95-B COMBINE 13FT header medium grain rice yield was about 130 bushels per acre had a heavy rainstorm with lots of wind on 40 acre field completely lodged flat as pancake... he had no grain cart and the rice dryer was about 35 miles one way.. there was no variable speed contro on the header reel and the 95-B had an raspbar cylinder. Took him 45 days to cut that 40 acres..the rice line was usally a 3 hour turnaround so one to 2 loads aday was about all you could cut and haul. Down rice you have to cut in the same direction as it lays.. he also had to dead head the combine out to the turn row to dump each time..My Mom drove a 1954 R-170 International 1&1/4 ton Bob truck with a 200 bushel bed to the rice dryer...Good ole days Hummmpft!!!

    10. Warning track power

      1:00 he said nice big hole

    11. Not You

      Use a bigger fuse! If u run out of fuses, a threaded rod works good too. It will let you find the short circuit 4 sure! Have a fire extinguisher handy though.

    12. Solid Farmer

      Can you re use those same bags? I hope so.

    13. Jacob Fongemie

      4:00 is the obs for sale

    14. Qbuk

      how big is the area you`re harvesting ?

    15. Adam Time

      Nice flag on the combine

    16. Bill Bloggs

      Just the best commentary! And the drone footage excellent - a drone video 'stand alone' would be much appreciated even if a little shorter in length - enjoyed!!

    17. Herb Houston

      How many acres of grain do you have?

    18. Motor521

      Like the epic music at the end!

    19. Stanley Roberts

      Great viedo

    20. Brandon Shirley

      I had a golden retriever we had competition who got more grounds every year me with gun or the dog chasing them down before they got to the hole the dog always won had for 14 years miss him

    21. Poelmaatjuhh -

      5:40 that thing measures the ground speed😅😅

    22. iBelieve


    23. Out House

      Am automated greaser??????

    24. Daniel Kintigh

      Those drone shots never get old, keep up the great works on both the farm and the camera work - you guys are killing it

    25. Matthew Burchell

      welker I really do like your video's but your voice is so strong its hard to hear you sometimes. like I said I like your video's , the voice thing is just me i'm sure.

    26. Dixie Farmboy

      Okay, Beastbine is 7 years old. _7_ 2013 does not feel like it was that long ago

    27. Dixie Farmboy

      Wiggles has the Binder, Hollywood has Brute, LegArms has Beastbine, and Bossman has Coby (Cody?). Beastbine might have fat tires but Clifford has the love of a dad and his dog so Clifford is the better combine by default

    28. Dixie Farmboy

      Bossman and Cobers is the true definition of the Dad and the dog he didn't want

    29. Russ Roepke

      Curious... what is with the bright red stripe on the American Flag?? Russ

    30. Nick Bayer

      I'll be curious to see y'all's process for getting the grain out of the Grain Bag

    31. Mike Bonnett

      You want too see something go through the diesel fuel check out the self propelled choppers chopping corn they are putting 300 ton of corn stalks and cobs through a 1mm-1 1/2mm slot in the kernel processor which is basically two steel drums with knobs or spikes that put a hole in every kernel that goes through the machine they will go through 400 gallons of diesel fuel in less than a day it is awesome the power being used

    32. quint greenwalt

      Clean out your moisture sensor auger. It is located on the backside of your clean grain elevator. It will probably solve your fuse issue.

    33. Ottie Otter

      What happened to the case patriot

      1. Robert Welker


    34. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. pas mal,le principe de graissage.joli le steiger,on vous le prete pendand les moissons;ou vous l' avez acheter.pierre france .congratulations.

    35. Trenton Cramer

      It looked like you had 2 big bruits

      1. Robert Welker


    36. Sylvain Hinschberger

      First of all, thanks so much for your "awesome" videos. Now that you may have more time to talk about agriculture in general, I, as a French farmer (gardener should I say from your point of view! 😊😊😊) would be interested to know more about your view of the future of your farm. Are there opportunities (acreage) to develop your operation? How far (distance) from your place would you accept to farm? Custom work or other? Price of the land or renting??? I think that would be an interesting topic. Sylvain, from France

      1. Robert Welker

        We are open for more land to farm but would like it to be within 15 miles

    37. Destruction Mv3

      When the big bud 747 tires were being changed they said they were going to visit the Williams brothers... If they do they will be impressed.

    38. David Dempsey

      I see a spinning shaft between the tractor and grain cart. Are the tracks on the cart powered?

      1. Robert Welker


    39. jan Frankena

      1!Never did this bud darn i like to do it one's harvest the best what a farmer can working on!

    40. Matthew Mann

      Its official. Today is my birthday and I have my first piece of Welker Farms Merch!!!

      1. Robert Welker


    41. stumpjumper 2140

      I know of a chap he use to drive an old Clayton 5 of them in line one behind the other you would get sacked on the spot if there was a wiggle in your straw row they had to be plum straight no auto pilot in the 70s a Robert 😁👍👍 good to hear 60 bushel all down the the rain fall you would love 36 inch of rain 😂😂😂 nice work Hollywood on the cam shots, happy harvest💪👏👍😁

    42. Lora Schrock

      Great video. Love the drone view and the sunset.


      1992 was wet for us. I went and bought a grain cart and dad thought I was wasting my money. Turns out we ran every acre through that cart. One of the wettest years I've seen...///

    44. Lance Dever

      Nick interesting on the clutch. Has your sales person not explained how it works. I saw one other comment and he is correct. Sit in seat stroke clutch and then take out of park and put in forward or reverse. It will not kill the engine. Or kick out the transmission. Not that I never forget it! Still a lot of muscle memory left in my left foot.

    45. CoryRaboin

      AWESOME camera work Nick. Thanks for the videos.

    46. Travis Clapper

      I love that Toby loves carrots, I have a cat that eats ice burg lettuce lol.

    47. Allan Moulton

      Do you guys spray your wheat with accelerant to speed up the harvest time?

      1. Robert Welker

        No. We don't use harvest aids

    48. Honey Pots Beez

      Keep up the good work Coby !!

    49. Zeek Durhman

      Congrats! Seeing you guys do well , blesses us all!

    50. calitrainman

      In the 90's is when the scientist were saying we were in for a Ice Age. Fast forward 30 years and now they say we are in a warming trend. Anyone see the trend THEY "scientist " Have NO CLUE

      1. Robert Welker


    51. Lars Stork

      Can someone please explain why you have to use your blinkers on the road. You have your blinking lights on the roof. I just don't understand that rule because we don't have that in Germany 🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Robert Welker

        In the field it's to tell the truckers/cart that combine is almost full. On the road it's a warning that a very wide load is coming.

    52. Bob Paterson

      Must be a border collie trait my old collie wud choose a carrot before a bone 🦴 in fact he loved all vegetables 👍👍

    53. Chef Cody Vatland

      Can welker farms or anyone tell me what kind of dog Coby is?

      1. Robert Welker

        A Border Collie and Australian Shepard mix

    54. Greg Whetham

      Next combines will be tribines

    55. Scott Staples

      They dont have the shelter space yet.

    56. sledstorm1

      You have a chafed wire some where.

    57. Ronald foster

      I know it's not very common but try putting it in gear without the clutch. Our own steigers are pretty smooth doing it that way. If not the tractor will tell you to push the clutch before it will move. Just need a little rpm to make it work

    58. 4020 john deere

      Thank you dad and the dog

    59. Pettson 07

      I loooove the dog! Hes so funny, o and the rest of the channel

    60. Chad Smith

      FYI - Flip side is a reference to vinyl records being flipped to play the other side. Kids!! LOL.

    61. Brent Fulk

      With 89,000 lbs in the grain cart. Then one full grain cart can completely fill one grain trailer. True?

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes, the trailer can take at least 1100 bus so easily fills it.

    62. Joseph Hicks

      Our puppies have trained themselves to hear and react to the sound plastic lunch bags too.

    63. Brian Pelletier

      Love story time with Dad! ...needs to be a regular segment. Also, need to hear a bit more from Leg Arms. Doing a great job Nick!!!

    64. Durby24 _yt

      How you get the stuff out of the bags?

      1. Robert Welker

        With a specialized auger

    65. SCS Sarge

      your dog is a bugs bunnyrabbittttt.

    66. Leon van der Weide

      "Im gonna dump in him" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand demonetized xD

      1. Leon van der Weide

        Oh and those cinematic shots were off the chart once again! Beautiful!

    67. Gamer Hyde

      Hi I play your framing sim 17 map

    68. Brian Walsingham

      I was delivering a truck to Calgary a few weeks ago and was headed up I-15 for the first time. I saw Shelby, MT on a roadside sign and immediately started looking for the Welker Farm. Y’all live in a beautiful area of the country.

      1. Robert Welker

        You passed some land we farm heading north of Shelby. Thanks and stay safe

    69. Purple Monkey Dishwasher

      Any relation to Lawyer and Former Senator Herman Orville Welker?

      1. Robert Welker

        Would need to check lineage tree. Very possible

    70. richardj ellis

      Hi lads. Quick question... Do you REALLY need someone in the grain bag tractor.? Can't you just leave the brakes off and the bagger do the forward control.? Rich UK 😘

      1. Robert Welker

        just to keep a straight bag line.

    71. richardj ellis

      🤣🤣 lunchbox 🤣🤣 That was funnyA🤬. Love it🥰🥰🥰🥰

    72. boomerang379

      My five year old Catahoula (Tex) has been riding with me since I brought him home when he was a puppy. Tractors, 18 wheelers, combines, he don’t care as long as he’s riding with me. I do a lot of gps precision land leveling for irrigation and I put 1000 plus hours a year on my tractor moving dirt. Ol Tex has put almost all 6500 hours in riding with me.

    73. F12Mahon

      Technology has come a long way. My dad had a Massey Harris 72 open station. 13 foot header on it. Was quite the machine in it's day. He had a wire ear corn crib built with a 14 foot drive through so he could park the combine inside . It was only used for oats and soybeans.

    74. Rod Pasichnyk

      How old is ur pooch?

      1. Rod Pasichnyk

        Prime rabbit/gopher dog!

      2. Robert Welker

        4 years

    75. Brett Willborn Sr.

      At 21:00 He said " It's like throwing money up in the air. " I wonder if that is what it feels like to buy green !!! Lol.

      1. Robert Welker

        That's funny

    76. Jonathan Wayman

      Bread, doughnuts, waffles, now I’m hungry. Look what you did!!

    77. stumpy2816

      👍👍 Carrot loving dog. Love it❤️

    78. Dan Finley

      Drone footage is awesome

    79. Luke Rinaldi

      Did you guys buy the cart and tractor?

      1. Robert Welker

        no demo.......😢

    80. Dan Finley

      What a awesome dog coby is truly a best friend he loves riding with your pops and making sure he keeps the rabbits away bless you all love this channel

    81. Dylan McIntire

      You guys should move the episode counter from the right bottom to the left bottom in your thumbnail because it gets cut off by the video legnth indicator.

    82. jeremy chesnutt

      As a professional FF Paramedic I love the thin red line flag.

      1. theda850two

        Good for you. You might want to read the "Flag protection act of 1968". Thanks for what you do ♡♡♡

    83. Lennis Sytsma

      What a sense of history and calmness that Dad Welker gives us!

    84. Ryan Mcdermott

      We used to turn on the fans when we filled bins, it blew some of the chaff out. Worked way better on the bins with spreaders in them. Helped clean the grain up just a little more

    85. salty 101

      Bob and Cody too. best part of the video.

    86. Blueclan_Emperor

      Do you guys own the grain cart or do you just rent it?

      1. Robert Welker


    87. taylor

      check the fuse at the moisture sensor auger motor needs to be a 5 amp. if it is bigger it will blow the 10 amp fuse that you are blowing

      1. Robert Welker

        Ok , thanks

    88. Davie McCallum

      What do you do with your straw do you get other farms in to bail it or do you just chop it up.

      1. Robert Welker

        just leave it on the soil to help build back organic material

    89. Farm Cinema

      Instead of using the clutch just put it in Foward from park. It’ll automatically start for you!! No clutch needed haha!

    90. Ronald Geer

      Fires out? Happy you aren’t fighting fires and smoke.

    91. Manny Wallace

      All diesels could be running on hemp seed oil.

    92. Thomas Ridinger

      Food from a brothers hand is a good thing.

    93. Logan YouTube

      Have you guys ever made flour from your own wheat?

      1. MT CelticHarper

        Yes, including Bob's famous sourdough waffles!

      2. Welker Farms

        Absolutely, it is fantastic

    94. Bowen Donaldson

      sweet video


      what happened to patriot???

      1. Robert Welker

        was a demo....gone 😢

    96. Dev

      i mean, the 620 is nice, but no black smoke is a disappointing

    97. Isaac Schute

      Omg Cole the cornstar is catching up in Subscribers 😱

      1. Robert Welker

        They are. Met them, fun group.

    98. Brad Hickey

      what does each grain bag cost? didn't know if it's expensivr like plastic for bales .

      1. Robert Welker

        About .07 per bushel. 300' bags hold 13K

    99. The gaming channel

      Why don’t you guys make any straw? There’s huge money in that these days with shroom farmers buying it all up beef farmers are having trouble getting any atleast in Leamington Ontario that’s the case

      1. Robert Welker

        We need the residue. Already short on organic material in the soil.


      I admit that the first video I saw where Cody was riding on the steps that I went into my *Superman Animal Rescuer* persona. I was all prepared to swoop in and rescue an animal who probably has a better life than even my own animals. Funny, because I was raised on the farm but left home when I 18 because, well, you know, 18 year old's know everything, don't they? We always had dogs and they would follow me and my cousins everywhere we went. We did stupid, crazy things and they were right there with us. They could hone in on a rattlesnake long before we were in danger of stepping on it. I don't know whether they could smell it or hear it or see it, maybe all three. But we had to try to keep them off of it while one of us disposed of it because they were very protective of us and they would definitely rip that snake apart and usually get bit while doing it. The end result of that is a horrible thing to watch. Tuffy, our oldest dog had been bitten so many times that he eventually developed an immunity to their venom and didn't even swell up anymore! But he was always quick to put himself between me and any danger that he sensed and every dog that we had was just like that. It's great to have a good dog and vice versa. Every dog needs good humans. Carry on Cody and keep loving life!