They REJECTED our PEAS! Mold? Moisture? Not fun...

Welker Farms

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    We had our hopes up that our building of peas could be cleaned out and equipment stored inside but that all ended when two trucks from entirely different storage on our farm were rejected. It is not great to spend hours prepping trucks, filling them, and then turn around and dump them back in the same spot they came from. But it isn't the end of the world as hanging onto the peas longer could mean better prices in the future.
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    1. Stephen Coster

      Hiya, talking of waking up;- A mum wakes her son, " Come on get up or you'll be late for school!" "Don't want to go to school... All the kids hate me, the teachers hate me, even the dinner ladies hate me... give me one good reason why???" "Ok said mum, you're the headmaster! (Principle!)... Stay safe... Steve...

    2. Carol Pfau


    3. Rand Thompson

      In my experience, ether is crack to a diesel, once they have it they want it all the time and theres no way of breaking them from it. ('58 Fordson Major)

    4. Lisa Lister

      Were you able to get rid of those peas?

    5. Ronald Piper

      I am leaving illinois. Headed i have a no jake breaks sign. Lol

    6. Tom B.

      It felt good to watch a winter video in August.Even my finger tips were chilled. Thanks again for the watch

    7. Seán O'Nilbud

      Why put those mouldy peas back in storage?

    8. Tony Ackerman

      Patience and perseverance and a whole lot of prayer, the motto of farmers everywhere

    9. Drew Hermiller

      Hey can I work for u wen I grow up I love your videos please

    10. Marcus Koone

      Already watched this one a few times. The cold start on the lil case, chills every time.

    11. Mark Arnott

      🌳_________________________________🚜________🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_____________________________🦘___________|🌳straya Cheers!

    12. Tony Ackerman

      Things always wearing out, breaking. That is what I remember so often on the family farm in Belgrade way back when...

    13. Spud Digga

      I get a lot of satisfaction in knowing I’m not the only farmer who has problems one after the other. Keep at it guys 🤟

    14. Michael Broadhead

      That sucks when everything goes against you at one time. It's cool to see the never give up attitude. I grew up helping a little on my uncle's farm and always enjoyed it. Some of me wishes I would have went into farming. I love watching you guys and the Millinial Farmer. Keep the good attitude up and great videos coming. Oh, one more question...Do you guys all live on the same, compound you might say, or live in different locations?

    15. mickey christensen

      You need to check out the Audew 2000 jump starter. I started 4 vehicles Witout batteries. Then a job backhoe plus a Volvo semi all on same charge. You should check it out

    16. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      (2) pair of jumper cables ( in parallel) always work better to transfer voltage when jumping from another cold engine.

    17. Daniel Oshea

      Your patience far exceeds mine. I would have been screaming like a Sailor with terets syndrome half way through the day.

    18. Daniel Johnston

      I have forgotten how cold Montana is. Used to play Shelby all the time in sports in high school in the 80’s... (Simms Tigers). I miss home!

    19. Josh Swyers

      What are these yellow peas used in or for? We don’t have peas here in Ohio. Love the videos.

    20. Mark Witzel

      Wear safety gear when climbing on the bins! Think of your family. And buy extra gloves. Shove them on all your coats so you’ll most likely have a pair when needed.

    21. Roy D Mercer

      It’s not the fall that will get you! It’s the landing! Lol

    22. Ron Anderson

      Thank you for sharing! here is a tip for the best penetrating fluid I discovered and very low price. Use SYNTHETIC, not regular power steering fluid, and mix 50/50 with acetone. I found this works better than anything I have tried. I believe it will work for you.. Further if you have a rusted bolt and cannot use a flame, try an induction heater coil, they come in different sizes. .

    23. CSR Livestock

      I remember this radio interview I listened to while driving to a cattle sale (Salebarn) in the 70s, there were about three of us in the car, two were cattle buyers and I was the auctioneer. The reason we were interested was this Farmer had won $40,000 in a lottery, big news back then as we were suffering from a terrible cattle slump, cattle prices were at rock bottom, fat steers were worth at best $25. To win $40,000 was like wining a million dollars back in the 70s. The question to the Farmer by the interviewer was what will you do with the $40,000, without hesitation he responded " Keep on farming until its all gone". I know now how true that statement was, the only way I have found to make money raising cattle / farming is when you sell the farm.

    24. Steven Mccullough

      I feel for your problems but . . . it is nice to know that you are on a pretty much level playing field when it comes to dealing with the everyday breakdowns that farming presents. That said, you had a pretty crappy time of it for a while and handled it like a pro (all while holding a camera). Thanks for sharing.

    25. Andrew Haid

      what a bummer.

    26. Bob S.

      i can not believe that i just watched a video about your straps ,, and being safe ,,, then u climbed that bin WITHOUT that harness on ... why talk about safety if your not going to promote it in other videos.

    27. Timber Tramp

      I kid you not! When you said you were going to leave it to warm myself, “yeah until the turbo runs away” then contemplated how I’d block the air If it happened....😳😳😳I gotta go by a powerball!

    28. Robert Ironside

      Peas seem to be a pain in the butt eh? Touchy about just about everything at the other end eh?

    29. Jim Jonrs

      Farming 101, just dig a hole put in a seed, cover it and watch it grow. No brains required........ Mike Bloomberg presidential candidate.

    30. We R Everywhere

      So easy a billionaire politain global elitest can do it. With only a shovel, some seeds and water.. Trump2020

    31. MiddleEastMilli

      When you keep loosing your gloves........time to put them back on a string and through your coat sleeves like when we were little tikes. You need them (and you sure have bigger fish to fry)! :) God bless you all!

    32. Brett Johnson

      Probably ice in the bottom of your oil bath air cleaner

    33. Rob Butterfield

      never ending issues w/ the elevator folks. Same here in Ohio

    34. David White

      Hi amazon affiliate link

    35. Adam Kitcher

      We had a ford county super six on a log splitter once with a good engine and it started blowing oil up the exhaust pipe ,but our new Holland dealer said it was because the weather was cold and the engine was nt working hard .so when I finished ,I put a loaded trailer on and went for a drive up some of our Dorset hills .After a couple of miles it was running clean again and no oil up the exhaust.After that I always covered the radiator when on light duties and had no more problems.

    36. MRnoob MRnoob

      dont you have glow plugs in the u.s? XD

    37. cody krehbiel

      Why do u guys run adapters on the pto it doesn't make sense

      1. Welker Farms

        What is your solution? Buy different pto drive lines? And swap them out when you swap tractors? That doesn't make sense.

    38. joshua meyers

      I live in Wisconsin. I feel your winter pains.

    39. Kevin Stein

      I'm a city boy so maybe this is a dumb question but what kind of peas are they? I thought peas were green.

    40. Galen Detlor

      at 8:37 your tank has a hole the size of a pen

    41. Doug Godsoe

      Thanks for the glimpse into your life. Deeply appreciated. As you were walking in the snow, I heard the crunch that only happens below -10 Celsius, and I thought it must be pretty cold out. Then, you said it was 13 Fahrenheit, and I chuckled on the the inside. God bless;whatever gods you believe in.

    42. Mike Horton

      The bit on top of the grain bin scared the crap outta me and my hands feel frostbit!!

    43. Cameron Velthuis

      I love that auger setup. Haven’t seen anything like it.

    44. Michael Davis

      Always something isn't it? Think that's why I enjoy it so much, it's never dull!

    45. Damon Ens

      So Nick, if you had a 10" auger would that be faster?

    46. Harvey Stephens

      What the plan for turbo fix? Be another good video for you and LegArms. Looking forward to seeing it!!!

    47. john allen

      I am impressed with how well you take the daily "setbacks" you seem to face on an operation your size. I can't help but believe editing out the expletives is a time consuming process. I love the straight up way you tell your story.

    48. Thomas Halliday

      The joys of farming, Great videos, keep them coming.

    49. fanobennemsi

      Man, farming is demanding on body and soul! Gotta love it.

    50. Demolition Cam

      What’s the point of the pipe on the grain vac if it’s pto ran

    51. SlenderExe

      26:23 best moment of the video

    52. NoMoCrazyCow

      26:22 Leg Arms you are correct!!! That is a VERY Amazing sound!!!

    53. M Whitelaw

      Frozen tarps Oh the fun!!! Best of luck with those peas

    54. Eric Ramos

      I ran a 60's vintage C960 loader, briefly. It had 2 sticks (one for the boom, the other for the bucket) and it was the funnest machine EVER. And went anywhere. And, I also had to pound the pins once in a while, lol

    55. Frank Woodward

      Cool the old JD rolling coal on a cold day to bad she sprang a leak

    56. Kyle Reeping

      Man what a rough... week. Hope things have gone better in the last 2 since this video was made. Also, I'm surprised to see farming equipment isn't overbuilt (the grain elevator bracket thing) to prevent needless and untimely repairs.

    57. Shaggy Dogg

      What did you do with the moldy peas?

    58. Hank Clingingsmith


    59. eddie mccullough

      Sounds just like this farm. I hear what have you got planned....ya can you plan ??

    60. Saber Tooth Duck

      Family first

    61. Callsign_Aces

      Legarms: "The most amazing sound." *A10 warthog fly-by*

    62. Jerry Kinnin

      what kind of "peas" are you farming?

    63. Tony Mckeage

      Don't grow peas they are a terrable crop

    64. Randall Midgley

      Now there's a lesson in patience, 🙄😂, not something I'm blessed with it seems, I find cussing tales the edge off😎

    65. cobrasvt347

      Cummins seem to always start easy in the cold compared to other diesels. Gotta love em

    66. Gilbert Franklin

      I know you were suffering from the bad news. But please consider what this video did to me. When you had the first load of peas rejected, I got very depressed - so I took one of my wife's pills for depression. Then when the tractor threatened to run away, I was overtaken with anxiety - so I took one of my sister-in-law's anxiety pills. But when things got worse, I was sitting on the edge of my chair and my back started hurting bad - so I took a pain pill. I tried to eat something, but the problem with climbing the ladder in the cold without gloves gave me indigestion, so I took a purple pill. My doctor said that having a strong drink after this video, with all those pills in me, just about ended my happy days forever. So, you think you had problems, eh? 🥴😲😫

    67. 57fitter

      I have too many days just as productive as this!

    68. Samuel

      you need to buy a grain dryer Nick.

    69. Raynona Bohrer

      Crazy video, did you feel like you is going in circles? I hope you have better days.

    70. joe sears

      What did early farmers do about fusarium in grains. Was it detectable, was it removed in the cleaner. Grain dryers are newer equipment I’m guessing. New farmer needs to know thanks

    71. Bryan

      Reminds me of the good old days hauling spuds around the Tri Cities area of Washington State. Back into the shed, fill the trailer, bust out to the processor, repeat. Once thing I noticed, was Nick crawling on top of the load to tarp and I wondered if you ever thought of rigging ropes on it so you could pull it from ground level? That's what we did on our tubs that didn't have the electric ones.

    72. Duane Cotter

      Farm 101 . Moisture content of your product

    73. Gustav n

      i have a small feeling its murphys law on peas and trucks and tractors and what ewer... :-D

    74. Radek S

      Out of them all, this one was the saddest! And Guys, NEVER GIVE UP! Just LOVE IT!!!!

    75. Adam Bixby

      I love the sound of that international!

    76. Dan Finley

      Thanks for another great video bless you all

    77. Dangerously Hydrated This what they should do if their peas keep getting rejected

    78. CurrentChoices

      Keep SMILING!!!!

    79. KCAA TV

      Well, At least you are making a little money from KGup

    80. rem32001

      Nick you have to get one of these. Starts even the dearest of trucks.

    81. Mrdan

      You need some kind of safety harness when climbing around those tanks attach to the rungs of the ladder above you going up the ladder

    82. Debbie Meyer

      What is that black stripe in the mound?

    83. JW

      man!!! being on top of that Bin fixing that auger is for sure a Butt Clincher!

    84. Paul Parker

      I guess your ok even though your a Case guy.

    85. Bob

      I farm in Northern Alberta,, not at the same scale you do but Its interesting to see that the insanity is universal,,, keep on keeping on guys

    86. Chris D.

      God bless all the farmers

    87. ke6gwf - Ben Blackburn

      Before limping a tractor with a blown turbo seal back, remove the intake screen and be prepared to choke it if it runs away lol

    88. hardlyableacres/rsh

      You will have to take time for the funeral!

    89. George Rydberg

      Please explain why elevators take different moisture levels.

    90. T F

      We got the same auger. 13 inch it for 18k brand new. Guess they went out of business and we lucked out. Shakes more than our Westfields do...but it has a reverser and access panels everywhere.

    91. shakenbaked3

      go pick up a harness and dog leash.....tie off when you transition to the top of the bin.....especially when it's frosty / snowy.

    92. Jacob Nulisch


    93. heartland96a

      With your need to jump so many vehicles it would seem to be a good idea to go to military style slave cables and connectors ,yeah a one time conversion that's not difficult and each vehicle should have a cable

    94. Yoloswag412 Gaming

      Im making a model truck of ur international, the model has so much details like it we had to assemble tge engine because its so detailed

    95. Brad Hickey

      Elevators are funny. I hauled load of corn to adm one time the load got rejected do alpha toxins. Drove out the plant around the block got back in the line of trucks. Waited in line for 30 minutes and they took the load lol.

    96. Scott Bopp

      Bad design on the Harvest International auger. We use duct tape on our, but always have to watch it to make sure it doesn’t leak. Useless

    97. Ham68

      Our old JD 3010 used to do that during the winter time as well. JohnDeere informed us that's called "slobbering". Engine just needs a hard pull against that engine. Sucks about the peas. Cheers :)

    98. Deep River

      Goin to town!! An event!!

    99. Richie Caelwarts


    100. Waterman one

      Nice video, lots of repairs, Do you have a tool truck to go to the different equipment or bins that need repair? Thanks