Lake House Renovation Part 2|Texturing The Ceiling

Welker Farms

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    Now that paint is going on and lights are being installed we can see our vision become a reality! The LED lights absolutely changed the dark rooms into beautiful well lit living spaces. Paint can do wonders to a home. All the brown trim and paneling are painted and the dated old carpet removed. These projects are slow going but before you know it things come together and all one can say is, "wow that looks good!"
    There is much to do still so sit back and enjoy as more episodes of this gem of a property make its way to you!
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    1. Welker Farms

      Here is the link to the LED lights used.

      1. Lynn AkaFarmOkie

        You look like you can barely stand up in that house. The ceiling looks low.

      2. Mark McKinley

        Probably too late now, but those type of lights usually have low voltage extension cables available. Can help when old wiring too short for where the light is to go. Just hook box to existing wiring then extend with the low voltage.

      3. Matthew Dutton

        Welker Farms Inc have you sold the farm?

      4. Dawsons farming videos K

        Can you change the LED’s one it’s all finished and make a episode of the tour please

      5. Mark Stratton

        That color temperature will approximate a slightly dimmed standard incandescent light bulb.

    2. mfanwe Likeit

      I love that copper backsplash

    3. Richard Stevens

      The phrase is anyway not anyways

    4. Richard Stevens

      Better stick with farming.

    5. Roy Scarbrough

      I would plan on having at least 24 inches of insulation in the attic-but more is better as long as you have air space above it. Blessings

    6. Daniel Johnston

      Six months he said... it’s June 8th now, GO (Covid 19 said NO... :( )

    7. Olaf Schmidt

      Poor Scott! Thank god he's not as hairy as me...😉👍🏻

    8. Eric Works!

      Just swallow hard and know you made the right decision for your family and future generations. We built our own home in Mn from scratch renting machinery, digging septic, foundation, blockwork, framing, etc... the whole thing. BUT now retired at 56 from corporate world and can enjoy all that hard work 25 years ago. Nobody said we could do it but as you guys already know you don't get somethin for nothin. Enjoy watching your progress and best of luck with the lake house, your family deserves the success. God Bless.

    9. Gavin Perry

      How did “Leg Arms” get the itchy job of crawling around in the attic insulation when that should have been Nick’s job since he is smaller plus he is co-owner with his wife.😅🕸🚿💡

    10. Barbara Kelly

      Yuck! Textures ceilings are the worst!

    11. tunin tunin

      I have faith in you guys. God Bless.

    12. Frogy and Friends

      3:05 i died lmfao v v v

    13. Dan Finley

      LED us the only way to go much cheaper on the bill bless y’all

    14. Dan Finley

      Love the updates great to see the whole family helping great memories that are priceless y’all are truly blessed

    15. Andreas Bentz

      Love your videos! If you haven´t thought of it already, I would recommend that you (in phase 2 or 3) add some outdoor garden lights, so that you can experience the nice views from your living room even if it´s dark outside. Some spotlights shining light from ground up on some of the nicer trees or vegetation and some bollards that marks the way down to the lake. Just some thoughts. Greetings from Sweden :)

    16. thr8061

      Demolition / Vet / Off The Ranch has their "Renovation" Ranch going on. Y'all have "Renovation" Farm going on! The place is really turning out nice!

    17. Norma Broussard

      It is looking great ❤️❤️❤️

    18. John Murphy

      Drinking game: everytime you say; drywall 😂

    19. Douglas Palmer

      I like the Copper!

    20. Kyle Kuo

      I am SO excited for more of this!

    21. Darrell Droke

      Hey clean your gutters tell leg arms i got another job for you.

    22. the pizza devil

      its amazing how efficient you guys are!


      It's nice to see a family hang tight and help each other. If my dad and brother was helping me we would but heads until the cops showed up. LOL

    24. B

      There's a legarms in your roof! They have a spray for that I believe.

    25. Gacha Brothers INC.

      Damn, you boys aught to replace the average American for a carpenter too! Holy cow!

    26. Boris Fett

      You guys have done great. I'm in the process of buying a house that needs allot of repair. Watching this has helped me keep positive about my massive purchase.

    27. Landa Roon

      Reply to Brad not Landa LED lights will ruin your macula. Make you go blind. The CFL fluorescent lights are blue spectrum. That will screw up your sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Sometimes that glued carpet or linoleum is best removed with a Fein type of reciprocating blade. Also great for getting old caulk out. Knocking down the mud is easier with a pool trowel. The round edges avoid lines and runs. Hope you use PVA primer.

    28. BroHay

      Hole saw for lights. Can get 4-6" and make quick work as opposed to the jab saw. Also, see if Habitat for Humanity to re-use/purpose materials. I just tackled 1200SF + 300SF addition, pretty much by myself. I got rid of all the material I had been carrying around for years that I thought I could find another project for through donating. I also Highly recommend the low flow pressure tips (Graco airless? (Titan tips work in graco guns RAC 5 housing--educate your local paint store when they say it won't work...) for a reduction of the atomization of paint when sprayed. More paint on surface as opposed to being blown into air...... Big box stores do not carry RAC 5 housing -- but all paint stores do - Keep up the good work!

    29. Rock Brigade Community

      people complaining about the ceiling after LegArms just put 500lbs of product on it. Shame

    30. Mark Johnson

      Up here in Canada, we call that ceiling " California Knock Down" We use a hand held "Mud Slinger" no stomping blisters for Leg Arms......

    31. corey vreugdenhil

      i love your guys vids especially when your harvesting or driving tractors around

    32. Felix Leipnitz

      LED Lights with only 3 colors have a problem with producing a proper white color. When You've got dedicated Warm- and Coldwhite LEDs inside the lamp, then you get pretty awesome white colors. In the Event- and Movieindustry there is a measurement for lightquality which is called "Color Rendering Index"(CRI). Incandescend Lights have a CRI of 99.8%. Discharge Lamps vary greatly between just 20. But modern LED Lights reach up to a CRI of 98. If multiple lights are combined the CRI is able to go up to 99 or even 99.3. But those lights are expensive. If you don't need the adjustable color, then you can get LED Lights with a high CRI for a decent price.

    33. Glenn Gaul

      It looks fantastic!

    34. M Leger

      Is there anything LEGARMS doesn't do?

    35. Jack Moulton

      The Welker Family is going to have the best lake house in Montana. Your choice of decorating shows the Welker Way. Can’t complain about that. Enjoy your videos. Bet your Dad and Mom are quite proud of their children.

    36. Spencer Sand

      Come to MN the land of 10,000 lakes

    37. Zootown Montana

      What texture style did you go with for the ceiling? I couldn't really tell from the video.

    38. Jason Swift

      I don't like the method and texture of putting that plaster on the ceiling and making it all course and wavy, its just a waste and will be a pain to paint. Make sure you put in an induction stove top and not a gas hot-plates which is not efficient.

    39. blake fort nite

      I love the farm setup

    40. K D

      You guys are doing a great job, I can't see how you have installed the LED lights, a tip just make sure you have clearence around the lights due to the heat we have had house fires

    41. Jason Swift

      LED downlights are a great way to light up a room.

    42. Eric Baker

      Great job, fun to watch. You are all very capable!!

    43. Ethan Thompson

      I don't see why you don't talk to Alex Steele the black Smith near you about making you something from your scrap pile for your place maybe a tv stand for the wall or something interesting that bring out the farm little at your place Maybe a a steel wheat and other grains out steel for over the fire place could be interesting things to do I'm sure you got some great steel at the farm that would really make just little bit nice well just a thought I think a wheat steel and chickpea steel tv stand would be really cool tv wall mounting

    44. Justin Mills

      You dad's dry sense of humor. Lol

    45. Justin Mills

      You guys have made some amazing progress.

    46. Andrew F.

      Can't wait to see the final product

    47. Brennholz Handel Minnert

      I am playing your mal in farming Simulator 19

    48. Eric Trace

      Thank you 🙏🏻 for sharing all of this with us. It is wonderful to see God blessing your family, live Right and your life goes right!

    49. morgan jewkes

      Hi Nick! I own a company in Las Vegas that builds the booth for New Holland and Case at certain shows. I have been watching your videos fro Farmer to Farmer 2019 and I have a few ideas to help you guy's with helping each farm through FBN at all of the outdoor shows. Please email me at if interested. I loved your video with MF Farmer and the cannon. You have a great start that I think can really help your brand and others as well. Thanks so much! Morgan P.S. I do have a back ground with Steigers and Farming. I am from SLC Utah and had family with large farms in Downey Idaho. Can relate with what you do and respect what you and Legs Arms do to keep farming going!

    50. Giovani Pinkowski

    51. Ted Jacobson

      Curious, why did you go with a textured ceiling? You already had it mudded out and fairly flat for a smooth ceiling.

      1. Some Jeep Guy

        @Ted Jacobson I figured they were doing it because of imperfections on the ceiling. Lord knows every house I've been in was like that! Lol. It's always hard to hide patch work, textured or not. Especially if the owner smokes in the house!

      2. Ted Jacobson

        @Some Jeep Guy True on hiding imperfections. But try doing a repair on them and it's tough sometimes to hide where that is on a textured ceiling. I was curious was all and they answered it in the next video so it's all good.

      3. Some Jeep Guy

        Not everyone likes the new smooth ceiling thing. Plus textured ceiling is great at hiding imperfections, which I'm sure this older house has some uneven spots around it.

    52. Debbie L

      Leg arms your amazing with paint gun 😉 drive safely

    53. Debbie L

      Awesome looking good

    54. michael ryall

      Sorry guy's , don't want to rain on your parade, but Mudding as you call it, slap and leather in the united kingdom, is a bit old hat, unfortunately you are putting it on too thick. The easiest way to do it is make the mixture much wetter and apply with a large roller. Hey , but that's my opinion. Good luck to you in your latest project. Love your channel, wishing you all a very happy Christmas from the UK.

    55. Darryl Ackimenko

      Great job Welker's!! Thanks for sharing !!

    56. Chris Darting

      The copper looks awesome!

    57. keith glaysher

      Great job guys, very impressed with all your hard work.

    58. I am Batman

      Excited that you like case IH much as my favourite no 1 tractor I love cab layout best we took delivery of new magnum Case IH best purchase ever Good job on house so far

    59. Wyatt Vos

      We have the same (or similar) flooring with dark woodwork and cabinets

    60. Mike Pagel

      I say keep the copper

    61. AtomicBlonde

      Should have lightly wet the carpet and let it sit over night. The glue would have loosened right up.

    62. Klug Farms Klug

      If you are going to spray the ceiling, why put in the light first?

    63. David Firth

      How far from the farm is this place?


      Great job guys that place is starting to look pretty awesome 👊

    65. Soybean Farmer

      huge progress for sure. Scott you are a hard working man! Robert great to see you here. Nick excellent video production.

    66. eb17816

      You guys are putting Bob Vila to shame, but I never saw him get joit compound in his beard.

    67. stephen smith

      Its going to look amazing when its done ... You could do a zip line into the water but it wouldn't be for the faint of heart lol..

    68. Josh m

      Are u going to do or show us the basement

    69. Seigh8 Toons

      I wanna go back to the farm😭😭😭

    70. Austin warner 4a

      When are y'all going to mess with the wagner

    71. Tate Turner

      Win is the Wagner restoration cuming

    72. John Martin

      Great Project and All your Hard Work will pay Off......Trust Me we Rent the Same place every year for our Family for two weeks every year in Tennessee and it has the same view and water access as your new place and it is worth the $3,500 every one goes home Happy and Relaxed and we started renting jet ski’s from the local renter which just made it that much better Great Family video’s watching Grams beat Gramps in a jet ski drag race 😁😆😆

    73. Gerald Day

      How much to rent lake house?

    74. Chris Tessmer

      Glued carpet, what a nightmare. Looking good guys!

    75. Lord Mick

      What about a big slip n slide with a ramp at the bottom to throw you into the lake?

    76. Dyana Mullican

      You have some insolation up there, but wall should have some in them.

    77. Jerry Santos

      Wow! Y'all did a lot. And quick too. 😎👍

    78. James Oliver

      They probably made that flooring in Kalispell with all the wood products manufacturing going on there.

    79. Rob Evans

      The views across the lake are stunning. Great work

    80. Brett Striegel

      I’m loving these remodeling videos! Keep up the good work

    81. Le Chandler

      Are you working with an architect, builder, decorator, landscaper, etc?

    82. Boss

      Great work ethic Hard workers unlike our friends on Wall Street using crookery to make money or Doctors charging $2,000- for a $20- procedure.

    83. mcd5082

      Leg arms is the man

    84. Travis Tharp

      Really wish I could pull hard and gain a few inches lol 😂 sorry had to I love your videos

    85. Travis Tharp

      Your so lucky it’s winter and you got something to do but me just house chores then sleeping and trust me sleeping gets old

    86. Travis Tharp

      The worst part about rebuilding a house is getting in the attic man that stuff is itchy

    87. speterbilt

      Amazing video!

    88. jon Michael

      Should move the fire place to the middle of the wall

    89. Nicholas Wiegand

      You r the best

    90. DibsRibs

      PS: I would have gotten some LED's that are on the warm spectrum so they look like florescent but they are not.

    91. DIZ BOB

      I like the copper backslash.

    92. The Fully Charged Gardener

      Awesome work! Bootiful place! 😀

    93. Ash Walton

      It’s the greatest day before Christmas “impeachment” best day for America and farmers 🇺🇸 👍

    94. Joe Vreeland

      Where's all da wimmen? It would be nice to see their contribution too. Right?

    95. William Uskoski

      Leave the copper and put copper hinges and pulls on the cabinets and drawers

    96. ryfish5

      Send me those copper tiles! I'll pay the shipping. That is beautiful as a backsplash.

    97. Wolfey Den

      I need some What About Bob content :)

    98. Porkchop

      I love watching these types of home restoration videos almost as much as I love tractor restoration videos, now I can’t wait to book this place for a vacation for me and my buddies.

    99. Harvey Stephens

      Y’all pretty good handy men too, and do good work. Have fun with property.

    100. Brent Child

      I love the way you all work together!! Amazing job.