Just a little STUCK!

Welker Farms

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    Leg Arms couldn't resist trying to cross a muddy washout. Thank goodness we have high hp on the farm and a great recovery rope from YANKUM Ropes! Grab yours here!
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    We continue to use our CASE IH 4440 Patriot Demo and feel confident to share our thoughts on what we like and don't like.

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    1. Welker Farms

      LEG ARMS!! See Hollywood isn't the only one getting stuck 😁.

      1. Matthew Steiner

        connect your phone to the sprayer and got to the connection settings and change it there

      2. FiZ_on_ yt

        Eli Snyder qdou

      3. Jacob Lake


      4. The Agency

        Arm legs

      5. Definitely a Patato


    2. I like to Mow

      Cons-it’s a case Pros-big dumpster

    3. thr8061

      Chick Peas stand strong ... oh, and they taste great

    4. Richard G

      No-till farming in areas with low moisture. Is that possible in MT

    5. Richard G

      Gully washout prevention www.ksre.k-state.edu/news/stories/2015/12/soil-erosion122115.html

    6. Rachael Costello

      I like Walker farm map on farming sim 19

    7. Reborn

      New video tomorrow

    8. #Coconut TV

      Can you cuz convert a Big Bud into a quadtrack

      1. #Coconut TV

        @Welker Farms wow. Thx for the reply. It's an honor to actually get a reply from the largest farming based channel to reply to me. A rather pathetic small farming yt. I'm only 16 but I hope to be as large as your family's farm when I'm older

      2. Welker Farms

        Anything is possible with money and time 😁

    9. PJ’s World

      I wish I was a farmer

    10. Kawasaki FB

      Trump 2020


      I'll tell you something before to 4440 should not be with case it should be with a John Deere tractor not with case because case stole that number from John Deere and that's how they prove that case is junk

    12. HU1212ICAN3

      If you had a video game designer make the programs for those monitors, the program would be FULL of bugs and only work half the time lol 😂😂😂

    13. Byron Rees

      Just a little STUCK! ye rit

    14. Trent Badon

      It looks like SOMEONE almost got stuck in another spot at 18:38,,,who was that I wonder..

    15. Ed Cew

      You mentioned that you wanted different sounds for different alerts. That has been thought of for commercial jets and was not considered a good idea. Granted, a sprayer and an airliner are different, but...

    16. Camera king 124

      At first I thought that the brute was a big bud 450 😂🤣😂

    17. Kaden Rutherford

      Best intro ever

    18. Farmermann23

      A lot of talking not a lot of video..

    19. Daveinet

      Your complaint about slow monitors is somewhat unfounded. The reason is because when a machine like that is under development, the design is about 5 years out. Basically the communication to rest of the tractor means that it has to be chosen well ahead of time. Time the tractor makes it to market the monitor is already obsolete. Not only that, but the number of tractors produced doesn't justify the expense of multiple soft engineers that would be required for rapid development. You can't compare to the consumer market, as the shear volume pays for the rapid development.

    20. Dorvat

      Why do all your thumbnails look like farming simulator?!!? 😁😂

    21. Master Jcp

      Every year with you guys you get stuck hahahaha😂🤣😄😆

    22. White Erin


    23. G Men2121

      22:29 full throttles away

    24. Hermit Craft

      My dad has a sprayer, but the boom is only around 15m and every single hose has a little filter inside.

    25. L M

      About 25 years ago, I got a big giant fork lift stuck in the woods. It took two payloaders and a Utility truck to pull that bastard out of there. I wonder if this monster tractor could of pulled it out? My boss said, "When you get a fork lift stuck, you don't f#@! around." Yeah I know.

    26. Cat Alt

      I subscribe I saw you on Cole the corn 🌟

    27. View This

      I worked as a farmhand when I was in High School. (1982) I was plowing one day, driving one of those super big giant Case tractors, pulling discs, and I just was determined to plow as close as possible to that water hole that had formed in a low spot of the field. I got too close. Those big wheels sunk. I got stuck. It sucks. Middle of nowhere. No Radio. Cell phones didn't exist in those days. The boss rarely came to check on me.

    28. J P D

      Big big bud

    29. Codymf

      Case IH should make a type of series of some sort with a whole bunch of new combines, and new tractors with all sorts of fix's and great things, for example the new 2020 Case IH tractor Magnum, but anyways should be mean looking but also a good looking tractor at the same time if that makes sense, and hopefully they are making a sort of new combines and tractors etc with better systems.

    30. Wayne Hager

      How does the front tire on the Apache sprayer is not syncing but the back tire syncs

    31. Jesse Daniels


    32. Olaf Schmidt

      Thank god there's always a Big Bud nearby!😊👍🏻

    33. Peter Agriconguy

      "Just a little stuck....." Is that the same as being "just a little pregnant"? Can you be just a little of either??????????? Either you is or ya ain't - I'm thinking

    34. Richard Lloyd-Thomas

      Yep we've all been there stuck lol😂👍

    35. Alexis Chambers

      Please stop letting Leo arms use the Apache he always gets it stuck

    36. Diana Hoffman


    37. Keith Westbrooks

      Happy Fourth of July Welkers!!!

      1. Robert Welker


    38. iBelieve


    39. iBelieve


    40. iBelieve


    41. iBelieve


    42. iBelieve


    43. iBelieve


    44. iBelieve


    45. Viktor Isberg 8A

      The best part must have been when he said boys with their toys

    46. richard dubuc

      hahaha boys and there toys thats a good one

    47. Kenney 303

      Nick have a look at a company called gold acres, they are Australian and they make an SP with mechanical drive with high clearance

    48. Northern farmer

      I was stuck spraying to...its really wet out there. Lol I noticed your shirt Haha

    49. Petr Vlach

      Nejhorší je, že to nečekáš ... Ale zase jste to zvládli jako profíci ! Well done brothers !!

    50. Derek Fabry

      Best intro yet

    51. Paul Bass

      Great Sweet Grass background shots ! ya'LL need to do a calendar ! DRAW Bar !! i thought that was fixed or was that another BUD, this Bud for you ??

      1. Robert Welker

        We pulled from the front

    52. ProjectThis

      about 8 mins into this video your voice got real annoying

    53. Richard Thomas

      Those Yankum ropes are pretty amazing :-)

    54. Oneofjustice Sargent


    55. William Spaulding

      Leg arms I was watching classic tractor fever and saw a big bud with hydraulic cab lift and hood lift

    56. Bobby Orr Sr.

      The look on Dad's face said it all. I have been there with my two sons before. Love the video's. Thank you for sharing.

    57. Garrett Sage

      Yay Welker farms is finally stuck!! Maybe use the yankum rope

    58. Robert Yerdon

      Prefect comment from Dad at the end

    59. Lance Cluster

      Big Bud up for auction in Kevin, Montana Jul 9th www.ironplanet.com/jsp/s/item/3673381?&&equip_id=3673381&feedage=20200630&src=criteo&Lower_Funnel&_ga=2.192674402.957906742.1593559940-618441005.1585434801

    60. Paxton's Ranch Life

      We ordered police and trump flags for our jd 4440

      1. Paxton's Ranch Life

        Bois and their toys

    61. logpile13

      I love stuck videos 👍🏻

    62. Toby and James Goldsmith

      Click the card to learn more, what card? ;)

      1. Toby and James Goldsmith

        Welker Farms Inc your welcome :) 👍 it’s pretty cool 😎 getting a reply from a very famous farming youtuber!

      2. Welker Farms

        @Toby and James Goldsmith just fixed it 😁 thanks! Always forget something

      3. Toby and James Goldsmith

        About 7:50 great video btw :)

      4. Welker Farms

        Oh yes didn't add that! Hmm where was that again?

    63. James Ledesma

      Good video showed how the job watch free will works to that we have to spray or food for bugs but other than that the good video

    64. Matthew Morris

      It was 10:15 and sun still up?

      1. Robert Welker

        This time of the year

    65. markus372

      Watching Mike Mitchell and him trying every sprayer in existence right now, you have pretty much the same issues as him

    66. 4020 john deere

      Great dad boys and their toys

    67. Valley view Acres

      I keep saying “I don’t get stuck often but when I do I’m going to wish I had one of those yankum ropes” they are pretty nice

    68. Russell Guthrie

      This kind... kgup.info/get/mnibloGuhHCggYM/video

    69. Russell Guthrie

      When will you guys go to this type of farming? www.no-tillfarmer.com/articles/9543-video-regenerative-farming-effects-on-water-quality?oly_enc_id=9685F4262056D6D

    70. Kellen’s Workshop

      You should put a glittery purple wrap on the buds

    71. John Jackson

      Still impressed with the new case sprayer it's pretty just move the mirror lol fabricate something on that rail u can do it figure out the beeping source gotts be something on there to change the beep you would think or could down load and again I believe u can fabricate a bigger tank yourself on the machine or add one somehow and throw u a red ball in the tube get u some good speakers but the hydrostatic drive does kinda suck in a lot of ways for sure I get it lol but hey put leg arms on fixing her up for ya lol or you could to but why not make the big guy work a lil harder it's good for him lol she moves pretty quick to seems like it cut time some where down the line and that nozzle technology is incredibly the boom is huge rides good awesome open cab is quiet never noticed that never thought of the steel tank bet it is easy to keep clean spare no expense on your seat man gotta keep the back in good shape as long as possible but the brute shes got some age now we love the brutes lol classic man yall deserve the newer finer things anyway thank a farmer guys these guys work there tails off and dont know 98% of the people there feeding and were talking all of us if it wasnt for you and your family getting up early workin late for us I salute you sir thank u for all u do if it wasnt for a farmer would we really have much of anything? We walk in a store and buy it any time we want or meat markets food markets the farmers markets great videos awesome family you all have thank for letting us in bous and our toys what can I say lol il dads right that big bud tho!! Shes a beaut love them beast

    72. Nathan Jones

      The Ending was great

    73. Blxr Clutch

      Keep using the brut and not the case in my Opinion the case dose not look as good

    74. Michael Burns07777

      Can you show every American the below article? I love you guys and many other American youtube shows, but nobody respects the farmers/oil field workers up here in my country. We all work together. Watch "TomBrokaw explains the relationship between the US and Canada" on KGup kgup.info/get/gaiEk6PIoaVlf60/video

      1. Michael Burns07777

        Or just watch Letterkenny!

    75. Dan Finley

      Now that was stuck good one leg arms dad your right the toys are fun to watch

    76. Harvey Stephens

      Y’all gettin s nice rain right now, Monday night 9pm cst. Hope it gets all the planted acres Enjoy channel

    77. Robert Quast

      Should have had Greta clip when you rolled coal out of the field

    78. Tj Sims

      In case u guys do t know what def means it means Diesel Exhaust Fuel

    79. Steve Flores

      Guess he hasn't seen mike mitchell review. He completly disliked that machine.

      1. Steve Flores

        @Robert Welker the case 4440...he liked the apache and more for its price compared to the others.

      2. Robert Welker

        Are you talking about Apache or Patriot?

    80. Glenn Gaul

      You need to get a police lives matter flag on the farm

      1. Robert Welker

        Agree. Respect what they do. all lives matter.

    81. xXJeSTeRoSXx

      Great video as usual keep them coming, make them longer and post more often. Please...

    82. Carl Harper

      Good video liked the review of the sprayer. I have s Steiger 500 and your comments about the software is right-on Case needs to upgrade software engineering talent.

    83. j c

      I know I'm late. But the hydro power on the Patriots is not as good as the Deere R Series machine. The mirror can't be mounted on the rail because it vibrates like crazy. I ran a 4430 for about 40,000 acres and a R4045 for 20,000. The ride in the Deere was light-years better. The case booms are nice and smooth. Overall both are good machines

    84. H3N2

      You need a Rite 750 Earthquake. Randall brothers sales

    85. Dylan Smith

      16:37 what you’re looking for

      1. Dylan Smith

        Paul Robert np

      2. Paul Robert


    86. Aaron Fuchs

      What ever happened to the 8940?

      1. Robert Welker

        Sold it to a neighbor

    87. Zaniel Hrvatin

      I would really like to meet you guys

    88. jwxfd

      Oh man, where do I get that cowfart shirt?!?

      1. jwxfd

        @Robert Welker Awesome! Thank you!!

      2. Robert Welker

        Check out Tim the dairyman farmer

    89. Joe Oliver

      22:35 LOL "boys and their toys" perfect. (dad's...... gotta love'em!!!)

    90. lee Vanruler

      I met an individual that worked for a major company working on 'human interface' (I don't remember if it was red or green), but you point out a lot of items that can and should be forwarded to CaseIH for development input. I have to agree with you on the variability of the sounds assigned to different functions as selected by the operator (i.e tone, beep, ring, etc.). Great ideas that need to be passed on to the 'human interface' folks! Thanks for the great videos!

    91. charlie bragg

      and put a led light in the sight glass

    92. ron Jessie

      As usual, Dad nailed it boys.. :

    93. spliceon charlie

      God bless America

    94. r j

      Hey guys so someone wasn’t killed near us by those ropes because it snapped and went through the window I’m just letting you know

      1. Robert Welker

        Was it a yankum brand ropes? Some knock offs aren't safe

    95. Blain Messman

      You can go into the Raven monitor and turn off some of the beeping for some of the motions so it dosent beep as much.

    96. THEcrazyWOLF 13

      What type of crops you can seed in Montana?

      1. THEcrazyWOLF 13

        @Robert Welker ok

      2. Robert Welker

        For us here it's cool, semi arid types such as cereals, pulses, canola

    97. Zaniel Hrvatin

      Are you guys going to be back in kalespel any time throughout the 4 through the 11

      1. Robert Welker


    98. Greg Bromley

      Nick, your comments about the monitor in the Patriot being slow, I looked at their manual but I don't see hardware specs. Typically when I see poor performance on a display it isn't an interface issue so much as a hardware issue whether it's a lack of available cycles or memory, etc. That being said, I haven't got access to one to test with but you may want to reach out to the vendor and just ask them about it. I do agree with you that it's unacceptable to see performance like that when the engineers should have accommodated for the load during development. Especially given what they cost. Ok enough from me.

    99. Al Testic

      I have a 1010 and I did the same thing the other day. Identical! I was told to hook around the front axle so I double looped around the middle and we pulled it right out with a chain. I had almost 800 gallons on. That's how I was told to do it but whether that's right or not I don't know. I was a little nervous

    100. Francis Burt

      Nick, when you make the next bog video, keep the music away from it! Want to hear the big diesels loaded up :)