DIY Deck Railing, Leg Arms Grading, & FIRE🔥!

Welker Farms

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    1. biggest D

      Flat Earth no DOUBT about it #flatearth #MUDFLOODS

    2. Patrick Emry

      Lived on a ranch for 11 years, had to wet down our house with water hoses when fires would start on the highway, where I lived fire dept was an hour away, we had the house catch on fire once, ended up fighting it with garden the time the fire dept got there, it was mostly out, took them two hours, it was a long two hours

    3. Donna Anderson

      no seat belts worn by the men on their way to look where the fire is.

    4. mfanwe Likeit

      Looks like you guys have gotten the double punch of fire and corona like we have in Australia- bless the volunteers who have saved us all.

    5. Steve Plett

      Great work on the lake house guys, love the family spirit. Nice to get a peek into your personal lives once in a while. But I think you're smart to keep that mostly private, GodBless

    6. pskton

      Can't wait to see it installed.

    7. Robbie Bowie

      Love guys who can build things. 👍

    8. Silver Fox

      Looks like you have great help.

    9. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    10. A.J. Bachhuber

      Great vids, friend! Been a light in the "Great Shut Down." Been bingeing vids like crazy. One comment: you used a transfer punch, not a center punch. Transfer punch is a precision tool used to mark the center of a hole through another. A center punch is used to make a depression for starting a drill bit. Only light taps on a transfer punch so as not to wreck the tip. Keep on keepin' on!!

    11. 6.7Cummins_TRUMP2020 Upchurch_AllDay_Long

      Nick I have some shirt

    12. bob bob

      Nick, not sure about the USA but here over a certain height off the ground you cant have any horizontal foot purchase. The wire thing is fine for a deck thats low to the ground. You can buy RHS/SHS thats got holes punched in it. So rather than welding to the back of the angle iron you just poke the rod/tube in the holes. Comes in Galvanised its made for pool fences. I guess thats useless info after the fact. lol.

    13. iBelieve


    14. iBelieve


    15. iBelieve


    16. iBelieve


    17. D00MSH0P STALKER

      hope you guys are safe from that virus. and well said about fires Leg Arms.

    18. My Gun Garage

      Cool video. Nice to watch. FYI, that thing you're calling an endmill is actually a milling machine or "mill". An endmill is a cutting tool that can be used in a milling machine.

      1. Welker Farms

        Oh nice, I'll try to call it that name 😁

    19. Jared Stivers

      Nothing beat a 4 flute carbid endmill to drill. We use them to put hole in harden steel all the time at work.

    20. K D

      Sorry bit behind, I would have welded a tab to the end of the angle iron, then used Tek screw to assemble it that way you don't have to be precise, or leave it to LegArms next time Then practice makes perfect I did say LegArms 🤭🤭😎 💪💪

    21. Michael Keeping

      Hello from Raymond, AB. Enjoying your videos and your personalities too!

    22. Tom Pinnef

      Thought our area was pretty 'flat' till I watch this video. Typical farmer - just like my late Grandfather - why buy when you can build it better and cheaper. Take care - be safe. "Spin"

    23. Jeff Enslen

      Where did you get the cowfart shirt??

    24. Jeff W.

      Thank you Nick for some straight forward common sense about how to deal with this stinking corona virus. I know here where I live in TN people have absolutely lost their minds. Y'all keep up the awesome videos. Be safe and God bless!!

    25. D Steven Paisley

      Should put inserts in for your nuts .

    26. v8 tangs ireland

      i think i need a bottle of corona

    27. B S

      Bondo and paint make the welder I ain't. Lol. Great video guys, love that family dynamic.

    28. Samantha White

      I would have welded a corner post to one end of each section, then the corner posts to the end sections, this will make sure your height is uniform, and much more stable.

    29. Dennis Hettinger

      Great video guys !! good to see you back on the farm Thumbs up Welker boys !!!! THANKS

    30. Paddypool FC

      Great work nick. Have you considered galvanising those railings? You could still paint them afterwards and they'll last a lifetime.

    31. Timothy Kowalik

      just fyi code is 42" high from ground to top of rail for handrail with 4" gap max for vertical bars

    32. FM L

      I like the way you got as much use from the chop blade as you could.

    33. Thom Ream

      Chop saw blade the size of a dime: "Yep - that one's done..."!

    34. Stacy L

      Lol. Like the toilet paper jab. If people would turn off the news for 2 weeks would do wonders. Sad at the amount of people that pay any attention to those idiots. Enjoy the lake house. God Bless

    35. Brad Dyer

      Excellent you guys . Well said about toilet paper . It's just crazy . Railing looks great

    36. Kyle

      FYI. They make pre made steel window well ladders. They are not crazy expensive.

    37. Keith Martin

      If only kids had bigger heads you could use 6 inch spacing instead of 4. I’ll make the motion. Do I hear a 2nd anywhere?

    38. Warren Bridges

      Hollywood shares my views on the Corona Virus... People need to just chill 😎

    39. stumpy990

      Now's the time to get your diesel tank filled for the spring planting season. I paid $1.91 for road taxed at the pump today.

    40. Bryan Raddatz

      Hey guys, try a metal cutting steel blade, less mess and always stays big! About $115 each on Amazon for 14" Dewalt blades. We love them! It saves about 10-20 abrasive blades. Ypu just can't hard plunge it into metal.

      1. U Brad

        can't use a metal cutting blade on a high speed chop saw

    41. Meyrlin1989

      The oil price drop had nothing to do with the corona virus. It’s a pissing contest between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The Saudi’s lifted the cap on oil production and flooded the markets

    42. S. Pursell

      Very well said about the Corona virus. My wife and I were forced to buy a membership to Costco just to get groceries in the house yesterday. Social media and the news are blowing it way out of proportion. No need to fill my freezer with food that's just going to get freezer burnt. I don't think anyone realizes how long this surge spending will impact the economy. I believe it will take a couple of years to recover. For me..... I have enough ammunition to feed my family for years to come if it comes down to it. But by no means are we anywhere near that point. Get a grip people. Just stay home and watch KGup for a few weeks. I promise it'll all be okay in the end.


      Good video 👌 I do like your fabrication work on everything.big up.moses from Kenya.

    44. Digger Dave.

      Hey Nick, you could have made a better effort of changing the skid loader brand.

    45. Pearson Vig

      God bless

    46. Caleb Fraser

      Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts and opinions. Keep up the good work

    47. DD2

      Good job fabing your railings Nick. Nice also seeing an old AC being used on your farm.!

    48. Jack Ferguson

      Was this video shot with the GoPro 8 ?

      1. Robert Welker

        Some was

    49. Ethan Evans

      Case ar Beast's. And beter than deer's. Im only 9 so my spelling might be not very good and im from Wales

      1. Robert Welker

        You're doing well 👍

    50. Gunmanchris0663

      Try to do a draw my life

    51. Tom Meyer

      look into an evolution chop saw little pricey butt well worth it.

    52. Brian Pelletier

      amen about the virus

    53. William Uskoski

      You guys ever thought about getting a handsaw? You'll never go back to a chop saw. Way quieter and almost the same speed. Plus no fire danger

    54. Danny Bradshaw

      @Welker Farms Inc where does a chap buy the Cowfartt clothing?

      1. Danny Bradshaw

        Robert Welker many thanks sir!

      2. Robert Welker

        Checkout Tim the Dairyman

    55. Mike the Horrible Artist

      Can you please do a Q&A with leg arms

    56. Patrick

      What kind of ear plugs do you guys use?

      1. Robert Welker

        Rubber ribbed ear insert

    57. rollie e

      Some perspective on the virus. There are 140 000 cases globally. Notwithstanding the deaths half of those cases have run their courses and those people have been cleared. This too shall run its course

    58. rollie e

      Bob with the groaner again

    59. Kenny Salisbury

      Yer right about all of us not freaking out about whats going on with this virus bug , if we all just get back to our shed's, garages , shop's and start building , fixing ,repairing anything and everything that we've all put off from doing , it will take our minds off of that other thing ,what ever it might be ..........and remember when you leave for work ,tell the ones you love that you love them and they will love you back ..........SEE YA

    60. Grace Iverson

      take off the case sigh on the 270 john deere

    61. Walter Ramey

      Just built handrails like those,they looked great and worked fine. I agree about the corona virus went to the store today and all I found was empty shelves

    62. Levi Kupferschmid

      Does leg arms have the corona virus because he coughed at the end of the vid😂😂😂

    63. Jerry Glen


    64. Spencer Sand

      Thank you nick for explaining that the coronavirus isn’t as big of deal as most people think or at least how the news says it we’re all going to be fine and if you do get it it’s not like you’re going to die from and I don’t get it why are all these people buying toilet paper lol 😂

    65. Colin Costine

      You guys should be on the Shelby Fire Dept. You may need to put a lot of time into getting certified, but you guys would be be available when many other guys are not. I know that you have your own fire pump on the Brute. What if no one volunteered?

    66. petecell135

      that bit about the stupid corona virus was brilliant I agree with every word you said !!!!! fantastic ….

      1. Chance 72


    67. Whataguy

      The Covid-19 virus hasn't even started here yet. You sound like it has already run it's course. You are mistaken.

    68. Art Ayers

      Love the handrails!!! I don't trust the cables with little children around. I feel like they could get through the cables and get hurt. Not with the metal railings. And those railings will last longer than the cheap ones you can buy prefab...

    69. Fieldzy

      all australians now have PTSD from hearing you say fire.

    70. pskton

      You do such a good job making things.

    71. TheRealLifeFarmer

      What happened to welkers Wagner

      1. TheRealLifeFarmer

        @Robert Welker ok yup right now we are working on a Kenworth t800,John deere4830 sprayer, John Deere 7200,a John Deere gator

      2. Robert Welker

        Still waiting it's turn for shop time

    72. Dan Finley

      Fabrication and welding nice job keep up the great videos bless you all

    73. Dan Finley

      Awesome drone footage

    74. Caleb Nord

      Railing looks good!

    75. Farmnorway

      You should not downplay the coronavirus. Here in norway we are literally in a crisis, people are really sick. Im really scared of my parents that are both over 65 years old. In italy people die everyday. Just because the US got a goverment that literally are stupid, and a president that is a racist, sexist and got no common sense. I know you prbly did not mean to say it in any way of disrespect, but here in Europe we really are struggling. And not everything is about America all the time. Sorry if i sound mean, im not trying to show you guys any disrespect.

      1. Farmnorway

        And sorry if there is any typos or bad writing, my english is perfect and i have been working all day getting grocery for people that cant.

      2. Farmnorway

        Robert Welker I in any form did not mean to offend you or your family. And i clearly dont know alot about this. I will just say, i really think Trump is a dangerous path to go down, and it makes a mockery of the system you have, if u buy the plane ticket and i get the coffee we have a deal? I wish all well to you and everybody around you. Hope you get it better then us with the virus.

      3. Robert Welker

        Love to sit down with you over coffee and give you the truth about our government, politics which most of the world never hears. I refuse to be thought led by media which doesn't have my interest or values. There is truth out there and hearing both sides I see an agenda which is dangerous. Blessings

    76. Dan Ortiz

      I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Such great content. I am just getting into video editing and I was wondering what software ya recommend.

      1. Robert Welker

        I'm using Cyberlink .

    77. Ryan Peterson

      Please make this link go viral and please donate.

    78. John Langan

      I live in Ireland its gone mad

    79. Bobby Sears

      Good to see y’all!! Thanks for sharing!!

    80. Jim Oakley

      Looks like railings are reinforced.

    81. HillWilliam

      Your dad is awesome. He’s a good man. I bet you guys feel blessed. Thanks for the videos. I learn a lot.

    82. Peace and tranquillity.

      Nice job Nick. Enjoyed the video.

    83. Owen Niehaus

      I thought brute was in action before spraying time

    84. Carter Meyer

      Get the brute out there to put the fire out

    85. Shelia Harmon

      Don't deck your Daddy!!! Nice deck railing, I would have never thought of using rebar. Too Cool :)

    86. Bill Thompson

      Great video but I'm afraid you are mistaken about Coronavirus. While it is mild for most people, it does impact the elderly and folks with underlying health conditions quite severely. The other thing that is particularly alarming about it is its potential to spread very rapidly which threatens to overwhelm our hospitals and medical professionals if we don't slow it down (flatten the curve.) Take a look at what is happening in Italy right now. Doctors are having to make heartbreaking decisions about who gets life-saving treatment and who dies since there are not enough facilities and equipment (especially ventilators) for everyone who needs it. These decisions have been likened to what happens in extreme wartime frontline MASH hospitals. Also imagine if you, a loved one, or a friend, were in some sort of accident and required critical care in a hospital, the doctors and hospitals are already overwhelmed with seasonal Influenza cases AND coronavirus. It has the potential to impact us all! Edit: Check out this video:

    87. Night Saber

      Johcaseere? Haven't hear that manufacturer :)

    88. Bryce Leblanc

      You should play farming simulator

    89. Phil Hosier

      For steerl handrsails out west in AZ., a lot times we use 2" square tubing cut to lengths for top and bottom and 1/2 or 3/4" rebar spaced apart 4" for vertical uprights. Simply jig is used to make any length, when painted, lasts forever and looks wonderful ! Think about it !!

    90. Ken Clark

      Wise words Nick wished people would take notice.

    91. Allen Stewart

      I'm waiting for one of the youtuber farmers to post how they are changing up their 2020 planting to add more acres of toilet paper plants.

    92. Larry Dartel

      TP shelfs are bare in Montana since you since there are very few tree leaves , corn husks and corn cobs😁😁

    93. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    94. Rob Johns

      Did you get some snow from storm system going through , it is just hitting MB now.

    95. WoolyBuck

      I have a request. I really like your channel BUT could you please stop using that crappy KGup moog wawa synthesizer noise that KGup tries to pass off for music and play some good actual music. Thank you for the well thought out common sense, logical message concerning the Coronavirus. I mean come on people lets share the Toilet Paper, there's plenty to go around. Cheers...

    96. ACE Lawn

      Great video as always👍✌💪🏻🙏

    97. Dale Dallas

      You might like Rony Seikly in the early days. Hes changed a bit and Owen Royal.

    98. scub man

      13:50 I agree with you so much!

    99. robert boyer

      When you're at the lake house. You're like maybe five minutes from my Mom. Maybe see you all one time up there when I get up there on vacation born in Great Falls but live in Kentucky now

    100. Wayne Compton

      Good Afternoon Welker Family, A good job on the handrails, just thought perhaps before you welded on the top rail, just sit on a couch and look out of the window to see if it’s in your eye line??? Could you get them galvanised?? Anyway take care and catch you next time 👍😎🇬🇧.