This Is Where Tractor Tires Are Born!

Welker Farms

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    Tire factory! Titan Tires invited us to take a tour of their Des Moines Iowa factory. Tires make the farm go round! Here on Welker Farms we have more tires than we can count and being able to see they come from was quite an amazing experience. Come join just as we explore the factory!
    Titan Tires is the manufacturer of the worlds largest ag tire:
    We also took a wrong turn and some how ended up at Cole The Cornstar's farm!
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    1. Mike Youngblood

      Titan is made by Good Year or Good Year is made by Titan ????

      1. ninney 79

        Titan bought out the tire plant where my father worked and they ran it in the ground before selling it. It wasn't returning their expected revenues. That was in Clinton Tn. It is now owned by Carlstar/Carlisle Tire Co.

      2. Brad Cliff

        @Jason Swift That is incorrect. The Titan Tire plant, in Freeport, IL, like 50 miles from where I live, Make Titan and Goodyear tires both.

      3. Jason Swift

        Titan tyres are a distributor Good Year make the tyres.

      4. Jeremiah Dejesus

        @grafvonstauffenburg they are number 3 of the Top 5 with Bridgestone (Japanese) in 1st and Michelin (French) in 2nd while Continental (German) is 4th and Pirelli (Italian) is 5th

      5. Jeremiah Dejesus

        @grafvonstauffenburg no, 99% american owned

    2. Clyde Schwartz

      Excellent video 👍👍👍👍

    3. Ramiro Gonzalez

      Muy interesante. Gracias por la information

    4. Jay Bauer

      Soooo you have to wear a mask but they don't??? Cosmetic theater!!!

    5. Mike Walsh

      Would love to see the machines in action.

    6. ObsessionPC

      I REALLY loved the detail about the little tails that are on a new tire. I also assumed it was from injection molding! Thank you for that :D

    7. Randy Kroells

      I got a set of Mitas tires made in Iowa also.

    8. Not You

      You should see a die field in a car part stamping facility. It takes an average 5 complete sets to make one part. Each die weighs between 25 to 45 tonnes. Those are stored 2 high on average. I promised myself never to work in a stamping facility ever again. Too many injuries, cuts and crushes fingers. They also kill people.

    9. sandy smith

      There's a Titan plant in Union City TN. a former Goodyear plant.

    10. Jeff Thielen

      Spanky’s in Gladbrook! Great place.

    11. blair breland


    12. Brett Lehman

      Why are you wearing a mask. I had to thumb down just for that.

      1. Welker Farms

        Wasn't allowed entry otherwise.

    13. Josh Beauchamp

      I do maintenence in a consumer passenger and light truck tire factory. That process yall saw is the exact same for regular car or truck tires only on a much larger scale. We have the capability to produce around 63,000 tires every 24 hours when we are really rolling.

    14. addicted_to_ bass

      Would rather watch the Welkers 7 days a week and twice on Sunday than watch coles channel. His channel is just infomercials and reminders.

    15. David Head

      What's the different sizes do they make at that place ?

    16. Jan Doe

      Hi I saw a rose flower stamped on a big truck side wall tyer. What is d meaning pls.

    17. UncleManuel

      I gues you guys got really... wait for it... ...tired! ^_^

    18. Andrew baddeley

      Spent the whole time waiting to see Eminem operating a machine

    19. Philip Fleming

      Very interesting how they are made, my question is, you went to Titan factory but tires you had for Big Bud said Goodyear,

      1. Welker Farms

        Goodyear Farm Tire division is owned by Titan tires which is a completely separate company from goodyear. Think Goodyearfarmtire being one company and Goodyear being another.

    20. Zac Mason

      I work at Titan Bryan location. The tires we build dwarf the ones you’re seeing 😂

    21. John Barham

      What a fantastic video. I had no idea how tyres were made. Especially the little nodules on new tyres.

    22. John Barham

      Thank you for this. I worked in a cable factory for 25 years, making rubber and plastic cables. The rubber/ butyl processing is the same. Calendars and mills. Strips and extruders.

    23. Tristin Martin

      I have always wanted to see how they made those big tire and that was awesome! Also Im a Automotive Mechanic and I have always wondered what those little nipples all over tires were and hey now I know so now when someone asks me I can tell them one of my favorite youtube chanels taught me what those little things were!! Thank you fellas for all the great and amazing content.

    24. Bryan Ginder

      You can keep your Titan tires, the sideswalls will start to crack an split just like the good years do after a few years

    25. John Greydanus

      meanwhile, Diesel Bros made their tires overseas

    26. TheDaveler

      Hahaha I was sooo confused at first.

    27. Senor Frog

      We have TITAN TIRE in our back yard in Bryan, Ohio. Those employees work hard !

    28. Tiffany Thompson

      daddy cornstar is wierd

    29. Mike .R.

      That was a blast to my past! I actually worked in that factory in Des Moines, on 2nd Ave. back in the early 80s for 2 years and there I met a foreman for the Premier Heavy Equipment Company, McAninch and that began my transformation from a tire builder, to a Heavy Equipment (CAT) Operator. Nice pay raise - MUCH better working conditions (Heated and AC cabs, stereo, etc lol) and much better scenery with different road construction jobsites all around Central Iowa. Retired in 2006 and enjoying these videos, gardening and doing a LOT of fishing! :-)

    30. Matt Dewrell

      Your KGup channel is so much better than call the corn Stars

    31. Alden Darr

      So where else in des Moines did you go?

    32. fatcat007 007

      I bet it smells great in there love the smell of new tires

    33. 7891ph

      Sorry, a lot of the stuff that is presented as humor in this, as well as the other videos I've started to watch just isn't. If they actually presented the information in a halfway mature way, I could watch it. As? Noooo.

    34. Garcansdad

      I took the tour of the Firestone factory back in the sixties. It looks like the procedures are still the same.

    35. Steven Kimball

      He thought you guys were Jehova's Witness's.

    36. Tim Neal

      Excellent! Two of my favorite channels. Belated welcome to Iowa!! Hope you enjoyed your visit.

    37. Dan Finley

      Wow thanks for the tour so cool watching how tires are made

    38. Randy Watson

      I drive truck for a tire manufacturer, we make tires from little hand carts to big mining tires,our biggest customer is Mickey Thompson

    39. theseluckycharms

      This makes me so happy! I would LOVE to see these guys as neighbors, that would be so neat!

    40. mullet_ militia

      I really recommend you do buy those pit viper sunglasses they are great glasses

    41. Jennifer White

      lol right you can fool the cornstar but we knew better lol all tire is from the tire store lol were we find ours at lol tire factory right lay off the sweet corn lol AWESOME VIDEO LOL its is an awesome plant we get some of the tractor footwear there too all the combines run on running shoes ( tracks ) friend of the families he works for an oil field company they have the trucks the float on muskeg they help us out with the washout roads lol huge work boot the trucks run the have the best idea so far see if the province above of it they hauled our bales from the corner of the property cut off for the us

    42. Philip Underwood

      You mentioned everything about the tite making process, except how God-awful it smells. I hope you burned yhise clothes afterwards. (I used to work in a factory like this) Thanks again

    43. Clockvet Chrono

      Is it only me ? - I get arosed by the look and the smell of big tires, like truck tires and tractor tires. I also have a fetish for rubber boots. I'd love to work here I think.

    44. ekeller88

      Got to love how titan is throwing around a few sets of free LSW tires to get some free advertising. Not falling for titan/Goodyear junk tires again!

    45. wolfgrizzer

      Good Year/ Titan tires have given us lots of issues over the years, lots of internal failures. 3000 hrs, it's time to replace. Firestones we have 6800 hrs on over 23 years, still going strong, but short on bar now.

      1. Stewart Blundell

        I worked for a company called Jax Mold and Machine we made the molds for Firestone

    46. daniel smith

      Bet that place smells good

    47. daniel smith

      Who wants to go do a burn out now to keep them In business🤷‍♂️

    48. Matt White

      Love seeing the farmtubers collaborate!

    49. Michael Hunter

      I like it when you KGuprs meet up again or just meet at random places I know the millennial farmer showed up your place I saw that video from him I don't know if you made one with him but I think they're cool I want to see more

    50. Branden Scott

      As far as semi tires are concerned, Michelin or Bridgestone can get up to 6 or 700 dollars vs. Chinese tires for about 260. I try to buy American most of the time but ill take those savings

    51. R Herman

      Thrre freaking minutes wasted....

    52. Alan Woods

      Very informative about the Titan/Goodyear connection. Thanks for another great video.

    53. Ski's Place/D-C Acres

      Nice vid. My question is how easy is it to pull the finished tire out of the mold with the tread as it is ?? The inside is obvious, but it seems the tread would grab on to the mold with out it releasing or the mold moving outward to “let go” of the tread.

    54. kamala says heels up, dont shoot

      Cornstars are cool, but Big Buds are amazing. Leg arms I could do without😂

    55. John Rider

      Money money money. So dam much money. But dont expect them to ever help anyone

    56. tank2449

      oh dang! welker farms and cornstar?????

    57. VolatileTemper93

      Titan makes rubber in the old Goodyear plant in my hometown . Not even a quarter of a quarter of that facility's capability is used .

    58. casey5711

      What town are the Titans made in ?😀👍🏾🚜🇺🇸

      1. Robert Welker

        Des Moines

    59. H Phillips

      Good video 👍I have the R4 tires and I would like to try the R14 tires or just go back to the R1 tires.

    60. Countryboy Scooter

      Made in the USA!!!

    61. Mod Squad

      I was thinking the same thing about the wire looking like welding wire

    62. Mod Squad

      😂 after watching this I now know why we only own a beading machine thing

    63. GoNZO

      Airless tires are the absolute future, imagine NEVER having to worry about getting a flat tire again. Airless tires will be on 50% of all cars within 15 years.

      1. Ron Wilson

        Goz: Not at all likely. I don't know where you get your (mis)information.

    64. Winston Paul

      COVID 19. ❗️. IS A HOAX. ... STOP THE INSANITY. ... AND STOP BREATHING IN YOUR WASTE ... ❗️❤️😂 And. ... Stop listening to main strip bullshit. News Please ... Please ... Wake Up ❗️. This is just out of. Love !

    65. Greg Bromley

      How stuff's made. Your hosts, the Welkers. Awesome stuff guys! Loved the intro with the CornStars. Those folks are just cool.

    66. q zorn

      Geee goodyear watch this.........:)

      1. q zorn

        Titan knows tires and rubber....:~o

    67. ryfish5

      I've spent time in the Bryan, Ohio Titan Tire plant. This is like a mirror image. This stuff is amazing to watch!

    68. T Gallon

      Great lesson. That guy is awfully close to you....He needs to distance himself for your safety...

    69. Elvis Presley

      This story gonna take long.

    70. Charlie Story

      "we flew in" where's the airplane? ? We never get to see that part of the business. Some of us want to see some air time... Love the channel keep up the good work.

      1. Welker Farms

        We don't want to show off our custom Boeing 747-800. It's a modest life but just don't want to give people the impression we are "elite". 😂 😁 If only...

    71. Chuck Roberts

      I'l watch your videos when you take off those stupid masks

      1. Robert Welker

        We don't like it either but without them no tour

    72. K. Compton

      Very cool! American made

    73. Hunter 747

      i knew that farm looked familiar.... gotta love a welker/star video

    74. Jeff Schwab

      Cornstar rocks

    75. iBelieve


    76. iBelieve


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    79. iBelieve


    80. Mike Warner

      Thanks for making tires for the old Ford's titan

    81. cobrasvt347

      This was awesome 🖒

    82. Hillbily Haylen

      I went over to Coles channel😁

    83. Corey Ferguson

      Very well done presentation. Actually excellent. I'm 66 years old, when I was 16 our industrial arts/business class visited the Goodyear tire factory in Toronto, Canada. I'm guessing 1970. At the time it was the largest tire factory in Canada employing over 1000 people. Now condos. They actually made their largest tire there. I saw it for myself. It was the tire used on the Catapillar earth mover. Just mind blowing. They had two molds cooking two of these tires a day, 365 days a year. When you see and experience a facility like this for yourself if gives you a real life perspective of just how much work and resources goes into making things. It makes me so sick to think of all the factories that have closed in our neck of the woods over the past fifty years. Steel, appliances, industrial equipment, cars, trucks, farm equipment, shoes, clothing, winter boots, paint, chemicals, lumber and yes tires. The politicians keep promises of a new economy, I sure would like to know where it's coming from and when it going to arrive. Our aerospace industry in Canada is also dying. Canada at one time made jet fighters more advanced than the US. Our aerospace engineers and technicians left Canada to work at places like North American Aviation to help take man to the moon. I know I'm ranting here, but this video is just so exciting and refreshing. Thank you Welker Farms.

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Corey. Our current president is trying to reestablish our once held manufacturing leadership but globalist are fighting him

    84. Bewley Custom AG

      Hey great video, sense you are a larger KGup with more experience maybe you could look at mine and my dads channel and tell me what you think I should do differently.

    85. Joe Oliver

      16:33 seeing Goodyear on the sidewalls of these tires...... So Titan builds those too? How many brands do they build for?

      1. Robert Welker

        Titan owns GY

    86. Scorp

      why does it have an extra set of 4 tires ? as in it has 8 . is the machine that heavy? i seen a tractor with 8 tires on 1 axle, making it 32 tires in all . . . . why?

      1. Robert Welker

        To maximize the hp to ground

    87. starnet36

      Great video. For those of who are hearing-impaired could you add the subtitles feature when you post a video? Thanks.

    88. Steve Harris

      Cole wasn’t pitching his viper sun glasses.

    89. Jesse Daniels

      Leg Arms is a shill for big tire.

    90. pskton

      I really like Cole, but I really dislike his father. He's too loud and annoying. Love your channel.

    91. Zeek Durhman

      Who's going to mount them? That will be a shot in the arm for Big Bud!!

    92. Shane Kirk

      So cool that the KGuprs take the time for others when you are in their area. Titan plant tour was so cool. Yhanks guys.

    93. Goldie Love Black

      Corn star farms great love them

    94. mitch howarth

      Man ! That was cool, my kids and i thoroughly enjoyed that, thanks for sharing it with us 😊

    95. Don Plautz

      Thank you so very much for showing us how the tractor tires are made 🚜

    96. Tom N

      Great video, had no idea how tires were made. Leg Arms is right - wonder tires are as reasonably prices as they are - lot more to it than I realized - thks for the tour

    97. Don Plautz

      Great video 🚜

    98. Tobias Tho

      Thank you for featuring the Cornstars on this channel!

    99. Specs Gaming

      Every time you said cornstar i kept thinking of that craig morgan song

    100. Don Zender

      Awesome video!