What happened to MY AUGER?! Lots to FIX!

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    We've had this 40ft 8" Brandt auger for many years now and it has transferred fertilizer, peas, lentils, chickpeas, and hundreds of thousands of bushels of wheat. This has left it in a sad state. Leg Arms can make this auger great again!
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    1. Welker Farms

      Thanks for watching!

      1. Jeannine Haid

        Hey good vids

      2. matthew jones

        love you all thanks for feeding not only me and mine but the world as a teenager i worked on a dairy farm people dont realize how hard farmers work

      3. Mark Miskolczi

        Dont know if you guys have flammans in the states but they make gas/oil tanks just for aurgers with mounting hardware that's universal

      4. Achronic Deth

        you have a lathe make a slide hammer lol

      5. hikingtosurvive

        Thanks for making such interesting and HQ content... NOW time to put LegArms in the Urban Dictionary: Leg arms is a man who has arms the size of most mens upper leg. Etymology (history of word) First applied to Scott Welker in 2018 by the many fans of Welker Farms KGup channel.

    2. Russ Roepke

      Hey LegArms... watching you work caused me to flash back to my Father back on the farm in Kansas. If he needed something... he made it. For example, he made a hay bale elevator out of an old windmill kit. It even kind of looked like your Auger setup.....this was in the 40's and 50's. Thanks to you all for the great content. Russ

    3. Eric Lakota

      Always knew legarms is the main machanic varry smart farmer should b working in a shop making 100k as top machanic

    4. Olaf Schmidt

      12:35 "Function before fashion!" 😉👍🏻

    5. gerald sundberg

      Nice job Leg Arms ! You could've made a slide hammer with all the stuff you have in the shop.

    6. john unsicker

      Place take some time and look at your augers ends. This one looks like there some bigger holes at the entry end that some little kids might get there foot caught once they start helping you more or around you more. Hindsight is 20/20 . I had a class mate in grade school that got his feet and leg caught in one and tore it all up. HIs dad said i know the holes was to big but I just avoided and said i fix it later but never did till it was to late. I know you have to have a good size opening on the augers to get the grain through but also small enough to keep little feet out of them. Remember kids are fast and things can happen fast. Love the channel.

    7. Curt Higgins

      Thanks for sharing your video🤔

      1. Welker Farms

        My pleasure

    8. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    9. Yamaha Rider

      Leg arms is a really good man

    10. Ron Anderson

      Thank you for sharing!

    11. Alec Wilson

      You said it wasn't pretty ? It looks fantastic. I wish I had your skills.

    12. Matthew Davis

      Gotta be careful with those jacks if you let go it rapidly start cranking and if it does you have to get out of there

    13. Ben Barreiro

      Where can I get my hands on one of them welker hats?

    14. Joey Baldarelli

      Good work leg arms. If you get some free time I could use ya over at my shop for a few days 🤣

    15. Lawson Exteriors Ltd

      How about a marine gas tank. Low profile and you can remove to fill if you want

    16. General Draven

      Our honda sat all winter and fired up just fine, battery didn't even die.

    17. sideramet

      How does he stay so clean 🙂

    18. CWS831

      Welder, mechanic, fabricator and farmer you are the man Leg Arms. 💪💪🏋👍🍔🍟

    19. Jay Cool

      Boat gas tank should work well!

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    25. ED TOEBES

      fabricate a cover for the motor. You use it once a year. Keep it under cover and it lives about 15 years longer.

    26. Don Rougeux

      I'd be worried about weld nodules inside that tube-nylon doesn't like them! Ck pump rotation--may be backward.

    27. Speakerville 1

      did you forget to fix the pin hole? Legarms makes the best videos!

    28. Brody Abney

      Welker farms are yall Republicans. If so good I'll whatch more

      1. Robert Welker

        We believe in the constitution that our founding fathers set up, that it's to protect us from a overreaching and powering government. And that our rights guaranteed under the bill of rights is not from man but our creator.

    29. Mike Moore

      If the earth was hit by a giant space rock and almost everything was destroyed, the only thing left that would be working would be insects, reptiles and Honda's.

    30. Jen Konerza

      My name is Nolan it would be awesome if you could send me a Welker farms gray hoodie my size is a large

    31. Dewi Jones

      Anyone else hoping for the A-Team tune during a Legarms build?

    32. Jen Konerza

      On your farming simulator videos when you have someone drive your tractor to plant or plow in takes away your money in the game.

      1. Robert Welker

        We can't control what is modded. But that almost seems like it is in real life.

    33. Justin Byrd

      A 6 or 12 gallon portable boat gas tank would work great for that auger

    34. Machine Maniac

      The fs19 welker farms map is awesome

    35. Ham68

      Amazing how strong a nick-name can be and how well it "fits" a person. Honestly, go to a small engine shop, see if they have any old good fuel tanks. Most would sell on the cheap, would work a bit better than just a can. Can always make a mounting bracket that sits up higher for your gravity feed. For real thin metal, I prefer to actually use my torch not a mig/tig/stick welder. I have better control of the weld that way. Something you might try to practice with LOL. Great video, cheers :)

    36. Zachary Hall

      Love the videos me and my 4 year old son watch everyday even old ones we have watched already. He really loves playing on the map on FS19 he gets mad if we dont bc he cant put the tractors and stuff in the garages. And they did amazing work on the map to make it look like IRL. Keep up the good work guys.

    37. FARM DUDE

      Nice work Leg arms. Getting ready for 2020 I just got into the field down here in Colorado. Check it out video's called First Dust. FARM DUDE out..................

    38. Jonas Lythje

      What is your biggest big bud you have

      1. Robert Welker

        600/50, around 600 hp

    39. Chad Shafer

      Love your videos. Keep them coming................

    40. Muzza904

      That intro had me creased! Done exactly the same myself XD

    41. Leo Osborne

      i’m excited to see what happens to the wagner

    42. jim pustejovsky

      A mechanic like you is worth their weight in gold on a farm! Good job Leg Arms...

    43. matthew halliburton

      All the best for the spring work hard guys and girls you lot gotta need it to supply the rest of the community and one other thing do give it to China they carn't take any product just yet they have a big problem with thir health

    44. Grant DuBridge

      Hey Scott, Do you think it may have made slag on the inside of the tube when you weld the piece back in place? I must admit, i am not familiar with that style of welding. I've only used an arc welder.

    45. lucieintheskylm

      Where is Nick

    46. Bulldog Mack

      Do a video on the mini big bud.

    47. Ronald Bechler

      Good Video Leg Arms Keep them coming RB Mich

    48. Brad Quinn

      IF you only use that auger at the home place, I would put an electric motor on it. It makes life so much easier.

      1. Robert Welker

        Would but we do use it at other locations.

    49. Stoney Ridge Farmer

      You know why people watch you guys........because ur just dang good people! Great meeting all of ya this past week....I can't wait till harvest time !

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks Josh! It was great meeting you too!

    50. James Wyatt

      This is one of those times a TIG is much better than a MIG, IMO. Thin metal is something else...

    51. jw '46

      Nice work!

    52. Vanila Kung

      Why do you have a can of Ford blue? thats what i wannna know!

    53. Patrick

      Pretty sure Leg Arms can make a slide hammer in about 5 minutes lol

    54. Andrew Fleming

      Great work LegArms! Just wanted to say something RE safety.. A good friend just lost an eye using a socket as a drift with his hydraulic press. The socket shattered and went into his eye. Saw you doing the same.. I’ve done the same too, but not anymore or at least using a face shield. Not trying to critique you - hopefully taken in the vain it was intended. Great KGup channel. Cheers

    55. Dylan Wayne Gebers

      Is it just me or are there a lot more adverts?

    56. Roy

      Painting tip from a guy who keeps making new mistakes. Store your rattle cans upside down and write the color on the bottom with a magic marker. No more plugged pickup tubes, as the solids are now at the top of the container...You are welcome to all who read this.

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you Roy. Will give it a try. Blessings



    58. Eric Weber

      Go legarms!!! Look at you go!

    59. Mr Mudslide

      Way, way, way too much talking. Did I say way?

      1. Robert Welker

        No way did you say way too many way times 😊 . It's been very busy and not much shop time. But we will be back for a while now.

    60. David Yanolatos

      It’s like a patch on a favorite pair of dungarees. It doesn’t have to look like new, just work well.

    61. Debbie L


    62. H-Aaskov

      Welker Farms MacGyver in action! Love it!!!

    63. Power Stroke73

      If i were president I’d make it a law that only red tractors can be sold in the U.S #red power

    64. Brodie G

      16:05 nice welding gloves

    65. Kevin Bissett

      I've fixed things like this and much more complicated for a living for more that 50 years. There is a much cleaner way to do this.

    66. Bob Paterson

      Always enjoy watching the workshop videos 👍 so much mechanical aptitude the family members have 💪👍👍

    67. Marcus Havey

      when will you guy work on the Wagner WA-4 agen

    68. CuriousEarthMan

      Seems like Leg Arms does more in a morning than lots of people do in a couple of days! Nice job Scott! Thanks for sharing!

    69. Billy Stump

      enjoyed as usual

    70. Taurus 420

      Nice work bud!! Does Big Bud or Case, etc, ever incorporate your mods into production?

      1. Robert Welker

        Though BigBud isn't in production it's fun to see what and how others have modified there tractors.

    71. Alex Juel

      Those hydraulic pump are directional and by flipping it the way you did it will be running in reverse. Don't know if you've noticed that yet. Just looking out.

    72. IJChan223

      silly question, but wouldn't it be spinning in the wrong direction when you flip the motor ?

    73. googleplus ain'tthatgreat

      boat gas tank slide hammer is easy, weight of convenient mass with a hole in it, piece of rod with a nut welded on the end for the weight to smack weld the rod to what you're pulling and hey presto

    74. Rex Munro

      Thought I would drop a Hello to you guys and ask what is up with the wind in Shelby Sunday night geeze.

      1. Robert Welker

        Haven't been home for a week but understand it was a little breezy.


      Hondas are by the best. I have a 2016 honda rincon great machines. I have also had a rancher like yours


      Great videos keep up the good work!

    77. Chris Spence

      How did you become such a good mechanic? I know growing up On the farm and fixing stuff but your beyond that I think you go to school ?

    78. David Puls

      Awesome, great work Scott.

    79. Jarrett Fullerton

      Did you fire Nick?

    80. funkyzero

      The active coupler they used was because the long driveshaft will expand a lot in the head and put a lot of thrust pressure on the gearbox without it... with the u-joint being solid, that expansion won't have anywhere to go and it will push both ends outward. One end really needs to have a splined end on it, or a floating coupler so it can float. It might be better to put the floating coupler back on and use some rubber matting of some sort to deaden the clanking if it's bugging you... or get a proper lovejoy coupler (they have rubber buffers in them)

    81. Adam Anderson

      Love seeing the mechanical side of things. It's great education as well as interesting. Your guys videos are always great!

    82. Kris P. Bacon

      Farming Fixing and Fabricating is a wizard on the equipment side. I think he is almost a magical chief for us indigenous, northern grown folks. But you do very well. When I have the time, I watch almost every vid. The world is much better for your being in it. Keep on trucking young brothers.

    83. Jason Smith

      Legs arms…. I will never be a farmer like you. But I certainly could listen to you all day explain what you do. Your ingenuity and creativity to make something out of nothing. Is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    84. Mike L

      What a fabricator Scott!!

    85. AJ Deere T680

      The fact that the name Legarms is second nature is actually hilarious lol

    86. P Andersen

      Eletric start and/or battery? Have you considered using an electric fuel pump for small engines?

    87. David Hardin

      Put a Dodge coupling on it would be better

    88. James Jones

      Doing a great job Leg Arms, along with ya brother and Dad. GOD Bless you and your family.

    89. Erin Lachman

      Thank you for sharing your repair projects. This is what I would imagine my dad and I would have been like if we could've kept farming. Seeing you guys working with older equipment is refreshing in a world of big farms and new equipment.

    90. Kyle Sayers

      Scott try making a little shelf and put a little removable boat Jerry can for the Agar.

    91. Don V.D.Borgh

      Wish I had your talents. 👍👍

    92. Jack Terry

      How about some guards over those belts at the ends?

    93. kyle gibbs

      Why not bend it up and put a tractor flap on it?

    94. mikeabresch94

      Great job leg arms Mike from DWARF WORKS

    95. 370Scotty

      Tools, Talent, and Innovations!~ You've got it all my friend! Great Video!

    96. SouthSask

      HAHAHAH Anyone else catch the Case Cardboard logo on the Deere LOL

    97. the pizza devil

      thanks for sharing!

    98. TE Vogel

      Awesome video… I love these type of videos… Figure out how to make things work…

    99. Gerald DeWetter

      did you ask at brant dealer if they had a tube straightener ??? I used to work for a dealer we had three different sizes . make life so much easier , just a thought

    100. Simon Atkin

      How about an old motorcycle tank straddling auger pipe on adjustable angle as a permanent fuel tank?