Old IRON Turning DIRT

Welker Farms

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    Even though we continue to gear up for harvest there are jobs that need completed. Weeds seem to grow in any climate, even when our last rain was 6 weeks ago. Chemical is less and less effective the later the season progresses, to which we fire up old Iron and disk it under.
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    1. rocketHtown

      Man what a great life. Hats off to you sir.. Well done with those 2 boys and that farm.

    2. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    3. UncleManuel

      "...that was two months ago." That grin says it all... ^_^

    4. Chris Darting

      I've never seen an ad on Welker Farms channel.

    5. Daniel dead


    6. STONEDay

      Weed: Good. Weeds: Bad.

      1. Austin Bables

        There ya go!

    7. tomthumb

      maybe you should think about getting a chiesel plow of case ih for aweek

    8. iBelieve


    9. iBelieve


    10. iBelieve


    11. iBelieve


    12. iBelieve


    13. iBelieve


    14. iBelieve


    15. MrConcretejoE

      A lot of people look at Welker Farms videos and enjoy the content, which I absolutely do. But lets all please not forget just how many people this farm has fed over the years and how many jobs its products have generated for the worldwide economy! What an absolute treasure that not many people seem to think about.

    16. Donna Anderson

      Be thankful your farm land is not in Iowa this time of year..

    17. Robert Echols

      That disc is pretty small for it tho!!! lol

    18. Robert Echols

      That Big Bud is Awesome!!! I have watched many videos on those beasts!!! Great to see one still in action!!!

    19. Ballade je

      Bro good

    20. Bradyn Kent

      Yeah the Australia and yeah there are bucks but there are pests over hear and we don't hunt them so we get really big bucks

    21. Parker frey

      So the 600 bud is just a really big hydraulic pump right now 😂😂

    22. Bob Paterson

      Really nice to see the grandchildren ridin along with u Bob 👍👍

      1. Robert Welker


    23. Jan Dreier

      Your dad just has the coolest dog in the world...

    24. mikemerrill175

      Love the granddaughters. Have 2 myself that sure know how to charmingly get their way.

    25. mikemerrill175

      Wouldn’t have a shallow plowing turned it better?

      1. mikemerrill175

        Run what you brung we used to say😀

      2. Robert Welker

        Didn't have our cultivator handy, was at neighbors

    26. Richard Bloomfield

      I found a book of the big bud tractors

    27. Lachys Farm Life

      hear in AU we call'm roobars

    28. Kirk Labonte

      We put a couple straw bails on the disc for weight on the breaking disc

    29. Kurt Schreiber


    30. Keith Lawlor

      Why don't you use a blade weeder?

      1. Robert Welker

        Our cultivator was at the neighbors

    31. Connor Bosch

      Hi from Australia, We have had 5 years of a below average crop but..... This year the farming gods have shone on us and we have had very good rain hopping on a very good year this year, can’t wait. It’s hopefully going to be a great year, the 2388 is going to have to work her but off this year Love you guys you make great content Thanks 👍🏻

      1. Robert Welker

        Very glad you have a decent crop finally

    32. Justin CHAPPEL

      Go Australia

    33. 4020 john deere


    34. Josh Jesch

      A good disk is wishek. Named after the town in North Dakota where they are made. They will tear through a paved road. Very heavy and strong. Love watching your videos guys thank you very much for the food. I used to be a small Rancher but now I drive semi hauling grains for farmers.

    35. David Katz

      Hello do you ever deep rip?

      1. Robert Welker

        Haven't but might try this fall

    36. Dreaming Big Customs

      Alright so if I were to join fbn who's code do I use. Yours or that actor's over there in Minnesota playing melenial farmer. 🤔

    37. Nellson Stout

      Would the chisel plow have done better?

      1. Robert Welker

        Would have to rip it with 4"chisels first. Our flexicoil plow was still at the neighbors

    38. RV home

      Hey guys We just watched the redone of the Big Butt and we are wondering what the decal 600/50 stands for. Great videos guys

      1. Nellson Stout

        600 horsepower, model 50, or powershift. It’s not a true 600/50 though. It’s a 525/50

    39. Tom N

      Can't beat the video - Grandpa with the Granddaughters - they will remember that ride many years down the road


      Is anyone else hearing horrible audio or is that just my phone

      1. Nellson Stout

        Sounds decent to me

    41. Kayla Bradley

      i got the welker farms map on fs19

    42. Daniel Hansen Crawford

      Hey Walkers, if u should look on KGup at Midwest fabrication they are the next town over from where I live in Australia and they make a 60 foot Draper front the biggest in the world. Love ur videos great to see the difference between here and Montana

    43. Leo McAvoy

      That dog of yours is something else! I like most of my animals fried and on my plate. But 'tween chasing rabbits 🐇 and standing on the outside platform on the go, that's a good dog 🐕 👍

    44. B Baldwin

      Congrats on your listing in United States of KGup! kgup.infousofyoutube/#/mt/?view=list

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you!!

    45. John Doe

      Need to take beastbine back there to now

    46. Bernie Schoep

      how did the peas and lentils yeld.

      1. Robert Welker

        @Bernie Schoep was it drought?

      2. Bernie Schoep

        @Robert Welker that is good crop.our conr we had to chop avg was 35 bu acre 200 bu per acre short

      3. Robert Welker

        Peas average 33 overall

    47. Chris Albright

      That disk was probably built 28 miles from me here in central kansas, even cooler is my uncle worked for Krause for 50 years!

    48. The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy

      When is the harvest vid coming

      1. Robert Welker

        Very soon

    49. Maxwell Strong

      Is big bud a farm tractor brand

      1. Nellson Stout

        It was. They’re weren’t nearly as many built as other brands

    50. matthew halliburton

      Hi Nick Welker, yes mate we do have Aussie bucks back in the olden days it used to be like England grate British Pounds before dollars rolled in it has been dollars for a very long time

    51. Aaron O'Shea

      Got KGup Premium. No commercials for me 😏

      1. Aaron O'Shea

        @Welker Farms I would have thought that with you guys having such a big channel that you'd get it free! Keep up the great work guys 😊

      2. Welker Farms

        Hey that's good! I need to do that honestly.

    52. steve shoemaker

      Thanks guy's girl's family dog and all...!

    53. Wade Piroutek

      We got done with wheat harvest Tuesday

    54. 2010utube100

      Why are the tires removed from the wings?

      1. Nellson Stout

        Probably so it’ll cut better and not float

    55. NM 2463

      It's really enjoyable to see your dad get more comfortable in front of the camera.

    56. brian payne

      Looks like the old Bud rides really well.

    57. Mark Gibson

      You are standing waist deep in kochia hooking up that disk. Do you spray for kochia up there in MT? If yes, do you have a recommended herbicide?

      1. Mark Gibson

        I use Vista XRT (fluroxypyr) & 2, 4, D. I have to catch it at just the right time, usually 2nd week of July here in the Colorado Front Range.

      2. Welker Farms

        That is the million dollar question, not a lot can kill that stuff these days. 😔 But I hear some new formulas are in the works! 😁

    58. Savvy Roblox


    59. Scott Owen

      Always fun to see you all.

    60. Marius Andre Lien

      8:33 got a litle dizzy

    61. Marius Andre Lien

      Love the dog having a great time

    62. justin schmicker

      How wide is that disc?

      1. justin schmicker

        @Nellson Stout we have heavy red clay and coal sand around here. The clay is what is going to make the tractor struggle but the sand will be easy.

      2. Nellson Stout

        justin schmicker 37 may not be that bad depending on your conditions and how heavy a disc

      3. Robert Welker

        @justin schmicker 👍

      4. justin schmicker

        @Robert Welker 10-4 good buddy!! I acquired a 4890 Case bout 2 months ago and I'm in the process of fixing everything that's wrong with it. I know 37ft is to big for it giving it's only rated at 300 but I'm also looking at a couple Case IH Steigers that have been sitting in the weeds for almost 9yrs since the farmer parked all 6.

      5. Robert Welker

        38 ft

    63. stumpy2816


    64. Polaris440 SKS

      Well the manure will help the crop so it’s worth it

    65. Tyler Hurst

      The JD needs a chrome straight pipe

    66. Chris Tessmer

      We had a long drought then a lot of rain and the weeds got away from a lot of guys around here. A few soybean fields look just like your disc, hard to see anything but weeds.

    67. David Peter

      I put an expression of interest in joining FBN in Australia and i have to chose between using Welker farms or millennial farmer as the promo code 🤔

      1. Welker Farms

        Choose wisely my friend 😂 😁

    68. Noah Borntreger

      The way to download search download KGup vanced free for Android

    69. Richard Lloyd-Thomas

      Arrr found the wheel theaf it's Nick all in the back of his truck lol😂😂😂😂

    70. James Rounding

      Spray and chop those weeds, because I need my Wheaties! Lol!

    71. Scott Owen

      Are you all planning to attend any farming shows in the next 12 months?

      1. Robert Welker

        Would have seen many at the farm progress 1st of Sept. But got canceled. Hopefully NFMS will go on

    72. 46Rambo

      we chopped the weeds like this once, they came back twice as bad from the seeds getting spread........

    73. Jay Huff

      How wide is the disc

      1. Robert Welker


    74. Tutorialgaming Live

      My grandpa is a farmer he is trying to find a fire tamer where would he look

      1. Tutorialgaming Live

        Thanks 😊

      2. Welker Farms

        Try this www.firetamer.ca/about-us

    75. Ken Horton

      You need a John Deere disc.😎🚜

      1. Nellson Stout

        Just about nothing will beat that Krause. Maybe a Rome or big G or Wishek, or a heavy offset, but for a tandem (excluding Wishek,) there’s really not much better from what I’ve seen

    76. Warren Beers

      Bob, the ultimate punster....

    77. Clapped lb7

      I just found this channel and I'm glad I'm from conrad

      1. Welker Farms

        Welcome neighbor!

    78. the pizza devil

      thanks for sharing

    79. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch

      The boss lady might have something to say to Bob after this video. 😂😂😂😂

    80. 9856CB

      Hey Nick what do you mean we don’t have any “Roos”. We have a “Roos” .........there in the zoos🤪

      1. 9856CB

        And can you put digging tines on the front row of discs?

    81. Lowell Walter

      @5:55, you seem to be missing some tires on the left wing of the disk.

    82. Mathew Walworth

      Went through Shelby on Wednesday wish I would have had a chance to stop and say hi. But I had to get to Larslan Montana to load yellow peas for Minot AGT

    83. Nellson Stout

      Have you guys ever thought about trying a krause dominator disk ripper? It’s true that you wouldn’t get as much ground coverage per pass but I’d say it would give favorable results

    84. Lars Billet

      The farm I work on here in Belgium also uses a case 8230 combine with a 24 foot header on it. Winter wheat harvest has ended almost two weeks ago over here

    85. Rick Brandt

      Farming! Dads are still Dads.... knowledge..

    86. Mike Kahl

      Did you say there was (Bob) wire around the axle???

      1. Robert Welker


    87. will erickson

      looking at the way that leg arms was driving over the field id say that it would be a good idea to look at a big grader blade to skim over the top and flatten it out

    88. Bradley Poehler

      Had the same problem years ago in some very dry wheat stubble. We had hauled over it several times with a vac tank so it was packed down on top of just being hard and dry. Fold the wings up on your disk. Takes forever to get over but the added lbs per square inch will get you down to those roots......... love the videos guys!

    89. Lee Daddy

      Hey I have the same disc, have you had issues with it leaving a dead furrow in the center?

      1. Welker Farms

        Yes it leaves a big furrow, honestly not super impressed with this disc. Would love to get into a speed tiller of some kind someday!

    90. mike nawrocki

      Kobey is a awsome dog. Standing guard on tractor looking for rabbits. Looking forward to harvest.

    91. Peter Cole

      Ya'll for certain have the best service truck on YT!!!

    92. Lachie Heard

      why did you boys take the wheels off of the disc while using it?

      1. Robert Welker

        Since there was only 80 acres we took them off to help disk would be level the middle were smaller size.

    93. B C

      8:10 I've never seen a KGup advertisement or commercial. uBlock Origin and SponsorBlock for the win!#%

    94. Mike Kleven

      Put some weight on the disc

    95. Franko

      Hahaha yes, a mention for us long time viewers from Down Under!! Will have to look into what FBN offers now that they have arrived. All the best Welker's, keep it up

    96. Jack Willie

      I remember back early 60,s Massey's?44 and disk, hot humid , bugs , dust and no wind , set aside land...just a you 10year old ...I know you men have ate your share of dirt take care be always safety

    97. SCS Sarge

      Australia is having a good year with their cropping because of good rains. Like one says don't count your chickens before they hatch or till grains in the barns. The farmers are happy so far with the outlook though still nearly 1.5 - 2 months before harvest starts and a lot can happen until then. Hello Aussies and wishing the farmers good rain till seed setting from Benalla Victoria Australia. Welker's, we wish you all the best also with your harvest.

    98. Kevin McDougall

      One years weed seeds = seven years of weeds.

    99. Jason Swift

      Who is who's daughter? the girls in the cab at 4:05

      1. Robert Welker

        They are my second daughter's kids

    100. TheGeocacheHunter

      I don't wish to be the bringer of bad news, but just so you're aware, patreon is currently undergoing major legal issues which has a high chance of shutting them down simply due to cost. If they are to survive, their fees might go up drastically, leaving you out of potential thousands monthly.