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Welker Farms

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    1. Ticdaniel

      Love the way Bob laugh when nick say that he just started to go to the gym again 🤣🤣🤣🤣 at 36:55

    2. Paul Walker

      What did it cost to put the new steering system on the Bud.

    3. Johnnes Thaler

      Please make Bud Light happening. 😃

    4. ADK Squad Outdoors

      What do yall have planted this year? And do you do rotations on certain fields of the crops? Actually got the farming game and trying to replicate the fields. Great videos! Love watching them!

    5. Todd Leitman

      I like these videos because I own a farm my self and I've always been a big IH.fan so keep up the fun work.

    6. Trent Badon

      Try Billions of dollars, with a B, of foreign aid, every year. EVERY YEAR.. It's about time they give the taxpayers some money back, I know I'm in the black with what those thieving SOB's have taken from me in taxes.

    7. Trent Badon

      We had a Steiger that ran a cart with a hydraulic motor..

    8. Glenn Hunter

      Good video again that’s a good thing to say about Andy I watch him all the time he’s a good person I pray 4 all the time y’all be safe

    9. hyperthermogenic

      wow leg arms has some skills backing that rig up

    10. Scott Jordan

      Too cold in Wyomi still

    11. Scott Jordan

      Colorado plant corn

    12. Jonathan Osborne

      Thank u Walker family God bless have a great day nice video

    13. David Highland

      Kinda late for the stream, but just seen yous were having corrosion problems on the grounds on the one truck. Try out a can of NCP2 on the exposed electrical terminations. it'll save you from having any of those problems in the future. Stay Safe!

    14. Morgan Adair

      Andy is a special man in the fact that adversity is a goal for him. Most would of been on charity of the country. He by all rights would deserve it. It starts at home and never say quit, I know cause I did and I am miserable. I just really don't want to go to doctors or a hospital. My toes are pruned and the toes have sores. Very large and swollen. I have been told by my traveling nurse to go to the hospital yet I don't and won't. My dog is on deaths bed an will not eat. His eyes are sad and nose is hot.I am past seventy with chronic pain that will only get worse. I am not scared. Please get people like Andy help. I know that your not the mother of the world. Thank you

    15. KCAA TV

      How many acres do you farm?

    16. Eric Ramos

      It's like a moth or butterfly after molding...

    17. Ray-Ray Vanderbush

      Farming simulator now has class tractors

    18. Marshall115

      I have welker farm on fs17 and fs19 for ps4pro

    19. Rob Plays Games

      Watching this late, but at the moment of this comment I'm also playing Farming Sim 17 (and 19), and love the map of your farm! Love your content guys, from VT.

    20. Terry Brunk

      Farming still goes on around the country as usual.

    21. Bernhard Sorensen

      I hope to see the 600 bud beat the new case600 that be fun to see new power against old power

    22. Mike Luckhardt

      Like to see what your farm Looks like.. im from southwestern ontario Canada

    23. Henry G

      Leg arms just go mr clean on the haircut 💇‍♂️ it will make you look 👀 mean!!

    24. Dean Reinke

      Is the lake house completed?

    25. tomthumb

      could you get a semi tanker for water would hold alot more and will you ever fit a pto to a big bud

    26. gerald sundberg

      Why is all the video reversed?

    27. Kjetil Sunne

      Have start her in east country in Norway

    28. Witty17

      For a Demo I would love to see a Hardi Rubicon on your farm. I think you would love to have a sprayer with a 160ft boom on it.

    29. Daniel Peterson

      Corona virus is now in this small city of one person but it is not bad hear but I still do the same thing and I always stay away from people that are sick because I never wont to be laid up for not even one day. So if I have to stand 20 feet away I do and if it is 10 feet you will get it at 14 feet if they cough but not at 16 feet so I stay away at 20 feet so it didn't change my life much. I don't need a cold or flu and not that other killer virus so if sick stay 20 feet from me. And when the cop came over to tell me a mouth ago I told him to stay back and he did. But I heard about this virus in December I was thinking it was a cold and I keep 20 feet away from that.

    30. Tractor Freak

      I grew up on a farm in the 60's, open tractors, no ROPS, no climate control, manual transmissions, boy things have changed!!!....You guys have the best man toys!!!!....Be safe out there!!!!

    31. Stephen Willard

      That was a really nice thing you did for Andy Detwiler

    32. Lashyanne Storm

      Welkers, This covid-19 thing has everything turned upside down, take a look at this londonreal.tv/the-coronavirus-conspiracy-how-covid-19-will-seize-your-rights-destroy-our-economy-david-icke/

    33. Lyn Wessel

      I'd think the way to power a grain cart would be an auxiliary engine mounted on the cart hitch.Or have a small cart that interchanges with the sprayer on the Brute.

    34. matthew halliburton

      Hello walkers family I was thinking of watching nicks live stream you could plant some green manure before planting your seasonal crops green manure is very cheap fertilizer plant it once grown you can cultivate into the ground to give the soil some goodness make the soil better for the spring wheat or chickpeas

    35. belfast479

      Nick, please, please take this serious and stay safe. I'm Cape Cod, Massachusetts and it's just starting here. Keep the family close, may God bless.

    36. Uneedhelp91

      When you talk about not having enough moisture to grow row crops, I think about here in Florida where I live we have cattle and Orange Groves, Tomatoes, Watermelons...they throw water on those crops. I guess when you you have a shallow water table you can do that.

    37. Jacob Derry

      ended with a raid nice youtube needs to step up and add a raid command like twitch has

    38. Robert Reznik

      If you weld a one inch long bolt to the frame near the starter and also at batteries for heavy cables, that should lower the resistance. The frame will have no resistance because it is heavy even thought it is steel. I am lucky to leave mine in the barn with trickle charging.

    39. Michael McBride

      Toole County has the highest per capita cases of death from the coronavirus in MT and in the top ten counties of the US. 362 cases and 60 deaths. Take pre-cautions

      1. Karen Welker

        Toole County in MT has had 20 total # positive cases and 3 deaths, as of today

    40. Magnus Rothmann

      Please everyone. GO AND SUBSCRIBE TO Harmless Farmer

    41. Brad H

      Its funny you guys do so much work on repair your equipment and keep it running and MM Farmer just buys parts from deer and updates the tractors or buys new tractors and equipment if something goes wrong. I enjoy both channels but like how you guys run older equipment and fix it to keep it going. I cant imagine what MM Farmer pays every month on their equipment and new stuff they have all over the farm. RICH Farmer in my eyes...... Good for him.

    42. Brad H

      have you guys ever had large cat signs on the property or seen anything?

    43. KEEPER B. Jr

      You got it pretty but not new :)

    44. Dahlmasen

      An I the only one that thinks that the Volvo looks like a beast?😎 But apparently its not😂 But I like the looks of it😁 You should do an engine upgrade on it and a bigger exhaust pipe😎

    45. Matt Temple

      I didn't know that Big Buds were real! I though they were just mods in Farming Simulator. LOL

    46. Miền Tây TiVi

      super and super tractor

    47. Jonathan Jerden

      Crazy idea . . . contact Quentin Tarantino and ask him to direct one of your vlogs.

    48. Rob Johns

      You live so close to Canada and havn't popped over for a visit.

    49. Brad H

      Leg Arms, take out the string from the sweatshirt.

    50. Phil Box

      Those Fexicoil planters were just the ticket for black soil melon hole country.

    51. JD Man

      When you talk about putting up another cold storage building in the future what size would you be looking at we as well want to put one up in the future but don’t know what size to go with yet

    52. Xayde Meyers

      Can't wait to see you guys seeding! Kick those big buds into gear, bit of a shame for the pin striping☹️ but it still looks beautiful👌

    53. Jacob Farms Texas

      Awesome guys! Sending everyone to harmless Farmer! Do you know if there’s any way to donate $ to help with the treatments?

    54. Farm Boy

      I just finished watching your "Live" broadcast (after the fact). It was a wonderful thing that Welker Farms did, by stopping your broadcast and sending your viewers over to the Harmless Farmer channel. I did watch his channel also (again, after the fact). Andy and his family appreciated it, and they were getting emotional. On another note, I know what will get rid of your migraine headaches Nick. Welker Farms needs to paint all of that red Case IH equipment a John Deere green and yellow. It is easier on the eyes, and will last longer. Maybe you can get the Millennial Farmer to help out with the painting. Lord be with all of your families, and Happy Easter.

    55. Thomas Anderson

      as your streams are on here in Scotland in middle of night i usually play catch up ,but man was it nice to see harmless farmers reaction was priceless you are all nice people

    56. Bart Powers

      You guys are the best

    57. Matthew P

      The wife and I made a garden this year, got a lot of things to plant. Already put the onions and some other veggies in the ground. Been decent weather now they are talking snow. Back home in Michigan they couldn’t even plant on my family’s land last year.

    58. Farmer JakeBrake

      How many rows does it plant

    59. Kurtis Risatti

      The buds already dirty what the f lol

    60. Jonathan Cranshaw

      Late comment but... Road tractors are a bit under powered? $30k each for used. Fertilizer trucks are old? $15k each for used New work shop? $300k just to start Combine? Good for a few more years but will need replacing $ 1.25 M for 2 new ones at best.. Most folks don’t realize in farming equipment cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS not hundreds of dollars.

    61. Adam Sherman

      Get off me LegArms!!!

    62. Jerry Glen

      God bless the farmers. Pray planting season is a complete success 👍 No injuries 👍

    63. Mr Dio

      Ed Gosselin did a very nice ty to you guys for boosting Andy's spirits . He said he doubted you guys would ever see it since he only has a small channel. It'd be a nice touch if 1 of you would drop over and comment.Gosselin Farms.

    64. Phil Jungels

      Only 5% likes on these videos? These guys deserve way more than that! Hit that LIKE button, the thumbs up one. It's free, and it helps them!

    65. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. merci pour la video.congratulations.

    66. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour .je n' ai compris de se que vous parliez. mais vous avez du beau materiel, et un super garage. pierre de france.

    67. tigerheart6

      The first 20 seconds is so. Beautiful beautiful to listen

    68. John Patterson

      Will y'all be purchasing something new in 2020 to add to the fleet

    69. Ham68

      Should've put a poly-urethane on top of those decals. It seals them. Andy, (Harmless Farmer), he's a cool guy. Great video. Cheers :)

    70. Allen Hrubes

      Baseball hats are good to have. Your scalp doesn't get beat on by the sun. But when a guy bumps the top of his head and the rivet holding the top together gets shoved into your skull; it was always a bummer. :-(

    71. Ozarks Farmer Hansen

      Hear is a fix for your Verstile problem write a little check problem solved. kgup.info/get/p6KgdWmymmdihoc/video

    72. WDADVG

      Get some One Shot Paint from Eastwood or Ebay to paint the stripes back on Big Bud. Clean the area than use some 1/4" fine line tape and you can paint it on with a nice brush and it will outlast the decals.

    73. Hendrien Els

      Pee pile😅😂😃🤣

    74. Tank’s link

      Hey Nick it would be awesome if this season you mounted a 360° camera above the tractor so we could scroll around and look at everything just saying

    75. Motortube

      Thank you for your donation to the Harmless Farmer channel. Welker Farms Inc is Family......

    76. Eger Viktor

      Guten abend. 👍

    77. Michael Russell

      Need to demo Quad Trac 490?

    78. Avocado Grower

      GREAT JOB sending viewers to Harmless Farmer. To top if off then Welkers donate. Welkers you are the BEST!! God Bless you all. HE IS RISEN!!!

    79. Ticdaniel

      Your dad and legarms got the same laugh

    80. Patman Crowley

      Amazing! AMAZING! Great backing job, Leg Arms!

    81. Nick Newell

      those stripes on the big bud are big enough that you could lay them out and paint them on. do it once and done. could you do a mini resto on your ford grain trucks and just replace the dump bodys? they dont look horrible other than that.

    82. irishist

      Why is the seed bin not behind the drill

    83. David Yansky

      I Love Andy too, he's an amazing man. Props to you for mentioning him in your live-stream.

    84. Pj Thorn

      So i told Andy that you guys told me to go over to his channel. But thoughts n prayers guys. Be safe with the 2020 planting season.

    85. J Essary Farms

      They are dumping milk here. Dairy and feeding the dairies is our biggest economy here. I raise sorghum sudangrass hay. I’m sure they are dumping milk everywhere. Sad times.

      1. J Essary Farms

        Drivin N Survivin yessir me too. They are my livelihood. We have around 70 dairies in my area and average heard size is 3500-5000 milking cows per dairy. That’s a lot of milk. And a lot of hay. It breaks my heart to see it go down the drain.

      2. Drivin N Survivin

        Jeffrey Essary I was afraid that was the case, I grew up on a dairy and worked on one after my family sold out and dairy farmers have a special place in my heart because I know the struggles first hand

      3. J Essary Farms

        Drivin N Survivin nowhere to sell it too with the shut down. With schools and restaurants shut down there’s not a commercial market. And they are not getting paid for it either so they claim.

      4. Drivin N Survivin

        Jeffrey Essary Why are they dumping milk ?

    86. Todd Millard

      You guys are awesome fabricators.... why not modify a grain cart add a 5.9 or 8.3 on the cart draw bar to power the unloading auger. Simple hydraulic actuated clutch and throttle on a electric solenoid -idle-mid-full. Pull it with one of the buds

    87. J Essary Farms

      Hello from the quarantined farmyard in New Mexico! Great video guys!!

    88. J. Salmi

      In finland red diesel price is about 0.87-1,1$ per LITER :D

    89. Stuart Roland

      Hello to all the Welker family ,helping a fellow Ohioan was realy great . I have been enjoying Andys videos as well as yours .Take care . See Ya .

    90. Tim Gilchrist

      I bet that is not the first time Leg Arms backed that train up. That would take quite a bit of forward thinking. Lol

    91. marpip01

      Hey an easy way to change the bottom ball joint is to remove the pin while jacking up the front and back of each section -- well at least it worked on our versatile !

    92. Gerald Felch

      Great video

    93. bdt 0207

      Hi there

    94. Dennis Goodayle

      cant beleve you still use round up

      1. Drivin N Survivin

        Dennis Goodayle Alternatives if you’re spraying your sidewalk and around your house, I’m sure but those alternatives are not practical when your spraying thousands of acres!!

      2. Dennis Goodayle

        @Drivin N Survivin am not a farmer but just google alternatives to round up and shows a lot of diffrent weed killers depending on what would be best for your land

      3. Drivin N Survivin

        Welker Farms Inc Exactly, I love how folks always are quick to find faults in what you guys do but never have any suggestions for a “better” suggestion!! Keep up the good work and Thank you for feeding The World !!

      4. Welker Farms


    95. Roboticus Prime RC

      Wagner or Versatile for PTO grain cart? :)

    96. Liam NERRAW

      Did anyone else notice the writing was backwards on the buds and flexicoils?

    97. Nick Bayer

      Fellas, here's a link to the front end of a Versatile 1150 m.facebook.com/groups/101618263241071?view=permalink&id=2901218909947645

    98. Mary Carlstrom

      You all have a great channel and are a class act. We also are subscribers to harmless farmer. Good thoughts and prayers to you for a blessed Easter and a safe farm year. I am looking forwarded to the lake house transformation. It is a tough time for that with the current circumstances. Things will get better! Jim and I are from south west Wisconsin. Take care and happy Easter!

    99. mr b

      farmers always get bailed out

      1. brian banks

        Glenn Brightwell no farmers you don’t eat dumbass

    100. Justin CHAPPEL

      With the toilet paper people will by it and then they will get the corona virus and die then what will they do with all the toilet paper. Berry them with it.