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    Listen up! Lets work together to help out Iowa!!
    Fast Ag Montana and Welkers are working together to raise $15,000 for the non-profit organization Steppin' Out Missions. Tony and Nick will donate $500 each. This money will be put towards cleaning up the mess that was left behind from that crazy storm. And to top it off Tony will shave his beard 🧔 😂 👌 .
    And! If we reach $20,000, Tony and Nick will kick in another $500 each!
    CLICK ON THE LINK to the webpage for the non-profit organization, Steppin' Out Missions, and SCROLL DOWN to the PayPal link at the bottom of the page to donate (be sure to put FastAg or Welker Farms in the 'Notes to seller' section): www.somissions.com ...OR...MAIL A CHECK to Steppin' Out Missions at: P.O. Box 532 Sugarcreek, OH 44681 (Be sure to write 'FastAg' or 'Welker Farms' in the memo!)
    Follow along for updates in Iowa on Steppin' Out Missions' Facebook page here: somissions/
    Read more about Steppin' Out Missions on their webpage here: www.somissions.com
    Also, be sure to check out the FAST AG KGup channel at: kgup.info/must/XjxLLb5dpeX-pWzD6ejQNQ.html
    To save $100-Join today with promo code: WELKER100
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    1. Welker Farms

      Let's make this happen! Also be sure to check out Tony Fast's KGup channel Fast Ag, , good stuff!

      1. Bryan

        I'm in, $50 donated.

      2. Quinten Van Ness

        some parts for Iowa are still without power but we are still strong.

      3. WTF To Late!

        Do you guy's use GMO Wheat?

      4. Daniel Johnston

        Just saw Tony without his beard.....woooohooooo...great job! $18.5k already....WOW GOD IS GOOD!

      5. Fast Ag Montana

        Ditto that GOOD STUFF comment!

    2. Michael Sullivan

      When I run into a pole on farm sim, I either bounce off, or go right through. You need that mod!!!

    3. Henry Lopez

      Duluth offers lifetime warranty on their pants. When need new ones, mail em in and get brand new ones!

    4. Ryan Hammers


    5. bruce campbell

      Brings back some good memories.

    6. UncleManuel

      *sniff* "Smells like weed." Jepp, I know that feeling... ^_^

    7. Nate Gonshorowski

      choke cherry jelly is the best

    8. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Is there a possibility to contact your local electrical utility to mark the power poles with Scotchlite or some orange flashing lights; or equip the headers on both ends with a couple headlights/floodlights that would "light up" the poles when you are driving and harvesting at night????

    9. Jay Richards

      I donated as "from Welker" but I missed the spot where you say where you are donating from.

    10. iBelieve


    11. Lou Ann Soppe

      I live in Cedar Rapids, IA. I just want to thank you. Ever house was damaged in some way. No tree was untouched. This storm was Aug 10 th, we still have huge piles of of debris along our streets. Today the city said they will still be picking up debris. When the snow starts to fly. But we are Iowa Strong. Thank you for all your help. Each and one of us appreciates all the help. If wasn't for you and other organizations. We wouldn't be as far as we are. Again Thank you!!!!

    12. William Davis

      Would 10 foot sections of 3 or 4 inch pvc pipe painted fluorescent orange stood on end at your gas well sites help you see them better? Seems like a cheap solution and much cheaper than down time fixing a combine head. Just asking--

    13. Philip Fleming

      Suggesting you put reflectors on power poles, like DOT tape red an white or yellow . Mount tape on aluminum plate an nail it to poles

    14. Russ Recker

      Awesome vid Nick!

    15. Jacob Waltemeyer

      Us Iowans really appreciate you we had all our storage and I lost my job so I appreciate you trying to help

    16. Alan Wilcox

      Hey: Chet Larson has a bigger one than you. Grain cart of course ! Captain Al from Tampa😎

    17. Jack Willie

      I'm going to give a shout out to housewives of farmers , that make homemade jams, fresh pies ( strawberry-rubarb) and field delivered treats....Thanks to past and present Moms and daughter's

    18. robert lonsdale

      is it not possible to mark obstacles on the gps system to prevent future collisions?

    19. Glenn Gaul

      We are 50 miles NE of Omaha, We are soooo blessed to have been in the build up stage all the devastation is east of us Not to sound callous but " thank God"

    20. Russell Petrie

      just watch out for the golrila

    21. Aurimas Kybartas

      Yuo goodt fermers 😉

    22. Bob Baldwin

      Sweet filmography there near the end!!!

    23. 9856CB

      Nick, you need to get your neighbors phone number for the next possible fire.

    24. Ryan Hogan

      Run the tape through the wash, the dryer makes it good for 6 months or so, wearing them once a week

    25. Farmer Jack

      My farm got hit hard our beans are laying down

    26. Eric Beightol

      Would it have been easier and/or faster to fly the drone to scout for fires instead of driving? Just a thought.

    27. Daniel Playle

      Mr Sealyp has just plugged your appeal on his latest video so hopefully that will bring you in some more money to do good stuff with

    28. Cheopis

      Just curious, but can all of your crops take the crushing forces of piling to the height of the new bin? That's what, 35 feet vertical stack height? No danger of crushing the bottom layers?

      1. Robert Welker

        All crops can take it except fruit

      2. Cheopis

        @Robert Welker Not the bins, the grains. Can all your different grain types be stored to full bin height without crushing the bottom layers?

      3. Robert Welker

        Engineered for the forces

    29. Rawhide Adventures

      Welker and Fast Ag, what a great team, I'm in.

    30. Daniel Taylor

      You could put some flags on the gas well pipes to make them easier to see.

    31. Kathleen M

      Amazing! Great job!

    32. R A

      Name and shame the operator

    33. R A

      Enjoying the humour from the Old Boy 👌

    34. GoldPicard

      Don't know if someone else has said it but, that phone call segment was really well done the transitions was basically seamless and the audio was great.

    35. wbball15

      Extra grease in that bearing for sure

    36. Rory Weber

      You don’t have enough storage that you have to bag now wow

    37. Samuel Holden

      You need a trump 2020 flag!!

    38. Kamden Holldorf

      it was also really bad were I live in Illinois

    39. Derek Payne

      Is there a benefit to bagging the grain as opposed to storing in the bins? Are the bags more sealed from ambient air exposure than the bins?

      1. Robert Welker

        Permanent storage is best but bags are a quick solution for storing extra for a few months

    40. Joop Terwijn

      Use your drone for reconnaissance!

    41. Jake C.

      C'mon guys we only need 10k out of their 400k subscribers to give $10 and we'd be at $100k and blow this thing out of the water! I donated but the missed the note part, guess it wasn't obvious enough for me.

    42. Morgan Adair

      The world looking up from say a nine year old boys face is huge.. really its small when you see how we are all connected to each other as no one job is the most important unless it comes to family..... the best job is family. Glad to see you guys pulling each other up an no one is down for long. Platitudes of speech best served by action. I'd say its time to get a dog to keep Cobbie on his toes. A youngster to keep rabbits under control. Where do you stop as we are so busy and self important.... ya, get the dog as some of you when older will say best thing I ever did was rescue a dog who's future is in doubt and those winds have got to of left some homeless.

    43. James Rounding

      That header is showing some reel damage.

    44. Timothy Stevens

      Hello from Iowa. This is first video I've watched since getting Internet back today (19 days without it). We here in Iowa appreciate what you doing to help us out here. We were hit with a real body blow. This was not a love tap. It was total system impact! Yes I was without power for a week, Cell phones coverage was spotty at best for about 3 days. Trees were down all over the place and on things. I could go on and on but it would be too much to write here. Would love to meet you guys some time. And thanks again from here in the heartland of America. Sincerely

    45. Meanold bonbon

      sick of the iowa senators not voting for the people i am so i made my mind up and now i need your help please fill in the oval box and write in Kent Keller for Iowa senator he was a navy veteran that served on the U.S.S. IOWA BB-61 for some yrs while active duty and a general eng. contractor that even donated to the hospital in council bluffs iowa while doing a project there almost 200,000.00 dollars i bet joni or greenfield did not do any of this and he grew up on the small farm and was a farmer for his grandparents as well running hogs and cattle and wheat and soybeans and milo for crops i bet joni did not cut over 1000 pigs herself i bet all small companies greenfield will destroy them since she push them out for big box stores and that kill iowa the nation was built on small companies backs so lets keep iowa this way and make the good old Iowa a greater place to live with stronger future and bring other small companies back here. i ask joni for help when i was a victim of identity she said sorry can not help you... the entire state said the same thing when you buy land an a house as a project to fix good old grandpa house up from renter destroying it and then become a victim of major corruption and vandalized non stop and identity theft, and state of kansas refuse to do anything what is a man to do for almost 19 yrs of corruption and theft from title of home stolen and funds from district attorney officer i hired as lawyer on land and house deal, and local cops and sheriff in cult group and judge step son was a local drug dealer and he drunk on bench and on the take of drug sales, and they want me to look up to this corruption people I SAY HELL NO i fought for this county no freaking way i went to legal aid in iowa and she was so bad she did not even know what a federal irs loss form was so they put every thing as income what a nightmare its been but i still help some of the veteran disable vets out now and then when i can i have my limits as well. i did get hurt while deployed but i am not holding against any iowa people since they was not from here in this great state i have great neighbors and farms and land owners and towns people here we all get a long but we do need over site in all law enforcement i can see that in this nation not police looking over police a complete different division of over site more bios that reviews all facts. and regulations, and this goes all the way from local police to the attorney general office. i am sorry i have to put it in hard words but crime was done they need to do the time... to pay for there crimes.. I do miss the tractor and freedom of going around and around in the field and the smell of fresh turned dirt in the field as all farmers do. and building small structures i done storm sewers boxes for yrs and also retro fit homes and even commercial property retro fits so as a contractor i done tons of work from federal to highway to commercial and homes and deal with people one on one and no issue and i enjoy meeting people and seeing how they do things and what they might need to help them make there lives better , i would make sure they get the help they need so write kent keller in for iowa state senator and fill in oval office i dont have funding like the other ladies since i not on the party ticket but they woke me up and i have to help this great nation out of a jam again i will do so....

    46. Matthew Taylor

      You guys want to watch metal getting bent check out the Pakistani Truck channel...

    47. uncle tman

      Leg arms can you show how your light works on the grain auger

    48. Jeremy Moulton

      Yall are awesome just started watching your channel I was actually playing farm simulator 17 and seen your farm on there and looked it up. Also donated to the fund raiser good luck

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Jeremy, blessings

    49. Haihai Gaming

      I met welker farms

    50. helltrucker gamer

      guys I donated 1.72 to you forgot to put name after it sorry did not pay attention but you have it now

    51. Jason Monk

      How come your using grain bags when you have already put up 3 new bins?

      1. Jason Monk

        @Robert Welker 👍👍👍👍

      2. Robert Welker

        Needed 35k more

    52. Devun Robinson

      Am I the only one that thinks Nick looks like eminem with a beard

    53. Deutschehordenelite

      EVEN MORE extra space with those bags, even after you got 3 new bins?!?!

      1. Robert Welker

        Needed about 35k

    54. Deutschehordenelite

      Why don't you get actual work pants so they don't rip as easy? @Nick

    55. Ade’s Events

      Hey Nick, I know you have probably heard this a thousand times but after watching you guys for many many years it just dawned on me why you look so familiar, you are the Chris Martin of the farming world!! 👍🏻😁 love what you all do, I eagerly wait for the next upload each week 😁

    56. Justin Mills

      Those grain bagger would be a great help with the grain storage for those that lost their grain bends back East.

    57. Justin Mills

      Thank you for using your platform to help people that have been affected by the storm.

    58. Richard McElligott

      Did 25 so hope that helps. great cause, good going gents and lets see a bald chin

    59. Buz Wyer


    60. tcrasey

      What are the grain bags used for? I thought the grain was going in the new buns!

      1. Robert Welker

        It did and 3 bags full

    61. Nevin Zimmerman

      Check out Blue Lake Plastics from central MN for all your bagging needs! They carry a large supply of bags

    62. Logan YouTube

      I feel like CASE should match however much you raise

    63. stroln

      Three new bins and you are bagging?? Must be a great year for yields!

    64. Brian Fitzpatrick

      I was in central Iowa today and the damage is truly heartbreaking

    65. Daniel Johnston

      I wanna see 10k more subs for Tony too....he has a great channel!

    66. Branden Mcc

      I got the Welker farm sticker today put it on my truck thanks for sending it to me

      1. Welker Farms


    67. Cedric Broussard

      That looks like a lot of fun that's awesome!

    68. jim krogh

      Do you ever toss some wheat in your mouth and enjoy an ingredient of chewing gum??? An old memory of combining wheat!

      1. Robert Welker


    69. Field Rows

      Out of all the farming channels I believe yours is the most "polished". Editing is on point, audio is great and your able to keep the video moving nicely.

    70. Dc Farms

      I live is Shellsburg Iowa, just heading your comments and concerns means more than you’ll ever know, the storm was a total devastation, but we are Iowans we’re proud of where we’re from, love this land we will rebuild and life will go back to normal! Thank you all

    71. Ct Stromski

      hey legarms... so you wanna show how you put together that red light for stopping over the pit?

    72. Hawks55

      Thank you for helping Iowa! I rode out the 140mph winds in a machine shed and roof was ripped off and sides started to go next. Lol luckily we made it. But thank you again for helping my fellow Iowans #Iowastrong 💪🏼love your videos 😀

    73. brett wynne

      Are there plans for winter wheat? I would think you would like to get winter wheat planted if possible to space out your wheat harvest.

      1. Robert Welker

        Depends if we receive rain

    74. Bryan

      So I'm going to donate $50, but any chance I can score a Welker hat out of the deal?

      1. Bryan

        @Robert Welker that's ok, I was still happy to donate to the farmers out there in Iowa. Praying they get back on their feet soon. See, I work in grocery distribution for Kroger here in WA State so it's you farmers that grow the food that I deliver to the stores, so I appreciate every one of you. God bless.

      2. Robert Welker

        We dont handle hats at farm. Through web site

    75. Art Ayers

      Keep up the good work guys!!!

    76. James Pekarek

      This famers wife is doing the same thing for food and gas cards

    77. Alex Mikhael

      7:08 i have said a couple other places... 'that is a SWEEEEEEEEEEEETTT auger!!!!!' and 'that thing is sweeeet' yea still is ELEVATE not escalate!!! (TM ALX_MKL)

      1. Alex Mikhael

        is that you'alls first hands on for the ''grain bag'' thang??? they cool new tech from my perspective ;) and that ''stretch gauge'' i saw someone else talking baout while filing it... that stuffs cool!!! can it hold all season??? prolly lots more controllable than ''the big shed'' tho right????

      2. Alex Mikhael

        11:03 GORRILLA TAPE Is all cool ...for a while... till that FIRST CORNER starts to roll... and ''grabs something'' WQATCHOUT ITS A TRAP !!!! ouch....

      3. Alex Mikhael

        i donno... i think one of those BIG bumblebees (wink wink) would look pretty sweet on that big red 'harversterer' (combine) ;) just saying...

      4. Alex Mikhael

        7:49 MORE LIGHTS MORE LIGHTS!!! ;) and reflective tape on the power poles!!!!!!!!!!! (I just tunk that one... *I* would do that ...now... ;) )

    78. Frenchie French

      What do you do with he plastic bags when they are full of grain?

      1. Robert Welker

        They are a one time use. Bury them

    79. Neal Letourneau

      Hints of epic shots and music again!!! LOVE IT ..... Love the BIG SKY COUNTRY!!!

    80. gopurdue02

      Very nice drone footage at the end!

    81. Don Flint

      On your combine head. S--t happens Flintstone. and remember farming feels good

    82. AT Gaming

      Start an only fans for the combines and other machines 😂. Then donate the money to the Iowa fundraiser. If we hit $50k then Nick or Scott shaved their heads (rock paper scissors) and $100k they both do it.

    83. Daniel Poore

      @welkersfarms this is TOTALLYY off topic but i really want to see ya'll demo the Bourgault Model 71300 for next seeding. Pls make it happen. Not that Iam a customer for such but the worlds largest air cart... needs to come to your farm for a visit!

    84. Notvaporlocked

      Scott mentioned the smell of the grain and I was instantly back in wheat harvest 30 years ago. I swear I could smell it again. Thanks for the trip back in time.

    85. Per Olav Hairstead

      so wow combining powerpoles is not a good idea😝

    86. SJ K

      Poor power pole what did that poor pole do to you other than help carry to your shop and house 😢 😉

    87. George Ladd

      11:20 SO glad you explained how them fingers worked. We never get to see the action on them well.

    88. Jay Roye


    89. Irene Silvers

      Very nice video, thank you.

    90. Bernie Schoep

      how is the wheat yielding Bob

      1. Bernie Schoep

        @Robert Welker that is a big ouch. our dead corn after insurance 31 bushel per acre usual avg is 195-215 bushels per acre.

      2. Robert Welker

        Rerop and hailed 25, 30 to 45 rest

    91. Bernie Schoep

      get a big cse ih 380 tractor to use lol

    92. Bernie Schoep

      lol get a new pair of jeans lol.

    93. Eric Tempus

      I live about 20 minutes from where the Derecho hit.

    94. Dylan Dahlke

      Do a Trump flag please🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    95. Carson Huiras

      Did you buy the cart

      1. Robert Welker

        No, demo

    96. Brad Taylor

      Reflective tape on the power poles? Say two foot long strips vertically on the pole all around it, or horizontally with 4-5 stripes.

    97. Attila 003

      How many hectares do you farm?

      1. Robert Welker

        10,000 acres, 4000 hec

    98. Barry Humphrey

      A small farm from NC is also doing a fundraiser. Look at their youtube site Thes Farm Wife. They have over $ 7,500 raised also through their store.

    99. sche0707

      Loftness from Hector Minnesota Right now where I grew up

    100. Mark Staig

      Donated $10, all the way from Scotland. Huge damage I’ve seen, PLEASE DONATE, EVERY PENNY HELPS. Welkers Farms

      1. Robert Welker