The Final Prep "Are We Ready?" - Harvest 2020

Welker Farms

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    It's been two weeks of intense maintenance on machinery. We cannot afford to have breakdowns during harvest when they could have been prevented. Each harvest season begins with careful inspections and adjustments to every machine being used.
    Bring on harvest 2020!
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    1. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    2. Rial Judson


    3. Chris Darting

      I love new flashing lights!!! I just put a couple of strobe lights in the "new" truck for work.


      Surprised use of carborundum cut-off wheels. Low speed steel blade and chop-saw, must faster, Cooler temps, minimal sparks, fire hazard. Cost effective, time saver changing blades, economical investment. Working smarter

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    11. iBelieve


    12. RP Sigler

      Like how you are not afraid to share your faith, my Brother.

    13. Darion Chimko

      I’ve got the exact same guards on my hesston haybine

    14. dean m

      By the way , like this channel and all your videos . Very impressed with what you guys do in your own shop to fix and rebuild your equipment. 👍

    15. dean m

      Legg arms , quit using nylon for plastic bushings . Trust me . I'm a tool and die maker , in the auto industry . We got away from nylon , and went to Delrin . It's much tougher and lasts longer . It's more expensive, but we find it much cheaper in in down time .

    16. Brian Casey

      Always had stainless fenders on my trucks. Prevented road grinding the back of my trucks.

    17. Mike Page

      For a temporary fix on that cracked tank use Qbond. It’ll work to get you through temporarily

    18. Rob Hartshorn

      Some nice aluminum or stainless rear fenders. Used to put them on all the time to protect the cabs.

    19. watchman79 kreider

      Aren't those gaurds cast?

      1. Robert Welker


    20. the pizza devil


    21. jrmcdermott80

      1/4 fenders are junk, especially with hopper bottoms. Put full or even half fenders on your trucks and that will stop the rocks hitting the back of the cab.

    22. Budd 56

      11:18 very well said sir👍👍👍

    23. J superman

      Did anyone see the size of that deer, cool. Almost ready for the big harvest

    24. Zach Dreger

      On average, how much do headers weigh?

      1. Robert Welker

        Prepends on size but 3 to 5 tons with adapter

    25. RV home

      Hey you 2 Hope you read this, to keep mice out use coffee beans, yes you heard right. An old friend told me this a long time ago so I tried it when I was farming, and man it worked well all those years and I still do this with my Rv. Food for thought you guys

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks for that well ground' d advice 👍

    26. 장훈농장TV

      There is no such machine in Korea. I want to have a machine like this on my farm

    27. Larry Thompson


    28. Countryboy Lucas

      You and 10th generation dairy farmer need to make a video together 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    29. Mark J. Cady Jr.

      You sure you ain't a bunch-O-hicks from Montana? Yur music is some of the BEST on KGup. I love, Love, LOVE, your channel! BeMa Farms (backyard Chicagoland Farm) is your faithful followers. This year: tons-o-tomatoes, cukes, pumpkins and herbs. Next year? Bee Hives! Yup! BeMA Huny. Pooh Bear would approve.......

    30. Wyatt Vos

      Get some minimizer double hump fenders

    31. Gary Miller

      Minimizer fenders will save your paint

    32. Josh Martin

      Merch idea: Tonka deer 🤣

    33. Henry G

      Get leg arms welding on that tank???

    34. stumpy2816

      You guys amaze me at how your operation lets you repair almost anything. Way to git er done Welkers😁

    35. Bob Paterson

      Think u just about covered everythin there guys 🤔 wait a minute No Dad an No Coby 🙄☹️👍👍

      1. Robert Welker


    36. Adam H

      Where is the Wagner

      1. Robert Welker

        Winner Shop time

    37. Alison Beightol

      I'm a bit cheap. I would've just swapped the tires on the header and put the good treads to the inside since the outer part of the tire didn't look to be wearing.

    38. RV home

      We have been watching your videos for days on end now, because I farmed all my life and retired now We love your videos , you guys are the best, be safe. If we ever travel in your area we would love to meet up. Be careful, harvest is a stressful time of year

    39. Allen Hrubes

      Hey Nicki! When I was farming in Dawson County, I too repaired the sickle guards and got a double-life (or more!) from them! I'd put a sickle section between the guard and the piece to be welded on for proper spacing. I thought I was the only one who did stuff like this! I am in hallowed company for sure Nick. This is how farmers in Montana do it! HEY! Good luck with the prep work, take care and be safe this harvest season Nick.

    40. Lloyd Henning

      a piece of clear pexiglass might work to help prevent chipping on the paint?

    41. TOMAHAWK 24

      Nice outro dude.

    42. Michael Wallace

      Plastic half fenders for that blue Peter-car. Doesn't add much weight. And easier to replace than repainting that truck.

    43. Bubbly CandyBoy

      What did you do with your Wagner tractor

      1. Robert Welker

        Winter shop time

    44. Trey Quackenbush

      Try rtv Silicone on the brute tank. Just rough it up first.

    45. Arthurius gg

      Is so big

    46. edward mateus

      hello from hanford california i enjoy your vlogs

    47. Smaxk

      Headache rack (aluminum thing)

    48. 2007dalin

      if your worried about saving 20 dollars on a old guard you should be running a different combine.. the new claas machines would pay for themselves in fuel and grain losses in one year over these machines

      1. Robert Welker

        I would greatly differ. Our losses are the same as new and fuel is same or less.

    49. Spanner Worx

      Nick your music still sucks... Like seriously bad and tacky.

    50. Owen Halley

      I was trying to reach you guys through email I have a very important question to ask you guys and you might be able to help me

      1. Robert Welker

    51. Sidney Lutz

      our 9120 has those lights. love them

    52. musty potato33

      This is a idiotic question butt..... so is the blue Pete a 579 or what? I'm not very good with peterbilts so that's why I'm asking this question.

      1. Robert Welker

        I think its a 372 but need to verify the model

    53. musty potato33

      If you are a farmer, YOU GOTTA HAVE SNACKS!

    54. Slicksmokes Plc

      If you plastic wield , you need to wield inside and out. Just my experience.

    55. Green thumb

      Your guards, take and grind the edges of those you welded plates to. The guards cut the crop, the sickles draw the crop into the guards for cutting. Not as big of a deal on dead cereal crops, but huge on live crops such as green grass and alfalfa.

    56. Graeme Sinclair

      No BOB ...No COBIE...No LEG ARMS Im outa here .. all good Nick was only cant wait for the harvest vids

      1. Graeme Sinclair

        @Welker Farms thanks for your reply bud

      2. Welker Farms

        😂 Don't worry I can't stand watching myself either!

    57. David Ruff

      How do you guy's Farm? I see no Green !!!!

      1. David Ruff

        @Welker FarmsThink Deere just gives it to Zack!

      2. Welker Farms

        We keep the green in the back 😂 😁

    58. John Banks Walkers Farm

      I wish I could be there now helping with maintenance on machinery and in the shop Is what I want to do on the 1st day I arrive at your farm in the future.

    59. S

      Cases should give you a new combine lol .

    60. Scott Vaudrin

      Can’t stand you saying I I I . There is no I in team. There is a lot others on the farm but you. See more work and hands dirty then yours princess!

      1. Scott Vaudrin

        Welker Farms love your content and love the videos but just stop saying I it’s all about your family who started the farm. That’s what I’m saying . Your great people to watch

      2. Welker Farms


    61. John Banks Walkers Farm

      I will do work for you guys at the farm to earn & pay off for the payment of my Amtrak ticket in the future.

    62. Valentus SlimROAST

      the tires you took off the header, were they used before they went on in the first place? or were they brand new to start with? replacing them with good used instead of new would have been cheaper

      1. Valentus SlimROAST

        @Robert Welker that's what I would have guessed, otherwise why replace with new

      2. Robert Welker

        I'm assuming they were new

    63. Dusty Smith

      Minimizer full fenders are almost indestructible and will save the back of your cab. They work awesome on log trucks.

    64. Ian Towers

      Yeah them retractable fingers on the headers that legarms was fitting are a bloody nightmare!!!hope you boys have a good harvest,we're just getting going over here in the.north of England!!!👍🏻🔥🤘🤘😊😊🙏🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧 we just tow our headers behind the combine on there transport trailers!!!👍🏻😂

    65. Gary Morel

      Glad that I'm not the only one that reuse the guards.

    66. John Banks Walkers Farm

      I want to be with you guys daily & help out at the farm anyway i can daily except at times when I am riding in a truck or tractor or on a combine with one of you guys all day in the future.

    67. Craig Wendel

      Which Torgerson location do you typically get your parts from?

      1. Robert Welker

        Ethridge is the closest

    68. John Banks Walkers Farm

      Can one of you guys text me at (415) 685-9201 to let me know when you guys have a Amtrak ticket for me in the computer with Amtrak for me from San Fransisco sales force plaza to Shelby Montana.?

    69. John Banks Walkers Farm

      Nick I like to help Leg Arms in the shop daily turning wrenches from my wheelchair helping Leg Arms with repairs on machinery & equipment Until one of you guys invite me to ride along with you in the combine cab during harvesting. As i may need your assistance to climb from my wheelchair to climb up the ladder on the combine to the combine cab passenger seat where I will sit next to you all day in the combine & enjoy that ride & keep each other company & yopu to teach me how to operate the combine in the future.

    70. Crossbow Hunter

      At video time 3:28 that is plastic NOT nylon

    71. John Banks Walkers Farm

      Can I help clean up the shop in the future in my wheelchair?

    72. Gaines IN Life

      why not rotate the tires? burn the tread on both sides then replace them?

    73. John Banks Walkers Farm

      Hi guys is there a way you can invite me to come to the farm in person & get me a Amtrak ticket for me to come to your farm to help out daily in the future. I want to come & help turn wrenches in the shop in my wheelchair fixing things & I want to ride with one of you guys in the combine cab passenger to keep you company all day while out in the field driving the combine of me sitting next to you & enjoying that ride all day in the future.

    74. Thomas Anderson

      Check out wranglerstar plasic welding video. He just did it recently

    75. lonestar1187

      Yes Case IH are the est combines and they are made in Fargo ND. Because when you buy a Case product you are paying for the machine, When you by a John Deere you are paying for the name. Case is the best

      1. Brian Payne

        Close, made in Grand Island Nebraska actually. Glad you love them though.


      I NEED MORE.

    77. Art Ayers

      The tube was in the tire because the tire had a hole in it. We do that quite often to lawn mower tires when they get dry rot cracks in the sidewalls and leak.

    78. Hayden Stafford

      Would you mind if I take those old school lights from your combines? Lol

    79. IV Flack

      We need more videos love this channel wished i could join

    80. Ed Jones

      Welding tabs onto the combine fingers doesn't sound like a good idea.

      1. Tim Sleeth

        Steel to cast isn't going to last very long either. Then that piece of steel goes thru the combine. Not sure I would do that

    81. m peters

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nick you and your family truly embody what the American farmer is. You fix what is broken and make do with what is at hand and actually work on every aspect of your equipment. It’s really good to see and watch!

    82. GP Els

      You should just open the arm rest our seat blew and it was just the litel pipe in the armrest where the air blows out

    83. StormP666

      Big brute -> Flextape

    84. IvannaTinkle21


    85. Jared Jones

      Nick with the guards also take note that the end ones and the 3 next to them don’t have a back on them! Makes a huge difference

    86. Andy Fromm

      2:30 quarter fenders suck get half fenders

    87. Griris Kamel

      very very nice and 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 like like

    88. Simon. Photography

      Nice video guys ! French filmmaker 🇫🇷🙏🏻

    89. Gary Jones

      Man that’s awesome I never thought about wielding them up but dam that makes sense thanks for the tip guys

    90. Frank Meister

      Is is t just me or does the music change when harvest comes along ?

    91. 69dblcab

      Put full fenders on the blue pete.

    92. Kolton Novak

      Flex seal don't work on plastic

    93. Doug Armknecht

      Yeah! Looking forward to it.

    94. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

      ok those 2 tires pull them of the rim and swap them :-) make use of the profile from the outside to put them inside

    95. youbecha64

      Why not just use the terminal block in that new LED strobe and screw the old wires into it...seems like that is what it was designed for...verses how you hooked it up...unless I am missing something?

    96. Richard Timms

      That combine looks bad ass with those tyres, sectacular in fact, much more impressive than the standard tracks.

    97. Connor Hachborn

      Just rotate the tires on the header so the outside evens out

    98. Machine Maniac

      What does the spinning thing on the front of the header do

      1. Robert Welker

        Help collect and gather crop into the header feeding system


      worst could happen ? bust cutter bar teeth if catch worst bend the cutter bar stubble build up on the tip welded on tip welded on don't hold goes through the thrasher

    100. Mark Downie

      Great video. Maybe worth checking the end guards as should have around 3 on each end that are different to others in gap an design to allow cutter bar to move with knife drive wrong guards cause the cutter bar to stress an break cause it can jam when hit something hard instead on slipping knife drive