Harvest Like You've Never Seen Before|Stellar Drone Footage|Welker Rewind 2019

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    Rewind 2019
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    1. William Stephens

      Nick Welker, Farmer/Cinematographer

    2. Corony Jump's


    3. Daniel Johnston

      This video, with the music, glorious cinema, Montana country, and Glory to God just puts my soul at easy every time I watch it! My favorite all time youtube video. I often watch it before I sleep just to relax and be encouraged for tomorrow! God bless Welkers, and be lifted up knowing that you do make a difference!

    4. Chetan Sawate

      Awsome editing. 10/10

    5. T K

      I can watch Welker Farm videos for hours. Pure Americana!

    6. Olaf Schmidt

      Hard work on beautiful pictures!😊👍🏻

    7. Steven Wurz

      Grain atop the cab lol. Always gotta go them extra 50 feet eh ..

    8. Greg K

      Love the American flags 👍

    9. Daniel Johnston

      Life as God intended! I miss Montana! That music and footage was superb! (You really should update your intro with some of this footage!)

    10. David Larose

      Amazing montage !

    11. jag617fly

      As good as it gets Nick...well done! Good call to let the Holy Spirit lead... Challenging times today, even more so ahead...problems are simply opportunities turned inside out. I love real life stories illustrating in difficult times big and small, one has a choice...get bitter, or get better. It's obvious what you guys choose... I know many will "find" your channel, along with the Peterson's, "Cole and the Gang," and "Zach's Pack." You are all being used mightily by the Lord. Important temporal messages, but most importantly both spoken and unspoken...The Eternal Message. A flood of verses came to mind watching this video...many my favorites. Joshua 1:9 Psalm 91, 139 Zephaniah 3:15-17 Isaiah 40:31 Matthew 6 John 16:33, 19:30 "It is finished." (Greek) "PAID IN FULL." (Hebrew) Romans 10: 9,10 "Romans TNT"...explosive Hebrews 11 Revelation 3:15, 16 "Hot"...comforting, purifying "Cold"...refreshing, quickening "lukewarm"...not good Blessings from The Palouse...In Christ!

    12. André Donizetti

      Nice video!! Nice soundtrack !! Congratulations for the quality.

    13. Stepan Huawei

      SUPER !!!

    14. Tom Everett

      Oops I didn't read my stuff before I sent it I use a microphone I don't text

    15. Tom Everett

      I'm thankful for the fabrication skills that leg arms has taught me like with a plasma cutter to use a guide I thought everybody was so good they do it free hand will my blood vein cutter is cheap and it doesn't do that well but I've never used an expensive one so mine cuts and then stop it's a harbor freight it kind of works what is Millennial farmer would say I'd rather use a Smoke wrench maybe I'm just learning? Do expensive plasma cutters just stop halfway through a cut

    16. Captain Dee

      Extraordinary. Magnificent. Well done, guys. Here's to another good year. P.S. that fire looked intense. Glad to see you drenching it down with The Brute.

    17. Savannah M

      This is just so amazing and beautiful.

    18. Rob Ward

      ouch big fire benn there and done that on my dads farm managed to save the field good work guys

    19. Rob Ward

      anyone that doesnt like any of the welker videos needs therapy and meds

    20. Cam Hook

      Absolutely AMAZEBALLS!! I Miss Farming, I Miss open fields, and I miss Family. Stay Safe and Stay healthy!!

    21. Rich

      Wow. Speechless

    22. Emil Michelsen

      That fire had me on the edge of the seat!

    23. R Johnson

      What can I say but beautiful. As a former farmer, I found myself chocking up when the shots of lightening came. Remembered many a time watching the storms move in, trying to make "1 more round". Often getting caught and spending the next hour sitting in the dirt under the tractor waiting out the storm trying to avoid the drips (no cabs)

    24. dan oconnor

      good job guys

    25. Jerry Kegel

      "I'm overwhelmed at your Family Operation; being raised on a Wi. Dairy Farm & Growing Our Own Crops. God Bless All of Your Families! I believe that at least 53% of the General Public do not realize where their & the Worlds Food Supply originate from... I truly miss the Operations & Selfsufficency of the American Farmers. Jerry K. A Self Sufficent Elderly Individual.

    26. shane bentz

      Love this. Can't wait to see wats new in 2020

    27. Rails and Sirens Of Southwestern Iowa

      For some reason I like the frog shots it calms me

    28. Nathan Wesolowski

      Nice job Nick. No adrenaline rush in the world like an approching storm when you're harvesting. Awesome footage.

    29. COCONUT

      That is awesome im playing welker farm map on farming simulator 19 huge fields lol

    30. jeff young

      AWESOME 👍👍

    31. Jay Boschetti

      That video where the brut was fight fire 🔥 reminded me of what Australian farmers are dealing with right now.

    32. iBelieve

      Good stuff

    33. iBelieve


    34. iBelieve


    35. iBelieve


    36. iBelieve


    37. iBelieve


    38. iBelieve


    39. F A

      Professional camera work right there!

    40. michael Guerrero

      Amazing video

    41. Deep Singh

      High level videography

    42. D H

      Simply epic.

    43. Michael Wurz

      This is incredible! 👌👌 Makes me miss that time of year. Great job!

    44. c j

      This was excellent 👌👌😍😍

    45. Chris Sparks

      Awesome Video !! 👍🏼👍🏼 up

    46. Brandon Blair

      Well done!

    47. Kevin Spurrier

      Amazing and Beautiful video... lots of work done, great music... God Bless!

    48. Kenneth Jacobs

      What is that green you are combining? Also do you grow double crop?

    49. Phoenix Hulswitt

      Another good year for Welker Farms!

    50. Mr. B

      Hello from 🇨🇦. Watched first 5 minutes and subscribed 👍 was very relaxing to watch UNTIL the fire. My heart was racing as I use to farm and we had a few fires and was always extremely stressful. I like the drone perspective. You have some pretty sweet machinery and the right colour 👍. How many acres or sections do you farm? Is it all owned or rented? And how many generations of family farming are you at to date? Looking forward to watching your channel.

      1. Mr. B

        I’m sorry I should have read your About. On your channel before asking all the questions. You explain the farm well and WOW. You guys are BIG SHOTS LOL

    51. Paolino Paperino

      minute 3:57 the dog taken back reminds me of my beloved Peggy who now accompanies me only in my memory. Great video if I were able to make videos so the road is more and more uphill old man

    52. Andi Saxony

      Nice Video😍 I Love it.

    53. jay spitzer

      Makes me homesick! I miss farming, and especially harvest time.

    54. Bobcatboy 5678

      Will you be at the national farm machinery show in Louisville Kentucky? And if so can you bring hats to buy

    55. Millard Hayes

      Like this video alot. Always liked running at night. Beautiful country there.

    56. Michael Broxterman

      You are a true cinematographer. Well done👍

    57. River Evans

      I got your farm on farming simulator and I love it

    58. Richard Welling

      Unwatchable, confusing fast-cut editing without any description of what you're doing. Viewers can't concentrate on anything. "Carefully edited" for what purpose? To display the farming or the editing?

      1. Robert Welker

        This type of video isn't for everyone. It's just a recap of 2019 in a very short time period. A longer version allowing more time for each scene would be nice. Of course there are the longer videos from harvest available. Blessings Richard!

    59. Joe Harry

      You know?? And this is no joke I'm being serious! International could take lessons from you all for making excellent international advertisement commercials!! Now that would make you some pocket change ;-) I'm not being cynical here or being a smart butt but some of them video shorts is better than what international puts out... Just saying ;-) edited::: I see some one else beat me to the punch and said basically the same thing;-)

    60. nareeeely

      This is a masterpiece .. it should be in a 3D movie theater

    61. john irwin

      Restore peterbilt

    62. Danny Franks

      Absolutely loved it !!

    63. X31250

      Stunning! Probably way better in person.

    64. Aidan H

      Love your vids

    65. Brody Jason

      Nick Legarms and family, you guys have done a really great job on educating and explaining a everyday life of a farmer and a farmer to a farmer you guys have done well with your equipment and you guys have had an amazing opportunity to demo a bunch of equipment during the harvest season. Us medium farmers up in Canada here really don't get the chance to demo equipment like that because we are dealing with everyday chores and such so it makes time hard to get something like that out. I'm just tellin you guys farmer to a farmer you guys have done a amazing job you guys rock!! Keep it up and always god bless you all and be safe!!

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you Brody! We never had demos in the past, honestly wasn't until social media that we were approached to try out a machine. I know it is common for large farms who have the capital to buy new to be offered demos as manufacturers see them as customers and not the smaller ones who only buy used. I am humbled and thankful to have these opportunities through social media. It won't last for ever but for the time it is fun. I'm happy you believe we are doing a great job at educating those who may not understand agriculture. I always try to be genuine and honest and show most all that happens on the farm. At times it can seem like mostly negative things but if applicable I show those too. Just not an easy time to be a farmer. Here's to a huge 2020 crop for you all!

    66. The Western Sky Ranch

      Awesome video.

    67. kota 1225

      I love your guyses videos i live in wyoming but i go to school in montana and i eant to be a heavy macinery opperator thanks for being an inspirstion

    68. Richard Shirk

      i love this channel!!

    69. 6 Generation Farmer

      God Bless And have a happy new year and Farm farm year

    70. Tom Cleghorn

      Absolutely positively one awesome video. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing. God bless

    71. NoNonsenseKnowHow

      Wow, this is incredibly well put together! Just subscribed

      1. Robert Welker

        Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! Blessings.👍

    72. Cole Lockard

      Beautifully done!

    73. Alan Rakestraw

      Very nice drone work thank you!

    74. Kevin Rayner

      It is a beautiful video, and very pleasant to watch 👌🏼

    75. Doug Cultra

      Case IH partnered with some truly talented people God Bless. Hope 2020 is even more of a success keep up the great work.

    76. Jim T

      Magnificent compilation of what it takes to farm and feed America. Spectacular videography !!! For those who disliked it? Go watch some of the mindless crap that's on KGup. I say two thumbs up to Welker Farms, Inc. And to Nick, Bob and Scott and all your beautiful families... God bless you and God Bless America!

    77. SIMONE

      Go welker go👍🏼👍🏼

    78. Case IH Gaming

      Love the videos Nick keep up the good work and great drone flying

    79. Steven Rud

      Beautiful!!!!! Love the lighting show.

    80. Riley Gleich

      What drone, cameras and gear do you use to record your videos?

      1. Riley Gleich

        Thanks mate love your vids

      2. Welker Farms

        Here is a link for all my gear: www.amazon.com/shop/welkerfarmsinc

    81. Super Rich

      Drove by the farm today on our way back home to Edmonton after a great California road trip..... hard to describe the beauty and size of the farm and Montana country side....... I will say that this family is doing a stellar job at taking you there in their videos. I was immediately able recognize where I was due to the great drone footage....amazing..... like I had been there before!! ........

      1. Super Rich

        Welker and Deboss are my go to channels...... thoroughly enjoy what you folks do ... big thanks..... btw..... crazy how you got those big machines across that narrow bridge .

      2. Welker Farms

        It's good to hear it is the same to you in videos and in real life! Thanks for the kind words!



    83. conner vaughn

      This should be an add for case ih!

    84. J Essary Farms

      Awesome cottage!! Reminds me of playing farm simulator on your farm.

    85. Randy Marihugh

      Do You do your own editing?

      1. Randy Marihugh

        @Robert Welker no way, that's awesome. I'm from the mitten state myself.

      2. Robert Welker

        Nick used to but got to be too time consuming. Friends out in Michigan does them now.

    86. Swamp Valley Beef

      Absolutely incredible drone footage of big sky country! Keep up the good work!

    87. Jason Pryor

      God bless you guys! This was an amazing video! I love watching the harvesting videos and learning what actually happens on farms and how everything works! This is what America is about! Keep the good work Welker Farms!

    88. Kirk Radzwill

      UNBELIEVABLE FOOTAGE!! Also hoping everyone there had a great holiday season.

    89. VW Insanity

      Don't look at the hate the likes outway the hate that's how it should be. Have a Blessed 2020 y'all

    90. Justin Carter

      Love the vid. What was the crop result of the case ih air drill demo compared to your air drills?

      1. Robert Welker

        There was 1 bu/a difference with case slightly pulling ahead. They are great drills.

    91. Rivierstad

      BRAVO! What a thing of cinematic beauty you have created. The videography and music score is perfect and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this compilation. God Bless and look forward to seeing you in Louisville again.

    92. Sherry Milhon

      God is so good all the time. Great video. Stay safe out there.

    93. BTJ

      Fantastic...again. Keep up the good work Nick.

    94. Fords Farms

      Absolutely amazing job with this footage. Haven't been able to keep up with you all like I wanted too but every time I get a chance to sit down and watch I am always glad I did. Nice to see case ih stepped up for you all. Hope you all are having a blessed new year!! Hope you all get to make it to the farm show in Kentucky again so I can meet you all face to face. Great job and GOD BLESS you all!!

    95. Bertil LJL

      Magnificent! Gave me goose bumps : brillant job Hollywood 😀

    96. William Brouwers

      What is the song at 9:27 to the end?

    97. Gerald Day

      Great video. One of your better videos. Looking forward to more shop video’s. Maybe Wagner tractor rebuild. Good luck in 2020.

    98. Marco Cannon

      No Farmers no food! God Bless or farmers, and the USA. TRUMO 2020

    99. Mr Andy

      There’s a lot of red in this video. 😁

      1. Robert Welker


    100. tim stokesberry

      only thing is , i rather hear you guys talk less music lol

      1. Robert Welker

        More talking coming 👍