Monster Cart & Fighting Fire🔥- Harvest Episode 9

Welker Farms

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    Harvest 19 has become large and in charge with all the demos and new combine additions to Welker Farms. Unverferth brought out their brand new 1620 Tandum Wheel and Dual Auger grain cart! This cart will be available in 2020. We also unexpectedly got a chance to test out the Fire Tamer attached to BIG BRUTE and wow it worked like a charm! Thank you to everyone supporting harvest 19!
    Ron from Hartung Family Farms channel:
    Check out the new Unverferth 1620 Grain Cart:
    Check out the self propelled sprayer add on Fire Tamer:
    Beastbine's massive tires are Titan LSW 1400:
    Beastbine crazy bright lights are Thomas HP4 and HP5 LEDs:
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    1. Hartung Family Farms

      Man, what good drone shots there nick! :) haha awesome videos guys!

      1. Tutorialgaming Live

        How much is the fire tamer

      2. TheOnlyKerr

        What drone do you guys use if you don't mind me asking?

      3. Christopher Sotta

        Mr Walker it would be a honor to come harvest with you. I have experience in harvest work Driving trucks and combined But it's also been 20 yrs. Lol.

      4. jamie setchell

        What's the music called @2:00

      5. Marilyn Palmer

        @G Manloh i know its very good

    2. FreshStrawberryBoi

      Now that’s a lot of damage

    3. farming sim 19 guy

      you done a very good you and the fire depnmeat

    4. Kenneth Hedden

      Just name the sprayer Kenny.

    5. Kenneth Hedden

      I'm switching back to Brian's Family Ferms.

    6. Kenneth Hedden

      All that and no pto?

    7. Tom Harvey

      Are the cart tires on backwards?

    8. Varsity Training

      Oof that a lot of grain burning to waist

    9. Varsity Training

      Do you need to pay for that? LOL

    10. Riley Kliendienst


    11. James Stickney

      I have watched this video probably 8 or 10 times one of my favorite videos. You guys kicked ass on that fire. God bless and be safe

    12. JackMacLupus

      Damn, i never had the idea to use a sprayer to fight a field fire! XD But couldnt you just unfold the "wings" and spray a wider area? Especially when taking care of "Hot spots". Just asking. And how many liters does the Brute carry again? I mean, its probably the biggest water tank on the field directly after a slurry barrel. EDIT: Okay, you said something around 1600 gallons at 18:48 thats a bit more than 6000 liters, thats a LOT of water if you just use the Fire Tamer at the front.

    13. Kado And others

      I’m Kaden Scott I want the Apache plz

    14. Michael Mijatovich

      Great Job Welkers

    15. Tipical Farmer

      good deeds is good because they help you when you need it

    16. Ricky Brummett

      I want one of them hats man they are cool

    17. Andrew Campion show

      You could just use the sprayer part to cover/pot out more flames

      1. Tipical Farmer


    18. Tutorialgaming Live

      How much is the fire tamer

    19. Razer Gamer

      They need quadtrack for that beast

    20. mrgriff281

      You would get better coverage using the sprayers itself instead of the one nozzle out of the front. You would extinguish the flames as well as pre-wet the unturned fuels. A disc can be very effective in fields like that as well. Nice job.

    21. EhSun 22

    22. EhSun 22

      03 : 20 ! exceLLent ChoiCe oF MuSiC ! anD thE LiTTLe daNciNG effecT ; )

      1. EhSun 22

    23. Big Tex Cali

      wow great skills, thanks for showing all you do!

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you!

    24. mercedes fan

      so little tiny tiny tiny case on the front of this awesome huge huge huge large grain cart????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. kyile cunningham

      Aussie needed that in 2019

    26. Robert Mortillo

      The fire department when big brute puts the fire out: 👁👄👁

    27. Paul Walsh

      farm simulator makes these look so small great video !!!!!

    28. AaronK 07

      Imagine working on this farm wow I'd love it all the machines are massive

    29. Ian Clegg

      wow great job on that fire it amazing watching from uk

      1. Welker Farms

        Wow, thank you

    30. Massimo Pecile

      Why those fire starts?

    31. Khushe Gharu

      I am big fan off you please job me

    32. John Wall

      Good system guys keep up the good work. You guys are kick ass, keep shooting videos , oh and the videos are awsom,,

    33. Levi Hofer

      Beautiful Cart 😉😉

    34. robert baker

      Tires on backwards and there is a reason for that but I can’t remember why. Renew my thinking.

    35. Esnoel Silva

      Excellent video. How many Big Buds do you use in that farm? and... are others Big Buds in that area? thanks for share.

    36. Richard Hawkins

      The train you waited for is known as an “earthworm” by railfans or train spotters. They just go between the ports and grain shuttle loaders in places like Ft. Benton or Moccasin, MT.

    37. Bib Bob

      The brute looks so funny

    38. Fletcher Robinson

      What was putting out more smoke the fire or the brute

    39. Lisa Lister

      That nozzle is worth every penny!

    40. kristóf tavasi

      1:26 song name?

    41. Napalm182 Napier

      Awesome drone picks

    42. Napalm182 Napier

      How come the dog dont have his own camera.

    43. mighty wolf 9000

      hey welker farms can you tell me what music was that when you showed the montage of the grain cart.

    44. Richard Stevens

      The delivery man is elephant arms.

    45. Jeffrey Roberts

      Hi nick

    46. Landyn Struebing

      hi nick

    47. Sway -

    48. Matt Paulson

      Much respect going out to the "Big Brute!" Love that y'all put a monitor in front of that beast. We have the same issues you guys face with fires out here in Northeastern Montana.

    49. Judy Mcpherson

      Love you guys!

    50. Kathleen M

      Great video!!

    51. Thomas Eberbach

      imagine if the brute caught on fire

    52. Reginaldo Franzini

      Big Bud Very good

    53. Andy Sebade

      Them tip easy

    54. Renee Taylor

      I want to be in the little bud

    55. Brady Fausset

      Hey I’ll be watching your vids but in Disney land

      1. Welker Farms

        Did they open back up? Sweet! But don't forget to hug Mickey!


      Good job man would love to have you as my nabour but I live in Australia

    57. shane hardy

      that red grain cart behind that BUD looks amazing

    58. Nemon

      Amazing drone work 😱

      1. Nemon

        No Thank you, your drone work is crazy I love watching your vids man!!

      2. Welker Farms

        Thank you so much 😀

    59. Owen Niehaus

      You know if brute was cleaned out you could've used the sprayer part

    60. Leland Lauty

      I play your map on farming simulator 17 and it is very beautiful I have most of the fields with corn and a couple with wheat. Very beautiful farm

    61. commander nick

      almost vampire by sum it song

    62. Casey Ulrey

      First video I’ve ever watched on this channel and damn I’m impressed. Immediately subscribed.

    63. Voltaicphantom

      Why don't you put a hydraulic PTO on the buds

    64. Carl Stevens

      Man, beastbine looks amazing on those lsw tyres

    65. musty potato33

      Big brutte at work

    66. Gwen Lindsay

      I don’t like Jule. Weel

    67. Man4Concrete

      This is truly an awesome video!

    68. Paul Gribben

      when grain harvest ends, , fill the cart with you have a mobile, Olympic sized pool , with a water slide.....and its RED

    69. Chase Caruthers

      I love how there fire department just steps aside and let the big brute take care of it

    70. Alex Harris

      Can't switch it to hydrologic driven , don't need a PTO then

    71. Joe Scheller

      that brute is awsome.

    72. K Bot

      I love ❤️ you guys

    73. TheMrSepe

      you have a great fire extinguisher 👍

    74. Nutria Gaming

      11:33 “Is to get their NIAME”

    75. Art Ayers

      Love the Fire Tamer. The only upgrade I think I would make is an air actuated valve to cut the nozzle on and off. Otherwise, it looks to be a great addition to the Brute!!!

    76. Jeannine Haid


    77. SkibDen

      From a firefighter, that's awesome! The quick response from local farmers, is often what saves the day! (and in most cases the harvest)

    78. Carl Stevens

      Bug bud, total legend, andcalso, the legendary leg arms. I salute you sir. 💪

    79. Jean Brandao


    80. Justin P

      Cultivator is good against bigger fires to create fire breaks

    81. Hank Hoskins

      Just started using your map on fs 19 it’s great

    82. Marcus Havey

      when will you guy work on the Wagner WA-4 agen

    83. Wesley Kjar

      Why don't you guys add a second motor on the back of that bud so you can have PTO. Would make the tractor much more usefull and the weight would add traction

    84. Matthew Dutton


    85. Collin Caskey

      Am I an idiot or are those tires on the cart not directional and in the wrong direction?

    86. PawonixPL

      lol am i the only who watches it and plays Farming Simulator 19 on the Welker Farms ? :D

    87. James Hamilton

      This is cool I play on farming simulator 19 on there farm I thought it was a made up farm

    88. pav 997

      Question form a non farmer: Why is the tread on the trailer "backwards". Is there a significant advantage for the "pointy bit" beeing backwards?

    89. Austin Conrad

      I'm a volunteer firefighter and my first fire call was for a barn fire. That experience got me hooked :) neighbors helping neighbors is what it's all about !!!

    90. General Gaming

      Fill the brutes tank up with water and use the sprayer itself same for the apache

    91. 63jeepj20

      Now you need a tank trailer to maximize the amount of water you can carry and fight the fire longer without refilling.

    92. Jerred

      Good time when into this filming good stuff

    93. Fred Richards

      Too bad you couldn’t unfold the spray booms and just drive slow and droned it, but that works too

    94. Rayan Agarm

      850 b min 2900$

    95. Rayan Agarm

      1600 bushel x 3 1/2 5600$

    96. Rayan Agarm


    97. Rayan Agarm

      fancy scmancy

    98. M Whitelaw

      That cart is something else Talk about volume WOW

    99. Christopher Alton Carlson

      Guess who doesn't give a crap about that fire. Northern Pacific or Burlington Northern

    100. Daniel Marshall

      Gentlemen thank you for your time and effort making this vid, and your other vids.