BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration - Part 10

Welker Farms

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    After many delays we finally have finished the BIG BUD 600/50 Tractor Restoration Project. Considering how many hundreds of thousands of acres this tractor has worked over its 40+ years in the field, it is deserving of this restoration. We are thrilled to get this beast back to work here at Welker Farms. About the only thing we wish we could have done different is added larger tires.
    Stay tuned, the reveal time lapse video is coming soon! #bigbud #beast
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    1. Olaf Schmidt

      4:35 It's okay, Scott! We got it...😉👍🏻

    2. Terry Dikkers

      Hi guys, enjoyed this series but I noticed Big Bud went in as a 525 50 and came out a 600 50, any reason for that?

    3. Barbara Stedillie

      What did you say Nick??? I was too busy watching Leg-Arms in the background!!

    4. Dean Armour

      American flag is needed

    5. Robert Ironside

      Quick note... started up the list for this restoration and it showed up in the wrong order from finish to start... Not sure why but... anyway.

    6. PoLoMoTo2534

      Wasn't it a 525/50 when you guys started? Don't actually know anything about tractors or what that means so I might have just missed that being mentioned.

    7. Alan Stant

      Persistence always pay off guys. Looks like a brand new tractor to me. good job guys. Thanks guys for sharing.

    8. Roger Swenson

      The three of you are very talented!

    9. Bruce Eriksen

      666 comment

    10. Bruce Eriksen


    11. Glenn Moore

      Name the WA-4 " Baby Bud "

    12. Phil Hosier

      Awesome job on the Big Bud, good for another generation of Welker4's !!!

    13. Will B

      Great series. Great resto

    14. Stevie

      Another little trick for next time you guys do this, put a little piece of painters tape on the corners of the decal to help line it up, you can tape it to what ever do your measurements and go from there. Plus it’s on the wax paper that holds the decal, so it won’t damage your design and it won’t leave any sticky nasty residue on any of your equipment

    15. Hans Hardt

      Loved the video. Now that its still in the shop might want to get it ready for planting like grease, engine oil and so on

    16. Carl Young

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and the crew at Welker Farms.

    17. Andrew F.


    18. Russell Richter

      Check out Evan t

    19. iBelieve


    20. iBelieve


    21. iBelieve


    22. Tyler Sharp

      Am I the only one who would love to see some tire tracks in some fresh snow from beastbine? Those LSW 1400’s would just leave a massive track in like 3” of some fresh snow!

    23. Mike Zahnow

      Its pretty cool watching farmers take pride in restoring older tractors like that and going out and putting another 8 thousand hours on them. They dont build equipment like that anymore that lasts forever.

    24. Jeremy Wheatley

      I don't like the new filming technique. Too much zooming and jitters.

    25. MrMagnat007

      That is a Thing of Beauty... and no... I was not meaning Leg-arms flexing in the background... I meant the Big Bud... with all its Decals on ! and the wheel lugs painted !

    26. Larry Readman

      Just curious, the cost of this restoration?

    27. E Jouwstra

      Leg arms is really showing of 😂😂💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    28. Michael Cook

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    29. Rob B

      Is not this older equipment just the best? As they plant lots, but not using newer equipment. BIG BUD'S are just COOL!

    30. Chaz Tucker

      Yall could make living restorin tractors and sellin them! Tractor looks amazing! It looks brand new!

    31. Andrew Maas

      Have you ever looked into building a hoop building to put all your stuff in

    32. Hunter 747

      you guys have a wonderful thanksgiving God bless

    33. Hunter 747

      very good sorry im late its been busy harvwsting beans and corn God bless and stay safe out there your dad is a great welder just like leg arms its nice having your dad with you working together someday i hope to move out to montana away from all the chaos and modern day cities

    34. Matthew Weimer

      I just was your camera setup vid. I thought u could put a portable charger in the handle for an extra battery.

    35. Aaron Hellhake

      Decals look painted on. Nice work!

    36. Brian Zemke

      does everything need to be a music video?

    37. Maxium4x4

      Text Book Dad noise at 7:44 if you watch Letter Kenny

    38. Brad H

      The decals look great! That really improves the look with all the white paint.

    39. Jason Swift

      Do you really need horns on a tractor?

    40. Tim Johnson

      Have you seen the world's largest planter video?? Looks like a Bud but not a Bud...

    41. _Sinister Trucking Inc_

      whats LegArms deadlift weight? I dont lift weights at all but my weight is 450#'s

    42. Jordan Person

      You need train horns for the bud.

    43. Samuel Mcilwain

      Now that all the Buds are done what’s next to refurbish?

    44. Steve Sixfore

      Cool 70s disco music fades in

    45. jeff young

      Thanks guys

    46. Dyana Mullican

      That is truly a huge monster.

    47. Bryon Helton

      Congratulations on the new baby Welker!! I love your videos, but can you please stop zooming in and out? I've noticed some changes in the last couple of videos and to be honest I don't care for it. Not trying to be negative just letting you know is easier to watch the way you were doing it.

    48. Thomas Griest

      Very nice job guys! BUT Stiegers RULE!

      1. Welker Farms

        Steigers are awesome!

    49. darthvader4hire

      soo sweeet cant wait for next episode!!!!


      The Bud looks amazing. Fantastic work guys. I drove one of these in Australia, 35 years ago! Keep up the good work.

    51. Cimarron Askvig

      If it’s a 525/50 big bud why are you putting 600/50 big bus decals on it

      1. Cimarron Askvig

        Ok thank you for your info

      2. Welker Farms

        Because the first number stands for hp and this tractor has been tuned over 600 so it is now a 600/50

    52. Jakey from the Cauntry

      Love seeing dad in the videos thanks a lot guys

    53. Jim Brent

      Awesome job... I never knew all those tricks about decals, thanks for sharing.

    54. C Prince

      The BB is Lookin good!

    55. Ham68

      Big Bud now looks to sexy to get dirty in the field(s). Actually, can't wait to see her working again. Looks awesome. Cheers :)

    56. Robert Applegate

      So sad to see all the expensive equipment sitting out in the cold, love the videos. ,!,,

    57. Justin Van Andel

      How come you stopped saying “god bless” at the end of your videos? I found it very nice that you’d do that on each video.

    58. eb17816

      Try this link to the 150 case. The 110 is the next size smaller.

    59. Chad Shafer

      The Tractor looks Better then New. You have one Awesome tractor.

    60. David Vincent

      Alot of work and it looks Great !!!

    61. Russell Murphy

      Cool videos guys, weather looks a little cold up there (now summer here in Australia) Cheers

    62. Bruce Lamb

      Looks awesome!! Great job guys!

    63. James Romano

      The excessive zooming and transition logo are killing your videos

    64. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video.

    65. Steve Evans

      God bless

    66. jw '46

      It's real pretty, but can it do a day's work? We'll see!

    67. Famous3064

      The hydraulic couplers are a pain to hook up on my Ford 3000, I put some pb blaster and moved it in and out trying to loosen it. But it's still so difficult. Decals are that much??? That ridiculous!! I think I need to get into the decal business xD

    68. Jay McClure

      O dang that is cool

    69. Chip Halvorsen

      I have a quick question, but it might introduce a subject that will create too much negative visibility for you and all farmers, because it is polarizing. But, here goes, have you ever thought about discussing or you have in the past and I missed it, the "Right to Repair Act"? I Live in Georgia and work with Small farmers ability to get to Big Markets. Many of them want to buy new or newer equipment, but the risk of costly maintenance and the lack of understanding software or their ability to access information, has them very resistant. Your point of view would help me better understand how this proprietary servicing model, can or cant be solved. I am a fan of the Welkers, but I also appreciate how you provide your points of view and I have seen first hand what it means to our #1 national deliverable. Thanks and I completely understand your possible "no comment" on this topic. I believe there are Millions of Subscribes to farming channels that need to know how unbelievably unfair this is for all of us!

    70. Randy S

      The problem with the air horn is you keep blowing it while I am at work, and everyone hears it in the office. So, the problem is the guy that keeps blowing it - not the air horn. :)

    71. Mark Radtke

      I recommend gojo hand cleaner is work for me for over 5 years

    72. Bob McCance

      Ask this before but how come u guys don't raise corn? Know it's probably a dumb question.

    73. tod lotz

      The profit of the earth is for all, The King, Himself, is served by the field.

    74. Ken Shaw

      Great content, videography, and editing!!!

    75. Bob Paterson

      Tractor totally transformed with the addition of the Decals 👍 and the cab interior is gorgeous 💪💪

    76. S Harding

      Good job lads

    77. Bob Paterson

      Great to see dad still at the forefront of the team effort 💪👍👍👍

    78. Mark Snyder

      Great t0o see the Big Bud back up and done. I thought you said you were adding a larger front towing hook for helping recover other machines? I don't recall seeing that being added, and didn't see it when you put the decals on the front? I know that there's one hook on the front Left side, but it didn't look large enough for the towing cables you used when trying to extract a stuck Bud last time.

    79. Formula Games


    80. Lyn Wessel

      Make sure Ron Harmon sees that 600/50 before you get it dirty! This is exactly what Bud Nelson Willie Hensler,and Ron envisioned.That these tractors would be rebuildable and live on...If they get behind,might hire you to do one!

    81. Wran Ther

      Yes, sure is starting to look like an early winter up your way too. But the horn tho, hope I didnt wake too many neighbors lol -Bob...

    82. Timothy Welch

      Great video and camera work especially in the beginning. What a great family

    83. Cranky MotorSports

      Looks amazing! You guys have impressive equipment

    84. ArnMan

      I want the dog's job. Let me know when there is an opening.

    85. John Neal

      There is the right way, the wrong way, and then there's the Bob way. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

    86. 46Rambo

      $1500 ouch, we can't afford that for pretty little decals for the tractor.

    87. Connor Aitken

      When are the Case IH/Welker farm hats being sold online?

    88. Matthew Link

      Very nice work guys! Job well done.

    89. B rad

      Love the videos !!

    90. Darren Arnett

      Well I don't farm. But grew up beside one used to help harvest etc when I was 12, still help some of my friends when needed. Just wanted to say the work you guys do is amazing. And that big bud looks fantastic 👌. Thanks for all the videos. PS I work for for Cummins Diesel Engine company as an ME/ATA Heavy duty and seeing the Cummins in it makes me smile I'm not gonna lie 😉

    91. Wapi Farang

      great great great nice nice nice video, Thanks so much Welker family number one, so good :)

    92. Adrian Higgins

      Top effort blokes

    93. barry kennedy

      Think the video's with a camera man have too much of a commercial ring to them

    94. wildcoyote34

      it's a beautiful machine ,, and you are right it's well deserving of being restored and put back to work ,,these machines were built to last and last they did , job well done guys , i look forward to seeing it in the field next spring

    95. Phil Box

      Oooooooh, now we know where Leg Arms got his leg sized arms from. He is a seamstress, haute couture is his thing. Comes from cutting up all that material to make dresses. ;) Who would have thought?

    96. Chris Darting

      What the heck is that sound at 3:13?!?!

    97. Sam Robins

      Love the black and red seats in the big bud

    98. bennyfactor

      Do they still make decals for Big Buds or are those New Old Stock?

    99. Harvey Welker

      Who is going to be the first person to put a scratch on this tractor?

    100. Bernie Schoep

      good job. now you should restore the 4520 johndeere