Lake House Renovation Part 3|Light Fixtures & Flooring Transforms Upstairs

Welker Farms

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    Week 2 of Lake House renovation is here! From floors to lights we have so much to accomplish. Our goal is to get the upstairs finished to the point where the next time we come we can live there and then start work on the downstairs. This won't be easy as a nasty stomach flu has sickened the kids and made for some sleepless nights and rough days.
    But we stand by one of the most encouraging verses found in scripture, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13
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    1. Joanna Kowalewski

      I just found your channel (renovations) like an hour ago. I'm really enjoying it 😁 So happy you're keeping the copper ❤️

    2. Martha Childs

      Looking great!

    3. Sharon Dumont

      You should do all the floor, cohesive 👍🏼

    4. Donna Anderson

      Have the vacuum cleaner and dust mop handy with the dark floors. Will show dust that light color floors do not.

    5. Mopar Nick

      Knee pads leg arms!

    6. mfanwe Likeit

      I’m so glad you kept the backsplash!

      1. Welker Farms


    7. Bob P

      The ceiling looks great. I have never walking into a home and looked at a ceiling. Your family is amazing, you all pull together to creat a beautiful vacation home. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

    8. Quinn Ridin

      nick im a bit late but at 3:51 its called carpentry or woodworking

    9. Daniel Johnston

      I love the ceiling....tell them to pound sand.... oh and you said “a wash” when explaining the washer and dryer... papa Welker would be proud!

    10. Ron Hanson

      Wait a week it will beback in style

    11. Olaf Schmidt

      15:15 ...well, otherwise Scott would have kicked your butt, I guess... 😉👍🏻

    12. bryson odonnell

      3:41 hmm the term for working with wood perhaps woodworking lol 😆

    13. Rural Patriot

      @ Welker Farms, are you guys not going to restore the downstairs?

    14. Ticdaniel

      Love the ceeling👌👌 dont see that often here in sweden. Maybe in some 80s houses that not are updated. But it looks really nice. Your got some real good helper crue there also. Hoped you thanked them good

    15. HD42 Gaming

      I like the roof better than the popcorn texture

    16. Alec Wilson

      Your color scheme worked better then I thought. A great closing and I admire your attitude.

    17. Thomas Halliday

      Working with wood ca be carpentry or joinery, beautiful home you have there.

    18. Southern Outdoors

      I hope you numbered the cabinet doors so they go back where they came off. The lines from shadows on light fixtures would drive me crazy.. Be sure to use a keypad door lock for main door for renters to just enter a assigned number..

    19. unclee308


    20. Terry Whitall

      Lots of work but good times and progress

    21. USF1MAN

      So sad I spotted the come truck in the beginning timelapse lol cant get away from work

    22. Titanglass88

      Vynil plank flooring is the worst wait until it dis colors or bubbles from the sun watch in front of the sliding door and windows blinds will help stop it and put silicone at all outside entryways if water gets under it the mold will get out of control just some tips from a guy that does this every day

    23. Dan Finley

      What a beautiful video bless you all

    24. Quad Brothers Benton

      Is it just me or is everyone getting a house and refurbishing or renovating it

    25. Verlyn Nygaard

      Another ? Who is older Scott or Nick and ages, researching I think Nick is 33 but couldn't find anything on the Scott

    26. Verlyn Nygaard


    27. Ryan Hall

      personally think the ceiling and whole house looks awesome keep up the good work

    28. Andreas Bentz

      Love your videos! If you haven´t thought of it already, I would recommend that you (in phase 2 or 3) add some outdoor garden lights, so that you can experience the nice views from your living room even if it´s dark outside. Some spotlights shining light from ground up on some of the nicer trees or vegetation and some bollards that marks the way down to the lake. Just some thoughts. Greetings from Sweden :)

    29. thr8061

      I like the ceiling. It is those stupid interior designers who think they know what's right. They are also the ones who keep taking down ceiling fans. They are necessary for good living. They move heat around in winter and are cheaper than AC when you have an early spring warm day or late fall warm day.

    30. Lloyd Baker

      Looking good and love the Cowfartt shirt!

    31. Norma Broussard

      Keep up the great work

    32. D Smith

      You shouldn't have to explain anything, it's your house do what you want to

    33. Mark Witzel

      Good looking wood flooring. Wood laminate right?

      1. Mark Witzel

        sorry. should've watched the entire video first before commenting. Great looking vinyl plank flooring.

    34. Daniel Peterson

      It is your place and you are doing good and I'm a carpenter and I can say you are making real well.

    35. Brian Drake

      It all looks beautiful a little trick if you divide rooms up don’t have to take up all rooms looks amazing happy new year god bless

    36. bob prince

      Just have Dr. Chop come in and paint the house lol

    37. Canaryville Kid

      You guys are just amazing. Thank you for bringing us inside! Regarding comments/criticism... ignore it. "thank them".

    38. the pizza devil

      its gonna be awesome!

    39. -DNA- ROBOTRON

      Nick replace the spiral stove hob with gas. Much nicer and the cook will thank you later :)

    40. Caleb M

      Many times on KGup you'll see people buy a fixer upper and just do everything wrong. This is refreshing. You guys are honest with yourselves about what you can and can't do skill wise and budget wise, you've got some experience, and the result is looking good. I specialize in cabinets but I do a very wide range of renovation work and you don't do too much differently from how I would.

    41. Darren Walter

      The light fixtures are sweet. What’s the name/style of them?

    42. Shawn Tate

      Poor LegArms, this dude talks well he does everything !!!!!!!

    43. Chern’s Garage

      I’m a firm believer in ceiling fans for bedrooms! I can’t live without one

    44. James Pollock

      All you guys work so well together. I know doing this kind of work takes some real physical strength which all you guys have plenty of. Especially working above your head for any length of time. I know I wouldn't want to arm wrestle any of you guys even Dad. Lol

    45. Stuart Moser

      I was feeling bad about life one day and I went to A cancer hospital in Columbia Missouri to see a friend with stomach cancer. When I left I fell on my knees next to my car and began praying for the Lords forgiveness because I was shaken to my foundation by the Lord. When I could see terminal people enjoying what life they had left the revelation of the Lord goodness struck me so hard I have never forgotten it. Just be still and and the Lord will whisper in your ear.

    46. Fr. Bob Lacey

      Ooooh! Retro bathroom already!!!! Just like my pink/Salmon colored 'appointments.'

    47. Steffen Horst

      hello guys, doesn't it make sense to put an impact sound insulation (thin foam rubber mat) under the laminate? makes it much quieter - especially in the rooms downstairs. Best wishes and happy new year from Germany

    48. Michael S

      2:18 ba bump bang! edit: I believe the technical term for working with wood is woodworking.....

    49. Broc Luno

      You'all are doing great. No need to defend your choices. Only suggestion is to have a dedicated external air source for the fireplace. You are good farm engineers. You can get an outside air source that will feed the fireplace w/o drawing room air, and that you can close when the fire is not in use. Otherwise it'll suck on every window and door. Amazing how much it reduces drafts :-)

    50. iBelieve


    51. iBelieve


    52. iBelieve


    53. iBelieve


    54. Paul Thurman

      It is your house and your choice. I am enjoying watching the progress!

    55. bob bob

      I’d like to see a makeover on the old place you put the bowling ball through. Rent it out as a farm stay.

    56. kb7722

      Looks great!

    57. Will B

      Don't worry about know nothing comment authors. It is your place and money. The ceiling looks fine....more than fine. I get tired of everything looking the same. And it seems in character for the age of the house. Now......if some commenter wants to fork over the cost to do it the way they think it looks better, and you like it , I would entertain that.

    58. Jeremy Gray

      Like the cowfartt shirt haha

    59. Jeremy Gray

      Hi legarms🖐️

    60. Linda Harr

      Leave the farm and go into construction. Lol

    61. Daniel Townsend

      Love the vids I like the house

    62. z bean

      Looks great, nice work and enjoy the lake house!

    63. JozzieProductions

      The flooring jump hahah, I just layed flooring in my house this year. Not something good for someone who has mild ocd. I ended up ripping up the entire floor because 2 pieces in the center wernt to my approval ..Wedges help hugely. Summer time the wood will shrink. Only had to make 2 additional Cuts this winter due to expansion and creaking sounds. House looks good guys!

    64. Toekie van der Linde

      Looking good the kitchen.

    65. D Yard

      It looks truly wonderful. I hope all the Welker's share many hours of good times , adventures on the lake, good meals, happiness, and precious memories.

    66. Josh m

      I would help to glue down the flooring

    67. Josh m


    68. Randy Allen

      To dam cold there u need to move to south alabama

    69. Anthoni Leal

      How much did the house coast

    70. Durwood Foshee

      They never build statues to critics!

    71. matt caser

      Looking awesome !

    72. Pete Wurtinger

      Doesn't matter what people think, like or dislike. Yes, great for ideas and input, and help with things, but complaints aren't needed. You have a beautiful, full functional, wonderful family that works well together, loves each other, and shares each others input and ideas to get things done. It is your house, your decisions, that is what matters in the end. Great job on all the progress and the way things look. I think it looks great so far!!! I hope the kids are feeling better!!!

    73. david craddock

      just so happens I am using the same tile in my daughters house. my 72 year old knees are not real happy about it.

    74. stubby242

      Love the Cowfartt shirt

    75. Jason Pryor

      Hey guys, ive been watching you for a few months and i like watching. I just want to give you some advice, on the flooring, ive been doing flooring for years and you should have some transitions in certain areas and it will eliminate issues down the road. Email me so we can chat more! id hate to see you putt all the work in and have issues down the road!

    76. VW Insanity

      I think the texture on the ceiling looks great!!! And your right Memories like this will last a lifetime and those you build here will also. Gosh I should take my own advice ;-)

    77. GJ Ponsford

      Where do I get that Cowfart Tee shirt!!!! .

    78. Dustin D

      Looking good 👍🏻 hope everyone is feeling better. Merry Christmas everyone

    79. mackie252007

      when is your dad coming out of the Closet? Place looks 100 times better!

    80. matthew halliburton

      Merry Christmas to you Hollywood and to all family members and to the welker farms fans too 😀👋🎄🎆🎆🎆🎆🎁🎁🎀🎇🎉🎊

    81. Ethan brands

      Need a z bar for those little strips on the edge

    82. Glenns

      Merry Christmas you and your whole family! Have a blessed New Year

    83. Steve Garr

      Really love that copper back splash. A nice black stone for countertops, perhaps with copper speckled throughout would pull together nicely. Though, unknown what final cabinet colors will be. But awesome work. Seems like a great house, lots of room etc.

    84. Jim T

      Nick, Merry Christmas to the entire Welker family. It is great to see the entire family jumping on a project like this and all pitching in and working together. God Bless you and your family and Merry Christmas to the newest little Welker! Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you as well. 2020 is going to be even better than this year.

    85. Robert Banniza

      Always impressed! Your family absolutely kills it when it comes to getting it done.

    86. Chill Will68

      I would like to wish your family A Very Merry Christmas. May God bless you and may you have a happy new year as well.

    87. Loren Scammahorn

      Thanks for the great videos I am a 37 year old that just had open heart surgery. It is so uplifting to see your family work so well as a team. God bless your hole family. Merry Christmas and happy new year from are family.

    88. Chad Hornberger

      Merry Christmas Welker family !!

    89. Jamie Smith

      I like watching your program because you and your family have a positive outlook on life even if everything is not going well around you. Keep up the GOOD work, Merry Christmas and healthy and happy new year. God Bless. Your friend form Wisconsin.

    90. Rayme Schuerer

      Merry Christmas God bless

    91. stephen smith

      It looks awesome . glad you kept the copper backsplash it looks great . I think the fireplace would look cool with some sort of mantel just a idea ... Sending my prayers for you and yours, Marry Christmas and a blessing on the New year to come .

    92. Cole Ebbers

      Saw the torgersons ad in tractor house that 8250 is still for sale

    93. Kevin Christiansen

      Happy Birthday Mrs Welker have a great day

    94. Kevin Christiansen

      Awesome job guys Merry Christmas 🎄 Welker families

    95. jeff myers

      Great job Welker’s! It’s looking good !

    96. Jeffrey Amey

      And happy birthday to your mom

    97. Jeffrey Amey

      Merry Christmas to the whole family it's looking great

    98. Samuel Ride

      Why didn’t you put underlay under the flooring?

    99. Wyatt Ashenbremer

      wood working '

    100. Peter Benson

      Merry Christmas to all of you. You are so lucky to have such a supportive family to pull out all the stops and help get it done. It looks so great already. All the best. Pete