70 Year Old Tractor Brought Back To Life - Moline Part 2

Welker Farms

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    My grandfather farmed with this tractor, my father farmed with this tractor, it is only fitting the next generation does too. A well used but now very reliable 1950 Minneapolis Moline U Special! Expect to see more in upcoming videos!

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    1. Welker Farms

      Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/WelkerFarms

      1. AcousticTheory

        @Dyla Hxxi I think their farm was probably already well protected (with a variety of guns) but this adds more sensors. I don't think they were really in danger of being stolen from.

      2. Dyla Hxxi

        Is it because thieves are using your videos to scope out your stuff?

      3. AcousticTheory

        Don't forget to tell Bob the code! "Oh, now why's it doing that?"

      4. myles balkom

        please keep the brains of your alarm system away from windows, you can disarm them with a laser, look it up its a thing lol.

      5. tomthumb

        should leave it straight piped

    2. Cougracer67

      Back up the bus a bit! It's myth busting time! That old story about the need to stagger the ring gaps is just baloney. Reason #1: Rings rotate randomly in their grooves, so there will be thousands of times that all the gaps line up, yet the engine runs just fine. Reason #2: The ring gap is so small that compression cannot escape fast enough to prevent starting (unless the rings are totally, absolutely shot). The gap in a good engine has an area of about .0008 square inches or less. That is not much! Reason #3: Piston diameter at the ring lands is .030" or more smaller than the skirt diameter. So there is a lot of empty space between the rings. Any compression that gets through the top ring gap will immediately flow unimpeded to wherever the 2nd ring gap is. Whether the gaps are opposite or one above the other makes absolutely no difference!

    3. Michael Surratt

      Come on guys, she deserves a complete restoration. Great work so far!

    4. terry wisdom

      Make a video with alec steele he is in Montana like you

      1. Welker Farms


      2. Welker Farms

        Would love to, he's got a great xhabbel!

    5. Nellson Stout

      Seems like there just isn’t many Molines around. There’s a guy a county over from me who has a G1355 in moline trim, one in Oliver trim, and a White 2270 which I guess was Cockshutt trim without the name. There’s also a White 2-150 on a lot near me

    6. Cash Macy

      That intro could been staged bout legarms lol 😂

    7. Tony Ackerman

      Scott, Nick, I so enjoy the interaction between you two, makes me laugh!

    8. Olaf Schmidt

      Nice work, guys! It's pretty hard to imagine, that "Mo" once did the work on the farm. But it did and that makes it so awesome!😊👍🏻

    9. Nicole Stewart Beutler

      Copying Minnesota millennial farmer

    10. Branden Mcc

      What's wrong with the camera

    11. Keith Olson

      That’s totally Awesome!!!!!

    12. Dan Finley

      Awesome to see the old tractor running like a champ

    13. thr8061

      When idling, it kinda sounds like an old piston fighter engine

    14. Klaas B

      Why didn't you check the big-ends?

    15. Chris Darting

      That's what Zach said!!!

    16. Daniel Johnston

      Leg Arms doesn’t use “elbow grease “, it’s“knee Juice” !!! Just say’n!

    17. Eli Schultes

      Dad got heat stroke on a MM G1000 Wheatland. Dealer told Grandpa it could pull 3 7’ Noble Blades for summer fallowing. Overheating tractor and 105° in the shade will get to you.

    18. K R

      preparation H has a product placement for you

    19. HU1212ICAN3

      Please stop fast forwarding video, and not the sound.

    20. fbh31118

      Great video!!! Love the farm video's but the MM is by far one of my favorites to date. It is such a blessing to have one or two original pieces of equipment on a farm. I too have done a similar project and while it is only an object, it represents a very important piece of family and history of your farm. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us and hope you folks stay safe.

    21. Jim Brent

      Very sweet. Love to see the old girl run.

    22. Robert Mortillo

      Scott: what you got there? *a blown up machine* Nick: a smoothie

    23. Lisa Snow


    24. Michael Broadhead

      I was born and raised in Santa Rita and Cut Bank. Lived there for 38 years and moved to Lander Wyoming. Your cousin Jon Welker worked for me in the parts dept at Northern Ford for a few years before my wife and I moved. He's a great guy. I live your choice of UTV. I have a 2018 HD8. We use it around our place a lot for spraying weeds and plowing snow in the winter. We get a ton of snow here at the base of the Wind River Mtns. I accidently ran into your KGup channel because I watch the Millinial Farmer. I loved your bowling ball cannon too. Who's your part supplier? Torgersons in Ethridge? How about your auto parts store? Hopefully you say Carquest. Anyway, I love the channel and can't wait for the next videos. A little side note, the farmers down here have no idea what a BIG tractor is. I showed them pictures of Big Buds and Versatiles and said "Those are BIG tractors" 🤣

    25. CoryRaboin

      I know I'm behind on videos but that tractor is awesome. Thanks for the content.

    26. Abdullah GÖRGÜLÜ

      i love old tractors. greetings from Turkey

    27. Baron Clime

      you can use a flat sharpening stone to help cleam machined surfaces. a fine grit works good after gaskets and heavier junk is removed. you can also use it on cast carbs, just don't get it in the jets or passages. takes some patience but is worth it especially with the crap fuel these days.

    28. Mark Sigsbee

      Great sound. Leave the chrome tip.

    29. Work Hard Live Free

      Was just at a farm in a neighbouring township and they had a fully restored MMU... It grabbed my attention immediately after watching your semi rebuild... Hopefully Y'all get a chance to restore it similar to the one I saw tonight. She was beautiful

    30. Bailey Farms Gaming

      5:02 dirty water

    31. JLhlltpfms

      We have the same project - 50s MM U with Super 8 loader - that chrome tip is the way to go :-) THANKS FOR A GREAT WORKING CLOTHES MM VIDEO :-) !!!

    32. RoisinT2

      Prolly been asked/said hundred of times, But; where does that "leg/arms" name coming from? And, is he self learned or trained mechanic? He seems to be very, very good at that. Nice to watch when someone really knows what he is doing.

    33. Oskari Kasurinen


    34. Oskari Kasurinen


    35. anthony851

      Here in New Zealand a jug is a carburettor, not the block or a barrel. Anthony

    36. Troy Gosliga

      are you gueys christians because i am and it sound like you are too

      1. Troy Gosliga

        the only thing is we drive John Deere and dont support case but they arnt bad

      2. Troy Gosliga

        @Welker Farms thanks i hope some day if i can come and see you farm because i live on a dairy farm in vermont and im 14 years old and i love your videos

      3. Welker Farms

        We are, good to hear you are too!

    37. Jason Reese

      Great job guys it runs good

    38. William Davis

      You ought to use gloves. My cousin got cancer. Dr.’s were pretty sure it was years and years of solvents he use to clean engine parts.

    39. The Western Sky Ranch

      I have been a simply safe customer for years. It's worked flawless. Great piece of mind. The water sensor saved me a few times. Great sponser.

    40. mitchell bliss

      4 cylinders always trip me out looking at em. Mostly like Honda engines do, but 4cy diesels do too lol. They just look like their missing the other half or something lol....

    41. Brady Fausset

      Thanks for the reply love u

    42. Nathan Halls

      How many acres do you farm

    43. Ron Nelson

      I watched the green guys shops, are u guys running the wrong color? There is no sign of a tool box anywhere. But ur shop is working all the time. Keep on great work

    44. Damon Knobloch


      1. Robert Welker

        I am in some. Now have a camera but don't want to bore the followers 😁

    45. G&E Farms Emery

      Leave her straight piped

    46. no_regrets diesel

      I think it sounds better straight piped it's just my opinion

    47. Justin Mills

      That would make for a long day standing up on that. Just saying.

      1. Robert Welker

        Did it for 2 weeks 20 years straight rock picking. But I think my feet is letting me know that now 😊

    48. DeathK

      Keep it straight-piped :D

    49. Mike Skidmore

      That's a poor old desing intake Manifold .. You should have orddered one for a Propane engine .. maybe are newer year .. they flow much better..

    50. Juliano Carlos

      Oi EU te tenho un minneapolis moline ub diesel aqui no Brasil Estou restaurando mais está difícil encontrar pecas por aqui Vou ter quê vê si encontro en usa mais não tenho nenhum contato estou no Brasil

    51. Peter IJmker

      Stange, it raind on every farm canel I see today.

    52. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    53. iBelieve


    54. iBelieve


    55. iBelieve


    56. iBelieve


    57. iBelieve


    58. Jelle Hesselink

      7:35 did leg arms just find the cure for the 'rona?

    59. ben hadden

      Leave it straight piped

    60. Kenny Salisbury

      Ya look like you know what yer doin up on that tractor Mr. Douglas


      There is a prision not far from your farm i think Corrections Corporation of America there is one here in ohio run by the same company they have had several prison brakes in the past & they spend days trying to round up the prisoners that escape i am told they use watermellon for bait.

      1. Robert Welker

        Funny about the bait. There hasn't been one break out yet. I spent a night with the boys in that prison

    62. G&J Zaitz

      why did this one come before the next planting video?

      1. Robert Welker

        Started about the same time


      No muffler needed it sounds good that way

    64. Kirt Hedquist

      Getting zapped by the spark plug. I use to do that to my younger brother. Come here and hold this!

    65. Kirt Hedquist

      Legarms couldn't curl those cylinders off? Disappointed

    66. Lukas von Daheim

      Simplisafe? I have heard of this already somewhere! I think LPL did a full 3 minute video with opening and explaing why it's so unsafe. Edit:Almost 5 minutes! Amd open with something for 2$

    67. David Thompson

      That was great, more please.

    68. Neal Hillyard

      You never forget your first coil spark shock. I was imitating my dad as he used to pull the plug wires to find the dead cylinder, while the engine was running. OUCH! Got to love those old farmer/mechanics.

    69. Mark J. Cady Jr.

      SimpliSafe is cool. But do they make a Leg-Arms Detector?

    70. Rick Anderson

      Sweeeet sound!

    71. Rick Anderson

      We had a MM U on our farm we used it pull manure spreader, hay wagon & pop wheelies with it till we broke it. Brings a tear to my eye!

    72. Tyler

      That is so cool leave it straight piped hahaa

    73. Eric Beightol

      Old tractors, gotta love 'em!! Nice job guys!

    74. mike nichols

      now that sounds like a tractor can listen to that all day love it

    75. heyhey1956

      Nick & Leg Arms have you guys ever watched Mike Mitchell's Y/T channel his family runs Bourgault air seeders with 7950 AIR SEEDER behind them thay actually do all their with no tillage on their fields which I thought was very unusual! kgup.info/get/poRpi3evrK2Ar2o/video

      1. Robert Welker

        We have been no til since 1997. Awesome drill for $400,000+

    76. Mateusz Marzoch

      GoPro was better guys, this camera have some problems with light adjustments

    77. Marko Lane

      leave it as a straight pipe

    78. Iron Golem

      I have a U in the barn in storage. Haven't needed to run it. But now I do. I hope it's not too rusty or tight inside.

    79. Southern Farmer1112

      My great grandpa had one of the first moline models ever made, itty bitty tricycle tractor. Sadly no one wants to take the time to take it out the pasture and at least put it in some cover so it just sits out there rotting:(

    80. Barbie Rowley

      Leg arms be nice to Nick. . You both are very nice guys 🌸🌺🌸

    81. RC UK Scale Models

      great videos always stay safe tractor sounds awesome is going to look nice when it's cleaned up.

    82. Jacoby_game Z

      Leave it straight piped

    83. Lillen285

      Lots of Can-am there ^^,

    84. Brian Casey

      It still needs new paint to hold it together 😁

    85. Napalm182 Napier

      I have simple safe alarm sytem in two houses i own and i love them they work easy instilation.

    86. Simon. Photography

      Perfect job guys ! 👍🏻 French farmer

      1. Robert Welker


    87. Marshall Weber

      So Badass 💪

    88. Paul Smith

      could you use a almost free hand???? 18653577643 Paul I know a bit about farming which is a lot of trades,,,,,.

    89. Danielle Blaner

      Where is the WA 4 at.

      1. Robert Welker

        Waiting its turn next fall

    90. Kolila Gephart

      How about almost 70. If that U has its oil filter in the oil pan then it is from the late 50's. all my U's have side oil filters.

    91. GANNA Edits

      what music did you use in this video??

      1. GANNA Edits

        @Robert Welker do you know what web page or not?? Thanks any way

      2. Robert Welker

        Don't know but is selection from a web package

    92. Garland Henry

      Very cool

    93. GrandpaLarry777

      I never thought it would be so entertaining watching farmers work on an old tractor... But it is!!

    94. GANNA Edits

      what is up with leg arms camera the lighting keeps distorting and changing????

      1. Robert Welker

        Led ceiling light

    95. Ryan Allen

      Can get the missing head light bulb on bulb America

    96. Lanny Flannery

      How many farmers fell off in front of disk....only drive in reverse !

    97. Colin Costine

      Did you clean the oil galleries out good?

    98. joel mollenkopf


    99. D Briggs

      Had to fast forward through your security system commercial. Don't sell out to advertisers please.

      1. D Briggs

        @Welker Farms Thank you for replying to my comment. I'm sorry if it came across rudely I in no way intended that. I just wanted to say that myself and probably alot of other people watching your channel love seeing what you guys are up to from time to time. You have great personalities and some interesting projects going on out on your farm. That being said I think you guys absolutely deserve to be fairly compensated for all your time and effort making these videos. I'm not an expert in KGup and I have never made a KGup video and I have no idea what KGup pays its content creators so I certainly can't speak on the subject but when you said in your reply that "nothing is free" it made me pause for a moment and realize your absolutely right and I thought to myself I'm sitting here watching an entertaining video for free that someone else took the time and effort to make and post. I'm sorry for my comment, I wrote it hastily because I wanted to get back to watching the work on the old tractor not an ad on a security system but if watching a quick ad is what it takes to keep this content coming and puts a few dollars in your pockets that's the very least I can do. Again I'm sorry

      2. Welker Farms

        This is a serious question and in no way trying to insult or downplay your comment. Think about this statement, why would anyone spend 30-40 hrs a week filming, editing, emailing, posting, photographing, writing, speaking, editing, messaging, while working a very stressful farm life that already takes 7 days a week and 50-70 hrs on top of the 30-40? Time away from family, stress that no one should deal with. So the question is why? No one in their right mind would be a farmtuber if there were not benefits to make it worth it. We are not alone in this, do you see any other big farm channels without ads playing? The bottom line is this, if you enjoy this type of content and want more from farmtubers, you need to understand it only happens if we are compensated. Believe it or not this is a full time job and we deserve to be compensated for our efforts to provide clean, entertaining, educational content. Now, I try to maintain a healthy balance of ads as I don't want to be like cable TV where you get 1 minute of show for 10 minutes of ads. There is absolutely no way to put our lives in words, only those who are farming and tubing understand. I appreciate you watching what we do and supporting this free content provided to you. Just know nothing comes for free.

    100. Michael Diehl

      I Love the Realism in these videos I actually love these videos lol