BIG BUD Tractors|Stellar Drone Footage|Welker Rewind 2019

Welker Farms

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    All I can say is wow... What a year! Rewind part 2 Harvest coming Saturday.
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    1. Wilford Lewis McGee

      that shot w/ the dog @ 2:25...

    2. mikemerrill175

      That Case equipment looks very well put together.

    3. Playmaker Edition

      awesome....great view 👍

    4. Tony Ackerman

      Very well done video Nick!

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you!

    5. German made

      2:35 what name the music please

    6. Olaf Schmidt

      Breathtaking pictures!😊👍🏻

      1. Welker Farms

        Many thanks!


      Welker Farm's. The size of that county is so Beutiful with that big equipment running on it. Only if you are born, raised, sweat, worked and saw the labors of your work flower before your eyes csn you appreseate the beauty of farming. Thank You for the videos, Please keep them coming.

    8. Daniel Johnston


    9. Steve B

      This is going to be a totally uneducated question. Why do you use the Big Bud for spraying when the gigantic tires roll over your crops and destroy a huge swath of plants?

      1. Daniel Johnston

        Steve B floaters don’t actually harm the crop.

    10. Rob Ward

      as usual a block buster sound track and drone vid coverage that the big guns could take notice of

    11. Влад Троль

      Для такого трактора 10.метровый флекс ленковат.

    12. xoán t4nquex

      Fantastic video, with fantastic machines.

    13. Opsal Jim

      What a joy to see love the hard work you all do

    14. Haseeb Ahsan Khan

      How many acres/hectare you have? How you supply water to your plants?

    15. Сидор Чумаков

      Лайк чисто за собаку)))

    16. Сотый котик

      Надо было сразу за танк зацепить их у вас много. Танки наверное полегче будут.

    17. DmitryVG

      Case 2 is the tractor, "big bud" is a freak from the last century. it's like handmade barn...

    18. kid good

      I want to share it with more people

    19. Владимир Моисеенко

      Что за оператор,где таких берут

    20. Vishal Chauhan

      Love you welker farm

    21. Vishal Chauhan


    22. Vishal Chauhan


    23. Kevin Klingner

      Have you ever thought of putting a live axle under the front of the brute?

    24. 12501980

      Nice !

    25. Rayan Agarm

      lucky dog

    26. Napalm182 Napier

      Awesome vid

    27. Junior Coyote


    28. Chase Janus

      love those big buds, such a neat tractor, cant wait to see that 600 all done up and ready

    29. Truck Driver

      That was awesome footage, thanks.

    30. belfast479

      Amazing video showing how things get started on a farm. I hope you guys have a healthy and prosperous new year in 2020. This vid scratches the surface of all you have to do keeping things running. God bless and thank you for sharing.

    31. Anthony A

      Awesome video. I would love to play around on some nice new farm equipment. My grandpa has a few old super c tractors I grew up running. I can’t imagine the newer equipment. Check out my video of pipelining in West Virginia.

    32. Julie Hawken


    33. Dan Finley

      So beautiful now that’s how you see gods country drone footage is awesome

    34. Terry Taylor

      Best Big Bud commercial EVER!

    35. Scotts Marine

      im new and addicted to your guys are class acts good folk.what lake is your lake house on and what did you mean by its a warm water lake?how much fuel do you use in a year?thanks for all you do.

    36. jeff young

      Very cool! 👍👍

    37. Curt & Amber Huschka

      That was an amazing video. I grew up a state to the east of you guys helping out farmers in my younger years but I don’t remember it being like what you guys are doing. Keep the videos coming. Oh by the way my wife and I renovated a lake home, lots of work but well worth the memories being made. Love your guys channel.

    38. Dennis

      What a rip... can only give one thumbs up

    39. Jeffrey Blagrave

      Good Job 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

    40. Tyler Hayes

      Great rewind footage!!

    41. Cutter Services

      Love the dog on the Bud!!

    42. Travis S


    43. Mitch Howard

      Does your family have any dogs or cats on the farm?

    44. mario cardamone

      m b

    45. Ахмед Абдуразаков

      Красава красава молодец

    46. Dan Man

      Y'all definitely need a vapor blaster in your shop if you don't have one they are a game changer. I bought one from vapor honing technologies and it's an excellent American made machine. It helps more than ever with parts cleaning and a little bit of everything.

    47. Kirk Radzwill

      Fantastic footage. Hopefully Leg Arms didn't get any rocks down his pants doing "Dirt Angles"

    48. Pete Dohmen

      Could you put those welker farms magnets on your merch?, Love your vids, this one was awesome!

    49. William Uskoski

      Would having another brute speed up spraying or would you need another operator?

    50. Kevin Davis

      Epic video.

    51. Dave Brittain

      You see Legarms making a snow angel on gravel? Well it was solid rock before he started!

    52. hunting and stuff

      No screwing around when it comes to drilling for you guys

    53. tom graham

      While your partnership with case is great it’s already changing you and your videos. Hope you never forget where you came from. God bless and Happy New Year Welker family.

      1. Daniel Johnston

        I disagree!

      2. 2Stroke Diesel Power

        t. grhm.... I will "2nd that" sentiment.

    54. David Smith

      Fantastic footage !!! Nice job Nick !!!

    55. ckg009

      Outstanding video!! Don't think I saw a definitive conclusion whether the disc seeder had any appreciable yield difference or not viable test, etc.

    56. Rheannon Crouse

      2019 was a great ride along now 2020 is here and i hope you're family has a great year and i was gonna send you some fan mail

    57. Larry325

      Happy New Year. Awesome video. Enjoy the content! The dirt angel really made it for me!,, 😃😃👍👍

    58. BoostedSi

      Love the drone work. This vid is amazing!!

    59. Loco_motive railfan 2007

      Happy new year weaker farms. I am your maybe biggest fan. I play your map on fs19. And have it kinda like your real setup

    60. Ken Miller

      Happy New Year!!! Welkers!!!

    61. Scott Owen

      You going to the National Farm Machinery Show?

    62. Dioni Paredes

      Thanks and happy new year,for famili welker.

    63. Lar & Jo Mack

      Another great video. Love to see Coby riding "shotgun" with Robert. 😉

    64. John Flinn

      God bless you

    65. Stephen Smith


    66. Nick Allred

      I hope your family is using the buds 100 years from now.

    67. _SneX_

      Unfortunately, I will never ever see something like that here in Germany.. :(

    68. David Yansky

      Scott doing gravel angels, what a hoot.

    69. Chris Gossman

      Love watching big Bud's at work.

    70. Scotty Wedding

      absolutely amazing. beautiful country out in Montana. God bless you and your family and may the new year bring you many blessings

    71. Jason Swift

      What is happening with the lake house?

    72. Joy Joy

      Wow thats very nice I live in Germany and my dad has a farm with about 100 hekters and thats very big for us please excuse me when my english is not very god thats because Iam in the sevent class der 😅😅

    73. George Stoeckner

      I would like to say Thankyou on behalf of my family for sharing your 2019 farming season with us all! We love watching your family farm life & experiences with us! May 2020 bring your family prosperity & May our Lord our God Continue to bless your family in all their endeavours.

    74. Charles Mitchuson

      How many acres do you farm?

    75. Jaron King

      This could be a trailer for Farming Simulator 2020.

    76. Millard Hayes

      Land spreading out far and wide. Like this video.

    77. HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited - Rob Scheffers

      HNY from New Zealand... that it may be a good one.

    78. Bob Paterson

      A Happy Healthy an prosperous New year to you and your family 👍👍

    79. Z the blacksmith

      Your videos have come a long way Great job 👍

    80. rwd2177

      Your videos are beyond any other farm vlogs I have seen! Well done!

    81. carlos silva

      Case quadtrac 🤩🇵🇹

    82. 370Scotty

      Great Presentation. May God shed his grace on you and all the Welker Team for a Successful 2020 for great crops, and a great Lake House. Thanks for taking us viewers along you journey! ~Scotty, Buffalo NY

    83. James Archer

      Lovely footage.Excellent drone work.

    84. Roger Tenfour

      Nick, Leg Arms and Dad great Video, the aerial video footage and editing is fantastic!;), what a beautiful place to call home, mabye you should give tours?:) I would certainly come just to hang with ya'll! Be willing to work too!! Please keep the Videos coming. May God bless you and your family in 2020:)

    85. george sherick

      Awesome video!! Great sound and photography! 👍

    86. jans smit

      Happy new year to you and your family from South Africa

    87. Gary P. Clark


    88. Andrew Field

      🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Breathtaking cinematography 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

    89. WoolyBuck

      How's the fuel efficiency and hp of the Case IH compare to your Big Bud?

    90. Pete James

      Now we talking video at it best just love it 🏆🏆🏆

    91. rem32001

      Wow! Great Video Nick! Love all the aerial shots of the Big Sky. Going to have to jump in the RV and come see for myself sometime. Love the Channel!

    92. 4020 john deere

      Thank you that was very nice really liked big bud rolling Cole. And dog riding on fender thanks guys

    93. f0rumrr

      They call it big sky country for a reason.

    94. Stuart Roland

      Great rewind ,hope you all a great 2020 .Cant wait for part 2 .☺☺👍👍✌

    95. Wapi Farang

      Beautiful video, Coby sitting on the hood of the tractor with a proud look that says, "I am here too", great and fantastic video, and beautiful big Welker family, Happy New Year 2020 to you all and that it is serene happy happy in health harmony peace and love for all of you, and may it be more prosperous than the past year, may God bless you all Welker family. :) I wait for the second part of the video which will be beautiful again

    96. Jay Eckhart

      Your dog has THE life. He acts like he is the boss and runs the show.

    97. Michael Russell

      All the best for 2020 You guys need a Leg Arms sticker as well :D

    98. peter james

      a great 2020 to you all from puxton sw england the center of the universe

    99. Tilling's Excavation

      Love this video man! you inspired me too start making videos! Maybe check my channel out? :)

    100. Lachlan Dalton

      Happy 2020 Welker