F-22 Fighter Pilot Drives My Tractor

Welker Farms

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    Lance "Dusty" is a real fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force and just recently switched from flying F-22 Raptors in Alaska to now instructing new pilots in the T-38. But he is a farm boy at heart and no matter how cool his Air Force job is, he'll always love farming the most. Machinery can be dangerous to both humans and animals. Accidents are never wanted but ultimately can never be fully prevented. Even though an engine compartment seems like a safe place to take a nap it can turn deadly real quick. We are sad to see the stray cat harmed but happy minimal damage was done to the combine.
    It is such a blessing to be finished with harvest! Praise the Lord for a bountiful harvest!
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    1. Welker Farms

      If you want some beef, check out Lance's family beef business at highridgebeef.com/

      1. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

        THose crappy ass pipes use orange spray paint and just cover those with it. This way you can see them like night and day

      2. Spritekid 999 Memes & fun

        Welker Farms sup

      3. 79tazman

        My Father had that happen one time cats would get in there to stay warm against the rad and he fire the car up and make a mess it's sad when it happens so after that he would bang on the hood and then honk the horn before cranking the engine to scare the cat out of there if there was one there.

      4. Sergei Levchenko

        In Missoula there is a ranch that lives right next to me and there beef is really good

    2. Phil Hosier

      A railroad tanker that is de-commissioned, buy one reasonable. Set it on concrete base high enough to drain well. You will never run out of fuel during any season !

    3. Phil Hosier

      I think Grandpa needs to build a solar heater for the pool ! 4x8' sheet of plywood painted black on a 2x4" frame. Use 1" 100' ft. black plastic flex pipe hooked to slow moving water pump. Piping enclosed with glass. Set it to most sunlight during the day.

    4. David Canfield

      F in chat for kitty :'(

    5. Nhyt nhyt

      Typical damage, but not in summer.

    6. Engine 301

      Rip stray cat. -2020😣😣😖

    7. Bonnie Heidner

      My grandpa has the same problem with salt seep and said that alfalfa gets rid of that

    8. B Bainbridge

      I thought cats were smart

    9. Scott Fabel

      Poor cat. It's not your fault. I'm glad the fan cost was not as much as you initially thought.

    10. johnwphotos

      6 months of harvest??? We are harvesting 10-11 months a year. 5 days a week for about 6 months or so. Life of a vegetable farmer.

    11. Sevalecan

      I feel like such a city slicker (I don't actually live in or care for the city, but I don't live on a farm like my mother did growing up). "I'm just gonna grab this dead animal carcass casually with my hand and put it in this bucket.".... Ew, no! Respect.

    12. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    13. Joshua Wilson

      Nebraska boy here

    14. Lana A. Hoffmann

      i litt cried after he sad dat

    15. Paolo Occhietti

      That cat needs to walk it off

    16. Pivot Tech

      Rip cattey cat 🙏🙀

    17. Ereshkigal

      Hope that the cat didn't suffer much

    18. Ian Clegg

      okay, i asked about right to repair earlier. i guess your green mate and his f22 have something to say. well, there are times even i don't argue. :-)

    19. Ian Clegg

      nice seeing the kids and their individual little personalities.

    20. Ian Clegg

      watcha got stuunt caat?

    21. PolinaKitty s

      You should always protect your pest control systems

    22. Brendan Brown

      As a former F/A-18F WSO, it’s still on my bucket list to drive a combine. So yes, you’re machinery is just as cool.

    23. Ron Eibling

      God Bless Lance got his service🇺🇸 Great video. Behind watching though

    24. Simen Stråbø

      What kind of flag was it at 17:17 in the video?

    25. Michael Russell

      I'ld bet the daughter is a daddy's girl :D

    26. 3LittleBirds Irie

      i hate you so much

    27. Chris Huber

      Nick, doesn't the Montana Salinity Control office help with alkaline issues?

    28. Wiechman Farms

      All I’m going to say is rip

    29. Miksu1979

      You Welkers definitely deserve some days off farming! Thanks for you guys it's kind a like trip to Montana all the way from Finland when I come to home from work at night and watch your latest videos. Appreciate your Job! Never been farmer and now just driving trains as locomotive engineer, but you guys make it interesting for us non pros.

    30. Brett Connor

      The Space Jockey!

    31. Dane Bohnsack

      R.i.p. stray cat

    32. David K

      Is lance going to be nice and let you fly his f22?

    33. iBelieve


    34. hwtcoach

      Like seeing the Lutheran Church Flag flying!

    35. Pete Schiavoni

      I’m thinking cat longevity on the farm is low😂😂. Very cool to have Dusty visiting. I worked on fighters in the Marines and have the utmost respect for those guys strapping their asses to those planes

    36. Ralph Lang

      we had coon in ours. Tougher meat took rad out too! 8k !!!

    37. Howard Southwood

      I had to stop watching for 1 minute rip cat

    38. szymusiek22

      argh I was eating >_

    39. shop shop

      Nice flag. Good to bring it out at the end of the harvest, a reminder of where all the bounty comes from.

    40. Myles Bowser

      How a cat costed me $300

    41. Cheopis

      I have seen the Welker family mention some of their shale land as being pretty much worthless for farming, but I had an idea that might be of interest. If any of your larger shale land areas are very close to a road legal for semi trucks, you could potentially set up a couple truck and trailer parking areas for drivers to bring their trucks to, in order to have a few days time away from the world. Set up an outhouse, water supply, and household electrical power, and quite a few of us might plonk down some greenbacks to have a couple days under the big sky in Montana.

    42. Ben Johnson

      Thank you for your service Dusty

    43. emily peterison

      how did you ear with the cat pieces? this year

    44. Lane Christen

      That was not a 300$ fan that was an expensive stray cat

    45. Claudio Escandon

      Saludos desde lhemann (argentina)

    46. joshua tulip

      Lucky just fan and not the radiator also

    47. Mama Leigh Case

      My Last Name is "CASE"

    48. Mama Leigh Case

      I lost 2 Siamese cats to my Daddy's Blazer fan.

    49. sadqqw wqeq

      ''the salts seem to come up'' ''look those forgotten gaspipes''

    50. Jake Sinclair

      Now I want to see nick fly an F-22 raptor

    51. fowletm1992

      Talk of pilots driving combines Its really a thing in Australia We have a labour shortage for harvest guys because of covid and all the commercial pilots are put out of work, so loads of them are getting lined up and retrained as combine drivers Be interesting to see how it goes

    52. Tots Daniel

      Alfalfa can grow in alkaline

    53. Man Craft TV

      Hi Lisa! this is Randy from Vail! Glad to see you in the video! Enjoy your home time. Your family is awesome!

      1. Robert Welker

        She was just in vail a day ago I believe

    54. Kamson Deiger

      What radios are you using for communications

      1. Kamson Deiger

        @Robert Welker awesome thank you

      2. Robert Welker


    55. Brandon

      The grandkids in the combine is awesome

    56. Michael Lucht

      My great nephew is starting pilot training at Del Rio this week.

    57. Thomas Morgenstern

      Does the combine with the Latin Cross get better yields?

    58. GANNA Edits

      Isn’t fracking very bad for the land

      1. Robert Welker

        No effect on the soil surface.

    59. Gary Lack

      A little duck tape and it will be fine.

    60. PS4 Gaming

      Oh poor cat!! Bloody hell! Guys how could you. Someone will be looking for a missing cat, what you gonna say? Eh yeah your cat got murdered by our combine. Sorry, I’ll pay the insurance. Etc... poor cat.

    61. Deutschehordenelite

      Bob: Thanks for the short explanation about the Gas and fracking!

    62. Rick Edwards

      Thank you Dusty for your service🙏🏻❤️✝️🇺🇸

    63. Donald Tayloe

      I dont have a sensitive stomach but I was eating a rural king summer sausage.... when he pulled it out I about puked lol.... yup needless to say I tossed it in the trash

    64. Plaguebit

      The next Welker farm youtubers :D

    65. Michael King

      Dusty also likes red shirts like he does his trucks.lol

    66. momo

      RIP Cat at least now you will know maybe to bang on that section to get them out. We get a lot of stray cats here and I always bang on my car before I go out. People love dropping off cats here D:

    67. Walter Williams

      Christian flag on the combine ,awesome ! Fighter pilot as well !

    68. Jesus Marquez

      Rip the cat

    69. Spam Fancy

      Son: Dad can I play with the cat Dad: which part

    70. otto mtb

      I bet this cat won’t sleep in an engine for a while.😂.

    71. Kale Vandaal

      for that helmet u can buy a new tractor lol

    72. Karen Schneider

      next time check the fan before starting!

    73. Karen Schneider

      poor cat!

    74. Eric Bailey

      Congrats on 2020 harvest completion!

    75. doug rundell

      Where do you get your Cow-Fart T-shirts?

      1. doug rundell

        @Robert Welker Got it, Thanks.

      2. Robert Welker

        @doug rundell its under the top left menu icon on his web page, merchandise. 25 +5 for shipping

      3. doug rundell

        @Robert Welker I did check out tim the dairy farmer and didn't find the Tee Shirts that Hollywood wears that say CowFart on the front. That is what I am looking for.

      4. Robert Welker

        check out Tim the Dairy Farmer. He's a riot.

    76. Juggernaut Plays

      Nooooooooo kitty😭

    77. Hunter vondall

      Please show us the cat that is so freaking funny but I would’ve been better with that a dog

    78. Johan Bos

      We had the same thing happen. Fan bent and ripped the radiator apart. Wrenching in a soup of cat guts and coolant

    79. James Perkins

      Looks like a pet rabies tag sitting in the bottom of the radiator housing.

    80. Frenchie French

      Did you see that: kgup.info/get/h2ime6eOX3-oj2Y/video

    81. rk22cc

      I hope you at least buried the cat you had to show us. This was a live being.

      1. david ellsworth

        yeah I'm sure he buried the cat NOT

    82. Tim H

      You guys cat cut those gas pipes and pull them out?

    83. ron Jessie

      Awesome videos. you guys put out.

    84. Rusty Nail

      Love Grandpa with the family. Made me smile.

      1. Robert Welker

        Love them 💕

    85. Gene Sloan

      Well done! Oh, rest in peace , kitty!

    86. Adam Wagner

      Had a cat on the new holland fx we had at the dairy farm I worked at have a cat do the same thing.. $300 that's cheap. Think this one was $800

    87. Aciz983

      Please use safety belts if not this could happen....kgup.info/get/h2ime6eOX3-oj2Y/video Safety PLEASE!!!!!!

    88. jag617fly

      Food for thought...safety kgup.info/get/h2ime6eOX3-oj2Y/video Take care 🙏

    89. J superman

      Red shirt, red machine, perfect

    90. case tracktors

      :( pore kitty I always check my fan befor Turing on sumthing

    91. Drake Morgan

      That’s why you check your equipment before starting it

    92. SouthJerseySound

      I had a friend's cat crawl in my truck and I don't know how it lived. It's side was totally skinned but it managed to grow back, but it was a different shade when it did lol

    93. Danny Deshler

      Congratulations guys!! Another year in the books. Time to take a day or two and rest...and then back at it! :)

    94. John Luimes

      Just a suggestion: try chickpeas on summer fallow. I have grown Kabili's in southern AB and when conditions are right they will do 60-70 bu/ac but if you have enough growing season rain to do that, they will be full of ascochyta. They will root deep and pull up moisture from below if it is there. Can grow them in rotation with winter wheat on a 1 in 3 year basis with fallow.

      1. Robert Welker

        We struggle with no or little rain after July first.

    95. IH1466VA

      Had the same thing happen on my 1982 GMC Jimmy Diesel. Took every belt off. Not fun bu it happens when they want a warm place to sleep. Be safe

    96. Nick Steggel

      poor kitty! guess its a common occurrence though which keeps the fans cheap? lucky the shards of fan didnt go into the cooling pack

      1. rk22cc

        how long does it take to check a motor?

    97. Dennis Beekman

      RIP random stray cat, it happens though and there is nothing we can do about it. I lost count of the number of ducklings and stray kittens that whent trough my cage mower whilst mowing tall grass in public parks, it's why i carry a billy club and garbage bag with me these days. Nice video never the less, keep them comming.

      1. Dennis Beekman

        @rk22ccWe do our best to prevent this which includes not mowing in nesting seasons, but the grass has to be cut at some point. The whole reasons for these nests being in the tall grass is so they cannot be seen by predators (and humans), it will happen no matter how carefull we are.

      2. rk22cc

        do a quick check 1st

    98. Bob Paterson

      Great teamwork 💪💪

    99. Michael Carroll

      each profession has an occupational hazard!

    100. Glen Perry

      Nick, could you mark the pipes that stick out of the ground with a 2” PVC pipe wound with reflective tape? You might drive a piece of rebar in first then put the pipe over the rebar so it would stand up under your constant wind.