Oh SNAP! Literally, it SNAPPED off! - Moline Part 1

Welker Farms

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    It's exciting times, we have old and new getting a chance at life on the farm. Our goal is to get this Minneapolis Moline U Special running strong and reliable again. As soon as the parts arrive we will piece her back together and turn the key!
    Thank you Can-Am for the amazing opportunity to try two of your Defenders on the farm. We can't wait to out them through their paces.
    And most of all thank you all for helping us build this channel into what it is! By doing so you've provided us with amazing opportunities that in turn mean more great videos!

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    1. K.g.m Customs

      Lol I was going crazy looking for where the phone ding was coming from until he said his phone was beeping

    2. Hammer 328

      Why are y’all called welker farms and not welker fix it because that is the only thing I see y’all do is fixin things

    3. Joe Willows

      So you have a fire extinguisher filled with diesel? Love it 😂

    4. Fire it up

      I see $$$$$

    5. Kristy Staats

      I have a kubota rx1140 with hydraulic dump,

    6. XxicomxX Boiiis

      I have a Honda 250 fourtrax

    7. arthur lapointe

      WE WOULD USE LEAD STICKS WITH A HOT IRON AND REPAIR did many gas tanks radiator work heater cores..

    8. Zach wilson

      yall should get a john deere gator they have some power and you could get a 4 seater also a dump bed

    9. Karrie Falon Johnson

      Well ya got it washed what else ya need laughs

    10. Tony Ackerman

      "A little spice in life" Robert, you slay me!

    11. Wade Cunningham

      Block, JUGS, then heads. Awesome tractor!

    12. Nathan Hardy

      I wanna see a update video! Let us know how they are actually doing.

    13. Aaron Warner

      Should’ve bought a Honda pioneer!

    14. Boggin Deep Fuggum

      Rinsed the inside of my 2018 Honda atv engine by running diesel as the oil after a complete engine flooding after mudding, let it idle for 10 mins, cleaned the oil milkshake right up runs minty still. You literally can’t kill a Honda

    15. Dan Finley

      Thanks for the cool stuff in the video always great content you and your family have a blessed day

    16. thr8061

      We have an old Minneapolis Moline Z w/ hand clutch and sliding/swinging seat which basically meant you drove it standing up (not safe). When I was young, my dad traded it it twice for other tractors and then bought it back from the dealer. It was such a great tractor. He mostly used it for chasing in cows from the far back pasture.

    17. Chris Darting

      looked like you were turning it the wrong way?

    18. Jaxon Hale


    19. K R

      I'd love to see an old tractor completely restored. Can't wait. Any more videos of that on KGup guys?

    20. K R

      you guys should start calling him infamous leg arms! " we needed another tractor that had a PTO, so infamous leg arms decided, you know what?" etc

    21. K R

      love the channel guys! Justice for George Floyd! stay safe

    22. Leston

      2007 was when I was born so cool

    23. Dom Cataldi

      The cylinders are housed in the jug just like on a two cylinder John Deere

    24. Mike andersen

      Removable cylinders are called jugs.

    25. trippie redd kinda chunky ngl

      Cant wait till farming simulator 19 gets some old tractors. The john deere 40 series is coming atleast, love blacksheep modding

    26. Don_ECHOguy

      But will that Canned Ham pull 60ft of cultivator is the question!? lol Also love old Iron, I own three IHC's, two Oliver's and a Massey Harris, but no MM's yet. Good luck with yours... can't wait to hear it run.👍

    27. Keydan Asefa

      Just a suggestion welkers

    28. Keydan Asefa

      Hey Welkers I suggest you do a video of putting light bars on the side by side

    29. Xmarduk

      Canned Hams are the Cadillac of off road. Own one myself. Huge fan!

    30. windows collector

      i actually first drove a three wheeler then i moved on to a dirt bike

    31. Kenny Spry

      WHY This Tractor WHY Not a Old Case like a Case 830 Sence You are Working with Case And so far I've Only seen One Case Tractor on your Farm OR You just kinda Like Other KGup Channels Who Just use Them for Part's Discounts Freebies and Testing New Equipment Like KGup Guy Millennial Farmer with His John Deere Tractors does NOW please don't Get Me Wrong l Really Like your channel and I don't believe that You are like that at all Hopefully You NEVER get that way I Enjoy your Videos Good Luck in 2020 with your Crops

    32. Baron Clime

      Red Kote is my favorite tank sealer. I've had really good results.

    33. Dave Miller

      How far gone is the other Minneapolis Moline? Is it a possible candidate to get running again?

    34. Jason Landon

      I hope those Mini Mo heads are stronger than a Farmall head to withstand that torch heat!

    35. Nathan Livengood

      I think you'll love them. We bought a Can Am Defender a few years ago and love ours so far. We use it for everything from running fence lines to hauling lime/fertilizer during planting and hay season.

    36. #agrivita Țăranul tractorist


    37. Josh Anzicek

      The part you were looking for a name of is a "Jug" block, then jug, then head. Love your content, thanks for the awesome videos!

    38. Kris P. Bacon

      Need some nice new LED headlights on that tractor.

    39. Kris P. Bacon

      It's fun to see a small job turn into a bigger one. Makes for a good video.

    40. Get_ClappedFN

      I got a can-am ad😂 Keep up the good work and farming! I love this channel

      1. Welker Farms


    41. Samuel Lynch

      4:03 isn’t that the field that caught fire? Also here is a meme for the spark plug threads. pin.it/6DdTnEi

    42. cory watland

      Yo I would so but one of your Hondas even tho I just got a 2015 Honda 500

    43. josh33025

      Now you need some xmr outlanders or renegades to really have some fun.

    44. Chronic Panda

      You guys are on farming simulator 2019, and im playing the game as if you woild do things on your awesome farm, keep on keepin on brotha

    45. Taylor Calvert

      Would you be interested in selling your rancher

    46. Dane Anderson

      Great content, over edited.👍

    47. M. Pierce


    48. Darren Fallowfield


    49. Axel bergström

      did the same on an s10 and could take it out with hammering a big torx socket in it but it took a couple hours

    50. Theresia Wallin

      My plans Jellow tractor go to lakehouse

    51. mark long

      when i was about 10yrs old we had some friends that had a horse shoe drive and i would drive there mm z around the drive i thought i was something that was alot of fun for me well take care and that mm sounds great mark

    52. Bulldog Mack

      Wagner W-4 when are you going to do work on it

    53. Michael Waynick

      That’s a lot of work to replace a cracked fuel line, sounds like a project I would get myself into! Love your videos, keep up the good work!

    54. Jerry Smearman

      Seems your dad is happy to see his tractor getting some attention, rebuild it for him.

    55. an f'ed-up neon

      I got a u special

    56. 1murder99

      I started driving a U Moline pulling a 15 foot Krause oneway when I was 8 years old in 1955. The tractor I think was made in 1938. It had a 1 piece head and cylinder block. The family was still using it when I went to college in 1965.

    57. Jason Swift

      Nice UTV but the wrong colour.

    58. iBelieve


    59. iBelieve


    60. iBelieve


    61. iBelieve


    62. iBelieve


    63. todd & Corinne gabel

      we have 2 fore mans and a Rancher just like them.

    64. Death BeforeDishonor

      Ok I'm sold. That 6ft dump bed. Ok headed to can-am. Got a can-am promo code by chance?? LoL.

    65. Landon Kampmann

      What he cauled the cilinder block is just part of the head

    66. Thaddeus Maser

      wanna sell the honda's?

    67. myke collins

      I will promise you that you'll want a windshield on those. Even a folding one. Excellent addition.

    68. tinatpasselepoivre

      Nice addition! Don't forget a wind screen option on both of them and a roof for the 4 seater. The wind screen makes a huge difference with dust, small rocks and rain ofc

    69. kevin faulkner

      First time watching the channel and a new subscriber. I love seeing the old iron being put back into operation. Not just for show but to be used on the farm. That"s when these old tractors are the most happy. Looking good and doing work.

    70. Greg Bromley

      Nice add from Can Am, but do they have hand brakes?

    71. Rob Hakeman

      The 4 seater looks like a GPA and Gma utv with the grandkids in the back. I got my Welker farms hats now if I had a 6x blue tshirt to go with I'd be set !

    72. logans shine garage

      Those top parts are called the jugs

    73. aksarbenoutdoors

      Case IH wishing they sent ya one now............... If you dont keep them Hondas Pioneer seats 3 and no belt.

    74. Donald Gentry

      Gets cold cold where y’all are, why not get UTV’s with cabs? Just wondering.

    75. Alex Wilinski

      Can am god dam walker take them both 2 for the price of 1

    76. JIGA BACHI

      That crooked muffler . . . 😱 My OCD . . . 😂 Good job, looking forward to seeing it run again. 👌🏻🙂👍🏻

    77. Thomas cox

      In my opinion hondas still better but I'd be happy to be sponsored by can am

    78. Andrew Cash

      good thing you didn't want to start a rebuild

    79. MNicehole

      put little short pieces of chain in the tank, tie to a tractor rim and drive around to clean the inside of the tank. works great..

    80. Avery Storey

      Now all you need is a hydraulic dump they are great and are a great help

    81. Kipp2 Playz

      When do you plan to restore the mm

    82. kmac6399

      BRP = Bring Rope Please! Keep the Hondas around you'll need something reliable lol

    83. myideasoffun

      The nut and bolt method works really good cleaning tanks. I use to play with old motor cycle. I’d put apple cider vinegar and nuts and bolts in the tank. Ratchet strap it to the rear wheel on the pickup, jack the pumpkin up and put it in drive. Set the parking brake just a bit and it would be set to tumble for 30 minutes. That method clean most of the tanks. On the really bad tanks electrolysis was used, also a very cool method.

    84. FUNNYBOY12375

      Is it 6v or 12v looks like it could use leds

    85. Mike Bonnett

      we started with A Honda ATC90 three wheeler I believe they were the first ones out it was actually designed so you could break it down without using any tools and put it in the trunk of a car or the back of a station wagon so you didn’t need a trailer too haul it around then we also had a TRI sport I don’t know how many of you ever heard of them they were bigger about the size of a four wheeler now they had a longer wider wheelbase and the rear axle had a limited slip differential and it had steering brakes you could turn the handlebars and hold the brake on the side you wanted to turn and it would turn shorter and you didn’t need to lean over and lift one wheel off the ground too turn like with the Honda the drawback of them was that they had a Salisbury drive like a snowmobile has and if you were on rough ground like a plowed field where you had to get on and off the throttle a lot and with the power it took on the soft ground they would burn the drive belt off in no time flat they never should have outlawed the three wheelers like the Honda they were only dangerous if you were stupid and didn’t belong on them in the first place if you halfway used your head while riding them I have personally rolled them over both sideways and over backwards and never got hurt they made it illegal for dealers to sell them because they were so dangerous but yet more people were killed each year on snowmobiles between hitting other snowmobiles and running into trees at high speeds and running through barbed wire fences they didn’t know were there and decapatating the driver and any passengers they may have had with them some company also made a two wheel motorcycle or minibike with big flotation tires on them for off-roading I have seen them but never rode one there are still some people here in Wisconsin that have Honda three wheelers and use them for going out ice fishing mostly the 110’s or the 200 big reds I believe you can still legally do private sales but no dealerships can sell them

    86. FUNNYBOY12375

      I use a kawaski mule dayly at work

    87. Chandler Wilkin

      We got a gator at our Farm

    88. Newporg

      Mint 👌

    89. PinHead Patrick

      You should definitely put like a 6 foot straight pipe on it

    90. mwnciboo

      50/50 mix of acetone and ATF in a spray bottle, i have yet to see it fail to release anything with stuck threads - works 100% better than anything on the market. *Insurance Adjuster : "So you then grabbed the nearest Fire extinguisher and it had what in it?"*

    91. dregenius

      Dang, I was *really* hoping to see some proper diesel Kubota RTVs... seems like there’s a couple farms that have recently gotten new utility vehicles and they’ve all been non-Kubota and gassers... is everyone scared of diesel now thanks to FraudWagen? Shame to see such recreational consumer grade short-lifespan vehicles that guzzle down dangerous specialty fuel that doesn’t store well (gasoline) being used in place of proper efficient, long-lived Diesels that will run on anything with a BTU value above zero. 😂

    92. Bruce Hobbs

      Love my Defender!

    93. Matthew Taylor

      Should have gotten a Roxor.

    94. Bradley Trimble

      You should make it a pulling tractor

    95. 370Scotty

      I Bought a 2012 850 Diesel Gator with a 4' Power Dump Box and Power Steering! It's Sweet! My Sons had been bugging me to get a SideXSide for years as I'm North of 70yo! I'm now happy to relinquish my ATV Saddling-UP! The Gator's a work horse, used Daily!

    96. Alan Scott

      I don't know how you guys work 4 months out of the year and live off other people money you are not Farmers

      1. Robert Welker

        I guess you haven't seen enough of our vids. We haven't taken more than two weeks off at one time. I don't need to try to convince you as your mind is made up. Many around us and know us would laugh at your limited observation. But I support your right to pass judgment. Blessings

    97. Dylan Leed

      It's actaully a MM G tractor, a U would be a little smaller, this should be the same basic engine just larger cubic inches

      1. Dylan Leed

        @Robert Welker gotcha, thanks for the info

      2. Robert Welker

        Really aU Special

      3. Robert Welker

        It is a u. We also have gas g

    98. Jack Christianson

      Where do you get your sunglasses

      1. Jack Christianson

        @Robert Welker and those are some sweet sunglasses

      2. Jack Christianson

        @Robert Welker holy cow you actually saw my comment this is crazy

      3. Robert Welker

        Not sure

    99. Braiden Appledorn

      thats called a jug i think

    100. Grant DuBridge

      I hope the BRP is built heavier then the snowmobiles they build.