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    A couple of weeks into seeding season and things are rolling right along. Bob and Leg Arms (Scott) are burning through the acres with the BIG BUD tractors and Hollywood (Nick) is trying to spray ahead on spring wheat ground while finishing the pea post plant spray.
    Won't be long and spring wheat will be wrapped up and we'll jump into chick peas!

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    1. Chris Frantzen

      Ha Ha we used to pick rocks by hand. You got it easy. lol

    2. adven ture

      I'm amazed how well these old tractors hold up today after decades of usage. You should have off road bike hanging behind the tractor for emergency moves to help someone else !

    3. Billy Braswell

      Love the Big Buds, Bob as a Kid spent many hours on a 4020 with no cab and just the umbrella to.

    4. Ernest Showalter

      an also a pair of eye goggles. that would make coby THE DOG

    5. Sean Fitzpatrick

      Can I get my name in the Tacoma plz?

    6. KIAult

      Why do you pull the seed cart ahead of the drill, and not behind it?

    7. nick beam

      Make yourselves a little rock crusher and you will have gravel from all the rocks you pick out of your fields... win win !

    8. Philip Ennis

      Go notill and then you can get rid of your rock picker.

    9. Dixie Farmboy

      the defenders as I see it are the pickup and the sedan

    10. *

      7:26 wow the farm simulator graphics have really stepped up their game 👌

    11. cobrasvt347

      Go home and clean the filters ? Thought ya took em out

    12. so ne typ

      I farm several fields looking like Wyoming xD. Greetings from Germany.

    13. btk1986

      Ok Ok Ok, There is BOB and LEGARM and HOLLYWOOD, (its is funny ) and what is the dog studioname?

    14. Eric Decker

      Throw those nozzle screens in the trash Nick. Best thing I did was throw mine away.

    15. Steve Lutzke

      Nick, did you guys ever decide what works best on the combines? Big singles or the duals?

      1. Robert Welker

        I love the big LSWs. Much smoother

    16. Larry Dartel

      Great instead if a gravel pit , you have s rock pit, bury those rocks in the ruts that trucks made by the bins

    17. Larry Dartel

      Are you going to devlope Little Montana like a Little America 😁

      1. Robert Welker


    18. Dk Larsen

      No rocks in Minnesota? Lol you guys don’t know what rocks are!

      1. Robert Welker

        🤯 😁👍

    19. Chris George

      All feilds represent Colorado

      1. Robert Welker


    20. GANNA Edits

      Does leg arms and dad also know how to use the drone

      1. Robert Welker

        We have not tried it. Why show up the master 😁

      2. GANNA Edits


    21. fredorji1

      so were is the apache ????

      1. Robert Welker

        Waiting to get seeding done

    22. Seriousmods

      awesome video! keep feeding the world!

      1. Robert Welker


    23. Erica Sofi Gustafson

      Were is the Wagner guys🧐🧐

      1. Erica Sofi Gustafson


      2. Robert Welker

        Next fall restore

    24. Ky Gambler

      That rock picker is neat, lol. Crush it and use on your lots...

    25. Ky Gambler

      They make some nice electric air need one in your buggy...just saying

    26. UnProfessionals LLC

      NICK!! NICK I need you more then ever buddy! I been watching you forever and ever!! I live not far from your state and I need just one thing. I know its a ton to ask, But I am getting desperate as a disabled vet and this stupid virus, I cant retain or get employment and my KGup channel is an actual business I started up. Great content, good growth considering! But Nick, I would love you to head over to my channel and watch some videos. Find it in your heart to boost my channel in anyway you can and I will never forget your kindness. Thank you thank you!

    27. noah shrimp

      it's all a set up for case to demo them a patriot

    28. Mark Greenawalt

      I want you to stop hyping up case. They stole their ideas from Steiger. John Deere never stole the ideas the way that case did. Y'all Riding I am I on the wrong equipment

      1. Robert Welker

        I'm assuming you know but if not Steiger sold to CaseIH. So steiger sold their ideas to them. As far as JD they also bought out companies and copied many ideas from others. They are the reason Big Bud got started. They bought FWD Wagner and killed it a year later.

    29. Sam Ellis

      We also have 3 sprayers sitting arround yet again in Washington lol

    30. Sam Ellis

      Actually believe it or not I have a feild alot like texas in sunnyside Washington

    31. Don Zender

      Great video. Bob is a National Treasure!

    32. Ninja Roach

      love that rock picker!

    33. Frank Kottwitz

      Coby is the ultimate farm hand!

    34. Jo Camp

      To answer Bob's question about field shape. Every farmer in Saskatchewan that farms the north and south quarter on the same side of a section.

    35. Royle Hun

      Hello can you guys take of unused buildinhs and bugs, power lines in game grass land has deep hole when I smooth it

    36. Barnfly69

      You should find someone with a portable crusher to crush the rock into usable gravel .

    37. Bob Paterson

      Coby in Command or in other words TOP DOG 💪💪😂

    38. Jeremy Moreside

      We have the flats, flat bottom, harper piece, jones piece, coulee road and the correction line

    39. Dirtyharry70585

      hahah Bob is bored. yapyapyap....Saw a farmer running a quad case here in ohio.

    40. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

      I hope Cody is paid hourly too :-)

      1. Robert Welker

        Must not be as he has a bone to pick with us 😁👍

    41. Avemtec

      Love when senior is on videos. Interesting and engaging contributions..

    42. L&R Rusch Farms

      Need to get you a tighter main filter that comes off the pump you’ll know when they plug better then knowing when the nozzles plug we done that on the Deere hardly have any problems with it now

    43. Indiana Hoosier

      Them poor Class 8 Case Combines need a Roof over their heads 🤣👌

    44. Clinton Bill

      I must have missed it, but what happened to the fire fighting nozzle on the front of Big Brute?

      1. Welker Farms

        We pull it off during spraying, no need to have it bouncing around when not in fire season. It'll go back on in July 😁

    45. Brady Streich

      Oh please, I am a farmer from Minnesota and we found a rock the size of your can - am.

    46. SW Kansas Farming

      Have much respect for your pops reminds me of my gramps :/ :)

    47. Black Rifles Are Fun

      Can't say what shape his fields are like, but a friend who raises pigs, calls the sty's "Washington DC". He said it's because it's loaded with pork and full of crap.

      1. Robert Welker


    48. Jeff Brouwer

      I am amazed at how steady your booms are at that speed!

    49. Gerald Felch

      I see you still have my twin Dodges. Would you accept my check from uncle Donald. Thanks Great vid

      1. Robert Welker


    50. Mike Claridge

      Where did the wheels go that you guys made for the booms on the sprayer hope all is going great with planting chur chur from tauranga new Zealand

      1. Robert Welker

        Needs a modification

    51. Kevin Bray

      I'd like to see more the tractor that has the latest technology please!

    52. Bernie Schoep

      great video. Bob you and Colby should teach ag class In high school. It was cute seeing Colby in the tractor seat while running in the field.

    53. Wapi Farang

      there are many good online farmers with beautiful videos, sorry, but for me Welker farm family are in the first place, beautiful videos, great big agricultural machines with endless fields, thanks for existing Welker farm family, God bless you all. :)

      1. Robert Welker

        As always you're so kind. Were you able to avoid covid in Italy?

    54. Miền Tây TiVi

      Huge tractor

    55. Tom Norwid

      Love the dog driving!! Great dog...

    56. Ryan Armanini

      What happened to the Apache sprayer

      1. Robert Welker

        Still sleeping

    57. Kevin Davis

      Your drone footage is amazing. Love seeing Coby laying on the Big Bud fender.

    58. Nutty , Jason

      you guys know of any Indiana Farmer KGuprs.

      1. Nutty , Jason

        @Robert Welker Thats Kool. Been watching you guys for a while. Really enjoy watching. Grew up working on a farm and watching you guy is awesome. Thank you for responding and God Bless.

      2. Robert Welker

        Not personally

    59. Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service

      The scab land by the field looks like Idaho...

      1. Robert Welker


    60. Craig Smith

      Where's the Apache?

      1. Robert Welker

        Still sleeping

    61. Mitchell's mining 2

      It makes me so upset to se the 435 series 1 big bud just sitting there :( I think u need a 3rd air seeder

      1. Robert Welker

        Waiting if needed

    62. Joey Gonker

      Young girl for an old guy requires a lot of money lol.

    63. Ray Mitch

      I farm in the province of Nova Scotia Canada, I would hate to farm a field that shape.

    64. Archie Kennedy

      Your the best youtuber in the world I have got all your merch

      1. Archie Kennedy

        Can you tell him after harvest to text back

      2. Robert Welker

        @Archie Kennedy he's hear but very busy

      3. Archie Kennedy

        Is nick there

      4. Robert Welker

        Thank you 👍 appreciate you following us, Blessings

    65. Anders Nielsen

      The music, good movie

    66. Localmotion

      Great video as always - thanks for all your hard work feeding the public and vlogging it at the same time 👏 Quick question - what happened to the boom wheels you made for the sprayer? I don't see them on there - could the wheelbarrow wheels not handle the brutes speed? 🤣 Greetings from a hay farmer in Spain 👍

      1. Robert Welker

        Needs slight modification

    67. Rob Caudill

      3:03 LOL

    68. joseph

      whats wrong with the appachi sprayer

      1. Robert Welker

        Still sleeping

    69. scott wilhelme

      Spent many days of my youth walking along a hay wagon pulled by an old Farmall picking rocks. The unloading was manual as well. But nobody farmed much more than a section back then:)

    70. Steven Nickels

      I hate it when rock seeds get mixed in with the regular seed and then I have to go out and do rock harvesting.

      1. Robert Welker


    71. Dylan O'Flynn

      what about the apache

      1. Robert Welker

        Still sleeping

    72. Jarrett Fullerton

      I spent many 12 hour days picking rocks by hand when I was younger... Not a good time.

    73. Craig Smith

      Ya'll like to blow thing up. How about blowing up those giant rocks. Then you can dispose of them. A good winter project.

    74. Michael McGill

      Awesome aerial footage; and though thinking that Coby was pretty unfazed by the drone flying so close by, i quickly realized that with his proximity to the tractor engine, the drone the least of his worries....fantastic video folks....

    75. Kunki Sunki

      Riding along with Bob Welker was amazing. I remember walking with my dad, listening to the stories. First part of the video was very emotional for me. Thank You.

      1. Robert Welker


    76. Kristopher Wollmann

      when are you going to restore the Wagner tractor?

      1. Robert Welker

        Late fall

    77. Grant DuBridge

      I think that actor that plays Millennium Farmer has an extra sprayer. 😬

    78. MRKUE

      The wonders of autosteer!Lol

    79. David Curtis Crowell

      Born and raised on a hard rock farm in S.W. Minnesota.

    80. Ems Länder

      I wanna hear more of the Old-school stories of your dad

    81. Hayward Vermaak

      I wish you all a succsessful planting season, may you reap the harvest

      1. Robert Welker


    82. Rachael

      What happened to the appache

      1. Rachael

        @Robert Welker oh hahahhahah!!!!!

      2. Robert Welker

        Still sleeping

    83. Aron Timmerman

      10:19 for what reason got those filters blocked? is it just the dust of the field or is it caused by the chemicals which are coming true those filters?? anyways like your videos and I hope you'll get a nice harvest later this year!!!👌💪💪

      1. Robert Welker

        Two chems coming together

    84. Mr Farmer2012

      As I watch one thing I always think about is how cool it would be to have auto steer in my tractors i have a light bar for guidance but no auto steer i just can't swing that ez-steer motor right now but cool video guys

    85. BWM

      Mr. Robert. It's also interesting that the adjoining field is in the shape of Idaho. Being from Wyoming, now I feel left out. Lol.

      1. Robert Welker

        Your there, as it's a state of mind 👍😁

    86. hack smit

      Look at the dog in the backseat at 21:17

    87. Harvey Stephens

      Coby said “Dad I got this. You go stretch your legs!” Awesome. Enjoy channel.

    88. Nick Peterson

      Anyone know if rocks come up in southern US farmland?

    89. Xayde Meyers

      Great video mate love the dog in the seat😂

    90. Kim and Tony Holtmann

      a dog is truly a mans best friend great video good luck with planting be safe

    91. Mike Coe

      Great to see the dog driving the tractor

    92. adrian nicholson

      thubber thums what do's your wife think of you playing with lube at work and not with her

    93. Pete Dohmen

      I think the mn millenial farmer has a mandako roller similar to yours.

    94. heretohelp

      You guys are blessed to have a dad like that. He's soo good on camera, he's a pro. Really adds to the vids. . Last scene with hose fitting in his hand and huge grin is epic.

    95. Verlyn Nygaard


    96. Verlyn Nygaard


    97. Verlyn Nygaard


    98. jim clements

      You guys (and Coby) are so cool!

    99. William Davis

      Which I had a awesome dog like that. He might think different if a badger gets on him, lol. Man those are what we call small boulders where I come from in north La. Glad doing construction we don’t have to deal with that, man.

    100. sherlock

      Coby just loves it on the tractor

      1. Gerald Felch

        sherlock I think he likes hang time with the top dogg. These folks are great