FS19 teleported me to an alternate DIMENSION!|Millennial Farms

Welker Farms

389 миӊ. көрүүлөр19

    Is this real life?? Must have been a dream...
    Thank you CASE IH for helping make this happen.
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    Make sure to download and play the Millennial Farms Map and Welker Farms Map on Mod Hub! Thanks to Mappers Paradise for putting these maps together!
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    1. Millennial Farmer

      Does this mean it's not safe to play Farm Sim?! How many people can I expect to show up randomly?!

      1. carson moore

        Man do u like case now lol 🤣🤣

      2. Charles Feuerborn

        You are 1 of my FAVORIT youtubers

      3. Casper Levring

        nice lol

      4. Hamish Corrigan

        Haha lol

      5. Reefer Madness

        @Tom Davies he showed up one day but it would start remember?

    2. David De Wilde

      Hello, I just bought FS 19 for my son. I'll make sure he checks out the MF. I follow both channels. Great videos. Thanks. Cheers from Belgium.

    3. The Hound

      Case ih

    4. ChrisandEileen

      I cant find the Millennial farms on modhub.. I have welker already.. anyone know if its under something else ? I only have found their shed and house.

    5. carson moore

      He needs to get some red too green like slues

    6. George Isaak

      What an absolutely awesome gesture of trust and appreciation to borrow the very pride of your fleet to a fellow farmer like Zach !!! I am very pleased to see such a wonderful interruction between Welker and Millennial farms going on ! Scott once more i wanna wish to ya , rapid and full recovery for your arm ...man that accident was horrible but don't let it change you a bit ! To both farms , i wanna say stay strong , stay safe , keep it decent as it is now and God bless you all!!! PS : That game though ...it's so amazing ! I wish i had a good PC to run it but i don't so i had to leave it back for the time being ! Loved the switch from the game to reality !!!

    7. Ricky Fuller

      Nick I really enjoy all your video’s.I grew up in Texas on a peanut farm

    8. Boone Blackmon

      Yall so funny

    9. G Men2121

      If this comes out for console soon!

    10. Charles Feuerborn

      If it's red keep it in the shed

    11. Harry Sarle

      This is awesome

    12. 乱玩30

      Americen dont share land

    13. 2002 Mining, Inc.

      Ahh yes... Deere and Case working in harmony

    14. Patient

      play fs16

    15. Jared

      That quad track is bad ass

    16. Bill Bloggs

      Now that was sooooooo well done!!! Forever captivated by the drone footage - adds a whole new dimension - appreciated.

    17. TheDumbest OfTheDumb

      Cringe meter 100%

    18. 104th IronMike

      Welkers + Millennial Farmer, or Millennial Farmer + Welkers, both is ok to me. I kinda wish they were neighbors lol.

    19. Maddox Granroth

      Do you play fs19 i do

    20. Sky Phonieox

      Is the monitor background a picture of Zach and the quad track.

    21. That was speedy Awesome

      Omg. I play this map on farm sim 17.

    22. Nyhagen

      What drone do you use?

      1. Robert Welker

        mav DJI

    23. Maxwell Bishop

      Can you put a bud light in millennial farmers hand ?

    24. Garland Henry

      You guys are Hilarious!!!!

    25. mkijeep4x4

      I bet this mod won’t work on console of course. Console never gets the good mods

    26. Jack Berks

      Best crossover ever 😂👍🏼

    27. Ron Nehrig

      Nicely done!

    28. Hans kristian Knudsen

      That whas a fun video ppl, nice to see you together and both your maps are relly fun to play.

    29. jeff wilken

      Awesome video guys!! 👍👍 That smile on Zach in the Steiger 🤣

    30. Marino Locklear

      Red is better

    31. pgadams1

      Awesome video!

    32. Shirazrudeen kamrudeen

      what are the specs of your pc

    33. c D

      Nick... I can't do it either. man have I tried. Uffdah

    34. carbo2950

      Love the red

    35. The Truck master

      I love the Walker farms map on fs19

    36. LilTurkey NelTop

      The freindships all you farmers have and the videos you put together are awesome and sometimes hilarious ..keep them coming. 😎

    37. iBelieve


    38. T. Smith


    39. Logan the Farmer


    40. MrDaddyGazz

      These sort of vids shoild be done each time a real map comes to FS so we can see game vs reality

    41. Lance Bass

      I have got to say, I’m only 3 minutes in, and this is THE BEST video y’all have ever done. I can’t wait to finish this one so I can go watch Zach’s also!!

    42. toothy-silage

      I started playing welker farms on fs19 and want to play it as closely to your farm as possible what fields do you own??

    43. rudy Jensen

      Where is the t/a lever on those things?

    44. hawkdsl

      If I didn't know any better, I'd say that giant "muffler" was actually a well hidden still.

    45. vxnova1

      Does farm simulator have a battery charger to get the tractors started

    46. Mr Chris Carter FX

      Get well soon Leg Arms!!!

    47. mat knull

      what kind of drone did you film with the vid quality is unreal

    48. hawathar jones

      Great video guys.. love it.. armystrong!!

    49. colin longstaff

      Hey guys that was a real unusual twist to the start of the video and from the comments below everyone liked it including me - well done!!

    50. TJ 22

      You look like Cory Cotton from dude perfect.

    51. Kc Christensen

      Best episode yet awesome!!

    52. Jimned Warrior

      Best collaboration since Tim Mcgraw and Nelly

    53. Dave Perala

      How close are your farms located? I love both your channels! I think he did one with the gould brothers pheasant hunting too.

      1. Dave Perala

        @Robert Welker oh wow it seems like you were much closer. I love both your guy's videos and I really like to see all your big bud videos!

      2. Robert Welker

        about 850+ miles or 16 hrs at least.

    54. Easton Gatliff

      Can you say hi to me millennium farmer

    55. Bigbird

      Awesome video

    56. Vaden S Vakum

      4:21 you do a finger snap for the first time in your life, dude? :D :D :D

    57. Read my Text pls

      First gaming video I have seen on this channel

      1. Welker Farms

        there's a few older ones where I played the Welker map!! Check it out!

    58. Rob Kruck


    59. xuser48

      You need Thrustmaster T150 or better.

    60. BW YinYang

      Here I was trying so hard with my fingers to snap Nick awake. Good thing he awoke from weird dream. Hey MNFarmer whats the secret?

    61. kells 55

      You guys do great videos and i especially love the music choices that you pick with each video

    62. mick bennett

      Nick since your out and about visit my friend Kate at Kates ag appreciate it we would and praying leg arms has a speedy and full recovery

    63. - McGreeco -

      I play in welker farm and i like

    64. Kaarmeone

      Fun. Thanks!

    65. Christopher Colangelo

      The same thing happened to me! Except backwards in real life!

    66. Anders Felten

      You guys!! 🤣🤣🚜

    67. Matt L

      Thanks a lot for this awesome video. So funny and entertaining !

    68. Jonathan Cranshaw

      Equipment manufactures better get used to teens running their demo equipment. That’s the way it’s always been and always will be. The teenagers are future farmers and future buyers. I would allow a farm teen run a million dollar combine before I let a city kid push my lawn mower. Onyx was taught by one of the best. Mark my words in 2 yrs Onyx and Zach will be running the fam and granddad and grandmother will be sitting back enjoying watching their future generations flourish,

      1. Welker Farms

        I understand liability and limits that manufactures have to place in order to protect themselves but they know farming starts at a young age as many of them grew up on farms and or currently farm.

    69. Alex E

      Awesome idea 👍 Go ahead - make my day

    70. S Mann

      Nice rig, but the Salford 5200 that Larson is running seems to do a better job in that heavy soil.

    71. Matthew Sonner

      That’s what happens when you turn on RTX ray tracing on farm simulator

    72. Aditya Basu Pro gamer

      I was just playing fs19 before I started watching this video

    73. GTAOnline Gaming

      Case is King. Prove to me otherwise

    74. Leandre Robinson

      How do you get that map

    75. William Baird

      Hahaha you and Zak are too funny

    76. ReadTheShrill

      Seriously? You get done after a hard day's farming and then go play virtual farming?

    77. Tik-Tac-Toe

      this is AMAZING!! !!!!!

    78. David Lucas

      Hope you have a new video coming soon you guys are awesome

    79. Jim Turpin

      Great video, even caught (er.. documented) Zack smiling ear to ear driving a red tractor! Just want to say the thanks, got to be one of the best farm videos I have seen yet that was just simply fun to watch too!

    80. Benjamin Kunkle

      When I grow up I want to be a farmer. Right now I'm 12 so in two years I will be getting a job at a local farm. Do you have any suggestions for me to do when I'm 18 or so if I'm still going to be a farmer?

      1. Robert Welker

        Work well. Listen to what your told and do it. Seek a 2 year trade school for something ag related, like diesel mechanic, agronomist or business

    81. Noah Farmer

      Luv it mr.Nick u have a great farm

    82. Brandon Miller

      The fact you are smarter than Zach and rock Samsung gives you bonus points. Only thing that makes me watch his videos is corn and the dogs. Chevy, John deere, just not my things, even though I do own a green combine...i wonder how that 404 would do with a big turbo and put into my 53 dodge

    83. Larry Kluck

      What is the weight of that tillage piece?

      1. Larry Kluck

        @Robert Welker Thanks

      2. Robert Welker

        Good question

    84. TheEpicDragonCat

      Hmmm.. I’ve never had this happed before? Have you tried restarting?

    85. SeanChYT

      Perfect cross-over indeed!

    86. VancouverCanucksRock

      That Kid's a *Paid Actor* with that WELKER FARM'S badge/sticker in his pocket.

    87. Thomas Casserly

      Looks like you’re having fun truly appreciate it technology blows my mind away have been away from farming for 20 years plus and you put a twist on it like this is awesome keep it going

    88. Niles Wright

      the BEST video yet from Welker Farms!

    89. Michael Reich

      By the way the next time somebody smash a finger use a drill bit out of a carburetor jet set. The drill bit are not large and they are very sharp. Use the holder and drill slowly. Never use a drill to do it. At the bottom if and they usually do catch the nail on the bottom of the hole it can prematurely remove the nail ot continue at a high rate in to the nail bed. Either way not good. And when you are done you can use it to clean your jets on a oxy-actylene rig or gas carb. To me better than a hot piece of iron in a very sensitive area. Your local welding supply should have them or on line. Anyway food for thought. By the way love the video and the channel.

    90. David225 Louisiana

      good job on video well put together

    91. Arron Lockyer

      Fellow Patriots we need your help! I am retired USMC Mustang after 28 years!! This is my son account. He was a VOLUNTEER FIREMAN, AND VOLUNTEER EMS. He was always there to help others in their time of need! Its simple can you skip an extra cup of coffee a few times this week to help someone that would help you?? We have all said we will help fellow Patriots in their time of need and we all stand together!!!... Please help .. www.gofundme.com/f/help-cervical-spinal-problems

    92. Allen Cline

      This is awesome! I'd watch these shows cross-over anytime over network television. Great job guys!

    93. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. ses dommage pour moi, je ne comprend pas la langue de sehphyre,je le regrette, je ne comprend que quelque mots.ses dommage belle video. j' espere que ton frere va mieux,et que son avant- bras va mieux.je lui souhaite un bon retablissement.pierre france.congratulations.

    94. Michael Marquis

      That's so nice seeing this friendship / partnership between two farmers with a passion for filming ! Thanks for theses videos to both of you, i'm a long time viewer of both of your channel

    95. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour .tres bel ensemble, belle video tres beau tracteur. ses les meilleur a l' heure actuelle,pour moi. pierre france.congratulations. .

    96. Ricky Cervo

      Much 3D on this game lol 😂😂

    97. DB Anders videos

      Seems like these kids have enherited these farms ,doubt they would be playing patycakes like this during the farm crisis of the 80s!

      1. Dry Creek Cattle Co

        Seems like you’re just bitter and jealous. Why not let these guys have a little fun instead of making negative assumptions? Most farmers got their start by inheriting something one way or another. Important thing is they both have the desire and ability to improve the operation and move forward

    98. [NLD]D-foX007

      super mounted, follow zack for over 1.5 years and play on the ps4 Welkers farmers only the MNfarm has unfortunately not yet come up with this, but again very well thought up this video and, Zack I saw you smiling in a red tractor😒

    99. RyanK87 vids

      Awesome video guys that was great👌👌👌

    100. Rx37Legacy

      Cool video! Love the collaboration!