S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D the Trailer! Grab the Welder!

Welker Farms

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    Trying to keep up with Leg Arms, Hollywood decides to make some nice upgrades to the spray tender! Stretching the deck 4ft and plumbing in a streamlined 3 inch system will increase efficiency and capacity. $700 in hose, fittings, and iron can go a long way if it means an excellent spray tender!

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    1. Blue Collar Worker

      Automotive is not Farm tough

    2. Ronald Geer

      My first reaction is putting 8,000 gallons behind that rear axle will make the front very light. You've had time to use it, how did that work?

    3. karl randow

      Like your cap at the end of video

    4. Thomas Hollingshad

      call the calif. detail auto painters to come paint the decals on Big Bud

    5. Tony Ackerman

      Nick, you might want to check the remote power switches here. This one can be controlled over your phone network 5gstore.com/product/8897_2_outlet_ip_switch.html This one can be controlled via your intranet 5gstore.com/product/7755_single_outlet_remote_power_switch_app_controlled.html Might make things a bit easier and quicker, especially when the wind is howling and it's -30 during winter

    6. J Essary Farms

      You might find a old milk tanker to use. 6,500 gallons. We find them that are still good for water but not milk. You can buy them cheap.

    7. John Lightfield

      Leg arms may not of gave you a "nice, but I sure give you nice! You guys are smart!

    8. Mitch Wendt

      I would say that the new toys are going to be new or second hand quads or side x sides

    9. mickey christensen

      You should check out the Audew jump starter. Im not promoting. I bought one for our farm. It works awesome. Compact,I started a JD 8100, a case 1340 weather and 2 pickups without batteries .

      1. mickey christensen

        Swather, not weather

    10. Napalm182 Napier

      Tech no gets er done

    11. Chris Cardoza

      Side by Sides seen them already in a new video..

    12. Darren Fallowfield



      I would like to know who keeps disliking!!

    14. Bobby T

      You should reboot the router at least once a month. That refreshes the memory and dumps the cache. But do it when everyone is sound asleep!

    15. Chris W.

      Did I hear you say that’s where your fiber comes in? Y’all have fiber internet all the way out there!? I live in a rural area, but not near as rural as you guys, and my only option is satellite internet!

    16. Kevin Lynch

      just get some big solar panels an hook up those batteries leave them a day or so before u need sunlight is free an easy

    17. Kevin Lynch

      router got too hot

    18. Brad Olsen

      You look like an excited little boy

    19. Brad Olsen

      That’s a negative way I look at it instead look at it as a log of necessity you need to charge the battery and necessary for the walk

    20. iBelieve


    21. iBelieve


    22. iBelieve


    23. iBelieve


    24. iBelieve


      1. iBelieve

        @Welker Farms np

      2. Welker Farms

        Thanks for all your comments!! Appreciate them :)

    25. 1towmater1

      I'm not sure why you took off the ramps. We build decks over the ramps all the time, the ramps make a great frame work. Think, if the ramps can support a excavator, they can support a tank full of water

    26. markrandall1969

      Phiber DASH might be worth considering fr spraying

    27. West Plains Modding

      Atv or snowmobile

    28. lee Vanruler

      I noticed that you guys are doing a lot of battery maintenance. Would a solar trickle charger keep them in better condition as they already are outside?

      1. Robert Welker

        Had cheap solar chargers but were junk

    29. farmermatt629

      I’m guessing something ih

    30. Tanner Elkins

      Side by side or fourwheelers

    31. Brady Bjorum

      How is your Quarantine going mines going to say not been able to put in my yard so yeah I live in the country so I should be fine

      1. Robert Welker

        Quarrenteed on my tractor for 2 weeks

    32. Nick Roseth

      Guys should look at finding a tanker trailer. We ended up getting a 8000 gallon tanker for our spraying. Added a platform on the back for the two mixer tanks for chemical. Only problem is no place for the shuttles. We just have them on a pickup. The other plus side of having that tanker is we take it to fires when theres one goin on in the neighborhood to fill up other guys fire outfits.

    33. Tom Pinnef

      Had the same problem - dead modem for no reason. Had been going though a modem every other year. Thought the modem was getting a power 'surge' or 'loss'. So fixed it by putting a small power 'ups' on it. Been working fine since using one. So far this modem has lasted 3 years. Could have been living at the 'end of the line' of the power system. Glad I had added the APC 'ups' to the system. Take care 'Spin'

    34. Fab

      Oh it's my time? I didn't know, thanks for telling me 😂

    35. SuperGoldnut

      I like pizza

    36. Josh Burson

      Side by side

    37. Burge Pastoral Farming

      I love how you guys use a machinery step deck trailer for your spray trailer; oh what we wouldn't give to have a machinery step deck on our farm and youtube channel in the first place

    38. Macallister Sanders

      I think you should’ve ran it under the trailer! It would look so clean! But great job! Keep it up!

    39. Matt Abbott

      You should get with inshanedesigns and tell him what you need for your pin striping - the vinyl wrapping material might be what you need. If you give a shoutout to each other on your channels then it could be great for both of you.

    40. Norm and Kathy Drissel


    41. Dan

      3M is the best pin stripes

    42. david stevens

      Don't be ashamed of the walk of shame. In West Virginia every time someone needs a jump it means that someone has to buy new jumper cables, because of copper thieves. Never seems to fail. Be thankful for that beautiful set of jumper cables you have and are able to use more than once.

    43. T Lawton

      Hey Nick aren't you worried about all that wait on back of that trailer. I think it's going to be a new side by side. I enjoy your you tube channel.

    44. Max Stoll

      What happened to the Wagner tractor???

      1. Robert Welker

        Still here

    45. Henri Pretorius

      Hey Henri from HTP Boer Goat Farming in South Africa, another grate video keep them cumming.

    46. Luke Pekarek

      you might be able to take that off with the skid steer if you lift it from where the ramps would be. That would make it easy to take that on and off. EDIT: Nick you could angle that extra tank by putting some wood under it at the front end of the trailor, that would lift up the tank for faster flow into the big main tanks.

    47. DeHaven Family Farm

      Maybe you could have a painter paint the decor on the big bud instead of buying more decals.

    48. Steyn De Wet

      Sheep or cows

      1. Steyn De Wet

        @Robert Welker ja😂😂😂

      2. Robert Welker

        No livestock

    49. Aaron Fuchs

      What model is the Blue Peterbuilt you guys have?

      1. Robert Welker

        I think 372

    50. DD2

      Nice IH hat!

    51. Daniel Altman

      Polaris Ranger or Razor? Honda Pioneer?

    52. Simplex_TGV

      i just remembered i never drove a tractor above 100 HP only under it like 95 or 68 im missing something in my life XD

    53. koolman2021

      Awesome video thanks for sharing nice job looks like Honda utv ??

    54. Mason Dean

      Side by side

    55. Ryan A6098

      anyone see that internasanal hat at the end

    56. wyatt wegener

      Got a very nice spray trailer for sale

    57. John Wayne

      Don't forget the okra for a good lunch

    58. Thomas Anderson

      Dude, i would fish a wire up from outlet, and make a T to hold fitting, pull it down, fit it up, then bend wire & pull it out before I climb in that tank...

    59. WeirdoGaming


    60. Brody Smith820

      Side by side

    61. riley hickey

      why do you guys use case and the big buds

      1. riley hickey

        @Welker Farms ok I would really like to visit the farm some day in the future but I'm in Australia so it's a bit pricey

      2. Welker Farms

        @riley hickey better at randomly bursting in flames, absolutely!

      3. riley hickey

        @Welker Farms you have to admit john deere is better

      4. Welker Farms

        Big buds are simple, powerful, and we own them 100% aka no payments. CASE IH makes excellent equipment and is ran by a tremendous team of individuals. I guess that sums it up 😁.

    62. Devin Anderson

      Are you getting a Side by side

    63. Jaco Botha

      That farm is flat. Really flat. If your dog runs away you still see him running a week later on the horizon... . .

      1. Robert Welker

        I think I even see you 😁

    64. Bulldog Mack

      When are you going to work on the Wagner wa-4

      1. Robert Welker

        Later this fall

    65. Stephen Crossman

      I could use a trailer like that for my sap hauling for maple syrup every spring

    66. Jesse Kleinsasser

      Quad fourwheeler

    67. Alan Hayes

      I try and reboot my system once a week. I use Napa batteries on the farm simply the best.

    68. Jaco Landman

      Have you considered changing the petrol engine for a hydraulic motor and running lines from the tractor.

      1. Robert Welker

        We spray with two sprayers sometimes

    69. Jaco Landman

      Today we kicked off harvesting season in south Africa.

      1. Robert Welker

        Praying it goes well for you

    70. Lisa Tempus

      do you guys have a wired welder

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes, two

    71. KD0LRG

      Hot tubs???

      1. Welker Farms

        Haha actually I did just order one!

    72. Drew Sweany

      Around 18:05 in the background, you can see the front of a black side by side.

      1. Welker Farms

        Wait... Is that what that was 😁

    73. 1971hodge

      Did you watch Cole last week?Hmmm Seems funny that Cornstar farms just did this....lol

      1. 1971hodge

        @Welker Farms We love you guys. Its tradition for my boy Jeb and I to watch whenever you post a video. We love RED tractors and the Buds too. I call him Leg Arms. He just turned 14 in January and is 6'0 and about 220. He throws the shot put and discus for our high school and hes only in middle school.

      2. Welker Farms

        Haha it's funny how these things line up. Funny thing is I did this two weeks ago and this footage was just now posted.

    74. Ardis’s bros All the way

      Love your videos buddy keep it up lad stay safe out there

    75. gerald sundberg

      I hope it's not GREEN !

      1. Welker Farms

        Well...umm...can I give you some color filtered glasses??? 😁 Nope no green coming here.

    76. Jacob Mundy

      looks like a side by side. Canam 6x6 by my guess

      1. Welker Farms

        That sounds like way too much fun!

    77. Toryn Hackman

      You guys should look into that cornstar farms did with their trailer

    78. Jack FnTwist

      KGup: We think you might be interested in seeing a farmer. Me: Nah KGup: A hot one. Me: Well played, KGup. Well played.


      Guys if you ever need a line bore job on the big buds I would be more than willing for a road trip to the big sky country. Check out my web site WWW.midwestbore.com kinda unkown trade in the farm world. Contast info on web site

    80. Doc

      Bowling Ball cannons?


      It's either duals or triples

    82. chrisbassmansamis

      I’m guessing Side by side and an Atv.

    83. Joe Feltes

      You really need to build a big machine shed.Lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ sitting outside.

      1. Welker Farms

        Couldn't agree more, we need to build one when we can!

    84. UDH With Bishop


    85. J Poppinga

      Spring has always been my favorite time of year. Everything coming back to life. The joy of knowing you and the livestock/ animals survived another winter....

    86. Rocky Landwehr

      Side by side

    87. Cameron Sjaarda

      It’s going to be a Side by side

    88. Ron Anderson

      What brand of batteries doe you use? Deka, Crown, Solar , Trojan. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Robert Welker

        Mostly energize from Sam's. Used to be cheaper

    89. BossMan__T

      Love seeing the old Honda three wheeler in the background in the wood shop there 👍

      1. BossMan__T

        @Welker Farms would love to see if in action in one of the videos

      2. Welker Farms

        Me too!

    90. Zach Glick


    91. Owen Niehaus

      Nick you should cut the fenders off of the 525 50 and put lsws on it

    92. ClayDog

      Get a battery back up on that Router out there in the pump house.

    93. Bobby Sears

      Great video! Thanks for taking your time to create great video’s. Stay safe and we’re ready to see some planting!

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you! Will do!

    94. Brian Sparks

      I hope those tank fittings are strong enough to support the weight of those lines, when they're full of liquid. If not, that'll make for a great video too, albeit an expensive one.

      1. Brian Sparks

        @Robert Welker ...Didn't mean to sound rude. Re-read my original comment, and all I kept seeing was the fittings tearing out of those tanks when the lines were full. My years of fuel tanker hauling coming out. I enjoy your vids. As with most subscribers, the Big Buds brought me here a while back.

      2. Robert Welker

        I will see if enough carry straps are used. Thanks

    95. Dean Larsen


    96. Ashton Osachuk

      It’s a side by side I saw it in the vid 17:10 you can see it in the background

    97. Fierofreak01

      A couple of side by sides, you guys don't have one and it would be a very handy item on the farm (more so than a 4 wheeler).

    98. Tony Seefeldt

      You guys have fiber?!

      1. Robert Welker


    99. jeff myers

      God bless the Welker’s!!

    100. Robert Reznik

      How about inviting "how farms work" for apprenticeship training in fabricating?

      1. Robert Welker

        Don't want to spread bad technics 😉😁