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    Be sure to SMASH that like button "finger" 😂
    Leg Arms (Scott Welker) continues to impress with big repairs to our BIG BUD 600/50 tractor. Won't be long and it will be field ready! We also do our own automotive repairs so anytime our personal vehicles break, we send them to the shop. Hollywood (Nick Welker) helps Leg Arms where he can and finds creative ways to smash his finger! Oh well it'll heal and the work will continue!

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    1. Welker Farms

      Be sure to SMASH that like button "finger" 😂

      1. Claire Russell


      2. Martin Donat

        sorry didnt read all comments lol ,wasnt the first saying that

      3. Martin Donat

        little tip for the next time ,when you drill a little hole in the fingernail and press out the blood ,the chances of keeping the nail are far greater

      4. Buddy Martin

        10 minutes.....gotta drill that hole within 10 minutes cause it's numbed up!! Lol!

      5. Jacob Waltemeyer

        Look at my post

    2. Time Flies When You're Gaming

      Oh you've got to love a good video whith a smashed finger love your content

    3. James Femrite

      16:56 there is a John Deere tractor on the wall

    4. Lisa Lister

      Could you please change out the picture of the smashed finger to anything else... I am getting physically sick whenever I go though your post and see that finger.... I can't stomach it!

    5. Kristy Staats


    6. mfanwe Likeit

      Good on you for trying some new crops out. It’s hard for outlay on equipment etc. In 20 years you’ll be far ahead of the pack via innovation.

    7. Olaf Schmidt

      No pain, no gain...😉👍🏻

    8. Exonerate


    9. Daniel Johnston

      Smash your toe so your finger doesn’t hurt anymore...😜

    10. teamstr259

      On the topic of fingertip/fingernail injury. I was helping my father with changing hood pin location on his 55 chevy. Ih e had the drill and i got to hold the plate. Well the drillbit snapped and went halfway through my index finger just above the nail. It was no fun. But now my fingernail has grooved lines in it which is unique. LoL he's not allowed to use the drill anymore if i have to help.

    11. Dennis Taras

      I just recently found your channel I love it I love how family oriented and your values. You guys are awesome.

    12. Scotty J

      There it is folks, quote of the year 2020. "losing a fingernail is like eating celery, it's just not right".

    13. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    14. Kaleb Watson

      Ah the classic farmer makes/replaces things with stuff they have *I know, I live on a farm*

    15. Rural Patriot

      Hah nice finger. Done that plenty of times pounding rebar posts while building fence. Not a fun experience

    16. David Fehr

      Where are you living

    17. grafvonstauffenburg

      Cast iron CHIPS, bad for everything else....

    18. grafvonstauffenburg

      Is there any replacement part for that tractor--stickers excepted--that cost LESS than $100???

    19. Carl Stevens

      Night to shine sounds great, my daughter is very poorly, she will never get to go to prom, have boyfriend or wedding, all the things I looked forward too, she is my only daughter. But she was misdiagnosed for a couple of years. Had a severe, rare form of complex epilepsy. She had s fit for 10 minutes and it affected her brain. 😭😭😭 life isn't easy. But I still thank god for what we have. Keep up the good work all of you.

    20. kevin leonard

      I Amputated the top of a finger when I was 13... funny enough it was with a tractor drawbar... a wee Gray Ferguson 20

    21. Gary Flint


    22. Zach Lamb

      16 regrown nails on toes and fingers

    23. Jacob 777

      Clean the wife's rig=brownie points

    24. chas hastings

      Then super glue to seal the hole

    25. Mattskingdom

      you know maybe the next genaration will use gloves 11:14

    26. super pickle

      I've owned many Chevy's and I've had many Chevy's with the same window problem

    27. jordan mcfarren

      I used to call them "Amonds" but decided to include the "L" when I realized that we don't refer to "walnuts" as "wanuts".

    28. Aiden Murphy


      1. Aiden Murphy

        Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    29. Chris Darting

      Celery is a crime against humanity!!!

    30. tomthumb

      have you tried growing peanuts or potatoes

    31. MakingTechSense

      I smashed the end of my middle finger on my right hand a few years ago. I didn't puncture the nail like I should have and once the dead part grew out I had a lot of puss ooze out. I had to express it daily and continually disinfect it. It was painful and gross. I still don't have all the feeling back.

    32. morphman21

      Can we have a finger update PLEASE?

    33. Dave J.A

      Fully agree with Leg arms on whether eating celery is natural or not!

    34. Joe Smith

      the new gopro is great. Good enough mic and the camera is much better. I say go with it!

    35. iBelieve


    36. iBelieve


    37. iBelieve


    38. iBelieve


    39. Farmers for Truth


    40. bdreinhart Reinhart

      I can't believe you let her plate stickers expire

    41. Josh Singleton

      Working without 1 finger you should try it losing 3 fingers I got my pinky and ring fingers cut completely off and ripped the tendons out of my middle finger and it crushed my index finger. It makes it things a lot harder to do the simplest things

    42. Kris Bower

      A Legarms would be a good addition ANYWHERE! :)



    44. Scotabot

      Your a good guy Scott. Keep up the Godly work Brother!!! Thank you for what you do.

    45. 1ove2Act

      I’m not special needs but I didn’t go to prom, probably because I would’ve been bullied. I wasn’t fat either, super skinny but no muscle and everyone in my gym class bullied me. Now I’m bigger lol

    46. Douglas Campbell

      The other thing with copper is that it work hardens. So the more those wires flex, the more brittle the wires become.

    47. Toby and James Goldsmith

      I also got the hero 8! I traded it up from a hero 3 + black!

    48. Erik Höglund

      I really miss the lakehouse videos.

    49. R J

      What kind of pesticides do you spray on your fields ?

      1. Welker Farms

        Pretty much never, we only work with herbicides.

    50. Thirsty 4more

      My dad did that to my finger when i was a kid. Worked pretty good. Not for the weak though.

    51. funkyzero

      Awesome videos guys... 2 things: First, you did the same thing to the bearing that you did to your fingernail pressing the outer into the seat through the inner bearing race. you basically transferred all that pressure through the precision ground races and there is a high likelihood that you did damage. you should use a ring or other device and never press "through" the bearing assembly. Depending on the bearing, you can also flat out crack or break it like that. Secondly, take an injection syringe (a new, large dia one like you would use on cattle), you can just use your fingers to spin it like a little drill to get through the fingernail. No heating required and its a bit less cringy than using a rough drill bit. The vet did that to my fingernail once when he was onsite and it worked great

    52. Shoot Luck Gaming

      From a Big Bud to a Little Tikes Cozy Coup.... Leg Arms can do it all !!

    53. Brian Beard

      All makes have that door wire issue. The manufacturers are using the absolute minimum length wire in every vehicle. It's a cost saving measure and since the engineers aren't smart enough to think of what temperature does to wire folks in really cold and really warm environments have these issues. Plus that also use the minimum gauge wire possible for the same reason Cost. Then they charge us 50k for a vehicle that is worth at best 23.

    54. Roy Nelson

      Oh snap you know when your fingernail has a wave in it it took one hell of a hit make you talk Chinese😂😂😂 don't be dogging on the Celery Man😂😂👊👊👍👍👍

    55. WardenHerring

      Can't remember if you guys had ever said before. Or any background to it. You guys should try corn.

    56. Vincent Grupe

      Do another lake house vid.

    57. Cranky MotorSports

      Golden hour is epic! Wow that's a fantastic view!

    58. IDragon auz

      My farm is corn, corn, corn, and wheat

    59. Chris Campbell

      OMG we took my Autistic son to Night to Shine! He had a blast! It is a wonderful Prom for special needs teens and young adults! Thank you for participating it could only happen because of people like you. GOD bless You.

    60. Ian Farquharson

      In glad all the social media,real time advertising. Bet your Dad never imagined how the internet and social media can make a small local being watched from people all over the world.Great vid as always.ThankQ.TkEZ>UK

    61. QuakA Oats

      I'm convinced Leg Arms can fix anything. Italy needs to call him up to fix that Leaning Tower of Pisa

    62. Caleb Vick

      Can anyone help me find the video where he makes his homemade GoPro handle mount?

    63. Carl Godwin

      Nick, seal the hole with CA glue so it doesn't get an under nail infection

    64. WoolyBuck

      Eating celery? Did you know that you burn more calories eating celery than what celery has. Cheers...

    65. Andrew P.

      I bet it’s colder outside for you than your freezer. 😂 and then you came to California and saw our “Winter”. I hope you guys enjoyed the show. It’s a monstrous sized event!

    66. Tom Pinnef

      Ouch - been there done that before. Not much fun till you get the pressure off it. Take care enjoyed the video.

    67. Pati Power2

      Pleas restored ti Verlinti... pleas restored

    68. Mike Moore

      You guys need to invite Mike Bloomberg out to your operation for about a week and educate him about farming. He needs to learn that there is a lot more than just digging a hole and tossing in a seed. Best to you guys!

    69. Bobby Pool

      I use a small drill bit that I just spin with my other hand and it does not take long and really makes it fill better. I have use a knife when out in the field when I did not have a bit. I never use heat either way.

    70. Ron Anderson

      The high heat causes the blood to clot, use a cold needle daily for a few days.

    71. Connor Tidyman

      you guys should do corn

    72. Ron Anderson

      Best penetrating oil I discovered is SYNTHETIC transmission oi and acetone mixed 50/50 cheaper and more effectrive than Kroil.

    73. jimmymckay73

      It's too bad you guys dont have enough gray matter to be successful people and not just dumb farmers . As per Bloomberg .

      1. jimmymckay73

        @Welker Farms I would pay money to see that guy try to last a week as a farmer .

      2. Welker Farms

        Da gum aint he 1 of thoze city folk hu think'n thay b all smartz'n'stuf?!

    74. Mike Twiddy

      I use a small little brill bit. Just roll it between your fingers until a very little hole releaves the pressure. Pain intense for a breif moment, then is over. Get back to work. #Maga #RetComVets #Eccl 10:2-3 #KAPA KEEP AMERICA PRO AMERICAN #In God We Trust 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☝️

    75. Kathleen M


    76. Tom Cander

      Can you tell me where I can find the info on your magnetic camera mounts please?

    77. R R M

      so many thats what she saids in this video lol

    78. Steven Rogge

      Thanks for doing night to shine, our church participated in it also. It celebrates the special and i appreciate that.

    79. Handy Tipz

      Why so you call him leg arms?

      1. Welker Farms

        Fans named him that after seeing he has large muscular arms the size of legs 😂

    80. Heather Faust

      hey see you get alot more done when your by your self fire nick lol lol

    81. Robert Snell

      Don’t grow milo it is super itchy during harvest and loading it out of bins

    82. ryfish5

      Lost my left thumbnail. I relieved the pressure in mine with a knife while sitting in a tire shop. My whole arm was throbbing in pain. The relief might be the best feeling ever. That was 25 yrs ago and to this day that new nail is dull (not shiny) and rough.

    83. CERS Solutions

      Nick, I have used a drill bit in a drill.... when the drill bit penetrated the finger nail it didn't stop quick enough and went into the very tender skin under the finger nail. I have since used the drill bit but without the drill by spinning the drill bit in my fingers. This worked really well and was the least painful method I have found so far.

    84. George Murray

      Hey LegArms I haven't read through all the comments to see if it has been said. If you add a length of wire to the broken spots in the harness in the door jamb it should relieve the stress on the harness and prevent the wires from breaking again. I am a Ford dealer tech in Florida and I see this issue on a regular basis. I love the channel keep up the good work

    85. ProjectThis

      lake house update?

    86. 4020 john deere

      That leg arms maybe he should move to HOLLYWOOD and be movie star

    87. LeopardX

      Im 15 years old and i have smashed both of my big tows twice and its not fun its been over a year and still hasnt grown staight it has small bumps

    88. Spike Timms

      Such a dude Legarms and a great wholesome video as always (minus the blood). Watching you guys makes me want to go back to farming. Keep living the good life.

    89. Patrick Sorenson

      Hey guys I subscribe and love all your videos. Always great content mixed with humor. When Leg Arms took time out of the video to mention Night to Shine, that just put you on another level for me. As a parent of a special needs child, your comment about that organization and your helping out meant so much to me. Keep up the good work and God Bless!

    90. Wild Horses

      Saying that, Leg Arms needs a better catch phrase than "Saying that"

    91. gsxr drama

      I wanna thank you and your family for doing what you do. Im not referring to the youtube stuff, but farming. Thanks for farming! My great great grandfather did it his whole life, but because of families like yours, we have food on our tables. Also credit to truckers, but thanks for doing what yall do.

    92. Speakerville 1

      Leg Arms makes the best videos

    93. Dan Finley

      The sink in the lake Hahahaha been there done that the needle needs to be beat red it will go right through the nail like butter glad you feel better bless y’all

    94. dabbs3

      You need one of these for putting a hole in the fingernail. Fiab Disposable Sterile Cautery Pen with High Temp. Fine Tip (1200°c) -

    95. Jacob Waltemeyer

      You should go to the Iowa state Fair

    96. MrVarmitr

      First half was good

    97. American Farms


    98. Harvey Stephens

      LegArms, you are an incredible fabricator and mechanic My hats off to you for working with the special needs kiddos. My God continue to bless you. I enjoy watching your project videos.

    99. Tom Gluth

      I hope you don’t get an infection. Losing a finger to “kitchen table surgery” , would be a great loss to someone who NEEDS full use of their digits. Just mhm.Be well, farm hard,live life and love God and Country. God Bless!

    100. Mike Youngblood

      I was thinking of the Welkers today and remembered this bit Paul Harvey and surely it fits Ya'll, God Bless.