NO MORE LEAKS|Overdue repairs on our CASE IH 7140 MAGNUM

Welker Farms

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    Sometimes it's just easier to keep adding oil than to fix the leaks but in the end the repairs are essential to prevent damage. Once oil runs out the result is thousands of dollars of unnecessary damage considering the leaks could have been fixed. Knowing this we try to tackle leaks when they show up. Plus leaking oil is a pet pieve of Leg Arms and the last thing you want to do is upset Mr Arms!
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    1. bruce campbell

      That my friend is pure hillbilly!

    2. T Trainv

      where is your jack stand under that axle?

    3. Daniel Johnston

      Love this channel!! (Obligatory comment finished..😜)

    4. Olaf Schmidt

      Scott Welker-Master of tools! 🛠👍🏻

    5. Tom Pinnef

      A farmers job is never done - always something to fix / level / move etc. Thank you for the video - take care - be safe. Waiting for warmer weather. "Spin"

    6. Britt Blanton

      Great job guys keep it up 👍

    7. Gregg Severson

      Which of you are older ?

    8. Lane Dexter

      Was that a Bilstein? It should outlast the GMC. 😀 Yep, maintenance never ends. I like the old stuff. More regular maintenance, but it could all be done at home with simple tools. 👍

    9. Morgan Sedge

      Cool you watched deboss too :-)

    10. Don Brutcher

      Hope the read diff isn't limited slip. They like special lube.

    11. michael fischer

      there should be a tiny little vent in the center of that hub, when they get plugged it can cause oil to force its way out past a seal. its threaded in, so it can be remove and cleaned out with the air compressor.

    12. Carl Stout

      have you ever considerd amsol check it out !

    13. Jack Patteeuw

      You have 3/4" and 1" impact guns. Why don't you have a CP717 or an Astro 4980 hammer ? So the piece you could not get out ... Why didn't you drill and tap it for a jack screw ?

    14. BugGaming

      I love watching your Shop videos, I've learned a lot about mechanics and now I have complete confidence that I can call someone who knows what they're doing to fix my car.

    15. Tray Cantrell

      Y’all are fine it’s a case it will run for ever

    16. Mike Youngblood

      Maybe if Leg-arms painted that tractor green ????

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    24. Peter Agriconguy

      Is it a prerequisite to have a bone yard to be a farmer in Montana? Seems like everybody has one (or 2)

      1. Welker Farms

        I think it is! Most farms I know have one.

    25. Dylan Holzman

      If you replace the shaft and use old planetary gears won’t they wear out the new shaft faster? Like using a new bearing with an old race? Or does it not matter?

    26. Michael Schneider

      Lego arms. Come to California buddy love to meet you.

      1. Welker Farms

        We will be there next week at the world ag expo!

    27. thr8061

      We had a MF 399 loader tractor (2wd, open station) before we upgraded to MFs with cabs & 4wd. Initially we kept the loader on when did field work, but then we got really quick and attaching/detaching it in under 5 minutes. It ran so much better with the loader off.

    28. Aaron Wilton

      Robert welker. Check the rear end oil. There is clutches in there and that rear end needs a special synthetic gear oil with an additive

    29. Linda Harr

      The Wiggle Game!

    30. BWM

      Hey guys. I know it's a pain. Could you remind me which video Nick shows how he assembles his gopro handle/mounts, please? Nevermind please...found it. Lol. Many blessings guys!

    31. flatbedbob

      I turn wrenches for a living. I wouldn’t change the other seal

    32. Lynette Freeman

      Hey leg arms you look a lot different

    33. Matheu Egidy

      If you guys had John Deere you wouldn't be broken down

      1. Welker Farms

        That is correct... Instead we'd just be broke! 😁

    34. GloveSlapnz

      Wonder what the catalyst was for 'pass on all the information to the younger generation stuff on the channel' it's been great.

      1. Robert Welker

        A responsibility we had I would say

    35. Karl Miest

      Cool video

    36. Mycatsnot2

      I have an 04 and a 10 duramax. Amazing trucks.

      1. Robert Welker


    37. matthewrenshaw

      What do you do with the used oil tanks?

      1. Robert Welker

        It becomes shop heating .

    38. Phillip Peterman

      Leg arms, you need to return the shout out that Sandi gave you on Mark’s video.

      1. Phillip Peterman

        Robert Welker - Sandra Brock at “Sheepishly Me”. She compared her arms to his. She lost....

      2. Robert Welker

        I'm not legarms so which channel so I can pass it on to him.

    39. Nunya Bidness

      I grew up on a farm. Unfortunately, it wasn't large enough to support multiple generations. So, I had to go to work in manufacturing. In my 30 years in manufacturing, I have always said that farmers make the best maintenance techs. As Leg-Arms consistently demonstrates, farmers are jacks-of-all-trades who can get it running with a minimum of fuss. Well done!

    40. WoolyBuck

      Daddy Welker, us old guys can use all the help we can get when it comes to mechanic work. Also Welker boys did either one of you go to mechanics school or did you get your knowledge from the School of Hard Knocks? Cheers...

      1. Robert Welker

        School of redo's and knocks 😁. Got to be flexible and ready to learn.

    41. Ivan Parks

      Safe trip to the ville

    42. fredorji1

      hey boys you needed some plate wedges for that hub.

    43. dimerunner88

      Regarding the Duramax in the beginning. The LLY came out in 04. The Allison transmission was a 5 speed until 2006 when it became a 6 speed. The transfer case takes the same atf as the transmission. Using gear oil will burn up the pump and cause premature failure.

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks much! Glad some of you caught it. Blessings. Oh not sure on the score.

      2. dimerunner88

        I own an 03 LB7 and I just had the transmission out to rebuild it and resealed the transfer so it's pretty fresh in my mind, just something that stood out.

    44. Jack Amelung

      The one white tail shed hanging on the wall is beautiful, what was the estimate on the score? Change the U-joint!!! do the extra work because it will fail at the worst time. It has enough play in it to justify changing it, You possible could use a Tiger press or one from Mac tools and change it in its location without pulling the shaft. Not FRUSTRATED but...... lol....... I have been there and took the short cut and guess what ? When I needed the vehicle guess what went BAD? It is always a judgment call and I would do ROCK ,Paper, Scissors. When you pull the upper and lower joints off the main housing drill and tap for the bolts you want the engineer to put in . They use the planetary gears so you can mismatch tires and keep the front tires spinning about 8-10% faster than the rear, This keeps the tractor going straight . If you make a shim for the tie rod you can take the slop out of it until you get it changed. I did it one time for a quick fix and it will pull the ball down in the tie rod socket making it tight, but remember the socket is also worn and it should only be done in a case like yours where you are trying to get by until you get parts. As always love seeing the farm and your smiling faces .

    45. Trent Badon

      Farmer style, only fix what's broken....

    46. Tim Sleeth

      Axle seal. Anything worth doing is worth doing 2 or 3 times

    47. Mac Dawg

      Would you guys please use gloves. Those petroleum's absorb right into your skin and system. Bad Bad !

    48. Mac Dawg

      I love that Bill Murray Commercial.. haha

    49. Benjamin U

      kudos for playing with planetary gears, you can really mess them up if you get one out of alignment!

    50. mitch yelvington

      All you guys speak well!

    51. Andrew F.

      You see what happened was

    52. Barger Farms Gaming

      Yall gonna be at the national farm machinery show in Louisville ky?

    53. Bryan

      16:46 and 16:57, anyone else hearing the King of the Hill theme in their head, or is that just me?

    54. Jason Smith

      Enjoy the video. I thoroughly enjoyed leg arms teaching sessions on these videos he’s very very good.

    55. Pete Wurtinger

      I love coming on here and watching your videos whenever I can. The kindness and hardworking that is shown is always amazing and makes these videos more contagious to watch. Keep up that good stuff!!

    56. Night Saber

      Old guy? He didn't sound like an old guy if not looking on screen.

    57. Kluck Fabrication

      Can I give you some credit for the old school trouble light! I still use the old school style with a led daylight bulb, plenty good enough

    58. Mark Newell

      Love and I also enjoy teaching mechanics and passing down knowledge. Loving the channel

    59. 4020 john deere

      Legg arms is the man

    60. Bailey Weaver

      With all these repairs going on us automotive technician myself what kind of tools do you guys prefer Milwaukee DeWalt snap-on mac matco

      1. Robert Welker

        You forgot HF 😁. As far as cordless we have mostly Ryobi. Hand tools are mixture pickup through 50 years of collecting. But those names you mention are great tools.

    61. SweatyCharmless XD

      Chevy problems smh

    62. Bobcat Smith

      Check the spare tire. I'd make sure I can get it down and replace it with a full-sized tire.

    63. Sam klien

      I lol when you brought out the Honda back when I worked in forestry replantation site prep. On the trenchers there was a couple of huge nuts connecting wheels of the trencher to the frame and to loosen them we would put the rachet on wrap a chain around it and pull it lose with the one ton truck lol

    64. Buck Russell

      Fav channel

    65. andy bush

      I think the only problem with Leg Arms Engineering suggestion is dirt and rust accruing in or around the secondary bolt or opening. Even if its covered without a bolt in it dirt and rust will find a way

    66. Raynona Bohrer

      You missed up! Lol. Very good video. Now we'll see how this baby runs in the summer here!

    67. Dennis Hettinger

      liked this video thumbs up Leg Arms !!

    68. Dennis Hettinger

      liked this video !!!

    69. Underrated Inventions

      This is why I just let my cow eat the grass 🤗

    70. TS Sarkozi

      You guys should tap a couple of holes into the replacement part for the next service

    71. Braden Pulvermacher

      I have a question. What happen to the wagner wa 4 ?

      1. Robert Welker

        still waiting for shop time. 😢

    72. new england rig`s

      how many miles do you have on the duramax?

      1. Robert Welker


    73. jeoinaforest

      Leg Arms...why oh why did you not drill and tap those top and bottom plates so you can get them out next time?

    74. Brennen Pelletier

      winter paint! im guna use that

    75. Barbara Stedillie

      Geez...that’s an impressive number of tool chests!!!

      1. Robert Welker

        We love having the tools available and separated. And it seems like you need so many different tools.

    76. Barbara Stedillie

      Love a man that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty! AND feels comfortable about it!! It’d be fun to hear about your boys when they were growing up!! Good ‘blackmail’ material!?!? LOL....

    77. Barbara Stedillie

      What do you do with the used oil?

      1. Robert Welker

        Friends pick it up for heating shops.

    78. andrew sarles

      Lol every tie rod on my tractors are wore out! I believe my diesel mower tie rod is welded on!!

    79. in motion

      This a really nice tractor you should paint it restore it

    80. Dan Finley

      Thanks leg arms always cool to hear and watch y’all working on the equipment. Great job to your dad for explaining his job as well

    81. ivan majdak

      watching you from Croatia big fan of farming

    82. John-Paul Teatero


    83. mikeabresch94

      Great tip Dad on the bottle thank you great stream.guys Mike from DWARF WORKS

    84. Christopher Davis

      Can't say I've ever had that much trouble removing king pins on one

    85. Wyatt Vos

      Next winter project: Red Peterbilt restoration

    86. theun Akker

      When you gonna start on the wagner

      1. Robert Welker

        We were looking for this winter but the lake house delayed it

    87. Heindrich Dyer

      We replaced the kingpins on our JD 4450 and man was the bearings a pain to get out.

    88. Eric Beightol

      Since you've been doing repair work, I was wondering what becae of that Wagner you guys got?

    89. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

      Look at your VIN sticker if it is made after 08 of the year it is already the next years model.

    90. sheldon729

      Looks like bilstein shocks. They are typically life time warranty as long as your the original purchaser 👍

    91. Michael Tourenfahrer

      Some 25 years ago, we did some Bush-Fixes on these type of Front AWD Axels. Liquid Grease instead of the Manufacturers Gear Oil. Works OK for Tractors that run part-time, only and saves lots of $$$ for working hours.

    92. LAT-Martins U93

      I don't want to teach but their seal should be moved because it's a double seal. I hope you under stend wath i meen. I am from EU

    93. Clifford Thompson

      If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    94. M.G. Bumpus

      I think you need to hookup with "Abom 79" - He might have been able to spray weld that shaft and re machined it for a lot less that $450.

      1. Robert Welker

        We would have but needed to get it together and the shaft came next day

    95. David Fisher

      I have the same 2 post lift in my garage, love it.

      1. Robert Welker


    96. duggydo

      I recently subscribed and I like you guys, but holy cow there are a ton of these start and stops in the editing. There must be over a hundred in this video. Makes it difficult to watch for me. Just my 2 cents.

      1. Robert Welker

        We don't do editing now. Doesn't seem to bother the younger gen. I'm much older 😉

    97. D Mills

      Always happy to see the new content. Keep it up guys @welkerfarms

    98. Michael Gman

      Well LA for what it is worth - my experience is - when one side goes bad you are better off doing the complete axel as everything is as old as the defective part. Unless of course a “farmer repair” has already been done to the other side :) A free tip: Use LS (limited Slip) gear oil in the front hubs and change it often. There is not much oil in these hubs and they are working very hard.

    99. Mike LeRoy

      Good job getting the king pin out, but Wear glasses or a face shield when beating on a punch or chisel. Even a fleck of paint from the axle will ruin your day if it comes back.

    100. justin schmicker

      Sad thing is I helped pull a hub off a new Magnum 340.....they are still the way.....