HUGE Drawbar & NEW Tires!

Welker Farms

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    We attach the infamous drawbar to the BIG BUD and begin the laberous task of a complete tire change! Lot of work ahead of us! Let's get to it!
    We are swapping old Firestone biased tires with brand new Titan Tire Goodyear Optitrac radials. Should make for significant traction improvements! More information below!
    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. Lonnie Burkett

      About time Hollywood sweeps the floor!

    2. Devon Shirlaw

      You'd think John Deere would just buy you guys a Case skid steer just you guys stop putting other brands over their name lol

    3. Jeffrey Pape

      I have a question. Why on the Big Bud does it say 600/50. What is the 50 for? IS the big bud 600 HP? Leg Arms, Heal quick. You are in my Prayers. God Bless your Family Jeffrey From Minnesota

      1. Jeffrey Pape

        @Welker Farms cool! Now I know!

      2. Welker Farms

        600 is the hp and 50 is the series of transmission it uses. Thanks!

    4. The Kentucky Times

      Would you please give me a shout I’m 13 and trying to start my own farming channel I hope will be as big as yours one day would you please give me a shout at the Kentucky times

    5. J Essary Farms

      When do y’all plant winter wheat? Or so you just plant spring wheat?

      1. J Essary Farms

        @Robert Welker yessir, same here in New Mexico for my rye. It’s dry here and no non irrigated wheat in the ground. Thanks for the reply!! Keep up the good work guys.

      2. Robert Welker

        We will plant if we get conditions but this fall was dry

    6. Adam Watson

      Farmer I worked for in Western Australia had a Big bud! We were near Geraldton. Amazing machine.

    7. iBelieve


    8. AncientSalt

      Its currently a high of 72 here in WIsco

    9. AncientSalt

      Its currently a high of 72 here in WIsco

    10. Mathew92 Gaming

      Why is there a red impact tool on a lime green tool farm

      1. Mathew92 Gaming

        @Robert Welker dose the mean your changing all the power tools to red??

      2. Robert Welker

        Trying to become more sexy?😊

    11. Eliasson

      1:06 This is what we in Sweden call an engine lift for cars

      1. MrJaiimez

        Yeah a cherry picker to me in the UK is what I think the yanks call a boom lift, thats an engine crane what you guys are using.

    12. ginggur17

      Bless him lol, leg arms was soooooo lucky.🙏🙏🙏👍👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

    13. Dallas Trygstad

      Leg Arms should have asked if they could work a go pro mount into that cast🧐

    14. Steve Corcoran

      Holy cow . . . . . new tires for the Bud had to be a bit spendy. Especially being Goodyears.

    15. Kathleen M

      Great job!

    16. Seminole Warhawks

      I find it amazing how hard you guys have to work to keep the farm running. It really is impressive.

    17. Florin Florin

      Claas xerion 5000?

    18. Michał

      NEW Tires for.... NEW Tires ... awesome :D who waste money better then you ? :D

      1. Michał

        @Robert Welker ok ;)

      2. Robert Welker

        The takeoffs are going to be used on our other Bud, which needs tires. Still being recycled.

    19. Matt Ludwig

      What you use roybi 🤣😂🤣😂

      1. Robert Welker

        I thought we covered the name😁

    20. jagarnaut singer

      It takes lot of hard work that you farmers do!

    21. Keith Lawlor

      I see that are not going to run with a swinging drawbar any longer

      1. Robert Welker

        No. We have had it locked for a long time.

    22. Parent of Twins

      I'm surprised the rims don't split in half on those. I had a backhoe that I changed the tube in several times solo and that's what made it possible. Still a tough job as they were 16 ply 17.5-25 tires but doable off the machine. They were tubeless tires just didn't have the money to drop on new tires at the time so used tubes instead.

    23. Myles Bowser

      Are you guys going to restore the moline this year?

      1. Robert Welker

        Possible. Waiting for LegArms to heal.

    24. Tim Denowh

      30.5-32 take offs? Fit right on my combine :)

    25. The man in the woods

      Love your vids coming from Windle farms in Arkansas.

    26. Chris Darting

      Does the shop have exhaust fans??? lol

      1. Robert Welker

        no but we can open all 3 doors and it fumes gone in less than a minute.

    27. Chris Darting

      I've always called those engine hoists. When I think of a cherry picker, I think of a bucket truck.

    28. Se McKeown

      Folks you could set the camera up or just skip the actual fixing because we don't want any of you guys to get hurt because you were trying to explain to us what is going on and in the long term you guys are doing your jobs. Safety first on the farm KGup second. Keep safe and happy your farm is awesome

    29. Dan Finley

      Always a blessing and joy watching your channel glad you all are safe have a blessed day

      1. Robert Welker


    30. Tim Johnson

      Glad Scott didn't become the one legged arm bandit...

    31. Aleksi Huttunen

      Finaly some farmers get it and buy milwaukee instead of dewalt

    32. MA Westbrooks

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      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks MA for your support for these KGup's.👍 It's your following us that we can get more message out about ag.

    33. William Davis

      Heck the old ones look close to new... are going to keep them?

      1. Robert Welker

        use 4 for the other bud.

    34. Northern farmer

      Ill take the old tires lol

    35. Jeff

      God Bless

    36. Michael Batdorf


    37. Richard Fisher

      you guys should try plowing snow with a big bud

    38. Jay Huff

      Great video what size are the new tires

      1. Robert Welker


    39. Boone Blackmon

      Hope for speedy recovery

    40. Joe Bowser

      leg arms brother nick same size and all

    41. Tim Neal

      Great to see Leg Arms doing well. Thanks be to God!

    42. Robert Shipley

      He's lucky he didn't lose his arm.

      1. Benji Car

        What do you mean it broke near his hand.

    43. Hugh Stephenson

      Was just watching a video where ya mentioned getting close to 100,000 subs... Now 2 yrs later it's over 400,000!!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks to all of you 👍

    44. steve shoemaker

      You are so very very very lucky to have your Dad & Mom....Super fun to watch channel...A big thanks from an old war horse....!

    45. Leviathan Eldigren

      Im gonna be buying 2 of those limited Editions and a jacket or two friday ince I get paid. Need more Leg arms and Welker Farms merch in my life.

    46. Lorianne Bertrand

      us too have millauwaki

    47. Tobias Vis

      Why is the drawbar so long?

      1. Robert Welker

        to pull from the middle of tractor

    48. Randy Benne

      Vote for the farmers friend, President Trump.

    49. medic2812

    50. doppydopp

      #MakeLongerVideo's ;) (and thanks for the effort!)

    51. Marc Olivier Roulin

      No, ( 8× ) LSW 1400. 😉

    52. Valley view Acres

      I had to change a tire on a self propelled swather Those wheels have such a deep well to them there’s just no other way to get those lugs off without about a two foot extension on your breaker bar.., Course with me being one handed at all this there’s no way to support the extension while you put some “grunt” behind the breaker bar. So I went out and bought a Milwaukee M18 3/8 drive impact gun...., God made man...., mr Milwaukee made them all torque monsters...., I love that wrench! Lol

    53. Jeremy Moreside

      Cherry picker is a man basket lift. That my fellow neighbor is an engine hoist

    54. Baltimore Shipspotting

      This video was very tiring.

    55. Brian Gay

      Great job on big bud. Good to see Leg Arms is making the best with his recovery.

    56. Wilson Rouse

      nicks really stronger than i thought

      1. Wilson Rouse

        @Welker Farms dang its amazing to have you reply its really a honer and love yall keep up the good work give leg arms the best of my love and hes in my prayers

      2. Welker Farms

        You'd be surprised at the glory days! 355lb bench press, 500lb deadlift, and 405lb squat... Marriage, kids, and work are not friendly to gym time anymore 😂

    57. Eric Trace

      Hey Scott what Temperature 🤒 classifies as Coldy ?!😜🚜😱😳

    58. kevin moore

      Figured Legarms would have gone for the Pink Cast Lol. Great to see him back.

    59. William Johansson

      So you aren’t growing any winter wheat this year or have I missed something?

      1. Robert Welker

        was way to dry during Sept.

    60. Streetrcr986

      Its so funny to hear you guys call it a cherry picker out here on the east coast we call it an engine hoist we use it mainy to change out engines and sometimes lift snowplow to put them in to storage

      1. Pitter Patter

        *I'm from Montana and everyone I've known has always called it an engine hoist. We call the bucket trucks, cherry pickers. I don't know what happened up in Shelby.*

    61. Mark Arnott

      Ceiling fans etc loose 30% wind power remember to clean dust & muck off yearly . PC i do every 6 months

    62. Jason Swift

      Nick has better arms and physique overall than scott.

      1. Xxtanrac Rumbel 2020

        @JasonSwift no legarms is stronger!!

    63. Eoin Reilly

      Could ye do a tutorial on how to drive a big bud

    64. humble haymakers fan

      God bless Y'all

    65. Dixie Charm Estate Sales ,Manassas Va


    66. Michael McBride

      Nick's got some pretty big guns his ownself!

    67. Dixie Charm Estate Sales ,Manassas Va

      Ok ,,, NOW THAT TIRE LOOKS GOOD !!!! GOOD CHOISE legarms

    68. Dixie Charm Estate Sales ,Manassas Va

      Nooooo ,,, dont put them big tires on that bud . It looks real; to the time . Well i Gus everything has to change . I still will watch

      1. OntarioRedneXXX

        Original look is cool but not if it doesn’t work well

      2. Robert Welker

        The tires are not the LSWs like the 747. These fit on the same rims.

    69. Scott Mulrooney

      Fellas, nice new shoes! One question, does the tractor have launch control? It really save on tire life.... lol Be well gents!

    70. PAYTON MAC

      Looks like Legs Arms in good spirits , looks he got a smile having fun again thats great

    71. Jayson Koelzer

      Cool work and what a family work ethic

    72. Lance Masterson

      Now hes leg arm.

    73. Justin Blakeney

      Great to see legarms back. Speedy recovery brother.

    74. Garrett Albert

      Good to see Leg Arms out and about. Hope you make a full recovery.

    75. Mike LaFave

      Why new tires? They didn't look that bad.

      1. Robert Welker

        Titan made us an offer we couldn't refuse. And we got new updated radials

    76. Zachary Mantel

      I beg leg arms is stronger than me with one arm

    77. Doug Berry

      Nick turned this into a gun show. 😂

    78. The Alberta Farmer

      If you guys ever do another Big bud, you should put the big LSW tires on it like what Beastbine has

    79. Tyler Franke

      I feel like I stole from the welkers. I never purchased a ticket to the gun show! Nick has been holding out on letting us know he's creepin up on leg arms lol

    80. Ed Mullins

      So glad to finally see some Milwaukee tools coming in. I hope Milwaukee stepped up and sent them and you didn’t have to purchase them. I’ve written them on y’all’s behalf on several occasions and I really hope they hook you guys up with their whole line of Impacts and Drills. They truly are a top tier product and I really love them! I haven’t used an air tool in over 2 years and don’t miss the constant compressor noise and dragging of hoses one single bit.

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks for the tip, they are great tools! We are excited to try this out. Already a beast of an impact gun

    81. Elisabeth Nicole Nuchowich


    82. Joseph Odarchuk

      Good year supports democrats, boo. Trump 2020!!! God Bless the USA!

      1. Robert Welker

        You're correct about Goodyear car and truck company. But Goodyear Farm tires is owned by Titan tire company. Not the same company that stopped MAGA clothing

    83. Blueriverfarms

      Thank you for showing us the accident; its reminder to us all to slow down and think about the heavy weight of steel and cast with effects of gravity! Made my kids watch it. Scott, hope you are healing well, and you are a very humble person!

    84. Kevin Spurrier

      How about putting a PTO on one of those Buds? is that possible? Run your grain cart that way.

      1. Robert Welker

        Trany doesn't have a pto option 🤨

    85. denny marquart

      Should be smooth ride with them radials

    86. Nisse

      When is the pto coming so you can pull the graincarts

      1. Robert Welker

        The trany doesn't have a pto option 🤨

    87. Tonnyplaysgames220 Daily gameplay

      Good stuff. I’m happy I subscribed.

      1. Robert Welker

        We are to grateful to have you along blessings 🙏

    88. Tarmo Olesk

      Song name at 2:05? Thanks!

    89. Rick Brown

      God bless all the farmers . We had 40 Belgian workhorses and they were a handful. Always a problem everyday . lol Anyways , my good friend entered to win a custom chopper from OCC .He is currently 9th place ..Give him a vote .. click free daily vote button . Thanks

    90. Paul McGrogan

      lol, muscle to the show!

    91. Ryan Bremer

      It appears to me that: BigBuds are wheeled quad tracs

      1. Ryan Bremer

        @MrJaiimez vise versa... tomato tamato

      2. MrJaiimez

        Or... quad tracs are tracked big buds?

    92. The Alberta Farmer

      On the John Deere skid steer make the sign say “Kubota Deere”

    93. Brad Taylor

      I keep thinking the "new thing" for the 600 is hydraulics for tow behind equipment. When will the Buds stop being Yard Art?

      1. Robert Welker

        I agree about seeing Buds working hard in the field. Appreciate very much your love of those farm icons. Might still be able to get the 600 in the field the end of the week if soil dries

      2. Brad Taylor

        @Robert Welker I did hear that. But been seeing those bug quad tracks, while the Buds seem to just sit. I'm just an arm chair guy, but the Buds are why I watch y'all, what originally drew me to your channel.

      3. Robert Welker

        Would have had it in field working except for the snow

    94. Mesh

      Would’ve loved to see a shot of scott siting in a comfy chair watching u other guys sweep the floor lol

    95. tim stroh

      The Bud it going to look awesome with new shoes!!! To bad they weren’t LSWs 😳

    96. Sandy Clyburn

      Poor leg arms!!!! Watching must have been torture!! Lol oooohhhhh babys getting new shoes!!!

    97. Mongoose 01

      Nick is ripped!

    98. Pernille Nielsen

      8:08 Drops jaw

    99. Rob Evans

      Gez look at the arms on Nick, Scott is gonna lose his crown. Nicky 4 legs!

    100. Sancho E. Jones

      If you use a little bit of cardboard, you can use a ratchet strap, or even a chain with come-along either to completely raise the front, or at least as a safety net. Works great on transmissions, or drivelines when doing a 'leg-arm single man stunt'.