Farming is AWESOME!! Seriously...Farming is AMAZING! We make food for MILLIONS! How cool is that!! Come join us as we tell our STORY of FARMING in the 21st Century!
Welker Farms is located in North Central Montana and has been in the family since the homestead of 1912. Third generation farmer, Bob Welker, along with his two sons, Nick and Scott, strive to carry on the family farm legacy. Welker Farms Inc has become a common name throughout the agriculture world by means of popular KGup videos from our channel.
Ultimately we owe everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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  1. Owen Niehaus

    42 bins

  2. blake dismuke

    Scott is gonna be even fast once he gets his strength back in that hand... he will be amadesterest. Yeah you guy try to figure out what I was trying to say.😩 English is hard

  3. blake dismuke

    Hey guys if y’all do have free time please don’t call off a winter project like another big bud on the account of legs arm... I’m just teasing. But I’m sure everyone wants to see a project

  4. blake dismuke

    For it get easier deep ripping every year you do it besides just a personal challenge of going deeper every year

  5. blake dismuke

    That’s the salts off the backs of the cash family that is coming out of the ground

  6. yeet Send it

    You should get a 1996 2nd gen Cummins 12 valve

  7. Bryce Elliot

    2013 F-350

  8. Trevor Isley

    Better yet try em all you'll figure out witch one you like

  9. Trevor Isley


  10. Mappers Paradise

    So is the vac used for silo because it doesn't have an auger inside it ... brrr looks a bit cool lol

  11. Joshua Suriner

    F350 Ford Tremor

  12. FreshStrawberryBoi

    I always get good vibes from these videos

  13. FreshStrawberryBoi

    I come from the year of 2020

    1. FreshStrawberryBoi

      At least here in Alberta

    2. FreshStrawberryBoi

      Corona is terrible

  14. Kevin Reith

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  15. Rebecca Jones

    2020 gmc

  16. Ethan Blomquist

    Get a 2021 F-250! 🤑

  17. Karl Odonovan

    get well soon

  18. Cole Schindewolf

    Let’s get some Canola

  19. rk22cc

    Get another Tacoma or a Tundra, best trucks out there!

  20. SparklePurple

    Congrats on the new baby Welker! What a blessing!

  21. unspeakable fan

    Toyota tacoma definitely

  22. David De Wilde

    Hello, I just bought FS 19 for my son. I'll make sure he checks out the MF. I follow both channels. Great videos. Thanks. Cheers from Belgium.

  23. Ludvik Martinsen

    You should Get a 2020 Ford tremor

  24. Montana Mtn Grass Fed Wagyu

    Deep the one they call LegArms

  25. donttalk2me lol

    Im a huge deer guy but i love big buds

  26. Steyr Fahrer

    can you do a video like this in 2021?

  27. Stanley Banks

    The tacoma is probably the most reliable thing on that farm. I wouldn't sell it. Look at the way they hold value.

  28. Night Ryder

    Hey nick can you come to Louisiana to fix my dads transmission because it’s leaking and I think it’s due for a change but I’m not 100% on that

  29. Craig Bowie

    I really love that you guys restore and use old equipment. Many can't see the fascinating beauty of heavy equipment but clearly you guys do. Thanks for keeping history alive and running!

  30. karl randow

    Please do some field test strips

  31. GGK Farms

    Sexy! 😍

  32. paul86866

    Enjoying watching you guys in Montana Its so different to what we grow in New Zealand. You guys farm with 300 mls rain per year we average 1000/1100 mls Grow Barley and get ave 7 tonne /ha but your scale is huge compared to us. Cheers Paul.

  33. J Weazey

    I would love to have land like this, congrats guys keep it up 👌

  34. Anthony Underwood

    Hope legarms gets well soon

  35. Gavin Tierney

    get a duramax lol

  36. Chris Chapman

    3rd gen cummins with a stick.

  37. William Madsen

    Ram 2500 2005

  38. William Madsen

    About 2 months ago I cut of the tip of my tomb with a hachi

  39. jason mccann


  40. Orphan Makers incorporated OMI

    Ford 350 why not

  41. C Chebuhar

    Cool to see the three of you working together! 💪

  42. Carey Donaldson

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Leg Arms on such a perfect Package of joy !!!!

  43. Jim Dos

    congrats on the new son !!

  44. Boca Craft

    You should get a 2020 Chevy 2500 HD in midnight Black

  45. Talcbih Wiemken

    buy a john deere

  46. Malcolm Scott Gary

    he is so much strong

  47. James Page

    Single cab obs ford powerstroke

  48. Honey Pots Beez

    Bob and Coby are the coolest guys on this channel!! LOL!!

    1. Robert Welker

      Especially when it's 10 deg below zero...........................😁👍

  49. Nicole Linde

    I like that he is wherein a case sweeter and running a John Deere

  50. Robert Cross

    You should get a Ford f350

  51. Charles Kubiszak

    Leg arms I love that shirt and I collect soda stuff have for over years and would love to add to my collection especially if autograph!!!!!

  52. Richard Lage

    Sell you my ram

  53. LegoMaster835

    Dude this was awesome I have never seen people farm in real life thanks so much keep up the good work videos and real life

  54. Justin DeGelder

    Get a Toyota Tundra. They are indestructible and can get through anything.