Farming is AWESOME!! Seriously...Farming is AMAZING! We make food for MILLIONS! How cool is that!! Come join us as we tell our STORY of FARMING in the 21st Century!

Welker Farms is located in North Central Montana and has been in the family since the homestead of 1912. Third generation farmer, Bob Welker, along with his two sons, Nick and Scott, strive to carry on the family farm legacy. Welker Farms Inc has become a common name throughout the agriculture world by means of popular KGup videos from our channel.

Ultimately we owe everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. david w pinkston

    does bob have some spring in his step after replacing the leaf?

    1. Robert Welker

      Always feels like spring when you turn over a new leaf

  2. ToshiDaddy

    Well... "Spring to it"!

  3. A Girl And Her Cows

    busy season makes for great videos

  4. 9856CB

    Leg arms do you get any closer to your shop blowing out that filter you might as well go in the shop and close the door.🤪

  5. Snekkeren P

    Well Hollywood, The big GREEN machine Has 640 HP and a boost up to 690 HP. Also a Fendt and Challenger have a 663.8 HP tractor as well. Maybe Zack can return you the favor and teach you how good John Deere is.

    1. Welker Farms

      Actually look closer my friend, John Deere posted that hp in METRIC HP! They cheated! Convert it to imperial and boom! Not the top hp four track platform. If you convert the 685 imperial hp to metric, CASE IH is on top.

  6. Doug Cultra

    Sorry Leg Arms you cleaned the primary filter not the secondary filter which most people say that you should never clean just replace.

  7. Dixie Farmboy

    8:10 how dare you

  8. Dixie Farmboy

    that blue one is a NTC 190 right?

  9. Michael Russell

    If one side is cracking up the other isnt far behind it. Especially on ford's.

  10. Thijs Korthuis

    Loved the end. God bless gentleman. 💪🏼

  11. 46Rambo

    hope you guys aren't running into the parts shortages we are here in Colorado, tractor parts are made of gold, materials like lumber and galvanized metal too. Fencing from last year can be sold for twice what we paid. Ridiculous

    1. Welker Farms

      It hasn't been too terrible yet but we are seeing delays and back orders. Going to be a tough next couple of years as prices are up, farmers will buy new equipment, and parts will be few and far between

  12. Chris Ewing

    I can't believe those nuts and bolts came off that leaf spring so easy! (Or so it seemed🤔) I just had to replace u bolts on an axle clamp on my 2002 Peterbilt. Hot wrench was uses to get the old ones off and had to use my hydraulic press to get the old bolts out of the clamp.

  13. Jack Price

    Miss opportunity to say "Let's spring into action"

  14. Lance Larson

    We got done planting corn two days ago

  15. G J Leach

    strange guess like you said it is to do with the warms but in Australia at the start of a paddock I will start spraying and dad will seed right behind me so the chemical has hardly been down 5 minutes. I cant believe the differences between countries even though we have the same crops.

  16. Max Limit

    No spot for Old Glory on that new seed cart? Send it back.

  17. edward toner

    Horse dung Are you growing Mushrooms?.

  18. ratzeklein

    What an amazing picture at 16:00 - love this!! Greetings from germany!

  19. Stephen Brown

    Those 2 fords don’t seem like they give much trouble.

  20. Gerald Felch

    Now ! That’s why we’re here to see the Big Budds Not the cornbinders. Thanks Welkers

  21. Michael Hill

    Hey Nick, I’d like to see you park the 620 QuadTrac next to the 600/50 Big Bud for a size comparison of old vs new technology, weight, etc. That would be interesting. Keep the great videos coming… 🙏

  22. J R

    MM needs a new headlight

  23. John Lass

    So I see you are doing a commercial with Tony Fast now too. Great job on the vid and the ad nick.

  24. AH P

    why you guys don't wear gloves while working its good for health n hand also😜😅🙏

  25. ShadowSalC1

    what's the max speed you can do with that new seeder

    1. Robert Welker

      A new drill wasn't available, just the cart. So speed was same as we normally do, 5 mph

  26. james mackie

    Hard working family,

  27. Mark Arnott

    Them Rocks keep popping up in the fields like a green canoe from nowhere! 🤔

  28. Mark Hayhurst

    Kobe sideline story is fantastic. Watching again 12+ hours later. I GOT IT. Thank you Scott

  29. Scott Sarich

    Don't forget Concord into the drill manufacturer chain of CNH acquired.

  30. Gary Berg

    so adoorable. LOL

  31. Fredo Rico

    How's the turbo going on the brute?

    1. Robert Welker

      New turbo working well. But the replacement tank broke.

  32. colin longstaff

    Hi Guys, Thank you so much, I think this was one of the better Episodes I have seen from you all, and it was very knowledgeably explained how you finish of the rows in the field with the planter to save seed. Do you now USE and FERTILIZE ALL YOUR OWN SEED? Without giving away trade secrets, and speaking in "Ball Park Figures", how much would you SAVE each and every year by using your own fertilized seed instead of buying it as you used to? Very well done!!

    1. colin longstaff

      @Robert Welker Thanks Rob - much better to do your own seed then, as costs about 45% LESS than commercial seed, a lot of Farmers might be watching your results closely, and who knows if starts to catch on, it might bring down the cost of commercial seed. (Always wondered how "Samuel Ryder an English SEED MERCHANT" could IN 1927 Sponsor and present a beautiful silver trophy for the FIRST RYDER CUP GOLF Tournament between the MIGHTY USA against Very Little Great Britain) - Obviously SEED MERCHANTS were coining it in EVEN then!!....

    2. Robert Welker

      With seed our cost is what seed is worth sold at market plus cleaning cost. If wheat is worth $5 the cost of on farm cleaning is $,70. Treat is $1.which brings total to $6.70. To buy would be $12+.

  33. Mark Alexander

    teamwork makes the spring work...

  34. Alec Wieck

    I think it's time to see mn farmer again

  35. Patrick Spurgeon

    Nice quadtrack man and just curious why don't you guys run floater tires ether way nice equipment

  36. Curtis White

    Leg arms getting them grey beard hairs

  37. Clyde Acor

    I don't know how you lucked out on getting all of the nuts on the U-bolts to come off. I've never come across one that I didn't have to torch off, especially on a big truck.

  38. Brad Taylor

    I know you like Big Red, but there is nothing more majestic (IMO) in the big tractor world than seeing the Buds all working together.

  39. Dennis Page

    thumbs up guys, what a nice world you have.

  40. Joe Vreeland

    Do you have any formula for making sure that all the headlands are covered and not over-seeded and waste too much product? I manually run a mower for alfalfa and I have a very bad time trying to make sure I get it all and don't waste fuel and time making 180° turns over already cut areas.

  41. Rickey Burke

    Not on hydralics, You must let the fluid warm-up, I don't care what your system is.

  42. Terrry Burgett

    Hey Mr Robert I got a question for you in your intro you have a flash of lighting has lighting ever caused a Field fire

    1. Terrry Burgett

      @Robert Welker thank you Mr Robert

    2. Robert Welker

      We've never had a crop field burned because of lighting . Might because it rained with it


    Salute to all those that serve!

  44. Edward Fast

    Your air line pooped on your hand🤣

  45. Richard Radawetz

    I use a big shop vac to clean air filters. Easier onthe filters The inner element is a safety element in case the outer one fails. Happy seeding

  46. Eddie Baughman

    Really awesome. How many acres can you plant in a day ?.

    1. Robert Welker

      500 to 600

  47. Dan Brown

    Really, really good drone work in this one! Man, those sunset shots!

  48. Richard Hubbard

    Nice video gents.

  49. Birdhunter 123

    how many acres a day do you cover with the drill?

    1. Robert Welker

      A drill average 300

  50. Todd King

    Your patriotism is awesome but you need a new flag on the Flexcoil cart. Flying a torn/ripped flag is a big no-no.

  51. Todd Hauschildt

    What is the average length of your fields? They look bigger than a mile long section.

  52. Gil B

    A door able ! What a pappy joke ! Lol ! i knew Nick would break something for M. LegArm to fix ! Nick stop breaking thing and do somme work for a change ! LOL !

  53. Yankee Clipper

    Do you plant on the headland, or is it strictly a turnaround area?

    1. Robert Welker

      They are seeded

  54. Josh Tate

    Love the dad jokes

  55. Kevin Leese

    You’ve heard finders keeper .. I would say finders fixer lol

  56. CUSTOM 47

    Nice vid

  57. MF760

    The inner air filter is a safety filter, so that if dirt gets through the outer filter, it won't take out your engine.

  58. Ohio Farm Boy

    How is the arm leg arms

    1. Robert Welker

      Slowly getting better but a dull pain

  59. Gary Watts

    Brings a whole new perspective to the phrase "Sow far, sow good!"

  60. tstpowered

    Turbo 2 precleaners work great , we use them in rock quarry’s. Check them out !

  61. Jim McLean

    Do you guys see a different with the new air drill and your ones you just got rebuilt this past winter

    1. Robert Welker

      No difference in performance with carts. New has almost twice capacity

  62. Paul Anderson

    I was told the inner smaller filter is a safety filter, in case the outer filter gets a hole in it. In the 60's when we plowed everything black we would get these dust-sand storms and it would ruin the air filter and let dirt and sand into the engine. Then they came up with this dual filter system. I really enjoy these videos.

  63. Jim McLean

    How is the magnum tractor doing on life support 😂

    1. Robert Welker

      Still sitting

  64. Grzz51

    A true shade-tree a piece of cardboard to drop the part on.......LOL

  65. george davidson

    MINI sounds real sweat and running clean

  66. george davidson

    Nick what is your total average you are-seeding ?

    1. Robert Welker

      Per day?

  67. Dan Tomlinson

    You guys really had someone lookin' out for you. That could have been disaster.

  68. Andrew H

    Love the stands and cribbing - great work guys :)

  69. Rod Pasichnyk

    14:25, yeah, I'd say it's time for a new filter, pffffff!

  70. Benjamin Dickey

    I don't know if this is stupid question or not but are the quadtrac and the new Air cart a demo?

    1. Robert Welker


  71. Jim McLean

    Good to see Scott you have help this time so no accidents this time

  72. Trevor Bacelli

    Great Stuff Fellows, Bob you have two wonderful sons,just love the team work, Oh what was Toby the dog digging for , field mice or a mole , I'm interested in how your ripped field yields this year should be at least 25 % more production, video was fine ,until next time, Regards Trevor.W.Bacelli. Biloela Qld Australia.

    1. MT CelticHarper

      Coby was digging for gophers.

    2. Robert Welker

      We are curious too

  73. Dennis Smith

    Haven't seen anything on the lake house in awhile

  74. Andrew Schott

    Hi Welkers from ND! I was just curious why you dont put any P starter in with the wheat. We like to use Mesz which has P, S, and some zinc

    1. Robert Welker

      It's a management call. With our average rainfall 7 to 9 the requirements are less

  75. G Unter

    Such beautiful land