Farming is AWESOME!! Seriously...Farming is AMAZING! We make food for MILLIONS! How cool is that!! Come join us as we tell our STORY of FARMING in the 21st Century!
Welker Farms is located in North Central Montana and has been in the family since the homestead of 1912. Third generation farmer, Bob Welker, along with his two sons, Nick and Scott, strive to carry on the family farm legacy. Welker Farms Inc has become a common name throughout the agriculture world by means of popular KGup videos from our channel.
Ultimately we owe everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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  1. Gran Gran Zulaski

    Meat for the freezer. I have had deer, elk and bear never Antelope.

  2. notsoserious09

    Nice rifle! White tail deer are about fifty-fifty to me. Half the time it tastes great and the other half it tastes...gamey-skanky-off.

  3. BA Maverick

    You will not find controversy here! Stand by your Integrity and family lorals as young man! Your family has done it right! God, Family and Country! Enjoy you content!

  4. MrMagnat007

    Any one know the name of the song that kicks in at 13:28 ?

  5. Gran Gran Zulaski

    Fun to have found this channel. My Dad was born and raised in Turner Mt. His Grandfather was the founder of the town. Love to have a Montana farmer on my list of Farmers. Old Great Grandmother having fun watching farmers. My Dad was a Logger. Love the outdoors.

  6. PS4 Gaming

    Hey nick, doesn’t bullet shooting animals spoil the meat? Wouldn’t you rather use a powerful Bow and Arrow? just suggesting. If you want a clean kill, and you don’t want the prey to run away, use how n arrow. Also some animal scent, it’ll lure him in to a trap, and then you take your kill. Easy pickings.

  7. Douglas Busse

    I didn't grow up hunting, we live on the ocean and enjoyed fishing. Nice shooting so enjoy. Not worried about what some will say.

  8. James Pahl

    You forgot to mention..... VERY TASTY!! nice animal good on ya

  9. Strike Eagle

    Get well soon ! Great doctors you have and support from family and friends ! Heal quick !

  10. Richard G

    Take the money you make from KGup and buy your kids a decent/nice play house. You guys need another revenue steam. Raise and sell livestock. Way to work together. Nice job!

  11. Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

    Great hunting nick ✌

  12. Steven Mccullough

    My respects Nick, it's not easy to bag a big buck pronghorn. Antelope aren't just weird I think they're psychic the way they always know you're coming. In season they can be like ghosts. They also make great jerky.

  13. Tayeb McCabe

    All the work you and Scot are doing, I hope they will update FS19 map to represent the improved farm as well.

  14. Richard G

    Yeah. Leg Arms. No work would get done without Leg Arms. Maybe that area would be a good place for pole sheds to shed equipment. Have a recycling company pick the tires up and haul them off.

  15. George King

    Don't apologize for hunting Nick.

  16. Cory Weber

    I'll trade you some bear for antelope

  17. Morgan Sedge

    LegArms either i have missed something or you are Super Man. Your arm is already Better ? That's awesome

  18. sliding door

    I hope you shoot dogs. Remember dogs are a curse, they are an object of scorn and if you throw your money the food meant for humans to dogs you will lose it.

  19. Mattias Vejdeland

    that skidsteer really needs an overhaul and become a mighty minibud

  20. DreadDoctor

    Great video. Congrats on the successful hunt. What did you use to take it? I saw it was a rifle but what is it?

  21. Jesper Monsted

    Today's content: Big Bu... ck.

  22. terry wisdom

    Leg arms are you wolverine 🤔🤔🤔🤫🤫🤫🤫

  23. Doc Savage

    Great film... But talk a bit slower...and clearer.. Legs really recovered! 😁

  24. dirtshower250

    Speed goat is on my hunting list!

  25. Wikkitt Klown

    Nice antelope 👍👍 we have tons out here in AZ, I'm hoping to be able to get a tag next year (pending my health holds)

  26. Eric Beightol

    Congrats on your antelope!!

  27. Kevin Gordon

    Congratulations on your hunt.

  28. dirtshower250

    I found that a Air powered Reciprocating saw sails through tires. I use one to cut tires off old rims.

  29. Stewart Taylor

    How are Pronghorn Antelope weird?

  30. Andrew Whitehead

    Thank you for sharing Nick. God bless you and your brother Scott (positive vibes for the healing of his arm) and for showing a fraction of what it's like to be a farmer. Thank you! Great work, love your stuff!

  31. Brad Lilly

    Using the jigsaw must have "tired" Nick out. Nice shot at the opposite end of the spectrum I filled a deer tag with a bow at 15 yards

  32. stefan kobus

    Some guys call The suzuki ltz 500 the quadzilla too

  33. John Lemmey

    Nick You will have the play-set finished by now. But for next time use a chain saw on tire side walls, super quick and easy. Don't try industrial tires as on the big loader. They are 3 inches thick. Make a great sandpit. But i don't want to remember cutting that, nearly killed my chainsaw.

  34. shop shop

    Through you and others on you tube I'm learned a little about farming and the ups and downs of the 'business'. It might be time for a video on what marketing your crop looks like. "get close to animals and------" kill them. Nothing wrong with that, own it.

  35. Gyras

    You guys have so much scrap metal! Hell i could build a few cars out of all of that!

  36. Britt Blanton

    Hey guys this is Saturday the 24 at 4:30 central time and I just received notice of the video is anyone else having this problem.By the way thanks for the awesome video guys 👍

  37. Virgil Manthey

    Where's the snow


    how is the arm LEG ARMS

  39. Gary Mucher

    It is sad things like that happen. But good to know you kept you composure and got help immediately. It will take a long time to be like new again, but glad you are doing well presently. Not so sure anybody else would have faired as well. You have a lot of muscle that certainly helped. God Bless you and your family and get well soon, but don't push it either...

  40. Kevin Hyde

    Nice goat! Especially up there!

  41. Farmer P

    Harvesting your own protein, whether vegetable or animal on your own land.. Nothing to argue with there. Thanks for sharing again. 👍

  42. JJ's rc

    Didn't leg arms break his arm

  43. Daan Droste

    I love hunting to i always hunt with my dad here in the netherlands just gotta wait 2 years to get my licens😃

  44. Shaun Ault

    congrats on ur hunt

  45. Waterman one

    Great looking Antieope: That will taste great this winter, Screw the PC crowd.

  46. Jordan Trudeau-Adams


  47. Tom Pinnef

    Nice looking American antelope (Pronghorn) - never hunted one yet. Have had the pleasure of eating them though. We just have white tail deer here. Thank you for the video - take care and hope the family and you are doing well. 'Spin'

  48. Douglas Whipking

    I’ll buy that 73 Ford 3/4 ton

  49. Zegalles

    Hi Nick, happy to hear you guys have a good quality harvest. Nice to see you work together on the removal of the concrete and the junk. To hunt your own land, and use everything from the animal is not bad. Please thank the animal before processing it.

  50. Harvey Stephens

    Enjoyed. Be good chicken fried steaks. Still praying for LegArms!!! Looking at your weather today Sat 10/24, pretty cold.

  51. Tom Preiss

    Your wife is going to have you washing clothes and kid's till there out of college.

    1. Tom Preiss

      @Welker Farms I've swung in a lot of tree swings made from tires when I was little my be someone now's how to seal them to were thay won't brake down.

    2. Welker Farms

      😁 I'm gonna to attempt to scrub them down with dawn dish soap and try to remove as much residue as possible but I'm sure there will be some black clothing.

  52. Floyd Ferguson

    Great video!

  53. Daniel McCann

    Might want to reconsider having your Kids playing in old tires. They can be somewhat toxic.

  54. Daj Boulder CO

    If you did not hunt on your farm that would be odd......

  55. lee tijerina

    I enjoyed watching, God bless you as well!

  56. Debbie Brewington

    ford and cummins

  57. TheFarmingPickle

    lmao love the carboard that says bobcat

  58. Henry G

    great work on supplying the family with some good food for the winter!!!!

  59. Floyd Ferguson

    Great video!

  60. Heavy hauling Idaho

    Breaking limbs as a adult sucks so bad. I’ve broken a couple as a young man and my last broken bone was in my mid 30’s and boy that hurt

  61. ice bear

    Get well soon like arms as a bit of a side joke the reason they call him leg arms is cuz if he breaks an arm or leg they just grow back... Just pops off the old one and grows a new one but seriously buddy I hope you feel better soon.

  62. Flatnose

    Nice speed goat.

  63. Retired driver

    We got no problem with you hunting and showing us

  64. Dave Blackwell

    Very nice speed goat! I’ve been able to hunt antelope several times through the years and thoroughly enjoy seeing them and the areas they call home. I’ve hunted most of the days in my life...the rest have just been wasted. 😉

  65. GameRecker52

    That man is immortal

  66. Henry G

    leg arms you got the cast off already???glad you’re doing 👌 OK 👍 back in action congratulations on the good protein in the crops blessings for the families!!!!

  67. Zachary Johnson

    See how you can get stuff done with JD and just have the Case cause they're red.

  68. Life After Work

    Your hunting is only controversial with me because I ain't got me no antelope of my own for winter. LOL! I've lived in an area of the country where the deer hunting was severely limited for about 10 years, until the people who had complained about it begged for something to be done about the over abundance of deer that were threatening their property and landscaping. Insurance companies were limiting the number of deer hit claims they could file, etc. They wanted the excess deer captured and moved somewhere else. The state just reopened deer season with a very ample limit. No one has complained since. I did miss my venison chili for awhile. Regards, Solomon